Seeking Clarification…

Mistress and I have just got out of bed, her completely satisfied and me still denied and waiting. I really thought Mistress was going to let me cum today for some reason, but it was not to be. I will let you into a little secret… I was all ready to cum on her feet if she allowed me to, but afterwards, having not being allowed to I thought I would take the opportunity to seek some clarification on the ‘rules’ of the voucher.

It says I can choose wear to cum, but obviously there are limits on that. Mistress has never allowed my cock inside her ass, so that’s a non-starter… and as I surmised, since I’m not allowed to initiate or ask for penetration (and haven’t been for over six years now) I can only choose to cum inside her if she has allowed me inside her during the session that results in me getting to use my voucher. In other words, if Mistress hasn’t already initiated penetration then I can’t (that’s how I understood it anyway – Mistress actually said only if I’m already inside her, but she’s unlikely to ask me while I’m inside her, though I guess if I get close while I’m inside her then… dammit, now I’m not at all sure what that meant!).

I assume cumming on her face isn’t allowed either (not that I particularly want to), but interestingly I asked if I could ask to cum in her mouth and she said ‘Yes’, although she quickly followed that up with ‘but I might not let you, so have a back-up plan ready in case…’

Interesting. At least I can ASK! 🙂

A Question from a Reader…

Pete said: I just wondered, I hope you don’t mind me asking this question. Wuold you let your Mistress piss on you or in your mouth? I have done this once and it made me feel very submissive

Hi Pete, thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to ask your question, we always appreciate questions!

First of all, let me say, that Mistress would most probably find the idea of this pretty gross, so it’s a moot point, because she would never want to. Then again I suppose you could argue that she never thought she’d want to control my orgasms… but, still… I sincerely doubt it.

That said, and in answer to your question, it’s not something I’ve ever been that bothered about, it doesn’t disgust me in the slightest, but nor is it something I desperately want to do. I think it’s something that I can only see being erotic in a D/s situation, in and of itself I think it would be pretty ‘Meh!’, but say if Mistress became a lot more dominant and wanted to do it, I wouldn’t object.

I think, like a lot of things, once you’ve done it once and got over the mental hurdle it would become almost normal. Like eating your own cum for example… strangely I think I’d much rather she pissed in my mouth than on me. I’m not sure why, I guess I’m very orally fixated, I love licking her pussy and ass, I love to taste her body… so it sort of makes sense to me.

Whenever this subject comes up I always think about this small part of a story I read once, I haven’t read the story as a whole for a long time, but I probably will now. It’s called ‘She Expects that I Obey Her’ and it’s by an author called ‘wants2bsub’ you can read it on Literotica HERE

This excerpt is taken from chapter three, and I don’t know, there’s just something about this bit that struck me. It’s worn off a bit now, but the first few times I read this it had a distinct effect on my cock!

I hand Jenny a towel and stand waiting for her instructions. She looks down at my boxers and reminds me that this is not the uniform she had prescribed. I go back to the closet and remove the boxers. I then reached into my dresser to pull out a stainless steel and leather cock ring. I fasten it around the base of my cock and balls. This is to be the only thing I wear tonight.

I go back into the bathroom and see Jenny sitting on the toilet to urinate. I grab her some squares of toilet paper and stand waiting for her to finish. She looks at me, takes the toilet paper, and throws it on the ground in front of me.

“I think we are beyond this.” She stands with her legs spread slightly. For the first time ever she has me lick clean the urine that was left on her pussy. “Next time, I’ll just piss right in your mouth,” she says as she lifts herself away from me and walks to the sink. “You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

I nodded. It was undeniable that I would like that. I liked everything that she was doing to humiliate me. The rapid acceleration of my submission to her was something that I had started out trying to fight, but I quickly surrendered and was becoming more and more the deeply submissive, obedient husband she demanded.

Voucher Dilemma…

As I mentioned the other day, Mistress gave me one of her vouchers recently which means that ‘if’ she allows me to cum before the end of June (I’m assuming she will, but you never know) then I can choose where I get to cum.

Long time readers will be aware of these vouchers as I’ve had a few over the years. I don’t have any details of my choices, but I’ve definitely chosen to cum on Mistress’s beautiful feet more than a couple of times. I’m pretty sure at it’s root it’s a submissive thing, it’s not entirely unusual in Femdom/Cuckold stories or videos for the husbands ‘reward’ for licking his wife’s pussy clean to be to cum on her feet and lick them clean too.

Sure Mistress’s feet are gorgeous, but so are her breasts and other parts of her body, so there must be some reason why I am always drawn to cumming on her feet. It is always my default position, and it just depends whether I manage to persuade myself to change my mind before Mistress decides to let me cum.

