Part Two is Available Now!

Literotica have literally ‘just’ posted part two of my old story’Jessica at the Finishing School’ on their site. So far it’s had 25 views and one rating which means that it currently has a 5/5 score! I really should screenshot that because there’s no way that’s going to last…

Hehehe, had to do it…

You can find part two HERE. Voting is at the end of the second page, just click on the stars.

I was up until 1:30am last night transcribing the third part so I’m hopeful I can get that finished and submitted by the weekend.

I’ve just noticed I had a big spike in views yesterday on this blog. That’s nice to see because the stats have been looking pretty poor of late. Yesterday I got nearly 1000 views and I haven’t had that in a looooooooooooong time. Not sure that anyone clicked on the Massive Ego videos though… oh well.

I Fucking Love This… (Music Post!)

I haven’t done this for a very long time, but it’s my blog and I shall use it as I see fit. This weekend I have been listening to an album on repeat, I’ve listened to it on CD, in my car, on my iPod… I must have listened to the whole (2 discs) thing at least six times, and I absolutely, fucking love it.

The band is called Massive Ego and they are from London (I think), the album is called ‘Beautiful Suicide’ and their sound is best described as electro with a huge 80s influence. But while they are surely fans of Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, Visage and probably even early Spandau Ballet, they have forged a modern interpretation and not only that they’ve written an album chock full of great and memorable songs.

Unfortunately, the two songs they’ve chosen to make videos for aren’t (in my opinion) the best songs on the album, nor are they particularly representative of the album as a whole. But still I will post them here, along with a non-video track that I think is better and more representative as a whole.

Let me know what you think, I honestly think they are awesome.

Getting Better Reactions than Expected on Literotica…

Well my new story is going better than expected, after 18,000 views it’s racked up a score of 4.45 / 5.00 (still just not enough to get that damned ‘HOT’ tag), which is much better than I thought it would. I’m going to be submitting the second part to Literotica today, so it should be available by Tuesday.

Despite my best efforts not to meddle, as this goes on I am re-writing quite heavily (oh, what a surprise) I just hope I don’t mess anything up and cause a problem later on. Hmm… probably should have read the whole thing again before I started. Oh well, too late now!

I’ve had five (positive) comments so far, my favourite one said:

“I didn’t even make it half way though before I came in my panties, can’t wait for more…”

And if that isn’t a vote of confidence I don’t know what is.

As for ‘Katrina Enjoys Her Cuckold Slave’ that seems to have stabilised now, again just under the ‘HOT’ threshold. It’s only had 16,000 views but that’s not unexpected really. The ‘Fetish’ category isn’t a popular one, I could have put it in ‘Loving Wives’ and got twice the views, but no doubt a much lower score..

New Story Posted to Literotica

I have a new story up on Literotica, it’s an old story from 2000 that I’m having to transcribe from a hard copy (and kinda rewriting along the way, but not too much because I don’t want to spend too much time on it). I’m not posting it here because it’s not a chastity/femdom/cuckold story, but if you are interested to read it you can find it HERE.

It’s scoring quite well (4.35/5.0) and has already been viewed over 7000 times, which isn’t bad considering it’s only been up about 6 hours. I haven’t decided whether to post it onto my erotic fiction blog yet, but I probably will.

As for ‘Katrina Enjoys Her Cuckold Slave’, well it’s over 16,000 views now and up to 4.44/5.00, so I only need another 0.06 to get a ‘HOT’ tag next to the title.

Some Nice Feedback and a Ruined Orgasm…

My story is creeping up and is now scoring 4.4/5.0, which is amazing really considering where it started and my reservations about it. I’ve also received some nice feedback directly from readers through email…

Unspecified Story: Discovered recently your tales… loved it, your writing is very stimulating, hope you give us something new soon…

Girls Talk: OMG your story is so beautiful as the chivalry shows when the submissive small cock male behaves perfectly for his Mistress. I am envious and would adore it if my wife would repeat the story. Please post on Chastity Mansion website. In the meantime I will read all of your stories! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Katrina Enjoys Her Cuckold Slave: Found your blog after reading “Katrina Enjoys Her Cuckold Slave” on Literotica. It is one of the most well written and erotic stories that I have ever read and I wanted to thank you for sharing your work.
I also wanted to tell you that this line “I want you to get used to this feeling because by the time I’m finished with you, you’ll be begging me to let you suck a real cock just to be able to taste my beautiful pussy” from the “Katrina” story was one of the hottest lines that I have ever read. I’m looking forward to reading more and checking out this blog.

