Perhaps a bit of a recap is in order…

I have so many new visitors to my blog in the last 24 hours, thanks to Tom and Dev at Keyheld, I thought it might be an idea to have a bit of a recap as to how I got into this position…
Mistress R and I met in the early 90’s when we were both in our early twenties. We were pretty much inseparable from the start and married quite quickly. After several years I somehow managed to pluck up the courage to suggest Femdom, I don’t really remember too much about the conversation other than it was a bit uncomfortable… I do remember that Mistress thought that meant I wanted her to sleep with other men (an easy misconception I suppose). Thankfully we cleared all that up and slowly embarked on a very gentle Femdom course.
For reasons I won’t go into here we stopped after a while and then started up again around the turn of the century. This time we went much further, with a strap-on, butt plugs, etc. This continued for the next ten years give or take, getting better all the time, but still remaining firmly a once a month treat. I would quite happily have made it a larger part of our sex life but Mistress was adamant that it should remain as it was as she didn’t want our sexlife to become only Femdom. Fair enough, I knew a lot of men would kill for one hour of Femdom a month, so I counted myself very lucky.
I have been writing stories for Literotica for several years now and have been reading stories from that site for even longer. One story which I have always enjoyed and returned to time and again is ‘Terri’s Teasing Torment’s’. It’s quite a tame story really, but I think it’s the perfect introduction to chastity play.
Anyway, over the last year or so, I gradually became more and more intrigued by the idea of male chastity. I discovered Sarah Jameson’s excellent blog ( and read and absorbed the whole thing. I also bought a CB-3000, as the idea of being locked fascinated me. However I found it very unsuitable and not at all user-friendly, mainly because I couldn’t get it on and when I did (sort of) it stuck out a mile and I couldn’t possibly have worn it under clothes.
Despite this disappointment, the idea of male chastity and the idea of becoming more controlled by my beautiful wife / Mistress  appealed greatly to me (one thing which appealed to me was simply the removal of performance anxiety which I have suffered with a fair amount) and one day I tried to get my wife interested in the idea. To say she was not keen would be an understatement, of epic proportions. In fact she was quite upset about the whole thing and seeing her reaction I did the only thing I thought I could do, I dropped it and tried to forget about it.
About a fortnight afterwards my wife brought the subject up again, which massively surprised me, I don’t know why she did that, perhaps she could tell that it was still on my mind and she thought if she didn’t resolve the issue one way or another then it would fester inside me and make me resent her.
Regardless we talked it over and I tried to convince her of all the positives it would bring to the relationship. I must have been at least partly successful as she agreed to impose a chastity period leading up to our monthly Femdom sessions. In truth this wasn’t too difficult as we already left 3-4 days before the sessions to make sure that I was feeling somewhat horny before we started. Over the course of three or four months she extended the period from four days to twelve, and once she realised that it wasn’t actually that big an issue and that I wasn’t a gibbering wreck she became a little more comfortable with the idea. Of course during this time I was more than happy to provide her with as much oral servitude as she could wish for and once or twice we had penetrative sex without me cumming.
In truth for those first few months I wasn’t getting exactly what I wanted, as the teasing was nowhere near as intense as I would have liked it, but I was determined to stick it out. That’s the thing with male-chastity, you’ve got to be prepared to play the long game. I doubt many women are going to get it exactly how you want it straight away and though it may be frustrating (and not in a fun way) you must allow it to move at her pace or you risk blowing the whole thing.
Finally last month after our Femdom session, Mistress R agreed to put me back on ‘stop’ and I spent my first month under her control. I was allowed to cum once about four days later and then was kept waiting for a further twelve days before I was allowed to cum again. After that I had to wait for our next Femdom session to cum again, which was also the first time I was allowed inside her since before the previous Femdom session.
I was delighted when Mistress R agreed to continue the game following our latest Femdom session and am now once again under her control, with no idea when I will be allowed to cum again. This is still a work in progress, as I would like my orgasms to become less frequent and I am also trying to convince Mistress R that she does not have to allow me to cum during our Femdom sessions. That said, I have given Mistress R total control of my cock and orgasms and therefore it is up to her when I am allowed to cum, and as such if she wants me to cum every night then that is what will happen (who knows, maybe she will decide to do that at some point just to underline that it is she who decides and not I).
We are still refining the process and this last week we discussed certain points that have come up over the past month and it has been decided that I am now not allowed to ask for anything from my Mistress. She controls my cock and she decides when it is touched, when it is allowed to cum and when it is allowed inside her gorgeous pussy. I am totally happy with this. I am allowed to offer her oral service and foot worship, and if I feel that I am getting too horny and that I am going to disobey her and touch my cock without permission  then I am permitted to ask her permission to do so. This hasn’t occurred as yet, but she has made it clear to me that in this situation she may allow me to touch it myself, she may allow me to touch it under her supervision, she may touch it herself, or she may simply refuse permission altogether.
As I say, this is still a developing situation, but so far it seems to be going very well for both of us. I can certainly say that my cock is much harder and reliable than it was before and Mistress seems to have become more comfortable with the whole thing and perhaps because of her natural character is quite enjoying being in control and deciding when she wants my cock inside her and when she wants to see me cum.
I must admit the thought of being properly locked still appeals enormously to me, there’s something about the thought of Mistress having my key around her neck that turns me to jelly, but for the moment I am more than happy to enjoy my current situation without worrying about that too much. As it is I have no real problem with fighting off the desire to make myself cum (although I have only gone a maximum of nineteen days), but trying not to touch my cock when it is rock hard and aching for attention is proving somewhat more of a challenge. However, I am endeavouring to apply myself to the task and have managed a guilt free sixty hours since my last permitted orgasm so far. Perhaps Mistress R’s instruction that I must write down any infractions has focussed my mind sufficiently to make it to the next session without a blemish on my report card… only time will tell, and there’s always a danger that Mistress will deliberately ignore me nearer the time and make it impossible for me to resist just so she can paddle my backside once again.
I am certainly looking forward to my next teasing session, whenever that may be, especially since Mistress has  recently realised that I can take quite a lot of hard stroking without losing control. But then again, maybe Mistress will only decide to use the gentlest of touches to tease me, perhaps to force me to beg her to stroke me harder (I am allowed to ask, once the teasing begins, but with no guarantees…), I can only wait patiently and hope.
You know, I still love the Femdom sessions and I especially love the way it brings out Mistress R’s confidence and sexual exuberance, but being under her control 24/7 (even without a chastity device) really is absolutely amazing. I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but for me it’s absolute Heaven.

2 thoughts on “Perhaps a bit of a recap is in order…

  1. One thing in here really got me day dreaming, the having sex with her, intercourse, and not being allowed to cum. That is one thing I LONG for so much. I cant wait one day to make Sam take care of my needs in that way daily, maybe more than once a day, for a few weeks and still not let him cum. I keep warning him how different having sex is going to be for him now that he has no control from his days of being single. Hehehe.

  2. The thing I tried to get across to Mistress R is actually how enjoyable it is, because I find that once the ‘goal’ of orgasm is removed, you focus instead on the actual sensation itself, something that’s all too easy to overlook in a ‘normal’ relationship. Also of course, if penetration happens less often then that makes it a treat in itself!

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