I don’t know, there’s something about kneeling in front of your Mistress with her feet right in front of you, stroking your cock and knowing you are about to cum all over her feet and lick them clean. It gives you an intense and particular feeling of submissiveness that you don’t really get any other way. Perhaps because you know it’s something ‘normal’ people don’t do, ‘normal’ people probably cum on their wife’s breasts or ass, maybe even their pussy or legs, but not their feet (okay maybe they don’t lick them clean, but…).

The only thing about cumming on Mistress’s feet is that it’s kind of awkward for her to do it, so it tends to be that I have to jerk myself off, which I don’t mind except that when I start to cum I tend to slow down or stop stroking too quick because it’s so intense and sometimes that can make it almost like a ruined orgasm. This is pretty much what happened last time when I was allowed to cum on Mistress’s gorgeous ass, but again it’s a bit hard for her to do it… but then again, the fact that I am having to do it myself definitely does add to the ‘submissive’ side of it.

And the time before that I think it was, I was chose to jerk off over Mistress’s beautiful pussy, that was pretty awesome – it was a huge load as well and to see it dripping down Mistress’s sexy pink lips was so hot… I kind of wanted to spatter her inner thighs at the same time (Mistress’s thighs are so sexy, I absolutely adore them) but that didn’t really work out too well. I would absolutely want to try that again.

I was slightly confused last time I had a voucher because just before I used it Mistress was stroking my cock and running through the possible options for me, and one of the options she suggested was to cum inside her. This confused me, because as I understood it I’m not allowed to ask for or initiate penetration, so I couldn’t really ask to cum inside her… could I?

Part of me would really love to cum inside her and then lick her pussy clean, but the thing with that is I know it will happen sooner or later, so it seems a bit of a waste to use a voucher on it, much as I would like to.

So it’s a bit of a dilemma to say the least, on the one hand I really want to cum on Mistress’s feet, but at the same time I want that really intense release that you only really get when someone else is in control and who keeps pumping your cock hard as you cum.

Actually the thought occurred to me last night when Mistress was teasing my cock that I would really, really love to cum while we were kissing. I can’t remember the last time that happened, or indeed if it ever has… how odd. I really, really love kissing Mistress when she’s stroking my cock, especially like last night when my cock was like rock, soooo good! 🙂

Oh well, I guess I don’t have too long to wait to see if I get to cum before the end of June, maybe it will happen this weekend?

A Broken Marriage Redefined (written June 2017)

Divorce is never easy, and when you’ve bought a house together and your finances are entangled it’s even worse. But at least Gina and Paul never had any kids…

Paul looked at his phone, the caller ID read ‘Gina: EX Wife’, it wasn’t quite true yet but it was well on the way. Four months had passed since he’d moved out of the house they’d bought together and into a small flat around the corner from his work. Apparently Gina had moved on already and the last he heard she was banging a big guy called Mike or Mikey, or something… They remained civil but most of the negotiations were being handled by their solicitors, so Paul was a little surprised to get a direct call.

“Hi Gina, how are you?” Paul asked tentatively, wondering what had spurred her to contact him.

“Hi Paul, I’m good thanks… listen, I was wondering, could you come over to the house? Only… I really need to talk to you about something.”

“Like what?”

“Umm, well I think it would be easier to talk face to face…. could you come pretty soon?”

Paul looked at the clock, his work was finished in fifteen minutes.

“Well, I guess I could pop by in a bit…” he offered.

“Great. I’ll see you later then.”

Paul shut down the call and wondered what the hell she could want to see him for, they hadn’t seen each other since he’d moved out, and barring a few slightly awkward but generally personable phone calls they’d had almost no contact. He mulled it over in his head and then it came to him, maybe she wanted to know when he was moving the rest of his stuff out? Yeah, that must be it…. well until the divorce was settled he was stuck in his little flat, he just didn’t have the room, unless she wanted to pay for him to store it.

He got a little riled up then and snatched his phone up again, stabbing his fingers at the screen to get her back on the line so he could chew her out, but she didn’t answer.

“Dammit!” he muttered. Why did he agree to go and see her? He wasn’t her fucking husband anymore.

Well technically he was, but it was all but over and done. Paul was still a little confused about why it all fell apart so quickly, he had adored her and even as it was disintegrating around him Paul still hadn’t managed to shake his feelings for her off. Indeed, while Gina had moved on Paul hadn’t so much been on a single date, nor had he even tried. He made all the right noises when his friends told him he needed to get back on the horse, but somehow he still carried a flame for Gina and he felt it was pointless trying to find someone else until it was firmly extinguished.

He took his sweet time and arrived at the house about an hour and a half later. He walked up to his old front door and knocked. That felt odd, straight away.

“You took your time,” said Gina as she opened the door. “Something wrong?”

“No, I just had things to do,” he answered a little too abruptly.

It was only then that Paul noticed Gina was wearing nothing but a thin robe and was clearly naked underneath. He looked awkwardly at her, she was just as beautiful as he remembered and his cock stirred a little as memories of the times they’d shared came back to him.

