The cuckold speaks revisited…

I tried to post his in the comments but it’s too long so I’m posting it here, apologies in advance for my tone.

On the one hand I can see how your wife having her sexual freedom would make her more confident and more like the dominant personality you want her to be, on the other I know damn well I couldn’t cope with this. Unlike your wife, I am more like a female when it comes to separating love and sex, (i.e. I can’t).

I’ve never had a one night stand, and even though Mistress R and I slept together on our first date, I already knew it was going to be a relationship, turned out it was a lot more than that. I guess this is why it would be so hard for me to do this, just as I couldn’t have sex with someone else either. There’s no way I could honestly say ‘it didn’t mean anything it was just sex’ and there’s not much chance that I could believe it of her either…

That said, I did pick up on the point you made that you would never forgive her if you find out she was cheating on you, and I agree that if your partner is dead set on the idea of having extra-marital sex then it’s better to be honest about it, so I agree I would rather be cuckolded than cheated on, but… I can’t help feeling that it would lead to me wanting to sleep with someone else out of ‘revenge’ (not so submissive now, eh?). In the event though I imagine I would struggle to go through with it, which would probably leave me feeling resentful and eventually looking for a divorce…

Bizarrely, to my mind, Mistress R used to say to me things like ‘If you ever leave me I’ll kill you’, but she never really threatened me like that if I slept with someone else… in fact from comments she’s made in the past I believe she’d probably be a lot more tolerant of it than I would be. I can’t remember the last time she said that actually, I guess she’s realized that I’m never likely to leave her now, either that or she’s not as bothered as she used to be!

You say that your wife was always open to the idea of an ‘open’ marriage, even from a young age, and you are obviously of a similar mind. I think perhaps if you are both of that sort of mindset it is more likely to work than if one of you isn’t. Which is a pretty obvious statement I suppose… what I mean is that if you both start a relationship swearing your faithfulness above all else, I think it might be a lot more troublesome to try and change that later.

A lot of cuckolding stories you hear tend to always originate with the man putting forward the idea, the wife being reluctant, but eventually going for it and everything being wonderful, but you rarely hear about the times when it goes wrong. Miss Christina mentioned in passing the other day that she knew a couple who had involved a third party in their marriage and it had not gone well. I suspect there’s a lot of people for whom it does go wrong, just as it does in the swinging scene (especially where one partner feels forced into going along with it).

I just personally don’t quite understand how if you start having sex with someone, how do you not start having ‘feelings’ for them? Especially if they see the same person more than once? I mean ‘Q’ has a regular ‘lover’, that would worry me for a start, because what’s to stop her falling for him and wanting to go live with him? I’m sure ‘k’ would protest that that isn’t going to happen because of x,y and z… and given the dynamic of your particular relationship then maybe not, but for most people embarking on this kind of adventure how do you really KNOW? I just think it’s a very dangerous game to play, especially when the stakes are so high.

I guess this whole female dominance thing is a bit of a knife edge in a way. A lot of us would like our women to be sexually confident, demanding, etc etc, but the more that’s true the more likely it is to cross the line. Kind of like men who say they want a nymphomaniac for a wife, and then are surprised that he can’t give her enough sex to keep her satisfied…

Like ‘k’ said above, the longer this goes on the more it is about ‘her’ and the less it is about ‘you’. Which makes it sound rather masochistic to say the least (which it’s pretty clear from his blog that ‘k’ is anyway).

Then again, you said before that it has had an amazing effect on your marriage, so maybe I’m completely wrong. You also said that you tried to get her into ‘kink’ but she had no interest, so am I to understand that your relationship is actually more vanilla and this cuckolding thing isn’t so much about Femdom as simply a one sided ‘swinging’ thing?

Sorry if some of my response here sounds a bit… tetchy, I guess that shows that deep down I’m definitely not someone who could handle it, I’m afraid I would rather live a completely vanilla lifestyle and have Mistress R to myself, than risk everything. Probably makes me sound a little dull, but I’m not one to pretend.

Actually, just thinking about this subject makes me feel quite depressed, I think I need to go and do something fun now.

The cuckold speaks…

I received an email today from a nice chap who fesses up to being the sole voter in the ‘Got the T-Shirt’ category in the cuckold poll. He says being cuckolded had an amazing effect on his relationship and asked me if I had any questions that I would like answering. I did manage to think of a couple, but as this isn’t something I’m keen to embark upon myself I wondered if any of you had any particular questions I could put to him on your behalf?
Please either leave them in the comments box below or email me.

