Femdom Session – 28th April 2012

A thankfully rare occurrence.

Before I tell you about what happened this morning, it would be useful to give you some background from earlier in the week. On Thursday, after my tooth problems had subsided a little, we finally got around to some pussy worship for Mistress R. I still wasn’t feeling 100% but I really wanted to make her cum, she was still bothered about my mouth and wasn’t relaxed or into it really, so it was very unsatisfying for her. She did cum eventually, but not a ‘good’ one. For my part I didn’t mind how long it took, since I would gladly start all over again if she would let me after every time, but the fact that it didn’t work very well kinda killed any enthusiasm I had for any teasing I might be getting, and so we left it for the night (actually I did get some the night before which I never blogged about).

This of course, added some pressure to this morning’s session, and I’ve still not been feeling great to be honest, I’ve been feeling a bit dizzy on and off (a side effect of the antibiotics I’m taking for my tooth) and considering I’ve not cum for over three weeks my cock is nowhere near as throbbing as I would expect it to be (not so concerned about that though because it was fine before my root canal and I’m sure it’ll sort itself out soon).
Thankfully Mistress R has obviously noticed this too and she told me to start the session wearing my Oxballs Cocksling and my wrist and ankle cuffs. To be honest I was somewhat sceptical about the kind of performance I was going to be able to manage today (cock wise), but all I really cared about was making sure that Mistress R had a really nice, hard cum.
My balls felt very tight inside the Cocksling, for some reason it seemed to be gripping them harder than it was my cock, in fact I wonder if I might have had it on the wrong way round… well I don’t know, I don’t think so. In any case, when Mistress entered the bedroom she used her beautiful foot to stimulate my cock and balls as she asked me whether or not I had managed to keep my hands off of my cock this month.
To be honest, it seems so long since our last session that I’d kind of forgotten exactly how many times I’d broken the rule, but I made an educated guess at seven times (in five weeks). Mistress R made straight for the whip and the paddle and told me to lean over the bed.