“You look…. nice,” he said, then wished he’d kept his thoughts to himself.

“Thank you,” she smiled. “I’m sorry to call you over here like this but… I wanted to ask a massive favour.”


Now it was Gina’s turn to look slightly on the back foot.

“Come in then…”

Paul stepped into his old house and looked around.

“So… it’s not about my stuff then?”


“My stuff. I presumed you wanted to know when I was moving the rest of my stuff out.”

“No, no it’s not that…”

“Oh… well, good.”

“No you can leave it as long as you like, it’s not a problem, there’s plenty of room here after all.”

Paul bit his tongue to stop himself from saying something sarcastic, but he stared hard at the back of her head as he followed her into their lounge.

“Right, okay… so what did you want to see me about?”

Gina looked a little sheepish.

“Well, this is going to sound awfully cheeky, but… you know about Mike I presume?”


“Yes, my sister’s got a mouth on her hasn’t she, that was never going to stay private for long… ah well, whatever. Water under the bridge.”

Gina turned and walked over to the sofa. Paul couldn’t help but notice her bare legs, so sexy, smooth and soft, he’d always loved her legs… in fact he’d always loved every inch of her body.

“So,” she said, sitting down on the leather sofa. “What about you, are you seeing anyone?”

“Not yet,” said Paul. He decided to stay standing, and kept his distance a little as well.

“I guess it will happen sooner or later,” he added, trying not to give away his true feelings on the matter.

“Oh really, no one night stands or anything…?”

“Well, I haven’t really had time…”

Gina crossed her legs and her robe shifted to reveal the full length of her beautiful thigh.

“And do you… do you still think about me?”


“Do you still think about me, sometimes?”

“Well, I guess so… I mean, we were together a long while, so…”

“Do you think about me when you’re… you know?”

Paul didn’t think that was any of her God damned business frankly.

“Err, I….”

Gina uncrossed her legs and let them open a little, the robe was loosely tied and every movement exposed a little more of Gina’s alluring skin.

“It’s okay, if you do… I think about you sometimes.”

“Do you?” exclaimed Paul, he wasn’t expecting that.

“Uh-huh, sometimes…”

Gina licked her lips and allowed her robe to slip open just a little more.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

Paul was finding it difficult to concentrate on their conversation now, as his cock was slowly starting to harden.

“You see, the thing is, I…. I don’t quite know how to say this, but….”

Paul tore his eyes away from her enticing body  and looked her straight in the eyes, was she about to ask him to give their marriage another shot? He doubted it, but the conversation seemed to be heading in that direction.

“I… I miss when… I miss when you used to use your… tongue on me.” Gina finally managed to spit it out.

Paul looked slightly puzzled. This he was not expecting. At all.

“Look, don’t take this the wrong way, I mean, I’m not asking for us to get back together or anything, I think we both know that would be a mistake, and obviously there’s the situation with Mike to consider”.

Paul couldn’t quite believe this, had she seriously asked him to come round to lick her pussy. He didn’t know whether to feel proud or supremely offended. He settled on proud… and slightly cocky.

“Oh, so Mikey’s not quite doing it for you…” he asked with a wry smile.

Gina allowed herself a second to gather her thoughts.

“Mike is great, he’s in amazing shape and his cock is…. well, it’s pretty big to be honest.”

The smile fell sharply from Paul’s face.

“A lot bigger than yours anyway…”

Paul took on a belligerent look, but he couldn’t stop himself from picturing Gina’s pussy impaled on Mike’s big, thick cock.

“And he does make me cum… most of the time. But, it’s not quite the same as when it was with you. He doesn’t love my pussy like you did, or maybe still do…”

Paul shifted awkwardly, he would happily crawl over broken glass to taste Gina’s gorgeous pussy again, but he had to at least try and maintain a little dignity.

“So you thought you’d call me and have me come all the way over here, just to lick your pussy?”

Paul looked at her incredulously, painfully aware of the bulge in his trousers that she couldn’t fail to have noticed as well.

“Well, when you put it like that Paul, I guess I did…”

Gina moved a little and exposed a little more of herself, Paul was helpless as he tried to resist looking down between her thighs at her beautiful, smoothly shaved slit.

“And what about Mike? Does he know about this?”

“No, and I’d like to keep it that way, for the moment.”

Paul glanced down to see that her robe had opened further still and now he could clearly see her pussy. Although he hated to admit it, he’d been thinking of nothing else but her delicious cunt for the last four months. Literally every time he jerked off his thoughts always returned to Gina’s slippery, wet hole and how much he used to love licking it and making her cum.

“You’ve missed it haven’t you,” said Gina, opening her legs to give him a better view. “You adored my pussy when we were together, perhaps you still dream about tasting it again?”


