Femdom Session 15th July 2012

As regular readers will know, over the last few weeks I haven’t exactly been on top of the world, and so while I looked forward to what I knew would be a good Femdom session, I never anticipated just how fantastic it would actually turn out to be. As a one off I decided to record the session with my little dictaphone, so that I could share with you exactly what went down last Sunday morning…

(NB: Just so you know, before the session I had already confessed to my two infractions and given some detail about them).

Mistress R instructed me to wait for her wearing my ankle and wrist cuffs, my blindfold and my rubber cock ring. On entering the room she toyed with my cock for a few moments as she checked that I had complied with all of her instructions. Satisfied that I had, she told me to move away from the bed and to get on all fours, I complied with her instructions immediately, well aware that the next little while probably wasn’t going to be my favourite part of the session.

“Each time we have these sessions, I ask you (slap) some questions don’t I slave… and you’re always honest with me aren’t you?”

Slap! The whip made contact with my ass a second time, as I knew my punishment hadn’t started I presumed that I was not yet required to count the blows and thank Mistress for them. I responded positively to Mistress’s question, pulling my back upwards a little as I sought to bring my balls forward of the backs of my thighs.

“So… how many times did you touch yourself when you shouldn’t have done?”

“Two Mistress.”

“Two… right.”

Slap! Slap! The whip was brought down a further two times before she continued…

“And I understand that one of these was short, and one was long… how long are we talking slave?”

I was dreading that particular question, but I had to answer truthfully.

“Ummmm…..  about, twenty minutes Mistress.”

“Twenty minutes! That is ‘long’ isn’t it slave?”

She sounded rather surprised at my confession.

“Yes Mistress.”

“And you actually dared to edge yourself during that time slave, is that correct?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“How many times do you think you edged yourself slave?”

“I don’t know Mistress…”

“Roughly…. two, three… more than five?”

I was somewhat thankful that she had jumped in with those options since if I’d had to estimate off my own back it would have been much higher, more like double that…

“More than five, Mistress.”

“Really, more than five…. well I think you need quite a severe punishment for that slave. Right, you know the drill.”

Mistress began whipping my ass now, and carried on until I had counted off and thanked her for fifteen strikes of the cat.

She paused briefly to ask me a question…

“Surely you haven’t forgotten slave, how much better it is when I touch your cock?”

“No Mistress.”

“Because who actually owns your cock slave?”

“You do Mistress.”

“That’s right, so you should not be touching it without my permission should you slave?”

“No Mistress.”

“Perhaps this will help you to remember…. do you remember what number we are up to slave?”

“Fifteen Mistress.”

“Good, continue…”

The whipping recommenced, with a further five strokes being added before she stopped. For someone who likes being whipped it would probably have appeared rather tame, but I do not enjoy pain, I only enjoy the submission of allowing myself to be whipped by my beautiful Mistress, so for me it was quite enough discomfort.

“That’s for the twenty minutes of touching slave, and now we move on to the number of edges… begin again from one slave.”

Even before the first blow I somehow knew that she’d switched to the paddle, the paddle that I suggested buying of course… it stings, I love it and hate it at the same time. Five slaps with the paddle later, she called a halt. My ass was stinging, even though I knew it would quickly fade away.

“And how did it feel when you were touching your own cock slave?”

What could I say, really?

“Good Mistress.”

“It felt good did it… did it feel better than when I touch your cock slave?”

“No Mistress.”

“No of course it didn’t… sit up and turn and face the bed.”

In my personal darkness I turned towards the bed and heard the PVC sheet crackle as Mistress mounted the bed and leaned  forward to present her favourite glass dildo to my mouth.

“Open wide slave, suck that cock.”

I willingly opened my mouth and felt the cool, smooth glass against my tongue. I love to wet my Mistress’s dildo for her because I know she loves it’s deep ridges, the thought that she would soon be pleasuring herself with it made my cock stiffen as I fellated the glass cock.

“Since you love touching your own cock slave, so often, when you shouldn’t… you should even more like licking and sucking this cock.”

My cock continued to harden as I worked to ensure the dildo was well lubricated for Mistress’s beautiful pussy.

“Because this cock will be going where you always want to have your own cock slave, isn’t that right?”

I briefly pulled my head off the dildo to answer.

“Yes Mistress.”

The dildo was pulled away and she shifted on the bed.

“Right slave, now I’m going to allow you to worship my feet.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

I felt her foot press against my chest and I wished I wasn’t blindfolded so I could see her beautiful, soft feet.