Nice to receive some more positive comments, as you can see below ‘Punishing Scott’s Balls’ is still my highest rated story on Literotica. Personally I think ‘Girls Talk’ is the best thing I’ve written, and that’s a very close second – so I can happily live with that.

Of course, things are complicated somewhat by the fact that I have two Literotica accounts, my original one ‘Malibuman666’ and ‘Robert_Anthony’ which I started after I created this blog in 2011, so my older stories are listed separately. Those stories have comparable ratings though and some mammoth numbers of views as well…

The story with the most views is ‘Owned Ch1’, which has 222,000 views. Strangely ‘Chapter 2’ has 101,000 views while ‘Chapter 3’ has 109,000 views, which makes no sense to me whatsoever.

I’m currently transcribing and rewriting a story I originally wrote in 2000, and I think I’m going to post it in the ‘Malibuman666’ account. It doesn’t really fit into what I’ve become associated with in the ‘Robert_Anthony’ style, and because it’s old it kind of fits in better style wise with the older stories. The other good thing is that if I publish under that name again it should get people reading my older stories again as well. Ideally it would be better if I could combine the two accounts but there doesn’t seem to be any mechanism for doing that.

Anyway, enough guff… I’ve just finished watching the Eurovision Song Contest, which was as dismal as ever. At least this afternoon was good, after a morning out walking and looking at a stately home Mistress and I spent some time in bed. Mistress had a very strong orgasm and after some vigorous teasing she allowed me to cum. Well, she allowed me to ruin, and had me thank her for it as well. I’ve noticed she’s doing that every time now, making me say ‘Thank you for ruining my orgasm Mistress’ afterwards.

That’s pretty hot. Unlike last time Mistress didn’t let me off the hook and fed me three big dollops of cum off her fingers. Mistress is also allowing me to see her gorgeous breasts a lot at the moment, which is awesome. Mistress’s breasts are so beautiful and I love to suck on her nipples. I really hope she’s going to let me cum on them soon….

Okay, now I’m slightly confused…

The second comment that was left on my new story has disappeared (the one that said ‘I feel sorry for perverts like you…), which is odd. Odd because as far as I know you can’t remove comments you have left (you don’t even seem to be able to remove your own stories from Literotica, never mind comments) and I can’t believe Literotica themselves would have removed it because in the scheme of things it was a pretty mild comment! As I showed the other day, there are much much worse comments on Literotica…

So I’m slightly confused as to why that’s gone, and still wondering if it’s connected to the other comment where they said ‘I may have been the anonymous asshole and I’m sorry’. What was that all about?

Anyway, it’s up to nearly 12,000 views and the score is still climbing, it’s now at a very respectable 4.26/5.00, which is great.

— — — — — — — — — —

Mistress and I had some lovely time in bed tonight, she had a really good orgasm on my tongue, after which she soon had my cock hard and began some incredibly intense (almost painful) sucking. Unfortunately the intensity mixed with a lack of stroking to keep me hard meant that I gradually lost my erection a bit, bit thankfully Mistress found a way to get it back.

She knelt on the bed, astride my leg and after some begging on my part she pushed her bra down to reveal her gorgeous tits. Mistress allowed me to touch and suck on her breasts for quite some time as she continued to stroke me, at one point she edged me quite hard and I feared for a moment that I would ruin. It didn’t happen though, Mistress kept me just the right side of cumming and she slowed down a while before ramping up the intensity again with some solid stroking and of course plenty of slapping too.