“It’s okay Paul, nobody needs to know… besides, Mike probably has other girls on the go for all I know. We’re fucking, that’s all… I don’t want a permanent relationship, I haven’t sorted out the last one yet…”

Gina slowly opened her thighs still further and allowed him to gaze at her pussy properly, it looked so pink, slippery and wet. Paul licked his lips, the last vestiges of dignity and restraint abandoning him in droves.

“Please Paul, you’re the only one who knows how I like it… you still love me enough to want me to be happy don’t you?”

Paul hesitated and then slowly moved forward, the sight of her pussy was absolutely intoxicating and even though he knew this was a terrible idea he couldn’t help himself. He slowly moved between her legs and knelt on the carpet. He could smell her musk now and the smell brought back so many good memories…

“That’s a good boy, you know you want it too…”

Paul leaned closer and ran his tongue up the side of her pussy lips. Gina shivered and arched her back trying to move her clit to his tongue, but Paul wasn’t playing ball and kept moving his tongue around, keeping her guessing. He’d make her cum alright, but she’d have to wait until he was ready.

Suddenly, Paul realised something was different… her pussy tasted strange, not quite as he remembered, it was almost as if…

“You can taste it can’t you?” teased Gina.

Paul looked up at her, and his cock throbbing insistently.

“Does it taste like you thought it would? I mean, I’m sure you must have thought about it over the last few months… what with your little cuckold fantasies and everything.”

Paul stopped licking her for a second.

“How did you know about that?” he asked, worriedly.

“How do you think? I didn’t know how to bring it up with you so in the end I tried to ignore it.”

Paul glowered at her.

“So what you searched my laptop?”

“Yeah, pretty much… but don’t worry I haven’t told anyone. Not even Mike.”

Paul was pissed but he couldn’t sustain his anger with Gina’s inviting and used pussy just inches away from his face.

“I presume you’d like to keep it that way?”

Paul nodded slowly and Gina pressed her pussy forwards, prompting him to return to his task.

“That’s it, you are sooo good with your tongue…”

So at last she knew at least something of his fantasies, but how much did she read and how far into his private space did she venture?

“If I could find a man with Mike’s cock and your tongue, I would die a very happy woman,” she said breathlessly.

Paul pressed his tongue further between her lips and felt them part easily, she seemed a lot looser than when he’d been the only one fucking her.

“Umm yeah, that feels so nice, Mike stretched me good huh?”

Paul groaned into her pussy and was rewarded by a stream of warm, creamy cum pooling onto his tongue. Gina moaned and arched her back again.

“Clean it, clean it all up for me,” she moaned.

Paul obediently allowed the creamy fluid to slide down his throat for the first time, his humiliation was complete and his cocked ached like he’d never known before.

“Get the rest of it,” Gina purred. “Eat it all out of me, I know you want to… you’ve dreamed about this haven’t you, slurping another man’s hot, sticky cum from your wife’s well fucked cunt.”

Gina leaned forward and pushed her fingers into his hair, fixing on his head and holding it firmly in place.

“Maybe if you’d told me this before we could have worked something out. I mean, you’re not a bad guy, quite sweet really… maybe if you’d have admitted your little fantasy and allowed me to fuck other men… real men, with big hard cocks who want to pin me to the bed and fuck me hard and deep… like you never have, maybe then we could have stayed together.”

Paul groaned into her groin, his skilful tongue working energetically.

“Would you have liked that Paul? Would you have liked to watch other men fucking me, pounding me… holding me down and taking my pussy and ass? Would you? Would you have licked me clean every time, no matter what? I think you would…”

Paul’s cock was painfully hard and constricted now and he worked tirelessly, desperate to feel her buck and cum, just like she used to when she was his.

“Yes Paul, my ‘tight little ass’ isn’t quite so tight anymore, not since Mike fucked it with his big cock… I mean, you never got anywhere with that did you… but Mike, well… the difference between you and Mike is that Mike didn’t ask or beg, he just took what he wanted… and I gave it to him.”

Paul pictured Gina’s tight little ass stretching around Mikey’s oversized cock.

“I wished you’d been here,” she teased. “When he did it, when he took my ass and made it his. I won’t lie, it hurt to start with, but after a while… Oh My God. He filled me so full of cum Paul, and you could have watched… and cleaned me afterwards.”

Paul was trying to concentrate but Gina was making it so hard for him.

“Well Paul… would you? Would you have cleaned my cum filled ass after he finished using me?”

“Yes,” groaned Paul. “Yes I would.”

“And what about the others Paul, what about all the other men I could have fucked when I was with you, would you have cleaned up their messes as well?”

“Yes… yes.”

“And what else would you have done Paul, would you have cleaned their cocks too? Cleaned their dirty, sweaty, pussy-juice covered cocks and balls too, like a Good – Little – Slut.”

“Yes Gina…” whispered Paul as he slipped two fingers inside her loose, slippery cunt and worked his fingertips against her G-spot.