Whipped Balls
I leaned over the bed as Mistress instructed and waited for the first slash of the whip. It came soon enough, but what I hadn’t anticipated was that the way I was positioned along with the way the Cocksling was pulling on my balls meant that they were proud of the backs of my legs and so the first thing I felt was an intense stinging sensation across the back of my balls! 
I jumped a little and winced out my ‘One, thank you Mistress’, before adjusting my position and pulling my balls forward by straightening my back. Thankfully that did the trick and while the next thirteen strokes stung more than enough for my liking (I know it doesn’t sound a lot, but I am not into pain at all… I just like the fact that Mistress R is dominating me), at least any further accidental ball whipping was avoided. I have caught the odd stray whip on the balls before, but it’s usually a kind of aftershock where some of the whip has spilled between my legs. That’s actually quite enjoyable, whereas this was pretty much full on ball whipping!
After this Mistress R gave me seven whacks with the paddle, the first six of which where tolerable, but the seventh stung like merry fuck. I can’t imagine how anyone takes being paddled until their ass is really red. I’d be screaming like a little bitch by then! Hahaha… The funny thing is though that the paddle  (and the whip to some extent) does sting but the sensation goes pretty quickly really, I can’t imagine how much it would take so that you couldn’t ‘sit down’ (as they say).
After this Mistress R sat on the bed in front of me and reached down to stroke my cock while she reminded me yet again that I really shouldn’t touch my cock without her permission. She reminded me that she controls my cock, my balls and my ass. When she said about my balls, she dragged her nails across them, which is quite intense when they are trapped and tight, even more so when they’ve just been whipped! Finally Mistress R eased herself back onto the bed and I was able to relax for a few seconds before she told me to start worshipping her feet.
Mistress R’s beautiful feet.
Finally, after five long weeks I got to worship Mistress R’s beautifully pedicured feet, with her beautifully painted toes. I adore Mistress R’s feet. The times over the last few weeks I’ve wanted to get on my knees and kiss them while she watches TV or reads a book, but it’s too cold at the moment, and the last thing I want to do is for her to become uncomfortable, so I wait for Summer I suppose.
As I carefully worshipped Mistress’s beautiful feet she asked me some questions about when I touched my cock without permission, I said that often it was when she had got up in the morning and I had morning wood, or after we had been cuddling at night and she had gone to sleep. Mistress R seemed satisfied that even if I was disobeying rules I was still only thinking of her when I was touching my cock (which is true). Not that that’s any excuse of course, I will try harder this month for sure.
As I continued to suck on Mistress’s gorgeous toes, she started to rub her pussy and it was very difficult to keep my eyes down and concentrate on the job at hand. She asked me if it was becoming difficult to concentrate and I told her that it was. ‘Good’, she said.
The next thing I knew she was leaning forward and offering her glass dildo to my mouth. “Get it wet for me,” she said. I removed my lips from her toes and took the dildo into my mouth, being careful to leave it nice and wet for her as ordered. I resumed worshipping Mistress’s feet and I could hear her start to rub the dildo against her pussy, before long she was telling me how good it felt having something so hard inside her, and she began musing on whether or not she would allow my cock inside her today.
What if I only ever let you taste my pussy off of my glass dildo, and never from the source?
This continued a while longer and then she leaned forward again and presented me with her dildo to clean. I took the glass cock into my mouth and tasted the beautiful taste of Mistress R’s pussy, it was so nice to taste that again. As I cleaned the dildo Mistress R said, “What if only ever let you taste my pussy off of my glass dildo, and never from the source, would you like that?”.
Well, of course not! But that is not the answer that Mistress would expect so I replied ‘Whatever pleases you Mistress’. Strangely, when she said that, that was the first time that my cock started to get hard on it’s own, without even being touched. It just shows that sex is 90% mental, so when your head isn’t in the game (like ours wasn’t on Thursday) it’s never as good.
Mistress started fucking herself with her dildo again while I continued worshipping her feet, concentration was becoming even more difficult now of course and I started to try and sneak a glance up without Mistress noticing. I couldn’t see anything unfortunately…
Shortly after, Mistress R had me clean her dildo once more and then told me to get on the bed and lie on my back. I complied immediately and she secured me at all four corners with the ties that are tied to the bed frame. Mistress R blindfolded me and then started to play with my cock, again I wish I had recorded what she said so that I could transcribe it, because it was sooooo hot. She soon straddled my face though and she was already wet when I started to lick her beautiful pussy as she ground it against my face. I love being underneath her like that, I really do. Shame I was blindfolded, but…
Mistress turned around and pushed her ass into my face as she started playing with my cock again, allowing me to breathe in the musky scent of her ass. I know better than to lick her ass without permission but she knew that being so close would just increase my want for it.
She turned around again and straddled my face, ordering me to lick her pussy. A few seconds later she moved down the bed and sank down onto my cock, riding it for maybe thirty seconds or so before getting off again. It felt so good being inside her again, it seems like forever, although it’s probably a couple of weeks or so, I’m not too sure.

Using your cock as a dildo, for my pleasure.
Mistress R continued teasing me with her fingers, her pussy and her mouth, occasionally reminding me that my cock really belonged to her now and that she was just using it like a dildo for her pleasure. I love it when she says these things. After riding my cock again she knelt at the side of me and then stroked my cock before offering her fingers one by one to my mouth to lick clean.
“You love the taste of my pussy juice don’t you… and you can probably taste your cock a little bit too can’t you?” She said.
I could indeed.
“And you love that too don’t you?”
Of course I do.
Mistress straddled my face again and then moved down the bed once more, I felt her grasp my hard cock and start rubbing it against herself.
“I rubbing your cock against my ass now slave,” she whispered, filling my mind with all sorts of images and thoughts that I know will never be allowed in reality.
“Now I’m rubbing it against my pussy slave, which one do you like the most?”
I could think of no sensible answer and answered that I didn’t know.
Mistress laughed and said that was a good answer, since I wouldn’t want to be forced to choose between them.