“You may begin….while I will be rubbing this dildo, all around my beautiful pussy…exactly where you would like to have your cock, wouldn’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

I set to work on her right foot, peppering it with gentle kisses before sucking her toes into my mouth, I absolutely adore sucking Mistress’s toes, they are so delicate and sexy.

“Well, I’m only going to have a cock inside my pussy that I am in control of…. you’re not in control slave, and you don’t want to be, do you?”

“No Mistress.”

“You can’t see this now slave, but this dildo is rubbing all around my beautiful lips… and just… just inside… starting to get coated with that beautiful pussy juice… you love the taste of pussy juice don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Whatever is covered in pussy juice should have to be licked clean by you, isn’t that right slave?”

“If it pleases you Mistress.”

“If you listen carefully you can hear the sound of my dildo moving in.. and out… you love that sound don’t you slave, you wish it was your cock making that sound don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Then you must learn to control yourself better slave, you were doing so well, and I’m sure you will do well again. You must remember, I’m in control, I own your cock, I say when you can touch it, you know you can ask me for permission slave… but you failed to do so didn’t you?”

I barely stopped to answer her, I was so deep in sub space now, all my worries and stress completely forgotten in less than ten minutes…

“Stop, open wide, lick this dildo clean slave…”

I opened my mouth and used my tongue to lick her juices off the entire length of the glass dildo as she twizzled it around, then she pushed it into my mouth and I sucked it greedily, willingly, just as if I was sucking a cock for her amusement. After a short time she pulled the dildo out of my mouth and I resumed my duties as her foot slave.

“You think it’s more fun to do something without permission don’t you slave, you know sometimes I might actually want to see you touching that cock, so you must ask me if you want to, understand slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good….that will please me much more slave. After all, if you are wanting to touch your cock, it should only be with my permission and I should be able to see it. Who knows, I might decide that you’re not touching it as I want you to, and stop you and do something different myself. But whatever it is, it’s going to be better than the way you touch yourself isn’t it slave, furtively, without permission?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You love worshipping my feet don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Just being allowed to kneel there and worship my beautiful feet… knowing that I’m laying here, playing with my beautiful pussy, and getting this cock covered in my beautiful pussy juice, and you can’t even see it can you… but you can smell it can’t you? You can scent that… you love that scent don’t you slave…”

“Stop now slave, and lick this clean again…”

Once more I licked and sucked on the glass dildo as she hovered over me.

“Maybe one day it will be a real cock covered in your Mistress’s pussy juice slave, you’d lick that clean if you were told to wouldn’t you, if you knew it would please your Mistress…”

My cock pulsed as she spoke, though I doubt we would ever involve another person in our sex-life, just hearing her say those words always has a considerable effect on me.

“Yes Mistress,” I groaned.

“Onto the other foot slave…”

I lovingly took hold of her left foot and began lavishing it with attention, just as I had the right one before it.

“Do you think a lot about these sessions, in between them slave… think about how lovely it is for you to have your Mistress totally in control… deciding, if I want to, to keep you on your knees for the whole session worshipping my feet, not letting you near my pussy, as a punishment… you’d even welcome that wouldn’t you slave.”

“Whatever pleases you Mistress.”

“That’s right…”

She allowed me a little while to concentrate on her gorgeous foot, my tongue swirling around her pretty, red polished toes.

“So when you’re touching your own cock slave, tell me about it, do you do it hard, or soft…”

I struggled for an answer, so deep was I in my reverie.

“Both Mistress.”

“Both… and does it feel as good as when I am touching it slave?”

“No Mistress.”

“No, that’s what you have to learn to remember slave don’t you? The only time you should be touching that cock slave, is for my amusement, if I tell you to do so. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Otherwise I am the only one who should be touching it, I control your cock. Who controls your cock slave?”

“You do Mistress.”

“Who controls your balls?”

“You do Mistress.”

“Who controls your ass?”

“You do Mistress.”

“That’s right slave… you shouldn’t be forgetting that after all this time?”

“No Mistress.”

She removed her foot from my mouth and I felt her moving closer again.

“Lick my finger clean slave.”

I sucked her pussy flavoured finger deep into my mouth, savouring the taste of her gorgeous juices.

“Is that one of your favourite tastes in the world slave, I think it is isn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good slave, keep going… “

She allowed me a few more minutes of foot worship, after which I was completely blissed out and feeling enormously mellow. I just love worshipping my Mistress’s feet, she really does have the most gorgeous feet I have ever seen and they really turn me on.

