Femdom session at last…

Sunday finally arrived and I was somewhat apprehensive to be honest. Our last session was in November and since then various factors (mostly illness) had prevented us from partaking. Of course we could have, but Mistress and I have always been of the opinion that it’s better to go into it feeling good, since we both think it’s important for the sessions to always be positive experiences. So why was I apprehensive? Just good old fashioned nerves I think, something which was born out by the fact that as the session got nearer my cock seemed less inclined to get hard than it has for weeks…
Come Sunday morning I wasn’t feeling that good, but I was buggered if I was going to put it off again, and I (rightly) assumed that once underway I would feel better and would relax into it. Thankfully this proved to be true (as usual), and by the end of the fifteen minutes spent worshipping Mistress R’s feet I was feeling very relaxed and aroused.
But before that Mistress deemed it necessary to punish me somewhat for my transgressions over the last two months. See, I’m not making excuses, but without the session, it kind of felt like I could touch my cock whenever I wanted and after a while it got so that I didn’t even know how many times I’d done it, truth be told I kind of forgot that I wasn’t supposed to touch it, or perhaps chose to forget would be more accurate, since I chose to remember that I wasn’t supposed to make myself cum (and I didn’t).
Well that earned me eleven stingy strokes of the cat, followed by eight really stingy slaps with the paddle, which was pretty lenient I suppose, but I for one was glad when it stopped (not being a pain slut). Having sought assurance from me that I would endeavour to follow the rules in future, Mistress mounted the bed and instructed me to begin worshipping her beautiful feet.

I know how much you love to worship my feet slave, perhaps it will take your mind off how desperately you want me to touch your cock. Because if you don’t please me by worshipping my feet, then I won’t touch your cock. Do you understand that slave? I might flick it with the whip now and again, but the serious teasing will only happen if I decide to do it… if I’m happy with what you’re doing to my feet slave, do you understand?

I greedily sucked on Mistress’s toes, and kissed all over the soft skin of her instep before kissing the sides and soles of her beautiful feet, glancing upwards at her gorgeous naked pussy just a couple of feet away.

Keep your eyes on my feet!

I lowered my eyes and continued to pleasure Mistress’s feet with my lips and tongue while she teased me from above.

I’ll tell you what I’m doing now slave, I’m just starting to touch my beautiful pussy, in fact… open your mouth.”

I raised my head and opened my mouth to suck on her finger, the first taste of pussy just discernible.

That’s it, get my finger nice and wet… your first taste of pussy, I know you crave that taste even more than you crave touching your own cock, isn’t that right?

Yes Mistress.”

I continued to worship her feet as she played with her pussy.

Just starting to get my beautiful pussy nice and wet now slave… I know how much you crave the taste, the scent and the feel of that… how you long to plunge your tongue inside, and lick and taste it, isn’t that right slave? Even though your trying to concentrate on my beautiful feet, you’re really thinking about how you want to taste my pussy aren’t you?

How could I not be, as much as I adore being allowed to worship Mistress’s feet, they can’t hope to compete with her delicious pussy.

Even though you tasted my pussy four days in a row last week, it’s never enough for you is it? If I demanded that you ate my beautiful pussy every single day for a week you’d do so wouldn’t you slave?

“Yes Mistress.”

In fact, I wouldn’t even need to put any pressure on you would I, because you’d want to do it, wouldn’t you?

Well there’s no doubt about that, I never get tired of the taste of Mistress’s pussy and making her cum. I continued to worship her feet as she teased me some more and then she had me suck on her glass dildo for her, and get it nice and wet for her pussy. She described to me how she was rubbing it against her pussy then said…

This is just how I would use your cock if it pleased me, just did with it what I wanted… and used it for my pleasure, regardless of what you wanted to do. You’d absolutely love that wouldn’t you slave? And if I decided to slap it hard to get it even harder… if I wanted to tease and bite and pinch and scratch that cock, just to get it as hard and red as I wanted it, then use it just like this dildo… rub it around my pussy, and do just exactly what I wanted to do for my pleasure… all the time, even though you didn’t have a choice, you’d be absolutely loving it wouldn’t you?

Even if I rode that cock until you were just on the edge of coming, and then stopped… even if I told you to rub yourself until you were nearly about to cum and then stopped you… you’d wait for your pleasure until I decided you were ready.

Mistress offered the glass dildo to my mouth again and I willingly sucked it into my mouth, savouring the taste of her delicious pussy off it.

That’s right slave, suck that cock… if I told you to suck another cock to get it hard for my pussy, you would wouldn’t you slave?

Yes Mistress.

Well, for the moment, I’ll just continue using this dildo and your cock as a dildo whenever I choose. Understand slave, because what pleases me and pleases my pussy, is what pleases you, isn’t that right?

Mistress had the dildo deep inside her hole now…

Mmmm, that feels so good inside of me… your tongue will be there soon, if you’re lucky… and if it pleases me. Or maybe I’ll just tie you to the bed and use your cock as it pleases me…

Have you had enough of worshipping my feet yet slave?

It’s not for me to say Mistress.

That’s right, good answer… it’s for ME to say isn’t it.”

Mistress had me worship her feet a little while longer and then had me climb on the bed on all fours. She delivered another six stingy slaps with the paddle and then had me lay on my back and restrained my wrists and ankles before straddling my face. She looked stunning in my favourite PVC top (the one in the colour photo I posted the other day) and split PVC skirt, but I only got to take in her beauty for a moment before she sank herself down and ordered me to stick my tongue out.

