Femdom Session 12th August 2012…

When I slipped into the Oxballs Cocksling this morning, I couldn’t help but notice how massive my balls looked. I mean I know it’s all bollocks, the whole huge load = huge balls thing, but with 38 days of cum trapped in my nuts they sure looked big to me! Despite the proximity to a new record I have been wanting to cum for about a week now, I mean records are all very well, but this isn’t about records, this is about me and Mistress R and her allowing me to cum when it pleases her. And knowing that I was close to a new record made me nervous that Mistress R would make me wait until Friday just so I could break the record… I don’t know why I thought that exactly since Mistress R is also of the same opinion that this really isn’t about setting records. But anyway…

Regular readers will know my cock has been playing up a little bit lately, so I was glad of the Oxballs Cocksling, although in the end I needn’t have worried too much. Mistress R entered the room and immediately had me on my hands and knees, questioning me as to whether I had obeyed her instructions this month. I told her I had but she still decided to whip me a few times, well… we both knew that my not touching was far more to do with whether she would allow me to lick her ass than avoiding the whip anyway.
I was not told to blindfold myself at the start of the session for once, and after my whipping Mistress retrieved her favourite glass dildo from the bedside table and before she even got on the bed she had me suck and lick it for her. Then she was on the bed and telling me to begin worshipping her right foot, as I did I glanced up to see her laying back, propped up on her left elbow rubbing her pussy with her right index finger, I only got to see this for a few seconds before she told me to keep my eyes down and on her feet. I love her feet, they are so beautiful and sexy (and freshly manicured too!) but I love watching her touch her pussy like that and I hate that I have to keep my eyes down… I guess she knows that all too well.
I continued to worship her foot until she thrust the dildo in my face again and has me lick and suck it and prepare it for her once more. As she started to ease it inside her pussy, Mistress again taunted me that it was her dildo and not my cock that was inside her, and a few minutes later she had me clean her juices off the glass cock.
She told me to switch feet and as I kissed and sucked her pretty painted toes she continued fucking herself with the glass dildo, musing on the load contained in my seemingly swollen balls.
“Thirty eight days of cum then slave… I bet you’d agree to lick that from anywhere I wanted if I let you cum wouldn’t you?”
“Yes Mistress,” I responded, desperately hoping that she would indeed let me cum.
“I bet you’d lick it off my ass wouldn’t you, if I let you…. or my back or my stomach, maybe off my feet or my thighs, or even off my beautiful breasts?”
I told her that I would gladly lick it up from anywhere she wanted me to.
“Or maybe even off the sheet…”
I wasn’t so keen on that, since I would much rather lick it off Mistress’s skin, any part of Mistress would be better than the sheet, but I loved the fact that she considered it an option and in a twisted way I hope she will one day make me do that, because it would feel even more submissive that way since it will be less pleasurable for me and even more about her power and control…
My cock was hard inside the cocksling now as I continued worshipping Mistress’s beautiful toes, my mind contemplating the possible outcome of the session, and where I might be made to lick up my cum from. She allowed me to continue a while longer before ordering me on to the bed and restraining me at each corner.
She mounted my face and I tasted her pussy properly for the first time, my cock immediately started to engorge once again as I thrust my tongue inside her and enjoyed her beautiful scent as it filled my nostrils. Mistress R lifted off and then reached down to grab my throbbing cock, she eased down on it and rode it for just a few seconds before lifting off and leaving me aching in frustration. She knelt at my  side and began stroking and slapping it, reminding me that she owns my cock and that she can do whatever she pleases with it.
She straddled my face again and groaned as I used my tongue to lap at her gorgeous pussy, she was getting wetter by the minute and soon she was hovering over my cock, rubbing the tip against her pussy and clit, all the while reminding me that essentially my cock is just a dildo for her pleasure and that any pleasure I might get from anything she chooses to do with it is a secondary consideration. 
Soon she was by my side again, this time she had the small cock whip and she gave my cock and balls a few swats with it before slapping my cock and balls with her hand.
