A Game with Dice (written May 2010)

It all started when I suggested to my beautiful Mistress/Wife that she might like to extend her control over me beyond our monthly one-hour sessions. We’ve always kept our normal life and our femdom activities fairly separate, although Mistress does sometimes indulge me during the month by sitting on my face after I’ve come inside her and telling me to lick her clean, or very occasionally scratching my cock and balls during a blowjob, both of which I absolutely love.

I had read on the internet about a game using dice to determine periods of chastity, but the original version was a bit extreme for my liking (I certainly didn’t fancy a game which might result in my cock being locked up for 6 years!). So I adopted the format but made it a bit more reasonable and presented the idea to my Mistress. After some brief explanation she agreed to this new game and so after our last femdom session I threw the two dice I had raided from our Monopoly set and scored a pretty reasonable ‘seven’. Mistress and I then plotted the date of our next session (always a Sunday) on the calendar and then worked backwards to determine the last date that I was allowed to cum without her permission. 

The next few weeks passed without incident and the new ‘dice-stop’ was not discussed (although it was never far from my thoughts). On the morning the new ‘stop’ came into force she reminded me that for the next seven days I was only allowed to cum with her permission. I assured her that I was well aware of the date and she smiled and said “Good. Now come back to bed, I need some attention”. She didn’t have to ask twice and I was soon blissfully lapping at her gorgeous pussy while my hard cock pressed into the mattress.

The first week was fairly uneventful. In fact I was allowed to cum three times. Once on the Sunday (after she had cum, she quickly decided that she wanted to feel me inside her), once on the Monday and once on the Wednesday, twice from normal sex and once from a wonderful blowjob. After the Wednesday I wasn’t expecting to be allowed to cum again as we had always left three or four days clear before a session, to make sure that my balls were full. 

Knowing that I was unlikely to be called on to ‘perform’ meant that I could, if I had wanted to, indulged myself in a crafty wank, but as I had already cum three times that week it wasn’t hard to abide by the rules. Besides, although I couldn’t really understand why or explain it even to my myself, I do love the light-headed feeling of being desperately horny but not allowed to cum.

After our next session on the Sunday I threw the dice again and scored a ‘double-three’. The month rolled around and before I knew it my cock was off-limits again, and the week played out much as the previous one had. 

Another mind-blowing femdom session followed and as my Mistress handed me the dice she said “Are you sure you want to do this again…”. I eagerly agreed, but Mistress continued “…because it seems to me that I have been far too easy on you the first couple of times.” Despite not long having emptied my balls in a serious of violent spurts, I felt my cock twitch as she spoke. “But I know you well slave and I bet you’ve been thinking the same thing.”

“Yes Mistress.” It was true, there was definitely a part of me that hoped I would throw a double six and that she would make me wait the whole twelve days, while at the same time driving me insane by teasing my cock and having me eat her pussy every night.

I threw the two dice and scored a five and a three. We plucked the calendar from the wall and counted back the eight days from the proposed date of our next session, my cock already stiff at the thought of coming under her control again.

The next three weeks went by and as the deadline approached I made sure that I got to cum on the last day possible. After I had filled my wife’s gorgeous pussy full of cum she sat on my face and told me to lick her clean. As she looked down at me tonguing her hole and drinking our juices she started to rub her clit with her finger and said “Savour it, make sure you get every drop. It could be a long time until you get to taste it again.”

I knew that what she really meant was ‘it could be a long time until you get to cum again’, and I found that slightly twisted part of me was already hoping that she would be true to her word. Once I had got every last drop, she slid off of me and I moved between her legs once more to bring her off with my tireless tongue.

Saturday passed without incident and Sunday was a busy day for us. But on Monday night I was allowed to worship Mistress’s wonderful pussy and after making her cum very hard I moved up the bed and she curled her fingers around my stiff cock. Her mouth closed around the head and for the next few minutes she licked, sucked and stroked it until I was getting quite close to shooting my load. 