You love it when I grind my beautiful pussy into your face don’t you slave… and then move so that you tongue is really close to my ass...”

Mistress and I both groaned with pleasure as she rode my tongue and I started to swirl it against her clit.

Just stick your tongue out slave, that’s all you’re required to do at the moment.”

She slid down my body and grabbed my now hard cock (firmly gripped by my Oxballs Cocksling), guiding the head inbetween her lips and taking just a couple of inches into her warm, wet pussy. All the time taunting me about how much better it feels when she touches my cock and balls, and how I should remember that in future.

She continued to tease me relentlessly before standing up over me and pulling her cheeks apart to show me her gorgeous asshole. She slapped my cock and balls and then commented on the nice red colour they were turning.

Do you love being allowed to see my ass slave, do you crave being close to it just like you crave the scent and taste of my pussy?

She continued to stroke my cock, which was rock hard now.

That makes your cock hard doesn’t it… When you’re lying next to me at night do you sometimes wish you could just grind yourself into my ass, or just slide down the bed and press your face close to it? Do you sometimes dream about doing that slave? Maybe even daring to slip your tongue inside, just to get that forbidden secret taste…you crave it just as much as you crave the taste of my pussy, isn’t that right slave?

Yes Mistress.”

She sank onto my face once again and ordered my tongue out, I held it still this time and allowed her to use it just like she uses my cock, just for her pleasure. She moved down the bed again and slipped my cock inside her riding it for a while before standing up, turning round and exposing her ass to me again.

You love my ass don’t you slave… if I told you that as well as my pussy I wanted you to worship my ass, you’d do that would you slave? If I just told you to kneel down while you watched me pull my beautiful cheeks apart and told you to get your tongue ready… would you do that slave?

Oh yes Mistress.

Would that make your cock hard, it would wouldn’t it… you totally love the thought of that don’t you slave?

Yes Mistress I’d lick your beautiful ass whenever you wanted me to.

Would you, even if it was totally out of the blue… even if you hadn’t had a chance to think about it, or what about if I sent you an email, and that email had a secret code in it, and that code meant that some time that evening I was going to expose my beautiful ass to you and tell you to get your tongue ready and to plunge it inside… would that mean you were thinking about it all day slave?

What about if I told you you had to worship my pussy, then worship my pussy and then worship my pussy again, would you do that slave...”

Willingly Mistress.”

Hmmm, but then… mabe we don’t want to be doing it too often. Maybe it would lose it’s appeal…

No it won’t Mistress.

Are you sure?

Yes Mistress.

Yes, you’d love it wouldn’t you?

Yes Mistress.

Mistress then spent a good few minutes roughly stroking and tormenting my cock until I was about ready to explode. Then she untied my restraints (and cocksling) and laid back on the bed in front of me and told me to go down on her. I never tire of this and loved every second of it, although after a little while I became a little concerned that it wasn’t working, when right out of the blue Mistress bucked wildly and came really, really fucking hard! God I love it when she cums like that, I really do.

After a couple of minutes breather she stood up and had me lick all the pussy juice off her legs and ass and then the PVC sheet, before ordering me onto my back once more and restraining me again. She stood over me on the bed, giving me a perfect view of her perfect ass.

Now, your cock needs to get hard… understand slave?

She sank down so that her ass was right up against my mouth and nose, almost daring me to lick it without permission and my cock got harder and harder every second as she stroked it.

Tongue out slave, you may worship my ass.

I pushed my tongue into her asshole, savouring the musky scent and taste that I’ve been waiting so long for and my cock almost exploded in her hand, but I just about managed to keep control.

I know how much you crave that slave, just as much as you crave pussy juice….”

She was pushing back against my tongue now, allowing me to force it a little deeper, and making my cock pulse ever harder. I was in absolute heaven right then. She pulled her ass away and started to beat my cock faster and harder…

Now slave, I am going to grant you permission to cum, but you have to promise to eat all your cum up afterwards… are you happy to do that slave?

Yes Mistress.

Of course you are…

Mistress gave my cock a few hard slaps, before grabbing it and pumping it some more, driving me closer and closer to the edge.

And of course, you have to cum… before I count to ten.”

Mistress started to count and lowered her ass to my tongue once more, as I started to tongue her asshole I could feel myself starting to cum.

One, two, three, four…. You love it when I allow you to plunge your tongue into my ass don’t you slave...”

I felt myself starting to spasm as she pumped my cock hard and fast, spraying fifteen days of cum onto my thighs and over her slender fingers. It felt fucking amazing.

Of course as soon as I stopped cumming Mistress pushed her fingers towards my mouth and I licked them clean before she scooped up glob after glob of cum, it seemed a hell of a lot but I swallowed it all before she released my restraints and finished the session.

I cannot wait for the next time and we will be going all out to make sure we maintain our four weekly schedule in future! I guess on the face of it, it was a pretty basic session, I didn’t have to suck Mistress’s strap-on or take anything in my ass, I didn’t even get blindfolded or pegs on my nipples. But it was so good to reconnect on this level, and it wasn’t until after the session finished that I realised just how much I had missed it.

Also, I have to say, I really, really, really hope Mistress does start having me worship her ass like she said, whenever she wants it… even if it doesn’t lead to anything else, to have her just order me to worship her ass for a few minutes just because she can…. I would absolutely LOVE IT!