This morning’s session…

Mistress and I are going out for a meal with friends tonight, which will no doubt conclude sometime after 2am, followed by a thirty minute drive home… so there’s no way in hell that tomorrow morning would be a good time for doing anything remotely taxing (especially for Mistress R since I don’t drink). With that in mind we decided to move our Femdom session to this morning…
After I had prepared the room, I was instructed to wait for Mistress on my knees at the foot of the bed with the Oxballs Cocksling and my ankle/wrist cuffs in place. No blindfold this time, which was unusual, although I know enough to keep my eyes down at the start of the session anyway.
Mistress question me about my ‘touching’ while she used her foot to play with my cock, and I confessed to two very minor infractions (basically just a hard squeeze, no stroking or edging) and Mistress told me she was very pleased with me but felt that I needed a few maintenance strokes with the whip anyway, just to keep me focussed. I had eleven quite stingy strokes with the whip and by the time she’d finished my erection had subsided significantly.
Mistress then moved onto the bed and had me begin worshipping her feet as she lay back using her fingers to play with her pussy. I managed to keep my eyes down for quite a while but just after I started on her second foot I sneaked a glance up which Mistress R immediately noticed and chastised me for.
“Keep your eyes and your mind on the job in hand,” she ordered.
I worshipped her beautiful feet for a good while longer before she leaned forward and allowed me to suck on her finger for a second, telling me how lucky I was to get my first taste of her beautiful pussy. It tasted lovely and she told me she knew how desperate I was to lick her pussy, and that I needn’t worry, I would definitely be doing that in the session, but that whether I got to taste her ass would depend on how much I pleased her.
I continued worshipping her second foot until she decided that she’d had enough and then had me lay down on my back on the bed. She secured my wrists and ankles and then mounted my face. As I licked her soaking wet pussy I felt my cock begin to stiffen inside the cocksling once again and then Mistress R lifted off my face and knelt beside me. She reached over and plucked the blindfold from the bedside table and quickly fitted it, but not before I had a good look at her. She was wearing a split leather skirt and a cupless leather bra and she looked magnificent.
No sooner had she done this than she was back on my face ordering me to lick her beautiful pussy. She rode back and forward on my face, my tongue sliding from her clit almost to her asshole. I love it when she does that and my cock was rock hard again now. Mistress R moved down and started to rub the head of my cock against her wet pussy lips, telling me how she could just spend the whole time rubbing ‘her’ cock against her pussy if she wanted to. She told me how she loved using my cock like a dildo, for her pleasure, and she told me she knew that I loved it too. Then she sank down on my cock and rode me, before lifting off and grabbing her glass dildo and pushing it into my mouth. She told me how she controlled my cock just as completely as this glass dildo and after having me get it wet for her she started fucking herself with it and then had me clean it for her.
Then she knelt beside me again and reminded me over and over how much better her touching me feels than touching myself ever could. This continued for some time, as she alternated between riding my face, my cock and slapping, whipping and stroking my cock. All the time she told me over and over how my cock was her cock and how much I loved that she controlled it. It was awesome, as the longer she went on the more I could hear she was really getting into what she was saying, I really, really wish I had a tape of what went on for those five or ten minutes, it was amazing!
Eventually Mistress R decided that that was enough and she untied me and instructed me to turn over. She had me remove the cocksling and then re-secured my wrists to the corners of the bed leaving me with my head pressed down and my ass up in the air. Mistress R lubed up a dildo and I soon felt it pressed into my ass. Then she used a vibrator on my balls for a short while before pulling out and re-inserting the dildo. She then left it inside me while she fitted the strap-on.
As I heard her adjusting the straps she said what a pity it was that I couldn’t see her with her ‘cock’ in place, but that I might be allowed to see it soon. Then she pulled the dildo out of my ass and got on the bed behind me. Within a few seconds the strap-on was inside me and Mistress R started gently fucking my ass. It felt great, my only concern (as usual) was that the pressure on my prostate might make me cum, but that’s a bit unlikely since as far as I know it takes over ten minutes of prostate massage to achieve this.
Slightly disappointingly, Mistress R fucked me for what seemed like only a minute or so and then pulled out. She untied me once more and then turned me over and secured me at all four corners once more before kneeling beside me and pulling my blindfold off. Now I could see her and she looked amazing. Her skirt had been discarded and Mistress R was just wearing the leather cupless bra and the strap-on and she looked hot, hot, hot!
She straddled me again and pressed the strap-on into my mouth, it tasted mildly of the recently discarded condom, but it was so hot sucking her ‘cock’ and looking up at her as she played with her gorgeous breasts (I must admit I still slightly prefer sucking her strap-on on my knees though).
After this Mistress discarded the strap-on and attached clothes pegs to my nipples before teasing me by standing at the side of the bed and running her hands over her body. As I gazed longingly at her my hard cock twitched which made Mistress R smile, and then she left me alone for a few minutes, but not before promising that when she came back I would be allowed to worship her pussy and make her cum.
When Mistress returned she removed the clothes pegs and untied me and had me kneel at the end of the bed while she lay back in front of me on some pillows. She looked absolutely gorgeous, her legs spread to reveal her beautiful pussy which she idly stroked as she told me what she wanted me to do.
I sank down between her silky smooth thighs (so fucking hot!) and gently started to kiss her pussy. It was immediately obvious that Mistress R was really, really turned on and her slick pussy tasted absolutely wonderful. God I love eating pussy more than anything, it is so fucking wonderful to be so close to Mistress R and bring her such pleasure with my tongue. A while later Mistress R came hard, a real humdinger it was and no mistake, I was so happy right then I can’t even tell you.
As soon as she had recovered Mistress R stood on the bed and had me lick all the pussy juice off her body and then off my fingers and the black PVC sheet. I swallowed it all greedily, I can never get enough of her taste, I just love it.
Finally she had me lie on my back and started stroking my cock again, telling me she wanted it rock hard. As she did so she pushed her ass against my face but told me not to use my tongue until she told me I could. My cock was rock hard now and she pushed her ass in my face again and told me that I was allowed to tongue her ass. I stuck out my tongue and gently licked around Mistress’s gorgeous asshole and as I did I felt my balls start to churn. Fortunately Mistress R lifted off, though she continued jerking my cock fairly hard and told me that since I had pleased her so well in the session she was going to allow me to cum now. She sink back down onto my tongue and her hand stepped it up slightly as I started to tongue her ass. It was so hot doing that as she jerked my cock and then she told me that I had to cum before she counted down from ten. I think I started cumming at eight, but Mistress continued counting down as she drained me completely.
When I opened my eyes I saw Mistress rubbing her cum covered fingers on her left breast before offering it to my mouth, which was lovely if not quite the same as shooting my cum on them ‘properly’. After that she had me lick her fingers clean, it seems like ages since I did that, it must be several months I’m sure.
Afterwards as we cuddled on the bed Mistress and I clarified the position on what I am and am not allowed to do as far as initiating things with her. At first she couldn’t quite see my point but after I explained myself better she saw what the problem was and the simple answer was ‘if I’m not sure then I should ask’. Dunno quite why I didn’t think of that myself, but there you go!

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