Femdom Session 7th October 2012…

As those of you have been reading my blog this week may know, Mistress R and I have been on holiday  from work, and what better way to finish a week off work than with a Femdom Session?
I must admit at the start of the week I was a little sceptical, a week off work could mean too much to eat and drink and too many late nights, but I’m very happy to say that we kept ourselves somewhat more in check than usual and as such we reaped the benefits of our comparative restraint!
Incidentally, before I go any further, I would just like to say that Mistress R has just read my ‘Krisproll‘ fantasy and found it most amusing…
Usually before a session Mistress R informs me what she wants me to wear by ticking boxes on a list I print out for her, the list starts with wrist and ankle cuffs, which are pretty much a given and then includes the Oxballs Cocksling, a rubber cock ring, a leather cock and ball splitter (which is pretty hopeless), my CB3000, and a buttplug if I’m not mistaken! When I compiled this list (some time ago now it must be said) I also included an option to ‘Surprise Me’. I don’t know how many years Mistress has been filling in this list but for some reason today was the first time she has ever ticked ‘Surprise Me’.
This caught me off guard a little, as I simply wasn’t expecting it… I was of course tempted to brush the dust off my CB3000, but knowing that Mistress R doesn’t like it and knowing that I haven’t even tried to put it on for at least a year (and not having unlimited time to fuck about with it) I decided to leave it well alone. Maybe some might see that as a lost opportunity, but I have no regrets.
I toyed with the idea of trying the irritating leather cock and ball divider, which is great until my balls slip back through the gaps and then it becomes a pointless decoration. Not wanting to resort to the Oxballs or the standard rubber cock ring (excellent though they both are) I was left with two options. Well actually, that’s not strictly true… I was also toying with the idea of starting the session with my black buttplug in place, but I wasn’t sure if that was within the ‘remit’ of the surprise me option. I guess I should have established that beforehand, but I decided it was probably better to play safe and so it came down to a metal cock ring that I haven’t used for many years and the leather ball splitter I reviewed on this very site a year ago and haven’t used since. I remembered the leather ball splitter being rather good and eagerly slipped it on.
The ball splitter is very sturdy and unlike the other leather cock ring/ball splitter I own you don’t get the feeling that it’s about break apart at any moment (which is always good!). So decision made, I waited kneeling as always for Mistress to enter the bedroom with my cuffs and the leather ball splitter in place.
When Mistress entered she noted my choice and scraped her toe nails along the underside of my very tight balls, commenting on how very tight it looked and how red and angry my cock and balls looked already. Mistress then established that I had been keeping my hands off and delivered a cursory ‘reminder’ punishment of nine strokes of the cat to remind me, before moving onto the bed and telling me to start worshipping her feet.
I eagerly began kissing her beautiful feet, sneaking a peek at Mistress R’s beautiful pussy as I did so. Mistress noticed of course and warned me to keep my eyes only on her feet until she told me otherwise. I love worshipping Mistress R’s beautiful feet and as Mistress began talking to me as her ‘slave’ I felt my cock harden inside the leather device. I was so fucking hard, and Mistress R was making me harder by the second, telling me how my cock and balls were hers and how she loved using my cock just like a dildo…
Soon I could hear Mistress using her real dildo to pleasure herself, and before long it was inside her. Not long after it was being offered to my lips for cleaning, which I eagerly undertook, revelling in the taste of her delicious juices.
Mistress continued her verbal teasing as I worshipped her other foot before having me lay back on the bed and securing me at each corner. As Mistress mounted my face and I greedily devoured her beautiful pussy my cock felt like it would explode at any second. I was so unbelievably hard in that thing and Mistress soon took to punishing my cock and balls with her hand and her cock whip.
When I winced as she brought the cock whip down across my balls she said, “What’s the matter, is it too much?”
To which I replied “No Mistress.”
“Good,” she said. “Because you can tell me if it is…. only, you can’t keep changing your mind about whether you want me to play with your balls or not.”
God, I so loved that she said that, it was so hot hearing her using my fantasies against me.
She then spent the next ten or fifteen minutes I guess, alternating between having me lick her pussy as she sat on my face, slapping and whipping my cock and sliding just the tip of my cock inside her very wet pussy.
My cock was so red and hard that Mistress asked me several times if I needed her to remove the ball splitter but I told her it was fine. It didn’t help me hold back my orgasm much though and as Mistress finally allowed me to penetrate her properly I was struggling quite bit. She looked so incredibly beautiful then, looking down at me with a somewhat amused look about her as she rode my aching, throbbing, tightly restrained cock… what I wouldn’t give for a photograph of her in that moment, sigh…
Just to complete the moment, as she pulled herself off me and my dripping wet cock slipped helplessly out of her she reminded me that it was nothing more than a dildo to be used solely for her pleasure.