Further to this post:
Our friendly cuckold has contacted me again and offered the following information about him and his partner, which might help you to formulate any questions you might want to ask.

He is 36, his partner is 31.
They have been together for 8 years and very happily married for 5 with good, honest communication.
He is submissive to her, and provides for her sexually as often as she requires.
He is not openly submissive (ie: other people wouldn’t know that he is).
They are relatively new at cuckolding and she has only been with a couple of other guys…

Ask away!

Domination at Home (written in the late 90’s)

Another very old story, written for Forum and published way back (and re-published in Foreplay magazine just a few months ago I notice!), this is either the first or second story I ever submitted to a magazine, probably even as far back as the late 90’s.

I watched the blue ‘loading-bar’ as it slid across the screen, underneath there was a message.

‘1 of 1 messages received.’

It was from my wife. We corresponded all the time when were at work, but about once a month I would receive a special message, question was, would this be it?

I clicked open the email and the saw the one word I had been waiting for all week.


My pulse quickened as I closed the email. That was it. I was not allowed to cum again until my wife/Mistress granted permission. This meant that sometime in the next few days I would be granted a session of domination.

Of course as soon as I am told I cannot cum, my cock takes every opportunity to piss me off by getting hard on an unbelievably regular basis. But then, my mind tends to lead it astray.

The frustration built over the next few days, each trip to the toilet a challenge not to jack my aching cock. This wasn’t helped by my wife’s habit of grabbing my cock when we went to bed and stroking it softly and slowly, ensuring that I was rock hard before kissing me and turning over to go to sleep.

Once she did give me the option of cumming and I gave in, but this just meant that the session was moved back a few days and I was no better off in the long run. Plus, she made me lick her fingers clean as a punishment.

This time I was not giving in, and finally the day of the session arrived. I was sitting in our lounge having a couple of drinks to calm my nerves when my wife ordered me up the stairs.

I followed her silently into out bedroom to find that on the bed was a wide-based dildo, some thin ropes, some lube a blindfold and some wrist-cuffs.

She told me to strip and watched me as I did so. When I was naked she moved towards me and slid her hand around my cock. I was shaking with nerves but my cock gradually hardened.

“You have ten minutes to get ready.”

“Thank you Mistress,” I replied as she moved out of the room and closed the door behind her.

I knew she had gone to her dressing room to prepare herself and set about getting ready myself. I wound the ropes around my cock and balls until I was as hard as an iron bar, with my balls separated and very tight in their sack. Next I put some lube on the dildo and eased it into my asshole. Finally I fastened the cuffs around my wrists and put on the blindfold.

Within a few seconds my Mistress returned, she was not fully ready though I could not see her. She helped me onto the bed and fastened my wrists to the bedposts. Satisfied that I couldn’t see, she checked the dildo was in place and that my cock and balls were bound properly. Despite the fact that my cock looked as if it was about the explode she obviously felt the need to squeeze it and then dragged long nail from the tip right down to my tightly stretched balls.

I winced as she did this but this merely brought a satisfied chuckle from my Mistress.

Next I heard her unscrew a jar and something cold and sticky being applied to my stretched nutsack. It took a few minutes for the vapour rub to start to work by which time I was alone again, my Mistress having left me to finish her preparations.

After about ten minutes or so she returned once again. She said nothing but placed a hand on my leg as she moved nearer. Then I heard a sound and she held a hand out over my straining cock. A few seconds later a drop of ice cold water fell onto my skin and slid down my shaft.

I winced again as another drop followed and soon they were rolling over my warm, throbbing balls. Now Mistress decided to apply the ice directly to my skin until the cube had completely melted and then she finished this part of the session with a few swats of the crop to my cock and balls.

Again she left me to stew for a while, and when she returned she swung herself onto the bed and straddled my face, holding her pussy just a few inches out of reach.

I love to eat Mistress’s pussy and I love to lick her ass too, and of course my Mistress knows this only too well. The smell of her pussy so close made me even harder and she grasped my cock softly and resumed her slow teasing wank.

“Do you want to lick my pussy slave?”

“Yes Mistress, please…”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Mistress, I want to please you…”

Mistress dropped her wet slit onto my face, pushing my nose against her asshole.

