Femdom session…

One week later than it should have been of course, but neither of us really wanted to combine it with my Father’s birthday or Mother’s day…. too much stress, so it was delayed a week – very wise! And it was supposed to occur later this afternoon, but Mistress R and I came to the conclusion that maybe earlier would be better than later, and so come 11:40am I was on my knees waiting for Mistress R to come into the bedroom, my ankle and wrist cuffs in place and the Oxballs Cocksling pulling my balls away from my body.
Mistress R opened the door and inspected me, immediately finding a piece of towel fluff between my cheeks she opened her account with nine strokes with the whip for my tardiness (I always forget how much those first few strokes sting), adding a further fifteen once she had established that I had touched my cock three times in the last five weeks (since our last session). Between several of these she paused and used her hand to stroke my ass and balls which was a very nice contrast to the stinging cat.
My punishment completed, Mistress R had me turn and face the bed and then lay on the mattress and offered  her feet to my mouth. She told me to keep my eyes only on her feet and not to try and sneak a peek at her pussy. I did as instructed, worshipping her beautiful feet as best as I possibly could, eventually I heard Mistress R’s fingers working her pussy and a small sigh escape her lips. This triggered my cock to harden, the Cocksling making it happen quicker than you’d expect given that I wasn’t being touched. She leaned forward and told me to lick her fingers clean…. Mmmmmmmmmmm, you can’t beat that first taste of pussy… Mistress R lay back again and told me that she’d been kind enough to trim her pussy for me, so that I could see it better, hearing that made my cock harder still, I love it when her pussy hair is really trimmed short, I just love looking at her gorgeous pussy!
Eventually Mistress was satisfied with the foot worship I had provided and she told me to get onto the bed on my back. She restrained me at all four corners using the cuffs and quickly straddled my face, allowing me to lick her for a short time before she reached for her favourite glass dildo. She pushed it deep into my mouth and told me to get it wet for her pussy. Then she slid the dildo easily inside her soaking wet pussy and started to fuck herself with the deeply-ridged, glass cock before returning it to my mouth and having me lick and suck it clean, teasing me with a scenario that always makes my cock rock hard…
“Maybe one day it’ll be a real cock, and you’ll have to suck it and tease it until it’s rock hard for my pussy. And then afterwards you’ll have to lick it clean, just like you’re cleaning this dildo… and after that you’ll have to clean me too, of whatever’s inside me….. you just love the taste of pussy don’t you?”
Mistress discarded the dildo and reached for my rock hard cock and slid her pussy down over it, telling me how lucky I was to be allowed inside her like this, and telling me how she knew how much I loved that she was using my cock just like a dildo, solely for her pleasure.
It felt so good to be inside her, but after a minute or so Mistress lifted herself off and knelt beside me. She grasped my cock and started slapping it, before slapping my balls a couple of times (quite a different experience when they are trapped in the cocksling, it made me flinch, even though I loved it really…) and then a few more slaps to my cock. It was so fucking hard. Then she straddled me again and rode my cock for a while longer before kneeling beside me again and slapping my cock some more.
Abruptly she stopped the slapping and started softly stroking, licking and sucking my aching cock, before using her nails on the length of my shaft. Then she started tugging at the Oxballs Cocksling, trying to remove it, she eventually got it off… I was glad when it was over though there was no lasting discomfort.
Usually when I have a cock ring removed it seems harder to get back to full hardness, but with the Cocksling it was no problem, just one more reason why I thoroughly recommend it.
Then Mistress pushed a dildo into my ass and then straddled me once again, pushing her gorgeous ass in my face and teasing me that even though her beautiful little asshole was right up against my mouth I wasn’t allowed to lick it until she said so… if she said so! My cock was absolutely throbbing now and Mistress slid down me and impaled herself on it once again and this was the first time I thought I might cum without permission if I wasn’t careful. She rode my cock to her satisfaction and then dismounted once more. Although I wanted more, in a way it was a relief that she stopped when she did because I was getting very close indeed! Having her riding me, facing away from me reminded me that it’s been at least a year since I fucked Mistress R from behind…
Mistress attached clothes pegs to my nipples and then left me to stew for ten minutes or so, telling me that when she came back I would be allowed to lick her pussy until she came. The clothes pegs were pretty painful for the first three minutes or so, but thereafter settled to more of a dull ache. When Mistress returned she plucked them off, causing another few seconds of intense pain (she always, always smiles when she does that, most disturbing – hahaha!) and then lay back on the bed and told me to worship her pussy until she came.
Her pussy looked so damned good, I love it when she lies on the bed with her gorgeous, smooth legs spread open for me… so fucking hot! Mistress R’s thighs are particularly gorgeous and I always love to kiss them before I move on to her pussy. But since Mistress R was already very turned on I didn’t want to keep her waiting too long and soon (very eagerly) got to it, absolutely loving the taste of Mistress R’s wonderful pussy. It took a little while longer than I anticipated to bring her to her climax, but since I would be happy to do that all day it was no concern of mine. When she came it seemed quite brief, but Mistress seemed satisfied and she had me lick my fingers and the PVC sheet clean of all her juices (and there was lots, yummy!).
She had me lie back on my back again and straddled me once again, pushing her ass into my face and telling me I had pleased her and as a reward I would be allowed to worship her delicious asshole. Mistress R knows only too well how much I love to do this and earlier in the session had teased me about how much time I spent thinking about doing it (probably quite a lot).
I relished the chance to taste her gorgeous ass and as I did she stroked my cock until it was throbbing hard once more. Then, she climbed off of me and told me that that was it for today. It seemed a rather abrupt ending, but when I looked at the clock I saw that we had gone well past our Femdom hour…
Of course I didn’t expect to be allowed to cum during this session, and indeed I very much doubt whether I will be allowed to cum before next month. Early in the session Mistress R remarked that we were nearly at the end of our first year in chastity, and asked me if I have any regrets. I have none at all, I still believe this was the best thing we’ve ever done. Since we started Mistress has had a 100% success rate on the orgasm front, and all my erectile problems are hopefully now a thing of the past. On top of that, I believe this has made us even closer than we were before and I just really don’t have a single bad thing to say about it. I love being under Mistress R’s control, and I absolutely adore making her cum. And now that Mistress R is well over the guilt of leaving me hanging, and we’ve moved to the point where she lets me cum less than I would perhaps choose (which is exactly how it’s supposed to be!) so I’m usually in the position of hoping to cum rather than hoping that she doesn’t let me cum (like in the very early days), it’s all working pretty damned perfectly.