Finally she bid me to stop.

“That will do slave, now get up on the bed, on your hands and knees.”

I moved onto the bed as instructed and waited as Mistress bound my wrists to the corners of the bed.

“I think you need just a touch more punishment slave…”

She gave me another (rather gentle) five slaps with the cat, before setting it aside and moving onto the bed beside me. I felt her reach under me and grab my cock.

“Now slave, time to really show you who’s in control of this cock… and that’s just how you like it isn’t it?”

She started stroking my cock now, feeling it as it grew in her hand.

“It cannot feel as good, when you touch it yourself, can it slave?”

“No Mistress.”

“Not when I dig my nails in like this… you sooooo love how that feels don’t you? While your ass is vulnerable to me as well, you really love that feeling, isn’t that right slave?”

My cock was rock hard now, the pain of her nails digging in only making it harder still, it felt so damn good!

“I think sometimes you deliberately touch yourself, so that you’ll get punished, because you absolutely love being reminded don’t you slave, of how good it feels when I’m in control…”

She moved away and the next thing I heard was the pump of the lube and the slightly cool, slippery feeling as the substance landed between my ass cheeks. A couple of minutes later Mistress had inserted a smallish dildo in my ass before returning her attention to my throbbing cock.

“You love it when something’s in your ass and your cock’s being teased, don’t you slave?”

Indeed I do. The initial penetration may not always be easy, but I generally find it doesn’t take long for that initial discomfort to subside and a much more pleasurable sensation to take it’s place.

“It wouldn’t be this good if you were doing it yourself would it slave?”

I couldn’t argue with that, I was already starting to enjoy the unusual sensation of having something in my asshole, by the time she removed it a good while later I would be hoping for more.

“I sometimes wonder how you’d feel, if somebody else was touching you, while something was in your ass… maybe one day if it pleases me to find out, you will slave…”

That kind of caught me off guard, I must admit…

“That’s certainly making your cock good and hard isn’t it slave, you love it when your cock’s like this, don’t you… I’m in control of it, and that’s just how you like it isn’t it…however much you might sneakily touch it… now, keep that dildo in your ass while I untie you…”

Mistress unhooked the restraints from my cuffs before giving me my next instruction.

“Now slave I want you to turn over onto your back, while keeping that dildo inside your ass.”

I successfully manoeuvred onto my back without letting the dildo slip out and felt Mistress securing my wrists once more before straddling me.

“Now slave, I want you to ask me nicely to take your blindfold off.”

I asked her, with just a hint of pleading in my voice.

“Why would you want me to take it off slave.”

“So I can… see you Mistress.”

“You want to see me do you slave… do you?”

I managed to convince her that I did.

“Very well, close your eyes.”

I felt her peel away the red rubber blindfold and knew that all that was standing between me and the image of my beautiful Mistress was the thickness of my eyelids. Of course I kept them tightly closed as instructed, despite my eagerness to see her gorgeous body.

“Okay, you may open them…”

Mistress was wearing a fairly plain black bra and one of her split leather skirts. The only time she ever wears bright red lipstick is in our sessions and I must admit I do love it on her. Even without the PVC garb she sometimes wears, she looked completely stunning.

“You look gorgeous Mistress.”

“Thank you slave, keep your eyes up…”

She slowly raised the front of her leather skirt and said, “Now you may look at my beautiful pussy slave.”

I must have licked my lips as I feasted my eyes on that which I never tire of seeing, Mistress has a gorgeous pussy, which with her hair kept pretty short affords me a great view of it’s beauty.

“Lick the dildo slave.”

I hadn’t even noticed that she was holding her glass dildo again, but willingly used my tongue to lubricate it for her once more. A few moments later I was allowed to watch as she slid the glass cock between her soft, silky pink lips.

“Watch that dildo… going up inside and getting coated in those beautiful juices… “

You can bet I was watching… I absolutley love watching Mistress pleasure herself, and I so rarely get to see it.

“Ahhh, you so wish that was your cock don’t you slave?”

I did indeed, if only she would allow me inside her.

“Lick it clean slave…”

I licked and sucked the dildo clean, savouring her beautiful taste as I swallowed every drop I could from the translucent cock.

Mistress discarded the dildo and reached down to find my rock hard cock, without a word she pressed the tip against her very wet pussy and bore down until I was fully inside. She rode me for less than half a minute before pulling herself off me and moving up to straddle my face.