“Get on with it,” she spat.

I began exploring her beautiful pink slit with my tongue, desperately trying to concentrate on making her cum. But after several minutes Mistress puller herself up and turned around, straddling my waist.

“Oh dear slave, it seems you have failed, and you so wanted to lick my beautiful ass, didn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress, I am so very sorry.”

“Well slave, maybe I am not so heartless as you think. Perhaps I might find it in my heart to grant your wish, as long as you do exactly as I say.”

“Thank you Mistress, you know I will do whatever you ask of me.”


Mistress slid back and rubbed my cock against her sopping wet cunt.

“Now I am going to fuck you until you fill me with your thick, creamy spunk… and then, and only then, you will be permitted to tongue my gorgeous arse. Is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress, thank you so much.”

She sank down onto my cock, enrobing my throbbing cock in her silky wetness and thoroughly coating it in her juices. Then she pulled off me and slid forward a few inches, until the blunt tip of my cock was pressing against her puckered hole.

I gasped in disbelief as I felt her slowly impale herself on my rock-hard stalk. The pressure was almost too much immediately and I fought to keep control as my tightly bound balls churned, eager to dispense their payload.

As Mistress’s ass slowly pushed down onto my cock, stretching to accommodate my granite-hard girth and pushing the moment of my inevitable climax closer and closer, she ripped off my blindfold and stared threateningly into my eyes.

“And you better not miss a single drop, or next time will be REALLY bad.”

Your Choice (written in the early 00’s)

This is another very old story that I wrote for submission to Forum magazine, I can’t remember whether they ever printed it or not. Again it’s not really up to the standard of my newer stuff, but it’s entertaining in it’s own way…

Mistress stood over me, facing away, her hands spreading her gorgeous ass cheeks to expose her tight hole. I was tied to the bed, hand and foot and aching to cum after a good 45 minutes of teasing and punishment at Mistress’s hand.

“I know this is all you dream about, isn’t that right?”

“Yes Mistress,” the words barely escaped my dry throat.

“And seeing as you’ve been such a very good slave today, even when I clawed your poor cock so hard, I’m going to give you a treat.”

Her fingers spread her cheeks further, one moving to tease her tight puckered hole as she crouched down above my face.

“Yes a treat, I’m going to let you make a decision. Don’t get too excited though…”

Mistress rubbed her fingertip against her asshole for a few seconds and then pushed it into my mouth. My cock pulsed as I tasted her, her finger rubbing against my eager tongue.

“Oh yes, that’s good isn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress,” I sighed.

“And you want to taste it properly don’t you?”

“Yes please Mistress,” I said, a hint of desperation in my voice.

“And I bet your poor cock wants to shoot too, doesn’t it?”

“Mmm, yes Mistress, please…”

She started to tease her asshole again, just inches from my face. I hardly blinked as I watched, not wanting to miss even a moment.

“Well slave, we can’t always have everything we want, or at least you can’t.”

She stood up again and leaned forward, her glistening pussy lips slightly parted beneath her leather skirt. She grasped my rock hard cock and started to pump it.

“So slave, which is it to be? Do you want to lick your Mistress’s beautiful ass or would you rather I let you cum?”

My head was spinning as she wanked my cock. If I chose to cum I would have to wait at least another month for a chance to taste her ass…

“I…I want to lick your ass Mistress, please.”

“Do you? And you understand that if I allow this then you won’t be allowed to cum today?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And that if you should happen to cum, then you would be severely punished?”

“Yes Mistress.”

I would say anything to get my tongue up her ass, even though I should have known I was walking right into her trap.

Mistress smiled at me between her legs, rubbing her clit as she did so.

“Good, I like a slave who appreciates the finer things in life.”

Mistress lowered herself to her knees and then placed her sodden cunt onto my face, rubbing herself against my nose and chin. I longed to stick out my tongue and lick her juices from her slippery skin, but I knew better than to do so unbidden.

“Mmmm, very good slave, you are very obedient, I like that.”

She grasped my aching cock again and moved her body forward slightly, her asshole now right next to my waiting mouth.

“Now then slave, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Just one or two things to remember. You can lick my ass for as long as you like, but if you stop you can’t stop again. The second you stop I will get off you and the session will be over, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And one other thing, although I said you could lick me for as long as you like, that wasn’t strictly true. What I meant to say was you can lick me for as long as you can stop yourself from cumming. Because I am going to be jerking your cock the whole time, and as you chose to lick my ass and not cum, you had better stop licking before you cum, hadn’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Otherwise what will happen?”

