The cuckold speaks…

I received an email today from a nice chap who fesses up to being the sole voter in the ‘Got the T-Shirt’ category in the cuckold poll. He says being cuckolded had an amazing effect on his relationship and asked me if I had any questions that I would like answering. I did manage to think of a couple, but as this isn’t something I’m keen to embark upon myself I wondered if any of you had any particular questions I could put to him on your behalf?
Please either leave them in the comments box below or email me.

Further to this post:
Our friendly cuckold has contacted me again and offered the following information about him and his partner, which might help you to formulate any questions you might want to ask.

He is 36, his partner is 31.
They have been together for 8 years and very happily married for 5 with good, honest communication.
He is submissive to her, and provides for her sexually as often as she requires.
He is not openly submissive (ie: other people wouldn’t know that he is).
They are relatively new at cuckolding and she has only been with a couple of other guys…

Ask away!

8 thoughts on “The cuckold speaks…

  1. Both times so far she went to their home. First guy she had known for several months and was incredibly comfortable with him. Second guy, she had spent a little bit of time with him and he was just a sweet young guy, who’s wife had some health issues that didn’t allow them to have sex. Safety is obviously a huge concern for us, but like most anything exciting in life, nothing is 100% safe.

  2. The first time…I was wild with excitement and emotion. I had a couple of buddies over to watch some boxing and the main event had ended when she came home, but there was still post fight stuff going on. I wanted so badly to tell everyone to get the hell out of there, so I could be alone with her. We went up to bed, and rubbed against each other while she retold the night’s events to me. When she was done, I went down on her and gave her an orgasm orally(she was too sore for sex). I can honestly say, I haven’t had a moment of regret since. Some will call into question my character I’m sure, but I’m an educated, intelligent, generally dominant, sexually capable guy, who happens to have a kinky, submissive side and a wife who I love, adore and trust more than anyone on earth.

  3. Well…I had many times expressed to her an interest in chastity, strap-on, spankings, those types of things. She had dabbled to indulge me, but didn’t have much interest in any of it. She had come to know a younger man(25) that worked at the same company in a different department and had struck up what was a little bit of a flirtatious friendship. Eventually, she set up an evening at his house during which they were going to watch the first few episodes of her favorite tv show(Deadwood). I expressed my concern for that as having a male mind myself, I could see she was putting herself in a potentially awkward position. I knew she had a crush on him and I made it clear I could never forgive her if I found out she was lying to me and cheating. That being said…as a kinky guy, who’s also very confident in our relationship I said, I could see us being able to work something out that could make us both happy. My wife, while sexually satisfied was missing the early dating emotions. The excitement and butterflies of kissing and touching someone new. I craved her dominance and had read many times about the attitude shift that often emerged from a wife who has sexual freedom while her husband waits at home in chastity. So, essentially it was a mutual thing.

  4. i voted in the (i think it was yes…yes…yes cat!)…so i thought that meant yeah i’m all for it…as you all may know i am submissive and cuckolded as well…i hope you two find what is best for the both of you…Women deal on a stronger emotional level when it comes to sex than men…so naturally your Wife will be looking for what you call the flirtatious early dating thrill…a connection if you will…i can tell by your writing that you get a huge thrill from your Wife’s behavior…just remember…the longer this goes on…and the more Dominant She becomes…the more about Her…and the less about you, the cuckolding will become…

  5. My wife is actually funny that way…she is very male in her ability to separate sex and love. We were talking tonight about the number of people we have slept with and her number is still rather low(single figures)…it was a weird thought to realize she will pass me at some point, even though I’ve slept with twice as many women than she has men. Anyway, the point of the story is that she told me that way back ten years ago or so, when she was with her second boyfriend she had actually suggested an “open” relationship with him. He gave her very little attention and was probably cheating on her, but she was a young girl, newly moved to a big city and he was the only person she still had from home. It was sort of a comfort. He didn’t go for it, and she ended up doing the right thing and broke up with him. So, way back then as an innocent young girl who had only slept with two people, she was thinking about things like that. She also told me the other day, that it really excited her to be out fucking another guy and know that I was home waiting for her…quite a rush to hear that.The point of that story…if it even serves the purpose is to show her ability to separate the “thrill” from our love. Over the years we’ve fostered a real team mentality…sort of an us against the world. The cuckolding is something we’re doing together and I firmly believe it will always be this way. If it wasn’t, we’d have some problems, because this needs to be fun for both of us.I really appreciate the interest though, K. I haven’t checked out your blog yet, but I’m looking forward to it…maybe tomorrow night when my wife is out on a first date with a new guy 🙂

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