“Tongue out slave…”

I can’t tell you just how much I love it when Mistress straddles my face and orders me to lick her, it is just heaven to me, the submissive positioning just adds so much to my enjoyment of her beautiful pussy and I love it even more when she grinds herself against me, especially when she’s really, really wet.

“Feel good slave?”

“You taste amazing Mistress…”

“Thank you slave, is that your favourite taste in the world?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Is it? So you prefer that to the taste of my beautiful ass do you?”

Not exactly, I adore both…

“Only slightly Mistress….”

“I see. I guess my ass is more of a treat for you because you don’t get to taste it that often do you?”

“No Mistress… it’s a special treat.”

“A special treat, yes… only very good slaves are allowed that special treat aren’t they? So do you think a slave who flagrantly disobeyed his Mistress by touching himself for twenty minutes should be allowed that special treat?”

Argh, as much as I probably expected this, I hated that my own weakness was going to be the thing which denied me the pleasure of worshipping Mistress R’s gorgeous ass, unfortunately there was only one possible answer.

“Probably not Mistress.”

“Probably not, then again… if you were to be allowed the possibility of that special treat, you’d probably do anything for it, wouldn’t you?”

Mistress R had moved off my face now and was kneeling next to me on the bed and stroking my cock, as she talked to me she punctuated her comments with random slaps to my cock, which only made it harder.

“Anything that I asked….”

“Yes Mistress.”

“If I told you that in order to earn that special treat, you had to go down on your Mistress and make her cum so hard….. eight times, before you were allowed that treat, you’d agree to that wouldn’t you slave?”

Before I could answer Mistress R tabled an immediate amendment.

“In fact eight times is probably a bit low… probably fifteen times would be better.”

I moaned softly, a combination of the way she was roughly playing with my cock and my appreciation of her domineering attitude.

“And if I said that in order to earn that special treat, you wouldn’t be allowed to cum, for….”

She paused and gazed absentmindedly at the ceiling as if trying to think just how long she wanted me to suffer, before concluding simply that ‘as long as she pleased’ was sufficient.

 “…as long as I say, and when you were allowed to cum, I might just decide to ruin it for you… but in order to get your tongue into that special place, you’d probably agree to that wouldn’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress.” I groaned as my cock pulsed in her hand at the mere suggestion of a ruined orgasm.

I love the thought of her doing that to me, not because of the physical sensation so much, more because I would love her to do it ‘just because she can’. Like being whipped and paddled, it’s not so much the act itself, it’s the fact that it is her that is choosing that action for me.

Even as I struggled to keep my excitement under control Mistress R was straddling me and pressing her gorgeous ass softly against my face, affording me a torturously enticing view of her beautiful pink puckered hole. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to flick my tongue out and just tease it for a second…..

“And what I could do, is allow you a tiny, tiny, tiny taste today… or maybe just allow you near it… so you were near, but you couldn’t actually touch it… you can see it, soooo close…. but not allowed to touch it… maybe that would make you realise how special it actually was… and how only slaves who are very, very good are allowed to have that very special treat.”

She pressed back again as I breathed in her musky scent, utterly complicit in my own torment.

“Oh it must be torture slave, to be sooooooo near, and yet not be allowed to do what you really want to do, which is to just plunge your tongue inside isn’t it slave?”

My cock throbbed as she pressed back once again, her pink rosebud making the slightest contact with my top lip. I could have exploded right there…

“But slaves who can’t obey their Mistress… they don’t deserve special treats do they slave?”

“No Mistress,” I breathed into her ass, fighting off the disappointment of knowing she was not going to allow me to taste her today.

“Still, slave might be allowed a chance of redeeming himself… we’ll see won’t we?”

A glimmer of hope perhaps?

“But he would of course have to agree… to anything and everything his Mistress asked. And not just agreeing and then immediately forgetting… he’d have to prove his devotion, so that she knows he really does appreciate having his Mistress totally in charge.

Mistress moved back to kneeling beside me and started stroking and slapping my cock and balls once again. I love it when she does that.

“After all slave, you touching yourself can’t possibly feel as good as this can it, you know that now don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Do you think you’ll be able to remember that now?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I want you to be able to take yourself right back to this moment and be able to remember how it feels…

“I’ll do anything you want me to Mistress.”

“You will won’t you slave, that’s what I like to hear… otherwise you won’t be allowed in that special place… “

Mistress picked up the small cock-whip and began flogging my cock with it, even using it on my balls a couple of times which I don’t think she’s ever done before, at least not deliberatley!