“I will be punished Mistress.”

“No slave, you will be severely punished.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Without another word her ass covered my mouth and I was told to begin. I eagerly lapped at her delicious asshole, probing it with my tongue until it ached and then licking in small circles, teasing her hole with it. Meanwhile Mistress entertained herself by alternately scratching my cock and balls with her exquisite fingernails and jerking my shaft furiously, occasionally sucking the head into her mouth to keep it lubricated.

Such a frenzied attack soon bore fruit, especially with me stimulated by the submissive sensation of licking my beloved Mistress’s ass and I soon felt the point of no return approaching. As I considered my options for a brief second I realised that it was already too late and decided that I had no option but to take whatever punishment Mistress wished to give me.

I forced my tongue deeper into Mistress’s asshole, making her pump my cock all the harder. She knew this would happen and squeezed my cock in her tight fingers, desperate to make me cum so that she could exact her revenge.

A few seconds later a rope of cum erupted from the tip of my cock and I was left thrusting against thin air as Mistress let go of my cock, ruining the rest of my orgasm. Instead she focussed on pushing down on my tongue, pressing my tongue deeper and deeper into her pungent asshole.

Finally she pulled off me and pushed her cum covered fingers into my mouth.

“Lick them clean,” she ordered.

I did as I was told even though I was intensely frustrated by what she had done and could still feel my cum slowly dripping out of my neglected cock and onto my stomach.

“Well slave you were warned and you disobeyed me. Now you must pay the price.”

I looked at her shocked as she removed her fingers from my mouth and wiped them on my cheek.

“Ah, did you think that me ruining your orgasm was your punishment?”

She laughed cruelly as my face told her that that was exactly what I has surmised.

She got off the bed for a moment and moved out of my sight. When she returned she was wearing a large strap-on. She grabbed my legs and lifted me up slightly, wedging a cushion under me.

“Can you guess where this is going?” she said, pointing to the impressive looking rubber cock.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Hadn’t you better start begging for some lube?”

“Yes Mistress, please may I have some lube?”

“That wasn’t begging, that was pathetic, try again and this is your last chance so make it good.”

She slid onto the bed rubbing her fingers over the dildo, wanking it as if it was a real cock.

“Please, please my beautiful Mistress, please may I have some lube?”

I was scared and it showed, thankfully this time Mistress was satisfied.

“Very well…”

She opened a large jar of petroleum jelly and fucked it with the dildo, thoroughly coating it in the sticky jelly.

“Spread your legs,” she barked.

I did as I was told, but Mistress forced them even wider before pressing the tip of the dildo hard against my asshole and pushing it slowly inside. I winced as the dildo opened me up.

“Be quiet! I warned you, but you didn’t listen did you?”

“No Mistress.”

She slowly but firmly rocked backwards and forwards, easing the huge fake cock inside me until she was in almost as far as she could get. I felt completely invaded and defiled.

“Does that feel good slave?”

“A little too big Mistress.”

She laughed and pushed the dildo in right to the hilt, before pulling it out sharply. A second or two passed and then she plunged it right the way back in again, bringing a howl from me. Thank God she’d already fucked me with her regular strap-on earlier in the session.

“You will learn to obey me in future won’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” I gasped as Mistress started to increase the pace.

“Yes Mistress,” she mimicked, pumping the rubber shaft even harder into my poor stretched asshole.

Then she dragged her nails across my balls once again and up the underside of my cock. I was completely unprepared for this and let out a sharp hiss of pain. Unfazed by this Mistress continued to scratch and claw at my cock until it became rock hard once again.

She grasped my throbbing cock in her fist and started to jerk me once again, matching the thrusts to the ones her dildo was making into my ass.

“I could do this all night,” she said. “But this time all you have to do to make it stop is to cum for me.”

Somehow from the devious tone of her voice I sensed that that wouldn’t quite be the end of the matter, but she had all the control and I had none so I tried to concentrate on the pleasure she was giving me with her hand and ignore the brutal fucking she was giving my arse.

“Come on slave, I know you can do it, why do you think I ruined your orgasm. Do it now, I want to see you shoot all over your chest.”