“Mmm, yeah… that’s it,” moaned Gina. “That’s soooo fucking good. Don’t stop, don’t fucking stop until I cum.”

Paul’s tongue went into overdrive around Gina’s aching clit and she writhed her hips, rubbing her cunt against him as he licked her.

“God yes, I want to see you do it Paul, I want to watch you debase yourself for me. Oh fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop!”

Paul knew from experience exactly how to push her over the edge. He pushed a third finger inside her to get it wet and then pushed it down so that it pressed against her asshole. What he didn’t expect was how easily it slid inside her previously tight rosebud.

“Oh fuuuuuuuuck!” screamed Gina as she spasmed hard and came hard on Paul’s agile tongue. “Fuck, fuck…. Oh God, fuck!”

Gina came harder than she had in months, then gradually came down from her orgasmic high and eventually fell still – collapsed back on the sofa. Paul continued to gently lick around her delicious pussy and along her inner thighs, his cock was like iron, but he felt weird about touching it… almost as if he needed her permission or something.

“Oh fuck, your tongue is just as good as I remember it, thank you sweetheart, that was incredible.”

Paul was thrown a bit, she hadn’t called him sweetheart in an age.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe how wet this sofa is, I came so fucking hard…”

Paul smiled, rather proud that he had managed to impress her all over again.

“And now perhaps we need to take care of you, eh?”

Paul felt embarrassed now, but his cock was insanely hard and he was desperate to cum.

“Come on, get up and get those trousers off.”

Paul self-consciously rose to his feet and peeled down his trousers, his average cock standing out straight and bulging his boxer shorts. Gina’s hand fell between her thighs, idly toying with her pussy as she watched him.

“Come on,” she teased. “Let me see your little cock.”

Paul peeled his boxers down and presented his 6” cock, it looked so small to Gina now that she was used to Mike’s impressive meat.

“Kneel down and stroke for me,” said Gina. “Stroke it and cum for me.”

Paul grabbed his cock and started to pump it firmly. Gina looked down at him, smiling. She looked sexier than he could ever remember and he thought he would do just about anything she asked of him.

“My pussy is so wrecked Paul… Mike’s cock has ruined it, even if I let you put your little cock inside of me I don’t think either of us would feel a thing.”

Paul groaned as he felt his orgasm approaching.

“That’s it sweetheart, stroke that dick for me, are you going to cum for me and lick it up like a good little Cuck-boy?”

“Yes,” moaned Paul.

“I want you to cum all over my beautiful pussy, all over the pussy that you can’t stop thinking about… you need my pussy don’t you, you need to taste it, clean it and make it cum, nothing else will do, will it?”

“Oh yeah…” groaned Paul as he humped his hand.

He moved closer and jerked his cock as hard as he could, a few seconds passed and then a huge spurt of cum erupted from the head of his cock and spattered across Gina’s slippery, wet, well-used cunt. Another couple of spurts followed, but failed to reach their target.

“Come on,” said Gina. “Don’t waste all that lovely cum, lick it up for me, lick my beautiful pussy clean of all the mess you made. That’s it, I knew you would love this too… you’re going to be doing this a lot now Paul, you know that don’t you?”

Paul looked up at her, the taste of his own cum still dripping from his tongue and made a decision that would define the rest of his life.

“Yes Mistress,” said Paul for the first time.

Gina laughed and pulled his head deeper, “I like the sound of that, now make me cum again slut, I’ve missed this sooo much.”

More ‘LW’ Crap and then a Very Positive Comment!

‘A Parting Gift?’ hit Literotica today and predictably the reaction was mostly negative – again this is the risk you take posting in the ‘Loving Wives’ category. I don’t really understand why this is so, because the description of the category is – Wife swapping, swingers, cheating wives and other related adult fiction. I don’t get what is unclear about that, and yet the scores are terrible even from people who concede that it was well written.

As a result of that I turned off the scoring earlier today because I just don’t see the point, and to be honest this was the story I was least certain of, and all these negative comments did annoy me a bit, or rather undermine my confidence in my story.

So I was quite pleased to find someone had left me a very positive comment to balance things up:

PulpNonFiction wrote: 

This was a dramatic, well-written, erotic piece of flash fiction. It has a certain universality for cuckolds or men who fantasize about it. It kicks us right in the gut with the principle question: “Should I tell her about my fantasies? Or, just keep them to myself?”

Every man with cuckold tendencies is eventually faced with the dilemma. “If I tell her, I might lose her. If I don´t, I will be sexually frustrated the rest of my life.” Most cuckolds, in past relationships, have lost a woman they truly loved when the shared their fantasy. The majority of women will just walk, right there. Other men don´t share their fantasy and just get their jollies from porn and Literotica. Either way, this question is of utmost importance, and your piece brought it to the foreground.

