Femdom Session – 9th June 2012

Finally, our much delayed session took place this morning, two weeks late and six weeks since the last one (also the scene of my last orgasm!). After the other night I was a little concerned that I would explode prematurely, so I was pleased that Mistress decided that I should wear the old rubber cock ring and not the Oxballs Cocksling, as I fear this might have been too much for me.
At the appointed hour I waited on my knees by the bed and soon Mistress R entered. All I had on was the rubber cockring and my ankle and wrist cuffs, Mistress had not told me to wear my blindfold this time. I kept my head down and felt my cock swell a little as I took in the sight of Mistress R’s beautiful red painted toe-nails.
As she stood in front of me, using one of her feet to stroke my cock she asked me if I had any further transgressions to report, other than the one I had already admitted to and I told her that I hadn’t. She said she was very impressed that I could go six weeks and only touch my cock once. So impressed that she said I only needed a few strokes of the whip to remind me that even once wasn’t quite perfect.
Mistress had me move onto all fours and gave me five lashes with the cat, the first caught me unawares and fell straight between my legs, catching me square in the balls. I winced a little, although it wasn’t as sharp as last time. The rest of the strokes were completed and Mistress had me kneel up. She bent down stroked my cock for a few seconds until it was quite hard and then told me to face the bed.
She climbed onto the bed and immediately turned away to reach for her glass dildo, treating me to the gorgeous sight of her ass and the backs of her thighs as her leather skirt lifted up. She was also wearing that cupless bra that I posted a photo of a few sessions back, which looks amazing on her.

Get it wet for me…
Before she had me start worshipping her feet Mistress presented her glass dildo to me and told me to get it wet for her. I sucked it into my mouth and then licked all over it, making sure to leave as much saliva behind as I could.
Then she told me that I should start worshipping her feet, and I could feel my cock starting to throb a little. I absolutely love worshipping Mistress R’s feet and she knows it all too well. As I sucked the toes of her right foot she began telling me how amazing the glass dildo felt rubbing against her pussy lips, and what a shame it was that I couldn’t see it because I was concentrating on worshipping her foot.
Pretty soon she had the dildo inside her and I could hear the dildo sliding in and out of her pussy, she sounded so wet already and I so wanted to see it. Before long she presented her dildo to my mouth and told me to take my first taste of her beautiful pussy. I eagerly lapped and sucked on the glass cock and all too soon she took it away again and I continued worshipping her right foot.
She had me clean her dildo again a few minutes later and then switched feet so that I could start all over again.
She had me clean her dildo once again and then gave me permission to look up and watch as she fucked herself with the glass cock. It was an incredible sight, and one which made my cock ache all the more when Mistress R said…
“I know you wish that your poor hard cock was inside me right now… but at the same time there’s a part of you that likes being denied, isn’t there?”
I groaned that there was and watched intently as she continued to slide the glass cock in and out of her gorgeous pussy. I love watching Mistress fuck herself with her dildo, especially when she’s laying back on the bed that I’m kneeling submissively at the end of. It was a beautiful sight and one that I could never get tired of.
She had me worship her foot a little more as she continued to verbally tease me (sadly I can’t remember what exactly was said, but I know that by the time she pulled her foot away I was all but moaning into her pretty toes).

Just a little more punishment…
Mistress has me climb onto the bed after she had got off it and told me to position myself on all fours. She told me that I had slumped off my knees while worshipping her feet and I should be punished for that. Another five or six strokes of the cat followed, before she had me lay on my back and secured my wrists and ankles to the bed.
No sooner had she done that than she grabbed my cock and started to stroke it, but only for a few seconds, then she was climbing over me and easing herself onto my face. She told me to stick my tongue out and as I tasted her pussy properly for the first time my cock went from semi-hard to rock solid in about three seconds flat.
“You love when I ride your face like this, don’t you?” She said. “You love it when I grind my pussy against your face and make you lick me….”
Mistress was really wet and she tasted absolutely wonderful, I would have been quite happy to spend the remainder of the hour with her riding my face, I absolutely love it, I love how overwhelming it is, I wish it happened a lot more often than once a month.

