BOOK REVIEW: Lust Call by Ray Gordon.

This book sounded great on paper, a really intriguing plot suckered me in, but in the end it was a disappointment. I won’t be giving anything away by revealing the plot itself as it’s pretty much summed up on the back cover. Sarah’s unhappy with her husband as he’s gone to Morocco and left her feeling horny, she gets a sexy email from someone calling himself Brian and goes in search of who this Brian might be. Okay, that’s not a very good plot summary, it sounded better than that on Amazon. Anyway, the point is that far from any logical process of trying to find out who this Brian really is, Sarah instead takes to shagging every man living on her street, until she comes to the conclusion that she’s a horny slut and she can’t carry on with her marriage because she needs too much cock. Oh and she’s (reluctantly) bisexual too, obviously, although the reluctance doesn’t last very long at all.
God I know it sounds like I’m being a real arsehole, but from a good idea on paper Ray Gordon has managed to turn in a rather repetitive and frankly slightly ridiculous book. That said, I did read it all the way through to find out what happens, but I don’t honestly remember getting remotely turned on once and considering I haven’t cum since the 30th April, that’s not good is it?
Oh and another thing, if I ever use the phrase ‘sex milk’ in a story, please kill me.

Lust Call is published by Nexus. (And my copy will be on Marketplace before long).

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