Again, your story was extremely well structured, well narrated and well-paced. Actually, writing a short piece requires a much higher skill level that writing a more rambling story. As to whether this story belongs here or not; in my mind it certainly does. That is because the couple is in a relationship and even considering marriage, they are going through a crisis, and it may or may not end.

Also, your description of drunk Ellie cock teasing him and then face sitting him was extremely well done. The element of surprise was there, as were humor and sadness in her slurred words as she fed him another man´s cum. I can only imagine the tidal wave of conflicting emotions that Ellie experienced as she went out, got laid by a stranger, and then came back to fulfill her man´s or, possibly ex-man´s, fantasy. The final scene dramatically left the door wide open to many options. I look forward to further installments.

Welcome to the Loving Wives forum! We need good writers like you here. At different times in my life I have written professionally and I can tell you have got what it takes. This story, and the “Penny” story that you recently posted, were both quite innovative and very welcome additions to this forum. Pushing us into new unchartered territory is not a bad thing. Thanks!

I have one more (cuckold) story which is on the verge of being completed and I will post it soon, but I won’t be posting it in the ‘Loving Wives’ as the ‘Fetish’ category will probably provide a much less judgemental audience! I know I said in the past that the negative comments didn’t bother me, but for some reason they have today. Maybe because it’s so hot here and I’m a bit fed up in general and I think the difference is that before that they were so over the top that they were actually funny, whereas this time they just seem mean-spirited.

Commenting on the Comments…

My recent post on Literotica, the story ‘Slutty Penny’ (which Mistress R loved by the way), has garnered a ridiculous number of comments. In the 24 hours since it was added to the site it has received 49 comments, which makes it my second most commented on story (at least since I changed names in 2011 anyway).

I thought I’d highlight a few of them here.

Anonymous said: Just some abusive husband and a slut, nothing remotely interesting or erotic here.

Anonymous said: 1* – Stupid shit.

Anonymous said: 1* – I agree it’s garbage.

JJ said: Unlike the other Anon’s I thought this was great, she needed to understand he doesn’t take her fucking around with others. Apart from the fact he didn’t get the phone and relieve her of the burden of waiting for the toyboy to ring I thought his reaction to the potential cheating was nipped firmly in the bud.4*

Anonymous said: This borders on non-con or stupidity. I’m not sure which, but either way it wad definitely over-the-top abuse of the wife.There was nothing sexy or erotic about this mess. He treats his wife like a dog. You think that’s interesting. Many women would have called the police and reported him. And the dialogue felt like a horny teenager wrote it. 1*

Twenty Seven said: Appalling. This is a story about someone too cowardly to take on the man harassing his wife but perfectly prepared to beat her up at considerable length. Furthermore it perpetuates the corrosive myth that women like to be treated this way. 

This story was posted in the ‘Loving Wives’ section of Literotica, which may or may not have been the wrong section, but it’s interesting to note that the only two stories of mine which are sitting at sub 4.00 / 5.00 were posted in this section. On the one hand, for some reason you get lots and lots of views (24,500 in 24 hours) but the vitriol and abusive comments are to be expected. It’s almost as though people read stories looking to be outraged… like the ones who commented on ‘Everything has a Price’ – but who were so appalled by it, they were still reading and commenting on chapter 12…

Some people just love to troll I suppose.

Truth be told most of the other comments are just bitching and infighting between various commenters who obviously treat this as a hobby. But at least there was one supportive comment.

The only one that annoyed me a little bit was the one that said my dialogue sounded like it was written by a horny teenager. I don’t consider myself a great writer, but in terms of the standards of Literotica I’d like to think I’m above average (there are some SHITTY writers on Literotica), so that annoyed me a little. But then I’m not going to lose any sleep over it either.

Speaking of sleep, that’s something that’s been in short supply here the last couple of days. We’ve had a very hot spell, by UK standards anyway. Yesterday it was 31C which is very unusual here, anything over 26C in the UK is HOT, we Brits do not do hot weather well at all.

Consequently Mistress R and I have been laying around grizzling about the heat and generally being irritated by it. Today it was a bit cooler (although were I work it was about 29C, whereas at home it was 25C) and there was a nice breeze. So Mistress and I took advantage of this brief respite and Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue.

Unfortunately I felt suddenly quite ill afterwards, perhaps a combination of lack of sleep, being hot all day and the heat of having my face pressed between Mistress’s gorgeous thighs, which rather put a damper on things as far as teasing was concerned.

And tomorrow looks likely to be back to insanely hot buggering levels of hotness again, so will be a complete write-off no doubt. Fortunately, after that it’s supposed to settle down to more normal levels of heat, I really bloody hope so.

I have another story to post soon, I just need to tweak it a little more I think. It has some similarities to ‘A Parting Gift?’ (which is still not up on Literotica yet), but I think it’s quite a bit better, and certainly contains more ‘sex’ than that story did.