She looked so beautiful today…
Mistress stood up, still astride me and reached down for my now steel-hard cock. She looked so beautiful today, especially when she sank down and rubbed my cock against her slippery lips. I actually felt a little less on edge today than I did the other night, so I could actually enjoy having her ride my cock a lot more without having to worry quite so much about blowing my top without permission.
After a little while she knelt beside me and started stroking my cock, I wanted to close my eyes and surrender to the sensation but I didn’t want to stop looking at her, so I forced myself to keep my eyes open as she teased me.
“I don’t need to remind you who owns this cock….. these balls…. this ass…. and most importantly of all, who gets to decide when and if you get to cum, do I?”
“No Mistress.”
“Good…. and you still love that I get to decide don’t you?”
“Yes Mistress.”
“So if I decide that you have to wait until tomorrow, or the next day or next week, or whenever… you’ll still be happy with that won’t you?”
I told her I would, after a little gulp of air…
She smiled beautifully at me before mounting my face once again and allowing me to taste her beautiful pussy once more. This time she reached back and stroked my cock as she ground herself against my tongue and nose, filling my airways with her gorgeous scent and taste.
Again she moved down my body and rubbed my cock against her slippery pussy before sinking herself onto it again, before kneeling beside me again and slapping my cock a few times. Then she reached over to the bedside table and retrieved the small cock whip and began applying it to my cock and balls.

Take one last look…
Abruptly Mistress got off the bed and moved round to the other side to retrieve my blindfold. Then she stood over me and told me to take one last look at her beautiful pussy. As I drank in the sight of her wet slit she used her fingers to open it slightly, before leaning forward and covering my eyes with the red rubber blindfold.
My cock was still hard and lay flat against my stomach, which Mistress told me she was very happy to see was diminishing. She told me she was very proud of me for working so hard on my weight, and for only touching my cock once in all that time… she stroked my cock softly and told me that she was very impressed with how hard I was too.
Then she told me she was leaving me alone for a little while and told me that when she returned I would be worshipping her pussy and making her cum. I thought she was walking away but then I felt her applying clothes pegs to both my nipples, and then she was gone.

Long and hard…
A while later, probably ten minutes I guess, she returned and removed the blindfold. She had removed her leather skirt and was now naked except for her cupless bra and key pendant. She looked absolutely stunning and I couldn’t wait to make her cum. She straddled my face again and had me lick her pussy for a few moments causing my cock to ratchet up to full hardness again and then she climbed off and released my wrists and ankles and told me to sit up and remove my cock ring. That took a few moments as you might imagine!
Once done Mistress told me to worship her pussy and I eagerly sank down between her silky thighs and gently started to lick her, before slowly adding a couple of fingers to the mix. I was in heaven eating her gorgeous pussy, and when she came it was the hardest and longest for a good while I think! I was super happy, and Mistress seemed very satisfied indeed!
She ordered me to lick her juices off the PVC sheet and then stood on the bed so that I could lick her clean before ordering me onto my back and securing me to the bed once again.

Daring me to lick it without permission…
Mistress straddled me once more, this time facing my feet and offering me the luscious sight of her pussy and ass. She began stroking me and soon she moved down so that her ass was right in front of my face, daring me to lick it without permission. I wanted to so badly, but I waited, instead I breathed in the wonderful musk of her ass as I felt my cock get harder and harder and harder. Mistress tormented me like this a couple of times before moving down and straddling my cock once more, sinking down onto it as I watched her riding me. I couldn’t watch for long, it was too much, so I looked at the ceiling instead and tried to focus on anything but the sight of Mistress’s gorgeous ass bouncing up and down on my cock.
Then her ass was up by my face again and she told me that I had permission to lick her tight little bud. I eased my tongue between her cheeks and tasted her wonderful ass as she stroked my cock even harder, how the fuck was I not coming, it was truly a feat of superhuman endurance and no doubt about it.
After a while she lifted herself up once more and mused on what forty two days of cum would look like, but then just to throw me off a little she added… “or fifty….or whatever.”

The first huge spurt flew off to the left…
Then she told me that she had decided that she was going to allow me to cum, but only if I could cum before she counted to ten. She sank down on my face again and I started to lick her asshole once more, my mind utterly conflicted. Oh yes I wanted to cum, but at the same time there was a part of me that wanted to fight against it. The counting began and Mistress was pumping my cock hard, by five I still wasn’t cumming, my conflicted mind continued to debate with itself but then my cock started to panic and as Mistress reached ten the first huge spurt of cum leapt from my cock and disappeared off to the left of where I was laying, as Mistress’s hand came back up another rope flew off to right and I started to convulse violently beneath her touch.
It was an amazing sensation, much better than my last orgasm, intense, but not so intense as to be uncomfortable, it was just a HUGE orgasm, which left me panting for about a minute after Mistress had fed me three globs of cum from her fingers, which still left another large splodge on my stomach.
I just can’t wait to do it again, thank god it’s only going to be three weeks this time!