So, the big day arrived at last…

I had a rubbish night’s sleep but woke up knowing that today was the day of our delayed Femdom session. But first there was the small matter of my first weigh-in, which resulted in a 5lb loss for me (in five days).
Having got that out of the way and showered, I prepared the bedroom for the session and waited for Mistress on my knees, knowing that she had read my pre-session notes in which I confessed my complete failure to resist touching my cock over the last two weeks, although I couldn’t tell her exactly how many times I had done it. Naturally Mistress R was keen to ‘correct’ me and pretty much the first thing that she did in the session was to give me 21 hits with the paddle. It hurt quite a lot, especially the last few… still I deserved it. I can’t argue that.
After this Mistress R had me worship her feet as she stroked her gorgeous pussy and mused over how she was going to stop me touching my cock. At one point she mentioned making me wear the CB-3000 for a period each day, but later on she changed her mind and said that she didn’t want to do that because it was ‘so much more fun’ to make me keep myself under control.
Then she had me on my hands and knees on the bed and pushed a dildo up my ass and she seemed to be about to use her strap-on on me but for some reason she changed her mind and had me turn over on my back. She restrained me and then sat on my face and had me lick her pussy (I LOVE this) and then she stood over me, pushing her glass dildo into her wet pussy and fucking herself with it for a while before forcing it into my mouth and telling me that maybe if I can’t keep my hands of ‘her’ cock (she said that several times during the session, which I liked very much) then instead of sucking her dildo clean I might have to suck a real cock clean, after it had been inside her. You can imagine the effect that had on me…
She whipped my cock a little and then straddled me and rode my cock for a short while, it felt soooo good to be inside her again. All through the session she constantly drummed into me that touching my cock ‘illegally’ couldn’t compare to what it felt like having her touch it, and that I should remember this when I was tempted (she reinforced this with a half a dozen swats of the crop too).
At one point she sucked my cock for a few moments before kissing me, because she knows I love it when her mouth tastes of my cock, unfortunately my tongue was so coated in pussy juice that I could barely taste it but it was so fucking hot that her point was still made, especially the way she stuck her tongue into my mouth.
Then she blindfolded me, pushed the dildo back into my ass and  attached clothes pegs to my nipples, before leaving me to stew for about ten minutes.
When she returned she climbed on top of me and pulled the pegs off, before briefly sitting on my face once more (lovely). Then she removed the blindfold and released me, before having me go down on her until she came and then had me lick all her pussy juice off her thighs and off the PVC sheet.
Finally she had me back on my back once more, tied at all four corners to the bed. She stood over me and then lowered her gorgeous ass to my face. She gave me permission to lick her asshole as she pumped my cock hard and soon I felt twenty eight days of built up frustration exploding from the tip of my cock. Mistress R pulled her ass away from my face and pushed her fingers into my mouth, ordering me to lick and swallow all of my cum from them. Then she scooped up the rest of the cum from around my cock and made me swallow that too, before sitting on my face one last time…

Well that was my Saturday morning and they don’t come much better than that!

3 thoughts on “So, the big day arrived at last…

  1. Your morning was rather arousing to read about. It must have been verrrry arousing to experience. Are you at all disappointed that Mistress R allowed you to come, rather than teasing you half to death and then telling you your period of denial had been extended?

  2. Of course, a little bit… I would have loved her to ruin my orgasm and make me wait some more, but I can’t be unhappy when she made me cum so hard and the whole thing was so wonderful. I think it’s a little bit of a shame that I was so horny to cum yesterday and today I’d kind of gone past it and was edging back to wanting it to carry on… but you know, I wanted Mistress R to have control and I have to accept it whatever she decides whenever she decides.I think I’ll always be in two minds about wanting to cum, no matter how long it’s been now. That’s why I need Mistress R to have control.

  3. So she let you cum….it was nice to read your thoughts last night before wondering what would happen and being so conflicted. The thing is she is really growing now and I am sure some fem dom dates are going to end in ruined ones or denial for longer stretches and then you are really going to be sort of wishing you could cum a little more often. It does seem she is more keen on making you wait longer and longer as opposed to making you cum often for fun.So glad you two had fun.

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