She then blindfolded me before mounting my face again and now she was really soaking wet, I wish she would have just stayed right there all day but a moment later she was standing over me facing my feet explaining to me how she was peeling her ass cheeks apart right in front of me and that if I wasn’t blindfolded I would be able to see her gorgeous asshole. Then she sank down on my face and pressed her ass right against my mouth and nose, taunting me with the fact that I wasn’t allowed to lick her as without her permission. My cock throbbed and ached as she stroked it, and she told me I was so good for keeping my hands off my cock and that it made her very happy to hear. Then she said that maybe she might even let me touch my cock later in the session, under her supervision, and this, taken with her earlier comments was to fuel my mid-session fantasies.
After pushing a dildo up my ass and pegging my nipples, Mistress R left me to stew for a few minutes. My cock was ridiculously hard, I could just catch a glimpse of it through the edge of the blindfold and it looked as big and hard and red as I’d ever seen it, I almost wish Mistress R would have taken a photo of it, it really looked rather impressive!
As I lay there quietly, my mind was running wild… where would she let me cum, would she have me jerk myself off onto some part of her body, it’s been so long (years) since I was allowed to do that… maybe she would permit me to cum on her gorgeous ass and lick it all off, and maybe then she would allow me to lick her asshole at the same time, or maybe she really was intending to make me jerk my cock onto the sheet after all? Maybe she might even order me to ruin my own long awaited orgasm…. I didn’t even notice the dildo in my ass or the pegs on my nipples I was consumed by my thoughts until Mistress R returned and removed the dildo, the blindfold and pegs and then untied me and had me remove the Oxballs Cocksling (I was quite glad actually because my balls were starting to burn).
She told me to kneel on the bed and then peeled down her leather skirt to reveal her gorgeous pussy. She pulled my head forward and told me to breathe in her scent. I breathed deeply and couldn’t wait to taste her and make her cum. Fortunately Mistress R then lay on the bed, gently flicking my cock with her foot, and then told me to eat her pussy until she came.
I always find it a little difficult to get started in our Femdom sessions because I’m more used to eating Mistress R’s pussy from ‘cold’, but in the sessions she’s already turned on and while I don’t want to go too fast too quick I don’t want to be too slow either. Nevertheless I obviously managed to find a happy medium and a while later Mistress R had a quite explosive orgasm which at once surprised and delighted me. Needless to say it delighted her too, and after a few moments she stood up in front of me on the bed and had me lick all the pussy juice from around her wet slit. I eagerly devoured every drop and she turned round and told me to lick her clean. I was excited to discover that the backs and insides of her legs and her ass were absolutely drenched in pussy juice, it was literally dripping down her legs to her calves, it was so fucking hot!
I licked every single drop I could find up before Mistress had me lie down once again and resecured me to the bed.
She stood over me and invited me to look at her beautiful ‘just-cum’ pussy, using her fingers to open it slightly, it looked so delicious, I just wanted to eat it some more. Then she told me that she was very pleased with me and also told me that she was going to be kind to me and not blindfold me again so that I could see her beautiful asshole as she stood over me. She started playing with my cock and to my relief it got nice and hard even without the Cocksling. She started teasing me with her ass again and then told me that she was so pleased with me she was going to allow me to lick it. I pressed my tongue against her hole and tasted the wonderful musk of her ass as she started pumping my cock harder and faster, she kept taking her ass away from my tongue and then letting me tongue it for just a few seconds at a time before telling me to just stick my tongue out and let her push against it.
She was just telling me that she was going to allow me to cum and that I would have to cum before she counted to ten when I realised that I was getting extremely close and no sooner had she started counting than I felt my body jerk and my cum start to spurt from my cock. It seemed to go on a long time, my body jerked and jerked as Mistress pumped my cock hard and fast, spraying my cum everywhere.
She relented and I collapsed back on the bed breathing hard, within seconds her fingers were at my mouth, feeding me my cum, then she turned her hand over and made me lick more cum off of it and then she scooped up another three portions from various parts of my body and the PVC sheet. I gladly swallowed it all before she stood over me one more time to show me her beautiful pussy and then called an end to the session.