Femdom Session 16th September 2012…

Going in to this session I was not in the right mindset at all, for a start I hadn’t written my notes for Mistress R from the previous session so I ended up rushing them on the morning of the session, and on top of that Mistress R left me instructions to wear a leather cock-ring which I haven’t worn for months, probably couldn’t get on last time because my balls don’t hang low enough and when I picked it up I couldn’t even work out how it was supposed to fit. All this was not getting me into a nice relaxed frame of mind which would allow me to slip easily into sub-space, in fact right before the session started I was seriously thinking about not doing it because I thought it was going to be a complete and utter disaster. Thankfully, when the session started (with me now wearing the more usual rubber cock ring instead of the bloody useless leather one) things took a dramatic turn for the better!
As soon as she came into the room Mistress R stood in front of me, lifted her foot and had me kiss it. As soon as I bent forward to kiss her foot it was like a switch was thrown and I was right where I needed to be, it was quite amazing. My cock immediately hardened without even being touched and after a couple of minutes of foot worship Mistress R fetched her little cock whip and started beating my cock until it was even harder than before. Then she had me on my hands and knees and disciplined me for a few very minor touching infractions with eleven strokes of the whip (number five caught my balls between my legs you’ll be pleased to hear!) and then the foot worship really started.
Mistress climbed onto the bed and I was instructed to worship her beautiful feet with my mouth and to keep my eyes down while I was doing it. I could hear Mistress using first her fingers and then her favourite glass dildo, and inbetween kissing her feet and sucking her toes I was allowed to taste Mistress’s beautiful pussy from her fingers and then the dildo. My cock remained completely rigid the whole time and this was only assisted by Mistress’s musings as to what she might do for the rest of the session.
Perhaps, she wondered, she might have me worship her feet, then her pussy, then her feet and then if I was really good, maybe her ass… and inbetween times, maybe she wouldn’t even touch my cock once. She asked me how I would feel about that, I told her that if that was what would please her then that would be all that mattered. Of course that’s not really what I ‘want’, but it totally turns me on to think that she might do that one day. I love the way Mistress keeps dropping things like that in each session, letting me know that she’s at least thinking about being ever more evil… needless to say my cock was throbbing just thinking about being allowed to worship her delicious asshole.
Eventually Mistress called a halt and had me up on the bed, tied at each corner while she sat on my face, my cock ignored but looking and feeling huge. I eagerly licked her gorgeous pussy and then she knelt beside me, telling me that maybe she would just give me some short but very intense teasing… she dug her nails into my cock and started jerking me before straddling my face again and having me lick her some more.
Mistress then blindfolded me and set about slapping and whipping my cock and balls some more before climbing back on my face for a third time. Hurting my cock was obviously really starting to turn her on as this time she was dripping wet. I licked and swallowed her beautiful pussy juices and then she slid down me and impaled herself on my cock. It felt so good to be inside her, but it lasted barely half a minute before she was off again. Next she was fucking herself with her dildo again and then she turned round and started taunting me, telling me that she was peeling her ass cheeks apart and that if I wasn’t blindfolded I would be able to see her gorgeous pink hole.
As I groaned in frustration she slowly stroked my granite hard cock and sank down so that her asshole was pressed right against my lips. She did this several times, torturing me with the heat and scent of her gorgeous ass as she mused aloud on what I might have to give up for the opportunity to taste her tight hole. Maybe another three weeks before I cum, four if she took the blindfold off…
Then Mistress decided I needed something up my ass, she quickly lubed up and inserted the smallest of our dildos then set about teasing my cock with a small vibrator. It felt amazing when she pressed it between my ass and balls, and on some parts of my cock, but on the head I could hardly feel it.