If you didn’t have the blindfold on you could see my ass.
She straddled my face once again for another licking and then I felt her turn around and mount me again, this time facing away from me. It feels really different this way, more intense and I could feel my balls starting to tighten as I neared the edge.
“If you didn’t have the blindfold on right now, you could look down and see my gorgeous ass as I ride your cock,” she said. I would loved to have seen that, it seems a long time since I was allowed that pleasure.
She dismounted again and gave my cock some more slaps (there was a lot of lovely slapping today) and a gentle one to my balls too (all that’s needed when you’re in the cocksling I can assure you), before attaching clothes pins to my nipples and inserting a dildo in my asshole. She grabbed the hairbrush off the bedside table and dragged it all over my cock, which was a lot more effective than it has been in the past I thought, probably because the cocksling was pulling skin tight, I’m not sure if I’m glad she didn’t use it on my balls or not…
Then she left me alone for a few minutes, while my cock recovered from the edge it had sustained while she rode it.
When she came back she plucked the clothes pegs off of my nipples, withdrew the dildo from my ass and released me from my restraints.
“Kneel on the bed and take your cocksling off,” she said as she added a few extra pillows to the bed and lay back on them, her silky smooth thighs spread wide presenting me with my first real view of her delicious pussy. Earlier she had been wearing a PVC skirt, but now she was completely naked except for a black bra and the key pendant that I bought for her to celebrate our first year of male chastity. She looked so amazing, I couldn’t wait to make her cum.
At her instruction I started gently kissng around her pussy and as she responded to my touch I gently licked her pussy, slowly adding one finger at a time until I had three fingers inside her. At first Mistress seemed to be responding very well but then it seemed to go a little quiet and I started to get a little worried. But fortunately it wasn’t much longer before Mistress bucked against my tongue and I felt so happy then, I absolutely hate it when Mistress doesn’t cum properly (or at all), thankfully that hardly ever happens these days.
I am going to allow you to cum, but only if you can cum by the time I count to ten.
I licked my fingers clean of Mistress’s juices, but that aside there was rather unusually little more to clean up, either on the PVC sheet or on Mistress herself, which was a tiny bit disappointing. Still, it was much more important that Mistress had a satisfying cum, that was all I wanted out of this session, anything else was a bonus.
Soon Mistress had me back on my back again and she stroked and slapped my cock until it was nice and hard (even without the Cocksling). Then she straddled me and lowered her ass to my mouth once again, in the past she has denied me the opportunity to lick her but still teased me as she stroked my cock so I still wasn’t sure that she was going to let me worship her, especially since I had confessed to seven illegal touches.
But no, this time Mistress was obviously feeling lenient (perhaps the relief of her orgasm put her in a good mood?) and she told me that she was going to allow me to lick her ass. I stuck out my tongue and started to gently lick her puckered hole as she continued stroking my cock, harder now, suggesting that she was going to let me cum, but who knows?
Before long Mistress R told me that she was going to allow me to cum, but only if I came before she counted to ten, otherwise I would have to wait a very long time. I’d love to say that it was a close run thing, but in truth, I was already holding back and Mistress R’s ‘threat’ (combined with the pleasure of rimming her ass) was making that even harder. I would love for her to play those kind of games in the future, especially if she said she would let go at ‘1’ no matter what, even if I was already cumming. So fucking hot….
I think I started to cum about ‘8’, if not before and it became extremely intense extremely quickly. I’ve read where other people have said that their first orgasm after a long wait is almost too intense to really enjoy properly and that the second one is much better, but I’ve never really experienced that for myself before. This time though, straight away I was bucking very hard, but lacked the presence of mind to just ask Mistress R to stop pumping my cock, which I know she would have done had I asked her.
Don’t misunderstand, it was still great to finally be allowed to cum, of course… but the weird thing is that, over the last year or so (and I’m sure plenty of others will back me up on this) the actual orgasm itself, long awaited and desired as it may be, isn’t really the most important thing to me any more. As much as I love to cum, I think I love to be to stroked, slapped, scratched, sucked, ridden, facefucked, teased and denied even more. If orgasm control teaches you anything it is that you should appreciate the whole experience rather than just the last five seconds, and if the last five seconds were just a little bit too intense, that certainly didn’t affect the other 59 minutes and 55 seconds.
Besides, the most important thing for me today was to make sure Mistress R came, and she did. After that I wanted to worship her ass, her pussy, her feet, all more than I wanted to cum. I love and worship  her so much that I would have willingly surrendered my orgasm to her just for the opportunity to see her laying on the bed with her gorgeous legs spread and her beautiful, wet pussy waiting for my tongue, and I got way more than that today.
Yes indeed, I am a happy subbie right now, and I can’t wait for next month’s session!!!