I hardly know where to begin…

Mistress R and I got home on Saturday evening, but there was so much to do and then yesterday I was going to post here but by the time I got round to it I was getting tired and I really wanted to spend the last hours of the weekend with Mistress R. But now finally I am here (now that I’ve caught up with all the blogs I watch and Good Hubby’s enormous posts…) and ready to tell you everything. You might want to get some kind of beverage as this could be the longest post ever…

So as you may or may not know, this last Sunday was International Femdom Day, which provided me with the perfect excuse for spoiling Mistress R and making her feel special. To this end I decided that I would take her away somewhere for the night (Mistress R and I are both very odd when it comes to going on holidays, we both love it for about 30 hours and then we want to go home, so one night is perfect for us!).
We went away a few months ago and we stayed near Bristol in a Doubletree Hilton, which was lovely, so instead of trying to think of somewhere to go I looked at where the Doubletree Hilton’s are and worked backwards. Well there aren’t that many of them, but there was one near Chester and I discovered that there was a Retail Outlet place nearby too (perfect!) and the plan was that we would go there on the Friday and then come home via Tatton Park (a huge stately home) on the Saturday.
Now of course all this was planned in secret, but me being crap at keeping secrets and Mistress R pretty much hates surprises (unless they are in little boxes) I eventually told her. Which was just as well as it turned out because Mistress R managed to find two crucial pieces of information. 1) She discovered one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to within fifteen minutes drive of the hotel and 2) She discovered that Tatton Park was hosting a massive flower show! Now we wouldn’t have minded seeing the flower show, but we both knew that the place was going to be rammed and we hate crowds, so we decided a change of plan was in order.
As it turned out the retail outlet turned out to be a lot better than we expected and we ended up spending about five hours there, which meant that by the time we got to the Hotel it was past three in the afternoon and it really didn’t seem worth going in to Chester for an hour before it started to close. So instead we relaxed a bit in the room  which was easier said than done as it turned out because first I couldn’t get the air conditioning to work so we had to get a man to come and show us how it worked and then we realised the fridge in our room was broken so another call to reception (we wouldn’t have bothered but the room was so hot and we’d bought a selection of Lindt chocolates at the Retail Outlet and we didn’t want them to melt) and fair play to them they brought us a new fridge and fitted it… by which time, we were a bit fratchety and my hoped for afternoon of pussy worship looked like it was going down the pan… hmm. At this point even the complimentary Doubletree cookie wasn’t enough to put a smile back on my face (it was nicely cinnamony, but not quite as nice as the Bristol one somehow).
Mistress R was feeling particularly fidgety and she suddenly decided that we should go for a walk (because we’d only spent like five hours walking around the Retail Outlet, yes I know it’s not exactly cardio-vascular but still, I have a bad foot!). So we walked around the hotel in about five minutes and Mistress R decided that we should go to the gym since we had the run of the place. Well as you can imagine, I was not best pleased with this. I had envisaged a lazy afternoon spent gently licking Mistress R’s pussy and now I was going to be spending my leisure time on a fucking treadmill. Excellent.
But, this weekend was supposed to be about making her feel special so I bit my lip (to some extent) and we spent a half hour on the treadmills, which was fine actually, great treadmills they had there, much better than the one I had until fairly recently anyway, but probably a lot more expensive to be fair. So after thirty minutes Mistress R had had enough while I was in the zone and ready to carry on for another half hour. So we went back to the room and showered (Mistress R turned the shower on but couldn’t figure out how to turn it off again so she called on my massive man-brain to figure it out for her) and then I read a bit of my book before, giving Mistress R one of the three pairs of earrings  I had bought for the weekend (she loved them all – but then I do have impeccable taste, haha) and then we went out to the restaurant Mistress R had found on the net.