I felt utterly tormented now, part of me wanting to keep silent and to explode in her mouth (whatever the consequences) and the other part of me wanting to warn her that I was getting close. As I tried to think straight I suddenly felt her mouth leave my cock and she asked me if I was getting close. I moaned that I was ‘very close’ and begged her to continue, but instead she let go of my cock, leaving it bobbing in the air.

“You weren’t thinking of coming without my permission were you?” She asked tersely.

“No…” I said, suddenly aware that my position was fairly indefensible.

“So how much closer were you going to get before you told me?”

“I, I don’t know….” I stammered.

“Hmm.” She said and ran the tip of her index finger up and down the underside of my throbbing meat, then circled it around the sensitive spot under the head.

“How close are you?”

“Very close…..Mistress.”

“Close enough to cum if I just keep doing this?”

“I think so Mistress.”


She continued to rub the sensitive area for a few seconds more and then curled her hand around my cock. She gripped hard and gave me ten or twelve really fast strokes which brought me within a hair’s breadth of coming and then let go completely.

“Well we can’t have that, can we…and next time I think you’d better tell me before I have to ask, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Right, well I think it’s time to go to sleep now.”

She leaned over and kissed me goodnight, her tongue snaking into my mouth (she knows how much I love it when I can taste my cock on her) and then turned over onto her side, facing away from me. 

As I lay there with my cock still twitching and aching for release, I contemplated finishing the job myself, but quickly remembered that this was what I had asked for and what I wanted all along. Besides, as soon as I knew the opportunity to cum was gone, I quickly began to enjoy the intense feelings of frustration again. I turned over and wrapped my arm over my wife’s body, enjoying the throbbing in my cock as it nestled against her wonderful ass. I heard a small chuckle escape her lips.

“It still feels hard” she said. “Are you going to be able to get to sleep?”

“Sooner or later” I replied, half wondering if she might offer to continue now that she had made her point.

Instead she simply said “I’m sure you will if you just lie quietly”. 

A few minutes later I realised that she had fallen asleep and I removed my arm from around her waist and turned over. As I lay there I felt my hand curl around my cock and gently rub it back and forth. I knew I would have to admit this at the next session and take the whipping for it, but I couldn’t help it. Finally, about a half hour later, sleep arrived.

The next morning I awoke with a raging hard-on and as my wife gave it a few feather-light teasing strokes, she asked me if I had enjoyed last night. I replied that I had, which wasn’t a lie. I love eating her pussy and making her cum so much that that on it’s own had made me extremely happy, the rest of the night had just been the icing on the cake.

She squeezed my cock hard and asked me if I wanted to cum. I replied that of course I did, but that I knew I couldn’t unless she allowed it. 

“Doesn’t it drive you crazy though, getting so close and then stopping?”

“Yes……but, I kind of like it.”

She gave me an inquisitive look.

“Yeah I know, it sounds crazy doesn’t it….”

She smiled and kissed me and then got out of bed. “Maybe I’ll let you cum later” she said and went off to get ready for work.

“Or maybe not.” I thought to myself.

That evening we went out to our local pub and when we got into bed my wife was sufficiently lubricated to forget all about not allowing me to cum. I lay on my back and she straddled my cock, moaning as she felt it stretch her pussy as she forced herself down on it. I love it when she’s on top. I love looking up at her amazing tits, she just looks super-hot from that angle. I guess it’s really just because I’m naturally submissive. But whatever it is, I love it.

As she rode me harder and faster, I managed to croak that I was going to cum and she cranked it up another gear until my cock exploded inside her, filling her with four days of hot spunk. After a few moments she lifted herself off of me and told me to slide down the bed. I willingly complied and seconds later my tongue was inside her, licking her pussy clean as I swallowed our combined juices. 

She went to sleep quickly after that, but as I lay awake I couldn’t help wondering if I had just broken the rules or not. I had warned her I was cumming and she hadn’t stopped me, but this was a bit of a grey area that we hadn’t discussed. I concluded that I couldn’t do anything to change it now and guessed I would find out the next day.

