Our first session of 2012, at last…

Six long weeks, that’s how long it’s been since our last Femdom session. But today, finally, it happened, and was it ever worth the wait!
As per almost usual it seems these days, right before the session I felt a little unwell, actually I had a huge throbbing… headache. I rarely get headaches, so for one to strike right before our long delayed session is just typical. I took two painkillers and as usual, as soon as the session started I forgot all about it.
Mistress R had instructed me to wait on my knees for her, with my blindfold, wrist and ankle cuffs and the Oxballs Cocksling all in place. She entered the room and greeted me, her foot rubbing against my captured  balls right from the start.
“So,” she said. “I understand that you have no transgressions to confess this time, is that correct?”
I confirmed that to be true and she told me that she was very happy with me, but added that she still thought I needed a few slaps to ‘remind’ me who was in control. She told me to move onto all fours and as I did so she collected her whip from one of the bedside tables.
I received eleven strokes, each of which I counted and thanked her for as I know she likes me to do. By the fourth stroke my cock was hard, rather unusual since normally whipping has the opposite effect on me. Upon completion Mistress R had me kneel up again and she bent down to tease my cock with her nails. Trapped inside the Oxballs Cocksling my cock was absolutely rigid as Mistress leaned close to my ear and whispered again that she was very pleased with me for keeping my hands off my cock.
“It isn’t even really your cock any more though is it?” She said. “Who does your cock belong to slave?”
“You Mistress.”
“And your balls?”
“You Mistress.”
“And your ass?”
“You Mistress.”
“And your mouth?”
“You Mistress.”
“Good, now turn and face the bed.”
I turned to face the bed as Mistress climbed onto it and after a few seconds I felt her foot against my chest. She ordered me to worship her foot and I was more than happy to oblige. I have been waiting to properly worship her feet for six long weeks and I loved every last second of it. Mistress R has the most beautiful feet I only wish I could have seen them as well as taste them, but the blindfold was to remain in place. I love worshipping her feet, but I particularly love sucking her toes, especially her big toes, I love swirling my tongue around them as I suck them, it’s so damn hot…
When Mistress R was satisfied that both her feet had been suitably worshipped, she ordered me on to the bed and restrained me, spread-eagled on my back. Immediately she straddled my face and told me to lick her pussy and my cock which had deflated a little in the meantime was rock-hard once again. I adore licking Mistress’s pussy and I truly love having her sitting on my face.
She rose up off of my face and told me to beg her to take my blindfold off so that I could see her. I did as she asked and she told me to close my eyes. She removed the blindfold and told me I could open my eyes. My cock pulsed as I looked up at her, she was wearing my favourite of her Femdom outfits a black PVC zip-up top with open cups and straps around her breasts, she looked AMAZING.

Mistress R in my favourite outfit.