“Because remember, I can do what I want to this cock, I can lick it, suck it, bite it, crop it, whip it, rub it… whatever I choose slave… that’s right isn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good…. I think it’s time for you to have a think about it slave, to think about how much you really want to obey me. I’ll be back when I’m ready slave… and then I’m going to tell you to go down on me. Understand slave?”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”

Mistress applied a clothes peg to each of my nipples before leaving me to stew in my own juices for several long minutes.

As the minutes ticked by I truly entered that dreamy state that comes from being in this position, I felt my cock gradually soften but a few minutes before Mistress R came back into the room I focussed on remembering the images I have witnessed in the last half an hour and my cock quickly comes back to life, giving Mistress the impression as she walked back into the room that I had been hard the entire time.

“Good slave, have you been thinking about me?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Mistress removed the pegs and untied my wrists.

“Take off your cock ring and then get up on your knees…”

I struggled a little bit getting the cock ring past my rapidly hardening cock, but I managed it and rose onto my knees without losing the dildo from my well-lubed and relaxed ass (I’d almost forgotten it was inside me to tell the truth).

“Ask me to remove the dildo.”

I did as Mistress asked and half hoped as she pulled the dildo out that she might decide to take me on my hands and knees with her strap-on, after twenty minutes or so with the dildo inside me I was fully relaxed and would have loved her to fuck me from behind, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

“So slave, were you thinking about me while I was gone, were you thinking that it’s better for me to be in control than you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

She smiled and climbed onto the bed, moving towards me and pulling my face towards her crotch. I wasn’t exactly sure if I was allowed to lick her pussy at this precise moment, so I settled for a couple of soft kisses and breathing in her wonderful scent.

She lay down and spread her legs, inviting me to lay down inbetween them and pleasure her with my tongue. I willingly and eagerly did so, and I have to say Mistress tasted absolutely gorgeous. She was so hot and wet, my fingers slid easily into her pussy and right from the start she moaned softly as I started to lick her.

This continued for a while until eventually she groaned a few times, and then bucked wildly against my tongue. Listening back to that moment on the recording is something I will never get tired of hearing, for me it is the most beautiful sound I could ever hear. After a few seconds she stopped writhing and told me how good it was, then almost whispered, “Thank you slave.”

“Thank you Mistress.” I responded.

I always thank her for allowing me to lick her to orgasm, in a way that I’m sure she would never dream of doing…

“Kneel up slave… “

Mistress slipped out from under me as I viewed the small slick of pussy juice which remained on the PVC sheet.

“Clean up the sheet slave…”

I bent down and licked up every last drop, I love the taste of her pussy, even from a plastic sheet.

“Is that clean slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Get up on your knees then slave…”

Mistress climbed onto the bed once again and turned away from me.

“Good slave, now you can lick me clean, but you are not allowed to lick my ass…. just concentrate on getting every last drop of that beautiful pussy juice.”

I craned my neck between her thighs to get as much as I could, finally using my fingers to retrieve the drops that my tongue just couldn’t reach. She turned to face me and allowed me to lick around her pussy, she  tasted magnificent, it’s the only word I can use to describe it.

Mistress ordered me onto my back and secured my wrists once more before straddling me and exposing her asshole to me by pulling her cheeks apart with one hand, the other stroking my cock until it was as hard as a rock.

“Good slave… but I still don’t think that you’ve done enough to be allowed to lick that special place, not this time slave. You need to be thinking about it slave, and when you are tempted… so close… you’ll know not to touch yourself without my permission won’t you?”

Mistress slapped my cock and balls once again, bringing me closer to the edge, though I was still in well in control.

“Because it’s never going to feel as good as this is it slave?”

“No Mistress.”

“I want you to remember slave, when you’re tempted to touch yourself, remember to ask me… I may not give you permission, but I may… and if I do… you will touch yourself while I’m watching. I say when you can touch your cock, understand slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

She slapped my cock a few more times and gave my balls one hefty slap for good measure, before abruptly bringing the session to a close.

“End of session.”

“Thank you Mistress, thank you… thank you.”

I lay panting for a few seconds until Mistress lay down on the bed next to me and I pressed myself against her, hugging her passionately and telling her how amazing it had been. After the last few weeks, we both really needed this session to be good, and it was more than that, much, much more… it was utterly fantastic. I am such a lucky man to have such a wonderful, sexy and beautiful wife as my divine Mistress R.