It was called The Pheasant Inn and it was in a nearby village and it was quite the nicest gastro-pub/restaurant I have ever been in and the food was delicious. We left about 10:45 feeling very fat and content, and in Mistress R’s case slightly inebriated (I rarely drink anything at all and of course I was driving). Despite this when we returned to the room Mistress R decided that it was time for my treat (since I had once again lost weight this week: another 1.5lbs, making a total of 13lbs in five weeks!) and had me lay on the bed and then gave me a lovely but quite gentle blowjob (it later transpired that my comments about her hurting me the other day had backfired on me and I had to reassure her that it was only that one thing she had done which had hurt and that if anything I would like her to be more rough with me generally).
Of course with our Femdom session looming on Sunday I knew that she wouldn’t let me cum, whether or not she was going to let me cum on Sunday, but it was still lovely and I enjoyed every last second of it and afterwards I decided to give her the next pair of earrings (that I had originally intended to give her the next morning).
Feeling quite tired now we decided to call it a night, of course I was massively disappointed that I hadn’t got to go down on Mistress R, especially as I knew she wouldn’t even want me to do it the next morning lest it took the edge of the session on Sunday, but Mistress R doesn’t find it very easy to cum when she’s been drinking and I was stuffed full of Gastro pub grub. So we turned off the air conditioning (too noisy) and went to sleep.
Well, that was a mistake, the room was a like an oven (it wasn’t even that warm outside) and I woke up about three hours later sweating like a bastard and looked over to see Mistress R laying on top of the bedclothes (which she never, ever does). There was a phone by her side of the bed which had a blue screen on it which somehow incredibly lit up the whole room and this blue light made her look like an erotic photo, I must have laid for ten or fifteen minutes enjoying the beautiful sight of Mistress R laying on her back bathed in this blue light, she looked absolutely stunning and I wished I had a camera with me so that I could take a photo, eventually I fell asleep.
Incidentally, when I write things like that Mistress R often comments that she’s really not all that and I am misleading my readers. Well bollocks to that, she is beautiful and sexy as hell even if she doesn’t see it herself. I wish she could see herself through my eyes and then she would realise how utterly gorgeous she is. It is one of my pet hates that women are manipulated by the media to think that they are unattractive unless they conform to the stereotypical images that they present, even though it’s well known that even the women they hold up as role models don’t actually look like that (have you seen Kelly Brook without the right lighting and retouching, hmm….). I find it deeply tragic and one of the things that I love about Femdom is that it gives the opportunity for the woman to feel like she is completely worshipped and treasured above all others.
One of the best parts of any day for me is first thing in the morning when Mistress R gets out of bed and literally the first thing I see is her naked, it’s wonderful and yet frustrating because every morning without fail I want to grab her and pull her back into bed so that I can bring her to orgasm…
But of course, like every woman, she would point to bits of her body that she thinks aren’t ‘perfect’ whereas all I see is one completely awesome and utterly sexy package of hotness. On the upside I do think she is starting to see it my way, which is great because there’s nothing sexier than a sexy hot woman who knows she’s sexy and hot and uses it to tease and frustrate her husband (that’ll be me!).
Speaking of which, as you know, I adore Mistress R’s sexy feet and one of the things I wanted to do this weekend was to buy her some really slutty shoes that show off her gorgeous feet and toes. This was actually Mistress R’s idea initially (even better!!!) but I was all for it (of course!) and so we went in search of shoes that were suitably slutty but not impossible to walk in (Mistress R isn’t big on massive heels). And of course where better to find them than a retail outlet?
Well, after several false starts (there’s a lot of slutty shoes about but nearly all of them have six inch heels, and Mistress’s tiny feet would barely touch the floor!) we came across some Carvelo’s in Kurt Geiger and we both thought they were just perfect.

Mmm, so fucking hot!!!
These shoes have little zips at the back and Mistress R was struggling to get them off and we were giggling as she held her foot out and said ‘Take them off!’, well, frankly I was about ready to do just that and suck her toes right in the middle of the shop… fortunately sanity prevailed and we managed to purchase the shoes without further incident.