The following evening I broached the subject and my wife said that she had been thinking the same thing, but that as I had told her I was close and she had continued regardless I would not be punished…this time. I breathed a sigh of relief, although as we hadn’t discussed possible penalties I wasn’t really sure whether I had escaped anything draconian or not. Noting my relief, she added that I shouldn’t take that as a precedent and that maybe in future I would just have to find a way to maintain control regardless…or face the consequences.

Nothing further happened until Friday night when I was again allowed to worship my wife’s beautiful pussy and made her cum even harder than before. I wasn’t expecting to be allowed relief this close to the next session and was surprised when she moved down the bed and began sucking my hardening length. After a while she shifted so that she was sitting cross-legged between my legs and told me to tell her when I was close to cumming. After a few minutes I confirmed that I was approaching orgasm but she continued stroking me, telling me that I should tell her when I was literally seconds away from coming. After another ten or fifteen seconds I breathed that I was on the brink. I felt her hand release my cock and opened my eyes to see her looking directly at me.

“Where are the dice?” She asked.

“Back downstairs.” I said, a little confused. 

She nodded.

“Okay then, pick a number between one and six” she said.

“Umm, four” I replied, already I could feel my orgasm receding from the brink.

My wife circled the base of my cock with the finger and thumb of her left hand and then used the right to slap my cock four times. Strangely, far from diminishing my need to cum, it seemed to increase the throbbing in my aching stalk and cumming was now very much back on the agenda.

“Now pick a number between 7 and 12” she said.

“Eight” I replied, having no clue where this was leading.

“Okay” she said.

Her hand curled back around my cock and she proceeded to give me the eight slowest, lightest strokes you could possibly imagine, leaving me unbelievably close to the edge but without a hope of going over it.

She removed her hand, smiled and said “Well you didn’t really think I’d let you cum this close to the session did you?”


“But you hoped?”

“….well, yes.”

“You seem a little unsure.”

“No, it’s just…” I faltered for a moment, then continued “…well, of course I want to cum, but at the same time, I do kind of like being left frustrated too.”

“Really?” she asked, watching as my cock continued to twitch in the air as we talked..

“Well, yeah…it’s kind of a weird feeling. A sort of ‘dizzy’ feeling. Kind of what being ‘high’ feels like I guess…..it’s quite addictive!.”

My wife traced her fingertip softly along the length of my cock.

“Go on…”

I took a large gulp of air to stop my head swimming and tried to put into words the complexities of what I was trying to explain.

“It’s like…cumming is wonderful, but it only lasts a few moments, when I’m like this I get hard probably every couple of hours and I’m constantly thinking about it, and you.”

She bent forward and tickled the tip of my cock with her tongue, which made my lip tremble slightly.

“It’s hard to explain, but it’s not the same as just not having sex. If there’s some reason why you can’t have sex it tends to go to the back of your mind, but if there’s no reason, then the tension just builds and builds… that’s why I wanted you to control me. But I still want to feel close to you, I still want to make you cum and hold you and feel you next to me, it just builds it up even more, that’s why I love it when you bring me to the edge and stop. Of course I want to give in and explode, but part of me wants it to go on and on. I don’t always feel like this, I mean I wouldn’t want it to go on forever…just…”

All the time I had been talking I had been looking straight up at the ceiling, now I looked at her and saw she was rubbing her pussy with her fingers. My confession had obviously had quite an effect on her and as she rubbed her clit she said “So deep down, you don’t really want to cum at all….”

“I do…” I said “…but only when you let me.”

She took hold of my cock again and squeezed it hard, then gave it a several firm strokes.

“Beg me then, beg me not to let you cum tonight, or any night until I want you to.”