She pumped my cock harder and harder and I began to feel the tell-tale signs of approaching orgasm once again.

“Try and remember how you felt when you were licking my gorgeous arse, I know that turns you on. Or maybe there’s some new twisted little fantasy that you haven’t told me about yet because you’re scared that I’ll make you do it?”

I screwed up my eyes as I felt my balls tighten, the pain in my arse and soreness of my ravaged cock unbearable, I had to cum, just to make it stop.

“I wonder what that could be,” mused Mistress. “Perhaps you want me to piss on you, is that it?”

Mistress’s grip grew ever tighter, her strokes harder and harder until finally I gritted my teeth as my spunk forced it’s way to the tip of my cock, spewing out in three or four spurts onto my stomach, adding to the pool that was already there. Even then Mistress continued to fuck my ass as hard as she could as she squeezed out every last drop of cum from my poor battered prick.

At last she relented and released my cock, smiling as it fell from her grasp, spent and unable to stand up by itself. She pulled the dildo out of my ass, leaving me feeling momentarily empty, and then climbed over my legs and sat astride me, the thick dildo smeared with the shiny Vaseline. Then she began rubbing the rubber cock into the cold spunk that spattered my stomach.

“Has my little slave figured out what I’m going to do next?”

Finally it dawned on me what Mistress’s last humiliating punishment was to be, I prayed that I was wrong, but Mistress smiled as she saw the dread in my eyes.

“Please Mistress, please don’t make me do that!” I knew I was helpless with my wrists tied, but I had to try something and begging seemed like a good idea.

She looked at me with her head on one side, a certain softness in her eyes giving me a modicum of hope.

“Well, I suppose it would be very nasty of me to make you do that…” she whispered, while looking down at the cum covered dildo.

I sighed loudly, relief washing over me, but as it turned out, rather prematurely.

“…but I am nasty, and I like watching you suffer, it makes me wet.”

I groaned in despair.

“And now, you are going to beg to be allowed to clean up your mess.”

A couple of seconds passed and with no response forthcoming from me she reached behind her back and roughly grabbed my balls, squeezing them viciously.

“Beg me, or you’ll never get near my ass ever again.”

Her fingers tightened harshly around my swollen balls and I knew I really had no choice. I begged several times until she was satisfied, and then she slowly moved towards me, held my head firmly and started to fuck my mouth.

You’ll Get Your Reward (written sometime in the early 00’s)

This is an old story I found, and one which isn’t really up to the standard of my later writing but still may be of interest to some. I’m guessing it was written sometime around the turn of the century, but I’m not 100% sure. I hope you enjoy it anyway. More to follow…

It had been a tough seven days. In the week leading up to our monthly Femdom session Mistress had allowed me to fuck her three times and each time she had told me to tell her when I was close to coming. I had hoped she might allow me to cum, but it wasn’t to be. Instead, after each time I was told to stop I was ordered to make her cum with my tongue and then had to try and get to sleep while she dozed off happily. Of course this is Mistress’s choice and I must obey her wishes… but every time that she told me to stop, she also told me ‘You’ll get your reward’. This was interesting.

Finally the day of the session arrived and I was more than ready for anything she was going to throw at me. All I knew was that I really needed to cum – badly!

After a gentle introduction Mistress told me to fit my cock ring and then carefully positioned my rock hard cock on a small table. She then mounted the table and took great delight in standing on my poor cock with all her weight, the weave of her fishnets pressing harshly into my tight, delicate skin.

After a while she tired of this and dismounted the table. She bent down and grabbed my cock, her nails sticking into the sides as she pulled to my feet and over to the bed.

“I hope you’re in the mood to get fucked in the ass slave!”

“If it pleases you Mistress,” I deferred meekly.

“Good, because I’m certainly in the mood. Get on your hands and knees.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I saw Mistress retrieve several strap-on’s of varying sizes from her drawer (she always did this so that I wouldn’t know which one to expect).

“Hmm, which one should I use today slave, the big one, the bigger one… or the really big one?”

“Whichever pleases you Mistress,” I said, hoping it was smallest one.

“Very good slave, there’s no catching you out is there?”

She climbed on the bed and I felt her fingers push a glob of vapour rub into my asshole. After a few seconds it started to heat up as the menthol took effect. Then I felt the tip of her dildo start to push inside. I gritted my teeth as she slowly fed it in, pushing back onto the fake cock to ease it’s passage.