I’m quite pleased, because I said I wanted to write at least four stories this year, and having got to May not having written any, I’ve since written four (plus transcribed and reworked an old story) so if nothing else I’ve achieved my aim, which is great.

Also, Mistress did a good bit of work on the Male Chastity letter last night, and we will certainly be putting that together in the near future. I think she’s done a good letter, but it’s missing some things that I think need saying. I’m thinking maybe the letter could be in the format of me introducing the idea and then passing over to her to get over the woman’s point of view. We’ll see…

A Veritable Shitstorm!

My story ‘Slutty Penny’ has been posted to Literotica and in six hours has been read 12,500 times. It’s also generated 22 comments… as is expected with that kind of story on Literotica, it’s a veritable shitstorm of hazing and infighting between commenters. It’s all rather pathetic, but I guess people need to have their fun.

The score is a pretty dismal 3.05 / 5.00 at the moment, which I find rather disappointing, but there’s a long way to go. I wrote another story last night and ‘A Parting Gift’ should hit Literotica soon as well, no doubt they’ll love that one as well… God knows what they’re going to make of the one I wrote last night.

If you’d like to read ‘Slutty Penny’ and or vote for it, please click HERE

Answering a Couple of Comments…

I seem to be posting (and writing) like a maniac at the moment, which is great! And I’m happy to see some lovely comments, some of which I thought I’d answer here…

Kahuna commented on ‘A Parting Gift?’: Wow you are right back on track with your stories Robert. I do hope there is a follow up so we know what happens between Sam and Ellie. You have certainly set this up for future scenarios….

Hi Kahuna, and thank you for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the latest story. It’s been an idea that’s been kicking around for a few weeks now. At one point I did extend it with a twist, but ultimately decided it wasn’t right and reverted back to the original format. As usual with my stories I agree it reads like the start of a series, but this one really is intended as a short, one-off piece – with a deliberately inconclusive ending. Sorry…

Kahuna commented on ‘Julia’s Cuckolding Journey’: This story is amazing and in my opinion your best since the equally excellent Girls Talk. I always love how you set the characters up and build tension. (Indeed it built tension in me until I was bursting). I am always a fan of cum eating (which I love to do) and chastity and cuckolding just add the extra element of excitement. I for one would love to be trapped and frustrated in a metal chastity cage and watch my wife in unbridled passion with her lover. I do hope you find the encouragement to follow up with a second chapter as I would love to see how far Julia drives Michael’s submission and journey into cuckolding. Keep up the great work.

Well Kahuna, I’m glad you enjoyed this story, I also think it is one of my best, in fact I liked it so much that there’s good news and bad news… I’m guessing you didn’t see this story when it was originally posted, with the title ‘Colette’s Cuckolding Journey’? Well, shortly after I posted it I realised that this could be the story I’ve been waiting for, one that I could extend into a full length novel and possibly publish ‘properly’ in book form through a publisher, or failing that as an e-book.

Admittedly I have no experience with doing either of these things, and it remains to see what will happen in the end. But that is the plan and so to save problems down the line I haven’t posted this to Literotica and I changed the names so that I can use the original names in the proper version. Of course it may end up that it doesn’t work out, in which case it will end up on here and on Literotica, but I feel like I ought to try one time to do something ‘bigger’.

The upshot of that of course is that you are unlikely to read any more of this story for some while yet, but the good news is that hopefully, there will be a lot more to come, just not anytime soon.

However, I still have lots of other ideas that are waiting for my attention and I’ve also been looking through my old stories and some of them are positively crying out for more chapters, the most obvious being ‘Girls Talk’, which is my best story so far, although I think ‘Colette’s Cuckolding Journey’ has the potential to be even better…

A lot of my ‘cuckolding’ story ideas will probably be collapsed into the big project, so the stories I post in the next few months will probably be on different topics, but we’ll see, I may decide to use some stories as test beds for ‘big project’ ideas.

As always, thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment, they are always appreciated. 🙂

A PARTING GIFT? (Written June 2017)

It wasn’t difficult to pinpoint the moment it started to go wrong, at least not in Sam’s mind. He’d been dating Ellie for a good while and things were getting serious between them, very serious indeed. There was talk of marriage, mostly from her side to be fair, but still – the question was out there. Which would have been fine, they were both coming up to the big 3-0 after all, what better time to settle down and move onto the next stage in their lives?

But then the doubts started, and Sam came to the conclusion that if he was going to marry Ellie, then he needed to come clean about his… unconventional desires. And so one day he sat her down and poured his heart out, he told her how much he loved her and how he wanted to be with her, but he had to come clean about his fantasies.

Ellie listened as he told her how he fantasised about being dominated by her, how he thought about her making him lick her pussy when he’d cum inside her, how he wanted to be teased and denied… even how he dreamed about watching her with someone else. It didn’t go well. She didn’t say much, it just kind of hung in the air like a bad smell… thereafter they both acted like it had never happened, hoping it would fade away, never to be mentioned again. But that never works, does it? Sam felt stupid, he wished he’d never said anything, sex became infrequent, awkward and unrewarding as they both tried to act as if everything was normal, but it was impossible.