So Saturday arrived and after a shower and breakfast (slightly disappointing it must be said) we left the hotel and headed into Chester. It was okay, we walked around the city walls, a good 40 minute walk, and we went on a boat trip up the river (which was great), we also had some lovely locally produced Mint Choc Chip ice cream and then we looked at each other and said ‘Time to go home’!
It was a couple of hours drive back which passed relatively quickly and it was nice to get home. After we had unpacked all our goodies (including a ton of Hotel Chocolat which is to be severely rationed and not gobbled!) I had to go do the shopping and then I did some cooking, washed the cars and then tried to post something to the blog, but was too tired.

Finally the day had arrived, Mistress R got her last pair of earrings (Swarovski crystals, which she loved) but first there was the small matter of our Femdom session. Of course, we had agreed that from now on she was under no obligation to let me cum in the sessions, and since I had had the most spectacular and wonderful orgasm just seven days ago I was hoping that she wouldn’t allow me to cum, but I still had my doubts that she would go through with it.
The thing is we’ve been having these sessions for a long time now and every single time I have cum, and for the last few years at least, every single time I have been made to lick my cum off her hand, foot or breast, so to have a session finish without her letting me cum was a massive deal. But for some time now I had wanted her to deny me in the session, even if it was only once, that way it would introduce the possibility of denial in every session. In our very recent sessions she had said she might decide not to let me cum, and I loved that she said it, but deep down I knew it was a hollow threat.
The problem was that the sessions were in place long before the chastity thing, and so once it got to the point where I had gone from one session to the next without cumming (28 days) it was apparent that the sessions would become a stumbling block if Mistress R wanted to make me wait longer. For me, I wanted her to have complete control of my orgasms, and I wanted to remove the obligation for her to allow me to cum.
We discussed this recently after Mistress had read posts I had made on my blog, since she was unsure that what I was posting was what I actually genuinely felt, and once I had told her that it was indeed how I felt, that I genuinely wanted her to have complete and utter control over my orgasms she seemed much happier about it and that is how we came to this huge turning point…
The session began as always with me on my knees, waiting for her in the bedroom, blindfolded, with ankle and wrist cuffs in place and the wonderful Oxballs Cocksling (buy one, you won’t be disappointed!) fitted around my cock and balls. Mistress entered and I felt her toenails scratching at my balls before she started talking to me about how she needed to punish me for failing to keep my hands off my cock. She said that even though I had only touched it twice, which was a great improvement, it couldn’t be overlooked that one of those times was an outrageous flaunting of her rules, she also suggested that in future the length of time I spent touching my cock would be taken into account rather than merely the number of ‘instances’.
She had me turn and lean over the bed and then she gave me ten lashes of the whip, each one I thanked her for and counted, even the ones where the tails curled around my hip slightly and caused me to wince. Then she started with the paddle, first the suede side and then the leather, harder and stingier every time. At the ninth I was really feeling it and barely got the words out, thankfully she stopped at eleven and I was told to kneel back down again.
Then she lay on the bed and told me to start worshipping her feet, which I love doing. I could hear her finger working it’s way inside her pussy as I was sucking her toes and kissing her instep and then she allowed me to lick her finger clean before continuing with my task. I love it when she has me worship her feet, especially when she talks to me while I do it. This time was no exception as she related to me how my cock was her cock now, and that it was her’s to play with, tease, suck, stroke, bite (oh yes!) or lock up if that was what pleased her… this had the effect of making my cock (shrivelled to nothing by the pain of the paddle just a few moments previously) absolutely rock hard, and made me hope that it wouldn’t be too much longer until she touched it.
She told me to stop worshipping her feet and had me get on the bed, where she tied me spreadeagled on my back. Almost immediately she mounted my face and I licked her pussy, focussing on her clit which brought some appreciative groans from Mistress’s throat as she leaned back to stroke my rock hard cock. After a while she got off and knelt beside me on the bed, stroking my cock before picking up the small cock whip. She gave my cock a nice whipping (interspersed with more stroking and face sitting), which was very intense but very hot all the same, and then she let go and the next thing I know she was pushing a smallish dildo into my ass, before whipping my cock some more.