I hesitated, wondering if she’d taken in the last part of what I said, but then my submissive side kicked in and I knew that if she wanted me to continue indefinitely I knew I would do so. I begged as she asked and once she was satisfied of my sincerity she released my cock and lay down on the bed beside me. I was quite surprised and extremely pleased when she told me that she wanted me to eat her pussy again. Evidently, making me beg like that had made her very wet, as I soon discovered when I moved between her thighs and began to lick her pussy. It took a lot longer to make her cum the second time but when it hit she came even harder than the first time, which left me feeling blissfully happy and extremely proud of myself. As we lay together afterwards, my still-hard cock nestled against her gorgeous arse, I tried to remember the last time I had made her cum twice in one night. I concluded that it had been at least seven years, maybe even ten. 

As I noticed the time approach midnight I kissed my wife’s shoulder and whispered in her ear that I loved her so much and told her how happy she was making me. She told me she was happy too and reached behind to squeeze my cock a few times. I lay there for a few minutes enjoying the feel of her fingers curled loosely around my meat and then she let go and I reluctantly turned over and went to sleep.

Sunday’s femdom session was typically superb, indeed it was hard to remember a time when it had been anything else. As always, Mistress came super-hard on these occasions, which confirmed to me quite spectacularly that while I may have initiated these sessions all those years ago there was certainly nothing one sided about them these days. As the end of the hour approached I was tied spread-eagled on my back with Mistress standing over my head, bent forward rubbing my aching cock. I love looking up at her open pussy and ass and she knows damn well the effect it has on me when she uses her hands to pull her ass cheeks apart and show me her puckered hole. 

“Do you want to lick my ass slave” she asked.

“Yes please Mistress” I responded hoarsely.

“But do you deserve it slave” she continued.

“I….if it pleases you Mistress” I stumbled.

She crouched down over my face, her asshole just inches away from my eager tongue.

“Do you promise me you haven’t cum since I last allowed it?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Mistress”

“And you haven’t touched your cock in a sexual way since last Friday?”

Ah, and now I had to fess up. She told me in no uncertain terms how cross she was with me and untied me and told me to get on my hands and knees on the bed. After she had whipped my ass for the second time that day (and a lot harder than the first) she asked me if I thought I deserved to worship her gorgeous ass. 

“If it pleases you Mistress.” I said, aware that I was on thin ice as it was.

“Yes slave, if it pleases me.”

She turned me over on the bed and re-tied my limbs.

“I want you to realise that the only reason I am going to allow you to worship my gorgeous ass, is because I want you to, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”

“You took your punishment very well slave, and your tongue made me very happy earlier.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“I hope you are telling the truth when you say that you have not cum since I allowed it slave.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Are you 100% sure slave?”

“Yes Mistress, I promise you.”

“Because you know what would happen if you failed me, don’t you slave?”

“No Mistress.”

It was true, I had no idea. I had made a mental note to discuss this with her, but was waiting until after this session to do so.

Mistress straddled my body and dropped her pussy over my face once more, rubbing her sodden lips all over my face, grinding herself against me as she continued.

“Well slave, it’s very simple. Though it annoys me that you touched your cock without permission, I can see how hard that would be for you to resist. Besides, if you think about it, all you’re really doing is making it harder for yourself…. so, bearing that in mind, I feel a whipping is a fair and just punishment. On the other hand, if you were to totally disobey me and actually make yourself cum…. well, that would be completely different.”

She turned around and lowered her ass onto my face and ordered me to tongue her hole as she reached forward and pumped my cock some more. I eagerly complied, forcing my tongue into her musky hole and relishing the feeling of submissiveness. After about thirty seconds she lifted herself up again and turned round on the bed. She leaned forward and reached back between her legs to scratch my cock with her half-inch long nails. She looked directly down into my eyes as I looked up adoringly at her, breathing heavily. 

“If you came without permission slave, then I would have no real choice but to put your cock into real chastity, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress” I replied, not entirely convincingly, but playing along with the game. It wasn’t the first time she had threatened me in this way, she knew the thought of it turned me on, but even so, there was always a chance she might be serious this time. A small, nervous laugh escaped me (a trait which I wish I could control and one which has got me in trouble before). She raised an eyebrow.

“Something funny slave?”