Ultimately Mistress decided that I would not be cumming tonight, and the session ended quite abruptly, but we stayed in bed for a little while after, kissing and snuggling…

Then we got up and watched the finale of ‘The Bachelor New Zealand Season 2’, because we are that sad. We counted up the other day and found that we’d watched seven seasons of ‘The Bachelor’ (USA), six seasons of ‘The Bachelorette’ (USA), four seasons of ‘The Bachelor’ (AUS), two seasons of ‘The Bachelorette’ (AUS) and so far one season of ‘The Bachelor’ (NZ)…

Because we were watching this about a year after it actually happened Mistress couldn’t wait to Google the couple, and as expected they’ve already split up. It lasted a few weeks, which we weren’t surprised about because we were convinced he was going to pick the other one. Turns out the ‘Bachelor’ is a bit of a knobhead, who picked the winner by flipping a coin – so obviously not that invested in the process then…

Ah well, there’s another season of the New Zealand Bachelor to watch and then there’s the US Bachelorette starting soon, then Bachelor in Paradise… how will we ever find the time to get anything done?

Once You Go ‘Virtual’ You Never Go Back (Apparently)…

My story now has nearly 11,000 views and 83 votes giving me a score of 4.23/5.00 which is a lot better and a very satisfactory rating all things considered. No more comments as yet, but I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on it for a little while yet.

— — — — —

Mistress R showed me an article in this month’s Cosmopolitan about virtual reality porn which was quite interesting. They were talking to a company who are making ‘so called’ virtual reality porn, which actually sounds like good old POV porn to me, albeit with the headset on I guess it’s a more immersive experience. They also talked to the actors who were filming the scenes (rather awkwardly it sounded) and mentioned the problems of filming and of making VR porn for females.

Incidentally, while VR headsets were originally intended for gaming use, it seems that they are having a lot of trouble with that because it gives people motion sickness. So the next best use they can come up with is porn…

There seems to be a range of headsets, some cost £500 (the Oculus Rift), some cost £60 (a Samsung model) but there’s even a £3 Google Cardboard thing (which is basically a holder for your mobile phone – no really)…

I’m not sure I really understand how it works, but I don’t quite get how it can be actual VR, since it sounds a lot like a porn scene that plays out without any actual interaction. They were talking about how you can look down, but I’m not sure if this is more of a change of angle shot (again like POV) or if it’s actually possible to move your head about at any given point. I don’t understand how they would be able to shoot infinite angles all at once, but that may just be me being a luddite.

In any case, with actual actors there’s surely only so much they can do, and the obvious end game for this would be to have CGI ‘actors’ with which you could truly interact. But this quickly made me wonder just how far this would go. Given the furore over the likes of GTA and other violent video games, it makes me wonder if this technology wouldn’t ultimately lead to similar unpleasantness in VR porn?

Because once you can truly interact with your virtual porn star then, once you can ‘touch’ them and they react, then it isn’t going to be long before some people will think it will be fun to abuse them. After all, it’s not real, no one’s actually getting hurt – right?

I haven’t played a video game in a long time, but what happens when you play a car driving game, after a while you might get bored and then you start crashing the car just for the fun of it, or driving the wrong way around a track… same logic, it’s not real, no one’s getting hurt.

I just wonder if it isn’t asking for trouble if guys start interacting with a VR girl and ‘normalising’ behaviour they wouldn’t have normally. I mean presumably your VR girl will be up for anything and won’t protest no matter how badly they are treated, is that really a good thing. And honestly how long will it be before some less mainstream company make a version where the girls do protest, girls you have to slap around and force to do what you want?

Now I know you could argue that there’s already plenty of porn on the internet which is a bit ‘rapey’ and similarly there’s plenty of BDSM stuff out there which is quite nasty as well, but I think the interaction part might just be taking things a little too far. Especially as it’s a one-way thing, you can’t be ‘abused’ by the VR porn star, which is perhaps what most people might actually want, come to think of it, so it’s really only going to be guys throatfucking and doing who knows what else to their VR pornstar.

But then again, maybe I’m thinking too much into this. Apparently the immersive experience is very good, but I can’t help wondering how many people are actually going to sit there pulling their pud with one of these devices strapped to their head?