Soon she removed the dildo and told me I needed something bigger, this confused me a little and I started to get a little nervous that she was going to fuck me with the bigger spare dildo from our strap-on, thankfully she didn’t (cos it’s too fucking big for me!) and what I initially thought she’d done was pressed the tip of her favourite glass dildo into me. This wasn’t all that crazy an idea as Mistress R once fucked me with it when she got confused holding her glass dildo in one hand and a glass butt plug in the other – it felt nice too! After the session I established that she’d actually used that same glass butt plug on me this time, I’m not sure how far she pressed it in, but it only really felt like a couple of inches… a shame as she was stroking my cock at the same time and I wanted much more, it felt fucking brilliant, I can certainly see why being strap-on’d and jerked off at the same time would be nice.
All too soon, Mistress withdrew the glass plug and attached clothes pegs to my nipples (bloody useless, definitely going to get some proper nipple clips) before leaving me alone, tied down with my cock throbbing as I waited for her to return so that I could lick her pussy and make her cum.
When she returned she straddled and stood over me before taking off my blindfold, at first she told me to keep my eyes closed and then when she allowed me to open them I looked up at her naked except for a leather corset type-thing which hid her beautiful breasts from view. She removed the pegs and told me to remove my cock ring, a bead of pre-cum trickling from the tip of my cock as I did so. Then she lay back on the bed and told me to make her cum.
Mistress was still very wet and she smelled gorgeous, but I resisted the temptation to dive in and kissed all around her beautiful pussy before slowly starting to lick her wet, slippery lips. I love licking pussy, I really do, I honestly wish I could lick Mistress R’s pussy every single night, and more than that I love making her cum really hard. After a while I was a little unsure where Mistress R was in relation to her orgasm, when suddenly she bucked hard and I scrambled forward to lick her clit as she came. Mistress bucked several times and eventually I ended up laying flat on the bed, my eyes just inches from Mistress R’s beautiful, wet pussy. I love looking at Mistress’s pussy when she has just cum, I think it is absolutely gorgeous. Mistress commented on my adoration before standing on the bed in front of me and having me up on my knees licking every trace off pussy juice from her thighs, front and back (I love it when she does that!).
After that she had me lick the sheet and my fingers clean and then re-tied me on my back. She stood over me again and bent down to stroke my cock, which was once again rock hard (even without the cock ring). She told me that I had a decision to make… that I could either chose an unspecified period of hard stroking and stimulation which she made clear may or may not be long enough to make me cum, or I could worship her ass. But if I chose to worship her ass, she would not tease me any more today.
Without hesitation I chose to worship her gorgeous asshole, I love licking her ass and it is very rare that I am allowed to lick it out of our sessions, so any chance I get, I take it! Mistress R seemed a little amused that I would chose to lick her ass, even if it meant missing out on a chance to cum. Even as she lowered her ass to my face she still couldn’t resist gently tracing her fingertip along my aching cock as I strained to bend my neck so that I could lick her asshole.
I loved it, but the position was all wrong and my head eventually sank back onto the pillow in frustration. Mistress R asked if I’d had enough, and I explained that I just couldn’t reach and she moved back to accommodate me. She allowed me a little more time to worship her ass, though of course it’s never ever enough (especially when half of the time was really uncomfortable), and all too soon she climbed off and knelt beside me once more. She grabbed my cock at the base and then used her other hand to slap it hard six or seven times, she said it was a little ‘bonus’ for me. Well, everyone likes a little bonus don’t they? I certainly did. 🙂
The session ended then and unusually I snapped right out of my subspace as quick as I had snapped into it. Which I really didn’t like. Usually after a session I feel really mellow and content for at least half an hour as I gradually ease myself back into reality, but today it really sucked…in fact it was not unlike being turned out of a pub by a surly bouncer bang on closing time when you’ve just bought a drink!
A shame because the session was absolutely fantastic and it was certainly no reflection on Mistress R who excelled herself in the verbal department yet again. It was just weird… at least I made Mistress cum and after the session she told me it had been really fantastic for her, which made me feel a lot better.
On the upside we have decided that we will be having our next session in just three weeks time, since if you’re not careful every time you move the session back a week eventually you miss out on one. I can’t wait for that, I wonder if I will get to cum between now and then… I certainly wouldn’t bet on it!