Clearly the damage was done, Ellie became distant and the marriage talk stopped. It was clear she was disconnecting gradually and then one night they both just realised they needed to move on. They behaved impeccably, no arguments or recriminations, just a measured acceptance that this wasn’t going to work out. Sam moved his stuff into the spare room and they co-existed as friends, he was looking for somewhere to go but was slowly coming to realise that his only real option was home to his parents. The thought of it sent chills down his spine, how could he have fucked all this up so badly and so quickly?

Three weeks down the line it was clearly time to move on, Sam got home to find Ellie ready to go out. She looked stunning and he felt like the biggest idiot on God’s Earth. She moved around the flat in her 4” heels, her toned legs taunting him from under her little black dress. Someone was going to be hitting that tonight and it wasn’t going to be him, he told himself. Ellie heard the taxi beep outside and walked past Sam towards the door, she looked over her shoulder at him, her gorgeous, long blond hair cascading down her back.

“I’ll see you… later, maybe…” she said, with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“Yeah, okay… have a good time,” he said, struggling to force the words out of his throat.

Ellie turned and Sam listened as her heels clacked down the stairs to the waiting taxi, he’d never felt so alone in his life. He slumped on the sofa for the first two hours of the evening, unable to think about anything but Ellie. It dawned on him slowly that this was what it felt like to be cuckolded, waiting alone while another man fucks your wife… he snapped himself out of it, Ellie wasn’t his wife, she was a free agent and so was he, except… she was the only one who was out there looking. Besides, she was beautiful, but that didn’t mean she was going to let just anyone fuck her… would she?

He turned to drink, it seemed the obvious answer and by midnight he was in bed, a half empty bottle of vodka on the bedside table. Everything would look better in the morning, he told himself. Beating himself up wasn’t the answer, just accept it and move on, that’s the spirit. Eventually he found peace in sleep.

— — — — — —

It was nearly 3am when he woke up, there was someone in the flat… he looked to the door and saw the light underneath. It took him a minute and then he remembered, it was Ellie coming home. He gave a huge sigh and turned over, the light went out and there was silence for a while. It must have been about ten minutes later when he heard his door creaking open, he had almost got back to sleep but the spare room door was notoriously squeaky and Ellie wasn’t the quietest of drunks.

He felt the covers move and Ellie got into the bed next to him, she mumbled something incoherent in his ear and he turned to face her in the dark. She was naked and his cock was already starting to harden. Sam couldn’t speak, he didn’t want to break the moment. He thought he’d felt her skin for the last time and now here she was lying next to him naked. She reached out her hand and found his cock, within seconds he was rock hard. Again she mumbled something he couldn’t understand as she began to stroke his aching dick.

Her head went under the covers and he felt her lips close around his prick.

“Oh fuuuuuck…” he moaned as she swirled her tongue around his meat. Ellie had a gift for drunken, sloppy blowjobs and she was giving it everything tonight.

Sam reached down and played with the girl’s hair as she sucked him, but after a few minutes he felt her shift beneath the covers and straddle him. He felt her pussy brush against the tip of his cock and he tried to push upwards but she moved with him, keeping herself just out of reach.

“Yeeudungettofuckmenoow,” she sighed incoherently. “Sumonelsedud… wannasee?”

Ellie slid up his body and planted her pussy right above his face, his eyes had adjusted to the darkness now and in the moonlight he could just make out her beautiful, smooth pussy. Ellie moved it closer still and Sam inhaled the scent of her juices, only this time he smelt something else as well. Another man’s cum.

Before he could think or react, Ellie slid her pussy onto his mouth and ground it against his lips until his mouth slowly opened and his tongue slid out to taste her. Sam’s cock was throbbing like it never had before as his fantasies started to come to life right before his eyes. Ellie reached down and used her fingers to gouge more cum from deep inside her well used cunt, pushing them into his mouth as he sucked and licked them clean.

“Tastheguudyheah?” she slurred. “Jushlikeuwanned.”

Sam couldn’t answer, this felt unreal… as if he was dreaming and one wrong word from him would bring it to a devastating end. Ellie slid back down his torso, her slippery cunt lips sliding either side of his throbbing stalk and then she moved sideways, off of him and out of the bed. She didn’t say another word, but as she walked towards the door he heard a giggle.

Sam heard her close her bedroom door and threw the covers back. His hand reached down and encircled his cock, pumping hard as he replayed every last second of what had just happened to him over and over again in his mind. He didn’t last long and soon his cock erupted a huge load, splashing all the way up to his neck, such was the violence of his orgasm.

As his breathing returned to normal he started to wonder what it all meant, was it a parting gift from his beautiful ex, or the start of something else?