Just as a matter of interest, I Googled VR porn and this is what came up, I can’t say as I’m impressed to be honest, looks an awful lot like old fashioned POV porn to me, with the novelty of being able to move your head a bit.


And if the gaming side of things isn’t going to be viable then are people really going to buy this set-up just to watch porn?

The creators say that once you try virtual you never go back to normal porn, but I can’t help thinking that’s a bit premature. For one thing, it’s going to be an awful long time until there’s a VR porn film for every flavour and for another they are overlooking the fact perhaps that people are now used to porn being ‘free’ on the internet. I’m not sure people are going to shell out for a headset and then pay for scenes to watch on it as well.

Well I’m Happier Now…

So the story continues to pick up good votes and has now broken into the 4.00s. I’m quite happy with that to be honest, it means I still have only one story that’s rated less than 4 out of 5, which I really can’t grumble about. I think part of the problem with that story is that it was posted in the wrong category as well, which didn’t help… it was posted in ‘Loving Wives’ rather than ‘Fetish’. This was my fault as I think I was feeling confrontational and knew it would garner venomous comments in that section, but on the other hand it was a story about a couple so I thought it was a valid place to put it. However, the first comment left pretty much summed it up, “Gonna get blasted mate, especially in this category!”.

There’s some fantastic comments left for that story, here’s a few of my favourites…

“Do the world a favour and walk off a cliff.”

“Jesus, who kicked this rock over… trying to read this pathic (?) dribble is worse than stepping in shit!”


“Ignore the person at the bottom, they obviously don’t understand how hot cuckold is. I enjoyed it and my pussy is very wet.”

Starting to Pick-up Some More Positive Feedback Now…

Okay, so as I hoped, my story is picking up some more positive reviews now, and the score has gone up to a respectable 3.97/5.00 on 63 votes (out of 6,300 views so far). If you’d like to visit Literotica to read the story and/or vote you can do so HERE voting is on the last page of the story at the bottom – just click on the number of stars you want to award. Or you can read it on this blog HERE or on my Google Erotic Writing Blog HERE.

So here are the latest comments…

Welcome Back! (by Anonymous user on 05/05/2017). I’ve missed your amazing writing, another 5 here!!!

I Liked It. (by Anonymous user on 05/05/2017). I feel the same as the long ago comment which inspired this. You gave hints/hopes early on. You had me worried a bit in the middle, but still hopeful. I thoroughly enjoyed the end. I wish there were many more stories like this as the usual ones catapult off a cliff and land on the rocks below in a flaming heap of ugliness. This retained it’s humanity while serving the desires of the characters. Golden.

Good story, thanks! (by Anonymous user on yesterday). I enjoy all of your stories and was happy to see a new one! Ignore the haters here, I think you write well and your stories are on my favourites list.

Wonderfully fun. Five Stars!! I maybe the Anonymous Asshole, and I’m sorry. (by Anonymous user on 19 hours ago). This was a great story. I guessed early that Alan may have been the husband, but it was still a fun read. Please continue writing!! Your good at it.

Thank you. (by Anonymous user on 10 hours ago). Great story and setup. I liked the way it played out. Didn’t expect the ending, but it was a nice changeup.

So, much more postive, I don’t really understand the fourth comment though – ‘I may be the anonymous asshole and I’m sorry’… what’s that all about? The second comment is particularly pleasing I must say, considering the goals when I started writing this particular story. So we shall see what the next few days bring.

I’ve got another story half written and I’ve got another one in my head (as of last night), so hopefully there will be lots to post in the near future. Thanks to anyone who has voted, I appreciate your support.

Well This is Going Well…

10 hours since my new story was posted to Literotica and it’s now officially my worst rated story on the site! Three thousand views and 37 votes and the rating has fallen to 3.51/5.00, and I’ve received another (anonymous) comment:

“DOESN’T GET ANY WORSE THAN THIS: I feel sorry for perverts like you who just don’t know who you are as a human being. Sad, sick, sorry…”

Makes all those hours spent writing seem worthwhile doesn’t it? 🙂