The heartless denial-bitch of my dreams…

I often show Mistress R my posts for this blog and so it was that earlier I showed her the one from Saturday, the one containing the phrase ‘the heartless denial-bitch of my dreams‘. I must say she burst out laughing, which is not exactly the desired response, but it’s okay (I mean this is supposed to be fun after all), we’re still finding our way with this whole thing and Mistress R is still getting to grips with her new ‘power’.
Of course I would love Mistress R to torment me for weeks on end, taking me to the edge time and time again before finally allowing me to cum (and to perhaps lick my cum from her beautiful feet…), but I always knew that this would be a gradual move and so far I think it’s going rather well. I never really dreamed that Mistress R would take complete control of my cock and orgasms so quickly (it’s still less than 5 months since I first brought it up) especially after her initial rejection of the whole thing.
So while it’s true that I haven’t yet got the heartless denial-bitch of my dreams, I still consider myself a very lucky man indeed.

2 thoughts on “The heartless denial-bitch of my dreams…

  1. very interesting. I wonder though if she became that into denial as her fetish if you would be able to handle it. Or if you would sometimes start to wish you were able to cum more often.One thing I can say, is that she will continue to find her way, just be patient. You are serving her whims and perhaps her whim will never be to be the heartless bitch of denial, but as you grow together the directions and things each of you wants will change and grow too. I am into far more things now with Sam than I would have ever thought and we are both more open minded. That is the beauty of D/s…so many possibilities and ways you can grow and be closer together. Sometimes it can also be fun to push the denial really far, and then other times turn your slut into a total cum slut…I am sure she is going to come into her own with her new power of you. :). I am loving your blog too. I love reading blogs of real couples and I also enjoy your stories too! I hope you keep posting.

  2. Well, maybe you’re right… but I’d still love to find out. I think the main thing is that long term denial is tempered with plenty of stroking and teasing, otherwise it’s just going to feel like neglect.

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