Then she decided she wanted to fill my ass more, so she picked up the black rubber butt plug and lubed it up. She got it a fair way in, but with me on my back it was never going to get past the ‘shoulders’ and stay in, which was quite disappointing really. Frustrated, Mistress R gave up on that and grabbed her strap-on, plunging it into my ass in one thrust (I love it when she does things like that, even though it was a little uncomfortable, because out of session she would never do that and it reassures me that there is more potential natural dominance in Mistress R just waiting to be brought to the surface…). Then she attached clothes pegs to my nipples and sat on my face one more time before telling me that she was leaving me alone for a while and that when she came back I would be going down on her.
She left me alone for ten minutes or so and when she came back she finally took my blindfold off and I could see her gorgeous body at last. She had me remove the cocksling and then she lay down on the bed and told me to make her cum, while I blissfully lay on my front determined to give her the best pussy worship I could possibly manage. After about ten or fifteen minutes Mistress R bucked hard against me and I grabbed hold of her and worked her clit with my tongue until she finally pushed my head away, completely spent. I know it was good because for a moment she slipped out of character and said ‘Thank you baby’, which made me smile, but then it was back to business and she told me to lick her juices off the black PVC sheet and then she stood on the bed in front of me and had me lick all the pussy juice of her thighs and then told me to lick between her ass cheeks. She allowed me to tongue her ass for about a minute I guess, which was wonderful and much anticipated, before she told me to stop and then tied my wrists to the bed and told me to get my ass in the air.
I heard her pick up the strap-on again and secure it around her waist, then she lubed it and my ass nicely and got on the bed behind me. Soon she was inside me, fucking my ass and reaching around to stroke my half hard cock (sometimes the strap-on makes me hard sometimes it has the complete opposite effect) she fucked me for a few minutes and then pulled out and untied my wrists. She told me to turn over and then sat astride me, pushing the strap-on into my mouth (having removed the condom…) and telling me how hot I looked sucking her cock. Then she got off me and removed the strap-on and started stroking my cock again, she straddled my face and pressed her ass against my mouth again, I wanted to tongue it but I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to or not… so I simply stuck out my tongue a little way between my lips and allowed her to press her asshole against it.
Finally she got off again and knelt beside me on bed, she looked so beautiful then, just beautiful, gently stroking my cock and here was the moment of truth… was she going to make me cum like every time before, or was she going to take full control of my orgasms? I was conflicted, of course I wanted to cum, but at the same time I wanted her to take that control and deny me. As I watched her she gave little away, but I noticed she kept glancing at the clock, watching the minutes and seconds of the hour tick down to nothing as she reminded me that I had to try harder not to touch my cock, and then…. she let my cock go.
“End of session,” she said, obviously feeling slightly odd about the fact that I hadn’t cum. I lay there for a moment while she fetched a glass of water and then afterwards we lay there enjoying each other’s closeness.
Later she sought reassurance that I wasn’t disappointed that I hadn’t been allowed to cum, I wasn’t disappointed, it just felt weird (actually one of the strangest things about it was not finishing the session with the taste of cum in my mouth)… but I was so happy because I made her cum so hard and because by not allowing me to cum she had broken through the last remaining barrier to her having complete control of my orgasms. It truly was a massive milestone moment and now the truth is I really don’t have the foggiest idea when I will cum again, which feels absolutely wonderful. Finally Mistress R has 100% control of my orgasms, and I LOVE it.

This morning I found a lovely card from Mistress R thanking her for making her weekend so amazing and her feel so spoiled and satisfied. I love her so much, and I’m already impatient to taste her pussy again and make her cum (who am I kidding, that started about two minutes after I finished licking the sheet clean yesterday).

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