Oh my fucking God… so HOT!
She knelt beside me and slapped my cock and balls some more (when I am really turned on I absolutely love having my balls slapped) before standing over me and taunting me with the sight of her gorgeous pink asshole, pulling her cheeks apart so that I could get a really good look before sinking down onto my face so that I could breath in her beautiful musky scent. As you can imagine my cock could have hammered in a fence post by now, and after teasing me for a while like this she finally relented and allowed me to very briefly taste her asshole, suggesting that I might be allowed more later. Then she attached clothes pegs to my nipples and left me alone for a while, my tightly bound cock still throbbing and bobbing in the air.
When she returned she had removed her leather skirt and was naked except for her black bra and her special key pendant. She looked so sexy as she moved around the bed, I couldn’t wait to taste her again and make her cum. She removed the pegs and then undid my restraints, before ordering me to remove the leather balls splitter.
Then she had me on my knees and slid onto the bed in my place, leaning back against the pillows and telling me that it was time to make her cum. I kissed my way up the insides of her silky smooth thighs (I LOVE Mistress’s legs, and I especially love her inner thighs they are just so beautiful and sexy) until I came to her gorgeous pussy. I could spend hours worshipping Mistress’s pussy and I cherish every single second that I get to worship it, it tastes soooooooo good.
I wasn’t quite relaxed though, somehow I didn’t seem to be in quite the right place and I was very concerned that I wasn’t hitting the right angle and no amount of fidgeting seemed to correct it. Thankfully, it wasn’t too serious a problem as Mistress came and drenched my chin with her pussy juices. It was such an erotic moment, clinging to her as she writhed on the bed, licking her until she finally pushed my head away… my face was soaked and I absolutely LOVED it!
After a few moments she got up on the bed and had me lick her juices up as they dripped down her thighs, before having me lick my fingers and the PVC sheet clean.
Then she tied me on my back again before grabbing my cock and slapping it back to full hardness. Even without the leather ball splitter my cock felt huge and it became even harder when she straddled my head and I looked up to see her pussy still absolutely dripping wet. As much as I wanted to tongue her asshole, which I assumed was what was about to happen, I simply couldn’t let that pussy juice go to waste and I begged Mistress R to allow me to lick her clean.
Mistress said that she thought I would have had enough pussy juice by now, though she knows well enough that I can never had enough pussy juice. She graciously allowed me to suck her pussy clean twice as she slapped and stroked my aching cock and I wondered if she would make me choose between worshipping her ass or cumming again, but no, instead she told me that she was going to allow me to worship her ass and then sank down onto my face.
I loved every second of it, of course, and my cock was really aching now, especially since Mistress R continued to stroke and slap it as I feasted on her asshole. Then she knelt beside me again and looked down at me, teasing my cock and balls with that slightly amused smile on her face once more.
“You’ve pleased me today…” she said. My cock throbbed in anticipation and I licked my lips, hopeful that she might be about to allow me to cum before feeding it to me like the little cumslut I am.
“…but I’m not going to let you cum today.”
I felt my back arching, pushing my cock higher as if begging for attention and crucially release.
“You can handle that, can’t you?”
I didn’t want to handle it, of course… I wanted her to jerk me hard and make me cum. But if it pleased Mistress to leave me horny and frustrated then that’s what I truly wanted.
“Of course I can Mistress,” I replied.

I love that Mistress R is so settled into her role now, I love that she seems to take amusement from my frustration and my struggling not to cum when she’s riding my cock. I love that I don’t have to worry about what I type on my blog now, because in the past I would sometimes be wary of typing certain things in case they made her uncomfortable with being ‘mean’ and denying me release. I don’t feel the need to do that anymore. I love that she is getting more and more comfortable with being ‘mean’ and telling me that I ‘can’t keep changing my mind about whether she can play with my balls or not’ was such a wonderful thing to hear, the fact that she’s telling me it’s her way or nothing is just incredibly hot. I love it when she talks to me like that, I just want her to become more and more evil, I just love it!
She looked so beautiful and sexy today and I can’t imagine not being with her forever, she is absolutely everything to me, I truly adore her and I honestly hope she spends the rest of our lives together deciding when, how, where and indeed if I get to cum… and enjoying my tongue of course. Oh yes.