So, the big day arrived at last…

I had a rubbish night’s sleep but woke up knowing that today was the day of our delayed Femdom session. But first there was the small matter of my first weigh-in, which resulted in a 5lb loss for me (in five days).
Having got that out of the way and showered, I prepared the bedroom for the session and waited for Mistress on my knees, knowing that she had read my pre-session notes in which I confessed my complete failure to resist touching my cock over the last two weeks, although I couldn’t tell her exactly how many times I had done it. Naturally Mistress R was keen to ‘correct’ me and pretty much the first thing that she did in the session was to give me 21 hits with the paddle. It hurt quite a lot, especially the last few… still I deserved it. I can’t argue that.
After this Mistress R had me worship her feet as she stroked her gorgeous pussy and mused over how she was going to stop me touching my cock. At one point she mentioned making me wear the CB-3000 for a period each day, but later on she changed her mind and said that she didn’t want to do that because it was ‘so much more fun’ to make me keep myself under control.
Then she had me on my hands and knees on the bed and pushed a dildo up my ass and she seemed to be about to use her strap-on on me but for some reason she changed her mind and had me turn over on my back. She restrained me and then sat on my face and had me lick her pussy (I LOVE this) and then she stood over me, pushing her glass dildo into her wet pussy and fucking herself with it for a while before forcing it into my mouth and telling me that maybe if I can’t keep my hands of ‘her’ cock (she said that several times during the session, which I liked very much) then instead of sucking her dildo clean I might have to suck a real cock clean, after it had been inside her. You can imagine the effect that had on me…
She whipped my cock a little and then straddled me and rode my cock for a short while, it felt soooo good to be inside her again. All through the session she constantly drummed into me that touching my cock ‘illegally’ couldn’t compare to what it felt like having her touch it, and that I should remember this when I was tempted (she reinforced this with a half a dozen swats of the crop too).
At one point she sucked my cock for a few moments before kissing me, because she knows I love it when her mouth tastes of my cock, unfortunately my tongue was so coated in pussy juice that I could barely taste it but it was so fucking hot that her point was still made, especially the way she stuck her tongue into my mouth.
Then she blindfolded me, pushed the dildo back into my ass and  attached clothes pegs to my nipples, before leaving me to stew for about ten minutes.
When she returned she climbed on top of me and pulled the pegs off, before briefly sitting on my face once more (lovely). Then she removed the blindfold and released me, before having me go down on her until she came and then had me lick all her pussy juice off her thighs and off the PVC sheet.
Finally she had me back on my back once more, tied at all four corners to the bed. She stood over me and then lowered her gorgeous ass to my face. She gave me permission to lick her asshole as she pumped my cock hard and soon I felt twenty eight days of built up frustration exploding from the tip of my cock. Mistress R pulled her ass away from my face and pushed her fingers into my mouth, ordering me to lick and swallow all of my cum from them. Then she scooped up the rest of the cum from around my cock and made me swallow that too, before sitting on my face one last time…

Well that was my Saturday morning and they don’t come much better than that!

30 mins in the CB-3000…

So I just had my first thirty minutes in the CB-3000 and… well, it’s not too bad actually. Like the first time it seems to rub my nutsack up the wrong way and by the end it felt like my balls were getting a little crushed, so maybe I do need the longer pin after all. It’s obviously not that noticeable under clothing as Mistress R didn’t know I was wearing it until I told her. She then asked to see it and, well she didn’t exactly look turned on…
I dunno. I really like the feeling of having my cock completely out of bounds, and the thought of experiencing that for some time before having Mistress R tease me is such a turn on because I can’t imagine how amazing that would feel, but at the same time I completely fail to see how anyone could wear it all the time. I know you get used to it and all that but… at the moment I can’t see it. But like most people I imagine, although my first instinct is to think, this is stupid even trying to wear this, I do want it to work because I really would love Mistress R to have total control of my cock and I don’t see how else that is possible.