Mistress really was in the mood to fuck and after what felt like ages she finally pulled the dildo from stretched ass. She stood up on the bed and walked in front of me, the strap-on jutting from her groin. After a few seconds enjoying the look in my eyes, she peeled the condom off the strap-on and tossed it aside.

“Head up, open wide,” she laughed as she grabbed my head and forced the warm dildo into my mouth.

I had barely had a chance to take a breath, but Mistress was not messing about. Her hips moved forward while her hands held my head still and she fucked my mouth, deeper and deeper until my nose was pressed hard against her soft skin.

“Very good slave,” she said as she watched the cock fuck my mouth. Then she pulled it out and climbed off the bed.

“Now you are going to make me cum,” she said. “And while you are doing it I want your balls to be burning.”

She reached between my legs and coated my balls with muscle relaxant. After just a few seconds the heat began to permeate my skin and quickly turned from a nice warming sensation into a harsh burning pain. I blocked the pain out of my mind as I savoured the taste of Mistress’s delicious pussy. Thankfully Mistress came very quickly, although once that diversion was removed I had nothing to focus on but the burning between my legs.

“Very good slave, you have pleased me. Now take that cock ring off.”

I carefully removed the rubber cock ring that kept my cock rock hard and also encircled my balls, keeping them tight in their sack and stretching the skin thin (which probably made the heat gel work even better than it would have normally).

“Now lay down on your back.”

Mistress chained my wrists and ankles to the bed and then left me to cool down for a moment while she had a sip of her wine. When she returned she dragged her long nails down the length of my cock and across my balls.

“Are you ready to cum yet slave?”

“Only if it pleases you Mistress.”

“Hmm, I’ll take that as a yes. So where would you like to cum then slave? Maybe on my gorgeous tits, or maybe you think you deserve to shoot it into my hot, wet pussy? Of course, that would mean a lovely sloppy mess for you to clean afterwards and I know how much you love to drink your cum out of me, don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” I said, feeling my cheeks reddening slightly.

Her hand began firmly pumping my cock and my hips rose in anticipation.

“Not yet slave….”

She kept pumping it, watching me squirm as the moment edged closer and closer. Then she quickly straddled my torso, facing away from me.

“I want you to cum now slave,” she ordered as she pumped my cock harder still..

In just a few seconds a weeks worth of creamy spunk had erupted from my cock. While I strained against my bonds, Mistress calmly scooped up the mess from my stomach and leaned forward to open the crack of her ass. As I watched I saw her reach back between her legs and smear my cum all around her tight asshole. Then she backed up towards me and my waiting, eager tongue.

“Time for your reward slave, don’t stop until I say so. I want to feel it DEEP!”

As I said, I’m not too sure when this was written, but it’s obviously before I actually experienced having Deep Heat rubbed on my balls… Let’s just say it was bad enough that we had to have a pause in the session while I wiped rather frantically and somewhat ineffectively at it with baby wipes! Seriously, I don’t recommend it, unless you’re really into pain. I certainly won’t be doing that ever again.

BOOK REVIEW: Lust Call by Ray Gordon.

This book sounded great on paper, a really intriguing plot suckered me in, but in the end it was a disappointment. I won’t be giving anything away by revealing the plot itself as it’s pretty much summed up on the back cover. Sarah’s unhappy with her husband as he’s gone to Morocco and left her feeling horny, she gets a sexy email from someone calling himself Brian and goes in search of who this Brian might be. Okay, that’s not a very good plot summary, it sounded better than that on Amazon. Anyway, the point is that far from any logical process of trying to find out who this Brian really is, Sarah instead takes to shagging every man living on her street, until she comes to the conclusion that she’s a horny slut and she can’t carry on with her marriage because she needs too much cock. Oh and she’s (reluctantly) bisexual too, obviously, although the reluctance doesn’t last very long at all.
God I know it sounds like I’m being a real arsehole, but from a good idea on paper Ray Gordon has managed to turn in a rather repetitive and frankly slightly ridiculous book. That said, I did read it all the way through to find out what happens, but I don’t honestly remember getting remotely turned on once and considering I haven’t cum since the 30th April, that’s not good is it?
Oh and another thing, if I ever use the phrase ‘sex milk’ in a story, please kill me.

Lust Call is published by Nexus. (And my copy will be on Marketplace before long).