“No Mistress. Nerves Mistress…”

She looked at me intensely for a few seconds, then got off the bed. She reached over the bedside table and picked up the blindfold she had removed earlier in the session.

“Lift your head up.” She said.

I complied and felt the soft rubbery material slip over my eyes until I was left in darkness. Then I heard her leave the room and return a few moments later. She stood next to the bed and then I felt something rub against my leg. She moved it higher, then dragged it up the underside of my cock and across my stomach, up my chest and finally placed it against my lips. 

“Open your mouth slave.”

I opened my mouth and felt the object pushed inside. My tongue rubbed over it and though I could hardly believe it I realised in an instant exactly what it was that I was dealing with.

“You know what it is slave, don’t you?”

I gulped loudly “I think so Mistress.”

She placed the clear plastic chastity device on my chest and lifted my blindfold so that I could see that it was exactly what I thought it was. I gasped at the sight of the CB-3000 and started to tremble slightly.

“Now do you believe me slave?”

“Yes Mistress” I moaned, my cock suddenly feeling twice as hard as it had before.

She grasped my shaft, and asked me why ‘the thought of having my cock locked up’ should make me so hard? Surely I didn’t want to be locked up…or did I?

I instinctively told her that I didn’t, but she wasn’t convinced.

“You say that slave, but your cock is like an iron bar.”

I opened my mouth to speak but realised I had no answer to give. My eyes were shut tight now, as I tried desperately to avoid cumming before she gave me permission to do so.

“Imagine it slave, your poor cock locked up in that thing for as long as it pleased me. How would you cope?”

I could barely answer as she stroked my cock, driving me closer and closer to orgasm. The truth was I had imagined it, many, many times, and it still had the same effect on me, that dizzy, ‘high’ feeling that made me feel like a teenager getting his first blowjob. 

Mistress continued, “Still, it wouldn’t stop you eating my pussy and making me cum, would it?”

“No Mistress” I gasped, I was getting uncomfortably close now. 

“And that’s what’s really important to you isn’t it slave, your Mistress’s pleasure.”

“Oh yes, Mistress, your pleasure is EVERYTHING to me!” I croaked.

I heard her chuckle softly to herself.

“You really do worship me don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You would do anything for me wouldn’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Anything that pleased me, isn’t that right slave, no matter how depraved…”

“Yes Mistress, I would do anything you asked me to, anything at all!” 

“One day you will have to back that up slave, but I’m sure you’re a man of your word.”

“I am Mistress.” I gasped “Absolutely.”

“Good… are you close?”

“Oh God yes Mistress, very close.”

Mistress said nothing, but intensified the attention she was lavishing on my cock. Watching me closely as she enjoyed my struggle not to give in before she said the word.

“Beg slave.”

“Please let me cum Mistress, please….”

Mistress pounded my cock for a few more seconds and then granted the permission I was so desperate for. No sooner had she said the word than the first string of cum erupted from the tip of my crimson cock-head. She continued to pump every last drop out of my aching cock while she related some of the debauched things I might have to do to prove myself to her one day, and then, noticing that the CB-3000 on my chest had been splashed with cum, she offered it to my mouth and told me to lick it clean. 

After the session we lay together, completely exhausted and totally sated. My Mistress, now my wife once more, asked me if I had enjoyed it. I said I had loved every second of it, and loved her more than ever. She revealed that she had found someone on the internet selling CB-3000’s for a fraction of their retail value and had actually bought it several months ago. She’d wanted to tell me from the moment it had arrived but had worried that I might freak out when I actually saw it for real. I told her that it had been a bit of a shock, but that she needn’t have worried. I reassured her that I had fantasised about it many times and that I didn’t feel she was forcing me into anything against my will. 

When we finally got up, I threw the dice again and scored a total of three. That was an easy month. But they weren’t all like that. A few months later I threw a ‘double-one’, which according to our original agreement meant that Mistress got to choose the length of time the stop would apply. I fully expected her to choose the full twelve days, which I had so far managed to avoid, but she surprised me by instead taking down the calendar and counting the number of days until our next session. 