Mistress R reached over to the bedside table and grabbed her favourite glass dildo. She told me to suck it and get it wet for her, because it was going where I wanted to go. I dutifully sucked her glass cock for her and then she told me to watch as she fucked herself with it (like I was going to look anywhere else?). The dildo made a wonderful noise as she slid it in and out of her wet pussy and soon it was back in my mouth and I was cleaning it up for her, only for her to stuff it right back into her glistening hole.
I could feel myself moving my hips, wanting to be inside of her, desperately wanting to feel her gorgeous pussy wrapped around my cock, enclosing it in her warmth… so frustrating. She put the dildo down and straddled my face again, moving back and forth as I held my tongue out, dragging herself almost to the point where my tongue would graze her asshole, but never quite far enough. She knows all about my lust for her ass and soon she had turned around on me, pushing her ass into my face, right up against my nose so that I could smell her ass as she played with my cock.
“No licking until I give you permission, remember!”
I didn’t need to be told, but I loved the way she said it. I love when she talks to me like that, I love how confident she always is in our sessions, it so hot!
She moved off me again and turned round finally lowering herself onto my aching cock. She smiled at me as she sank right down on my cock, it felt heavenly and we both groaned softly as we enjoyed the ultimate feeling of closeness. She got off and back on my cock a couple more times in the next few minutes, and then knelt beside me stroking my cock, all the time reminding me that she was in control of my cock and that she can make me wait as long as it pleases her to let me cum.
“You love that I control your cock don’t you?”
I confirmed that I did love it and then she said that she thought it was time I had something up my ass.
She took the regular dildo from the bedside table and squirted lube on my ass, but not before commenting on how I was lifting up off the bed, obviously eager for it. She slowly slid the dildo inside me, it felt great, and told me to put my legs down and make sure I ‘kept it inside’.
At this point she decided to remove the Cocksling, not the easiest of tasks it seems, but I enjoyed the way she tugged roughly at my balls in the process of getting it off. She got off the bed and moved around to the other side where the clothes pegs were, but first she picked something else up and then I felt her smear toothpaste all over the head of my cock. Then came the clothes pegs, one on each nipple as normal, and then she left me alone.
She returned about five minutes later and smiled at me as she came back in the room. She told me to lift up my legs so that she could remove the dildo, which I had completely forgotten about as it happens! It came out so smooth and easy and felt so comfortable that I really, really hoped she might decide to use her strap-on me today, but it was not to be. I toyed with the idea of asking her if she would please fuck me, but decided that it wasn’t a good idea.
Besides, after she had wiped the toothpaste off my cock and removed the clothes pegs she told me that now she was ready to let me make her cum. Yes! She untied me from the bed and told me to kneel up at the end of the bed. She placed another pillow on the bed and then stood on the bed in front of me. She pulled my head into her pussy and I licked her a couple of times, savouring her beautiful taste and scent before she moved down onto the bed and lay back in front of me, she had removed the PVC skirt that she had been wearing before and she looked just gorgeous.
Her toes teased my cock for a couple of seconds as she told me that now she wanted to cum.
“I’m sure I don’t need to tell you to do your best, because I know you will.”
I moved between her legs and started gently licking her beautiful pussy, savouring every second of being there. I love doing this so much, I am a total pussy fanatic.
Gradually I added one finger, then two, then (just) three, before massaging Mistress R’s G-spot and working her clit with my tongue. I was rewarded with a nice orgasm for Mistress R, although the usual copious amounts of pussy juice were noticeable only by their absence. Nevertheless I greedily licked the sheet and Mistress R clean before she had me over on my back again and secured once more.
She rubbed my cock against her nipples and then straddled my face until I was fully hard once again and then sank down one more time on my cock, smiling down at me as I watched her through half-closed eyes.
She lifted off me and turned around, stroking my hard, slippery cock as I stared up at her gorgeous ass and stretched pussy. She sank down on my face and then pushed her ass into my face again and told me that now I was allowed to lick her asshole. I didn’t hesitate for a second and soon felt the tip of my tongue pressed against her puckered hole. Mistress R started pushing back against my tongue as she stroked me, that was incredibly hot to feel her fucking her ass with my tongue, really quite something! She allowed me to continue worshipping her beautiful asshole a little while longer and then lifted herself away again and knelt beside me.
It being only a week since I came, I didn’t anticipate being (or really want to be) allowed to cum today. As she stroked and teased my cock though I began to wonder if perhaps, maybe, possibly she might be planning to ruin an orgasm today, not least because earlier she had said something about ‘stopping right at the last moment’…
But no, instead she told me again how happy she was that I had managed to keep my hands off my cock and also that I hadn’t used any of my ‘three chances’. She reminded me that I could still use them, although she preferred it if I didn’t, but then she reminded me that she could take them away at any time she pleased. She continued, saying that she wasn’t going to do that… yet, but that instead of three chances between orgasms she was reducing it to two.
I wasn’t expecting that!
She started to pump my cock harder and faster but just as I was starting to get close to being close she slowed down again and told me that she wasn’t going to let me cum today. She stroked me and teased me a little more as I pumped my hips in frustration, and then she told me that the session was over.

After the session we lay together for a while, holding each other close. I felt completely content, like I only ever do after making her cum, and completely subbed out like I only ever do after our Femdom sessions. But even as we lay there in utter bliss my mind was already moving forward, anticipating a couple of days hence, longing to be back between Mistress R’s beautiful thighs, kissing and licking her sweet pussy and feeling her cum against my tongue. As far as pussy worship goes I really am insatiable, no wonder I get grumpy if I have to wait more than two days. If only Mistress R was a little more demanding… ah well, what’s a complete pussy-slut to do?