The CB-3000, a second chance…

Those of you who have read a lot of this blog will have noticed that from time to time I have made various disparaging remarks about the CB-3000. I bought my first one (a clear one) about six months ago now, and right from the moment I got it I thought, this is never going to work. The tube was too small for my cock, the rings were too tight, and when I did manage to get it on it stuck out a mile, there was no way it was ever going to be worn under clothes. Rather disappointed, and it must be said, annoyed, I sold it on within a few weeks (and actually made a profit on it!).
Naturally, chastity being a big interest of mine, I visit a number of sites where people talk about their chastity devices, and sure enough this always makes me gnash my teeth as I remember the frustration of trying to get that stupid thing on. See, although I know selling it was the best thing to do, not least because it was a bit of a cheap crappy one, I can’t help but still want one. I want to know what it feels like to be physically unable to touch your cock and to be totally at your Mistress’s mercy, I really do.
And so it was with crushing inevitability that a few weeks ago, late one night I purchased another one, still a CB-3000 but a black one this time. It was a different design to the first one, with a pivoted rather than solid ring and the seam running round the edge of the tube rather than top and bottom. I didn’t tell Mistress R at the time because she knew why I had sold the other one and so she was bound to say ‘what’s the point’ you’ve already tried it.
But I just had a feeling that it had to be me, because I’ve never seen anyone else complain about the rings or the tube being too small, and it’s not like I’m hung like a donkey or anything (well, maybe a small donkey… no, not really). Sure they complain about them breaking (especially the top and bottom seam ones) and chafing and other things, but not about them being too small. So I was determined to try again. Also since I had sold mine I had read that you need to use lube to get the tube on, which I had never tried, so I thought, fuck it, I’ve got to try this again and if it still doesn’t work then I’ll give up.
So a few days later it arrived and what do you know, I couldn’t get it on. Right, I thought, perhaps it’s because of my weight, I’ll keep this one and try it again when I’ve lost some weight. This was a couple of weeks ago…
So last night Mistress R went to visit her friend and I was left alone for the evening, ostensibly to write my book (which I did manage to do – 2,300 words in fact), but as I had this free time to myself I thought, why not have a proper go and see if you can get it on or not. So I dug it out and after a while I managed to get the largest ring to close and quickly secured it with the pin. So far so good. Then I squirted some lube on my cock and after a bit of wincing and manipulation, I managed to get the tube on and quickly locked the padlock to hold it on.
Of course I then realised that I’d used the longest pin and it was too long, so I took it off again, swapped it for the shortest pin and put it all back again. Of course I forgot the spacers and now it was a little too close (should have used the medium pin), but it was on and I thought, okay let’s try this for a few minutes.
It certainly fits much better than the first one, and once it’s on it’s not uncomfortable, in fact I can quite understand a comment I read the other day (can’t remember where, sorry) about feeling safe in it and missing it when it’s not there. It sits better and definitely hangs closer to the body than the other one did, and when I’ve lost some weight I could maybe picture it fitting under clothes.
My next thought of course was, I wonder what it feels like when you try to get hard? So I looked at some porn on the internet and my cock started to harden a bit (trying to get hard without being able to touch your cock, not as easy as you might think…) and basically what happens is that rather than swelling inside the tube (which is how they break) it pushed the tube forward, which in turn pulled the base ring forward and started to cause some discomfort to my balls. This was not entirely unexpected as I’ve heard other people say that this is what happens to them.
After this I decided to take it off and put it away, but not before I noted just how much different it is being actually physically unable to touch your cock, rather than it just not being allowed. Suddenly my appreciation for the experience of chastity belt wearers has just gone off the chart. I only had it on for maybe ten minutes, and my mind was totally overwhelmed by the thought of not being able to touch my cock at all for days or weeks, the sense of frustration must be so many times more intense, and it is at once terrifying and enormously appealing. I can’t imagine how grateful I would be to be released and stroked after wearing this for a while, I think I would quickly submit to just about anything, which again is terrifying and enormously appealing all at once.
And of course I haven’t actually tried it with what I think is the correct pin in yet, or the Kali’s teeth which came with it, and as it stands I know my balls are probably too tight to wear it for any length of time (hence why I have just spent the last 20 minutes in the Oxballs Cocksling and am now just putting it back on again for another 20 minutes) but, there is hope, because now I know I can get it on and that it is quite comfortable.
But still I’m not entirely convinced, I don’t quite see how hygiene is going to be maintained, unless the thing is taken off for showering every day and I’m not at all sure about peeing with this thing on, though other people must manage.. and yet the psychological pull of being completely at Mistress R’s mercy is so strong and persuasive.
What would perhaps be realistic in the short term would perhaps be for Mistress R to have me wear it at the start of our Femdom sessions, so that she gets to ‘unlock’ me, even if it’s only actually been on for a few minutes (it could be a bit longer I suppose, depending on how long she makes me wait during the session). At least it would be a symbolic act if nothing else. Or maybe she might have me wear it while I’m going down on her sometimes, never sure whether she will release me for teasing or not… (I like that idea a lot!).
And of course, maybe Mistress might want to lock me up on certain occasions, like perhaps when she goes to see her friend and leaves me alone for the evening… because once I’d taken it off I’m sure you can guess what happened next. Oh yes, and rest assured I’m going to be punished for those edges soon enough…