“Twenty-seven days” she stated, matter-of-factly.

“What?” I retorted.

“Twenty-seven days” she repeated. “You said I got to choose the number of days, but you never said it had to be between two and twelve.”

She was right as well. It was an oversight on my part and she was making the most of it.

“Fuck” I breathed.

“Or….” she said. “If you prefer, perhaps we could play a different game this month.”

I looked at her inquisitively.

“One that would definitely guarantee you a lot of time doing something you adore and the chance to earn yourself some orgasms, after all, you did say that you didn’t want it to go on indefinitely, didn’t you?.”

I agreed hastily, acutely aware that the other option might well result in a month of teasing, aching balls and almost inevitably incarceration in the CB-3000. You see, over the last few months the stop periods had become far more strict and I was now almost never allowed to cum once the ‘dice-stop’ date arrived. Despite this I was constantly teased and kept aroused and my tongue was never idle for more than forty eight hours, usually less. In addition to all of this, Mistress had taken to having me wear the CB-3000 for the last 24 hours before the session and had informed me that eventually she would expect me to wear it from the moment I was put on stop until the moment the session started. Thankfully that date had not yet arrived. 

“It’s very simple” she said. “All you have to do is throw the dice… well, perhaps we’ll start with just one, as I’m feeling generous… and once you’ve given me that number of orgasms, then you’ll be allowed to cum.”


“However I chose.” 

“And then what?” I asked.

“Then you throw the dice again.”


“And you keep doing that until the next session. Then maybe we’ll go back to the old game, or maybe we’ll stick with this one, depending on which one I like the best.”


“Oh and just one more thing….” She was fully aware that she had me over a barrel and was fully intent on exploiting it.


“Every time you are allowed to cum, you have to eat it. Whether it’s out of my pussy, off my hand or wherever else it lands.”

“Every time?”

“Every time!”

Mindful of the CB-3000 I agreed, and straight off the bat threw a six. This was going to be a very long month, but at least I would get to eat a lot of pussy.

It took eleven days to get through those first six orgasms (now that my orgasms depended on the speed at which she had hers, she suddenly wasn’t going to be rushed!) and my balls felt like boulders. After she had recovered from the last one, my wife told me to fetch both dice and roll one of them. Eager to please, but slightly suspicious, I did as I was told and scored a four, not great, but better than a six!

My wife smiled, reached into her bedside drawer and plucked out a postcard sized piece of card with some writing on it. She read aloud:

“1. Sex, 2. Blowjob, 3. D.I.Y., 4 Strap-On….”

She didn’t bother to read the last two out.

“Do you think you’ll be able to cum from being fucked in the ass?” she asked sweetly.

I thought about it for a moment and then remembered a session where I had almost done exactly that, and with half the amount of cum in my balls.

“Yes Mistress.”

She tied my wrists to the bedposts and I quickly realised that she wasn’t intending for me to have any direct stimulation to my cock, she was literally going to fuck me until I came! Despite the lack of direct stimulation, as desperate as I was, it didn’t take long before I sprayed the bed sheets with eleven full days of cum. She didn’t stop though, she kept fucking my ass harder and harder, until finally she came on her half of her new double ended strap-on.

After she had untied me and I had cleaned up the mess I had made, she told me to roll both the dice. I looked at her nervously and she explained that she hadn’t enjoyed having to pace herself just to keep me waiting, and who could blame her? This way, she said, she could afford to enjoy more than one a night if she fancied it.

I threw the dice and scored a four and a five. For a few seconds I thought about asking her if I could count the orgasm she’d just had, but decided that it was probably best to leave it. Besides, there was only just over a couple of weeks left and maybe then we’d be going back to the original game. Or maybe not. Who knew what the future held for us? All I did know was that eventually my cock would be completely under my wife’s control. As I thought about this I suddenly felt a little dizzy and as I imagined the key of the locked CB-3000 fixed on a chain around my wife’s neck I felt my cock stiffen once again.

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