Stories by Robert Anthony

2014 – Once a Month – Part Two
2014 – Strap-On Submission
2014 – Daniel Strokes for his Mistress

2013 – Katherine’s New Game

2012 – Unfinished Femdom Cave Book – Part One
2012 – Unfinished Femdom Cave Book – Part Two
2012 – Unfinished Femdom Cave Book – Part Three
2012 – Unfinished Femdom Cave Book – Part Four

2011 – A New Approach to an Old Problem
2011 – Everything Has a Price – CH1
2011 – Everything Has a Price – CH2
2011 – Everything Has a Price – CH3
2011 – Everything Has a Price – CH4
2011 – Everything Has a Price – CH5
2011 – Everything Has a Price – CH6
2011 – Everything Has a Price – CH7
2011 – Everything Has a Price – CH8
2011 – Everything Has a Price – CH9
2011 – Everything Has a Price – CH10
2011 – Everything Has a Price – CH11
2011 – Everything Has a Price – CH12
2011 – Everything Has a Price – CH13
2011 – Everything Has a Price – CH14
2011 – Everything Has a Price – CH15
2011 – Oliver Accepts His Place
2011 – Once a Month
2011 – The Conversation
2011 – The Next Step
2011 – Thirty Seven Days

2010 – A Game of Tease and Denial
2010 – A Game with Dice
2010 – More Fun with Dice
2010 – Out of Your Hands – CH1
2010 – Out of Your Hands – CH2
2010 – Out of Your Hands – CH3
2010 – The Longest Week
2010 – The Twelfth Day

2009 – By Invitation
2009 – Option ‘A’ or ‘B’

2008 – Submission Time Again
2008 – The Anniversary

2006 – Owned! – CH1
2006 – Owned! – CH2
2006 – Owned! – CH3
2006 – Owned! – CH4
2006 – Owned! – CH5
2006 – Owned! – CH6
2006 – Owned! – CH7
2006 – Owned! – CH8

2003 – You’ll Get Your Reward
2003 – Your Choice

1999 – Domination at Home
1999 – Mistress Claudia’s Cumslut

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Stories from Literotica

Stories from Literotica focused on Creampies, Cuckolding, Female Domination and Tease & Denial…

Colleen’s Cuck (by michael798)

Eating Cum from Kimberley (by steelepen)

A Couple of Fantasies Come to Life (by Brian1)

A Cream Pie Delight (by telefunkenU47)

A Creamy Birthday Present (by DiggerDave)

A Cuckold is Seduced (by wants2bsub)

A Further Pie at Work (by DiggerDave)

A Good Man is Hard to Find (by AAkasha)

Ahead of Time (by Tom Allen)

Ally is a Tease (by Scarlet Pen)

Angie Makes Me A Pie (by DiggerDave)

An Ugly Word (by Lesley Sloan)

A Pie at Last (by DiggerDave)

A Pie at Work (by DiggerDave)

Becoming a Cuckold (by njcuckold_hotmail)

Beth Gives Husband a Mouthful (by DiggerDave)

Birth of a Cuckold (by Aladylover)

Birth of a Malesub (by myker)

Caught Cumming (by AnalSlave)

Christmas Cream Pie (by Brian1)

Creampie Cuckold Humiliation (by cuckcreampielover)

Creampies With Anne and Mike (by DiggerDave)

Cuckold Birthday Present (by upswing)

Discovering My Nasty Wife (by Tony88888)

Does He Really Want That? (by Goamz86)

Domestic Cream Pie (by conroy39)

Domination Phase 1 (by Lesley Sloan)

Extreme Tease (by ravenx42)

Finally My Wife Takes Control (by Brian1)

First Time Creampie (by creamypussylover)

I Helped My Husband (by yesplease8)

Is it a Need or a Want? (by jlltec)

Journey to Cuckoldy (by Biochem)

Lock and Key (by Teased and Denied)

My Ex Sister In Law’s Cuckold (by Naf Noparts)

My Life as a Cuckold (by HerLittlePiggy)

My Submission to Laura (by sub_hubby_steve)

My Wife Makes Me Clean Up (by DiggerDave)

My Wife, My Mistress (by MikeyC)

My Wife, My Queen (by Dilberts_Dream)

My Wife’s Night of Control (by Mander)

Our New Business (by litman2)

Our True Marriage Life (by SlaveJ)

Paying for the Broken Promise (by Peter_)

Sally Brings Home… (by DiggerDave)

Sally’s Cream Pie Surprise (by DiggerDave)

Scent of a Cuckold (by cuckytoher)

Seducing the Cuckold’s Wife (by wants2bsub)

Shared Fantasies (by Peter_)

She Expects That I Obey Her (by wants2bsub)

She Made Me Eat My Own Cum (by SlaveToHer)

She Makes Me Pay (by Brian1)

Sister in Law’s Creamy Delivery (by DiggerDave)

Sue Makes Me a Present (by DiggerDave)

Teased and Denied (by bighouselover)

Terri’s Teasing Torments (by teasemeplz)

The Gift That Keeps On… (by Tom Allen)

The Honeymoon Surprise (by Mrswitch)

Torture of Imagination (by LorisLicker)

Wearing the Tube (by Karen Kay)

Will You Submit (by defiant_1)



Feeling Cucky (reposted from Forum Magazine)

Wife’s New Game (non-fiction, collated from posts on