Femdom Session 28th April 2013…

This has been an exceptionally tough week for both Mistress R and I for reasons that I’m not going to get into here (though Mistress R has asked that I mention that it is nothing to do with our relationship), suffice it to say that we were in two minds about whether to have our session today, but in the end we are both really glad we did.
This post really starts last night, or rather early this morning perhaps. I went to bed quite late and Mistress R followed a little while later. When I heard her get into bed I turned over and cuddled her, before kissing her breasts and squeezing her gorgeous ass. My cock was like steel but Mistress made no move to touch it… eventually she turned over and I snuggled against her with my cock pressed against her ass and my hand wrapped over her stroking her mound. I honestly thought I was going to cum, it’s unusual for me to get so worked up without any stimulation but this was one of those times and it was exhilarating and at the same time scary.
I whispered to Mistress R that I was so close I thought I would explode, she said, “No, you have to save it for tomorrow!”. I reluctantly kissed her shoulder and turned over, it was the only possible course of action. Thankfully I got to sleep pretty quick and the cum stayed in my balls.
This morning’s session began as always with me on my knees and with my ankle and wrist cuffs in place. On this occasion Mistress had also instructed me to wear my blindfold and the Oxballs Cocksling (still fucking awesome). When she arrived she asked me to confirm that I had not touched my cock since the last session, I replied in the affirmative but still decided to give me eleven strokes with the whip, she stopped part way through to remind me that had I touched my cock since the last session she would be using the paddle and it would be hurting a lot more.
Then I was allowed to worship Mistress’s beautiful feet while she lay on the bed, but first she had me get her glass dildo nice and wet with my mouth. I’ve been longing to worship her feet all month and relished every second of it, and as I sucked her toes and peppered her feet with kisses she told me how she was rubbing the dildo against her pussy and then eventually pushing it inside herself.
When it came time to switch feet she stopped me for a second and had me clean her dildo with my mouth. I leaned forward and took as much of the dildo as I could into my mouth, I wanted to show her how badly I wanted to taste her pussy juice. She seemed to appreciate my eagerness and when she said something about having me suck her juices off a real cock that had been inside her my cock became rock hard.
After that I worshipped her other foot until she had me clean the dildo again and then told me to get on the bed and lay on my back. She restrained me at each corner and then straddled my face and told me to stick my tongue out. Mistress groaned a little as she ground her pussy really hard against my tongue and my cock stiffened once more. She flipped round and teased me with her ass while she stroked my cock, I couldn’t see it of course but it was right in my face.
Mistress stroked and slapped my cock for some time, intermittently teasing me with her ass until rather surprisingly she allowed me two very brief periods of ass licking. My cock was really hard now and she sank down onto it and rode me for a little while before kneeling to the side of me again and scratching my cock and balls with a hairbrush.
In my notes before the session I had told Mistress that I would love it if she would never think ‘I can’t do that, it’s too mean’ ever again, and Mistress seemed to be having a lot of fun today, she even gave my balls a little smack with the hairbrush, though thankfully not too hard!
Then Mistress decided I should be left alone for a little while, but first she removed my blindfold and then pushed a dildo into my ass and applied clothes pegs to my nipples. As she was about to leave I asked her if I could please taste her pussy again before she went, she said ‘Not until I decide,’ but then hitched up her PVC skirt and pushed a finger into her soaking slit. ‘Just a taste until I get back,’ she said as I greedily sucked her finger clean. I looked down at my cock in the cocksling and it looked massive.
Ten minutes later Mistress returned and removed the dildo, the clothes pegs and untied me. She had me sit up and remove the cocksling myself and then she lay back on the pillows, her body looking amazing contrasting with the black PVC sheet. She told me to worship her pussy and make her cum and I was more than happy to do so. After a couple of minutes she had me get off the bed and turn off the heater as she was getting a little too warm, as I turned back to the bed I was blown away by the way she looked, leaning back against the pillows with her legs spread wide, exposing her beautiful, neatly trimmed pussy, she looked fucking unbelievably HOT!
I resumed my position and gently began licking my Mistress’s awesome pussy. It can never be understated how much I love eating pussy and thankfully it seems I’m pretty good at it, good enough to bring Mistress R to another lovely hard orgasm anyway. I adore making Mistress cum, it is the greatest feeling in the world, I just want to do it every day. During the session I told Mistress that I could easily spend a day just worshipping her pussy and ass… and maybe her feet.
Mistress stood up on the bed and had me lick all her juices off of her ass and from between her legs and then told me to lick the sheet clean, yum!
I wondered what might happen next, perhaps she would strap-on the ‘strap-on’ and give my ass a good fucking, maybe she would even tell me that if I felt like cumming while she was fucking me then as long as I could do it without touching my cock, I could… as long as I didn’t mind licking my cum off the sheet of course… I seem to remember writing a story along those lines a long, long time ago…
She had me lie on my back again and then secured my ankles and wrists once more before standing over me and giving me the perfect view of her gorgeous pussy and ass, she even pulled her cheeks apart to make sure I got an extra good look at her perfect, beautiful asshole. She teased me about wanting to lick it some more as she worked my cock and then she lowered her ass onto my face and gave me permission to lick it again. I love licking her ass so much, it makes my cock so fucking hard, but thankfully despite my eighteen day load it wasn’t too much of a struggle to hold back.
Finally she turned around and mounted my cock again, telling me that she wanted me to cum inside her. I pushed upwards as she bore down and after a short, hard fuck I exploded inside her.
Before I had even really finished cumming Mistress rose off my cock, and straddled my face so that my cock pulsed in the air even as I was eating my cum out of her luscious pussy. When she was satisfied that I had licked her clean Mistress turned and squeezed some more cum out of my cock and fed it to me from her finger. Needless to say I loved every second of it.

BOOK REVIEW: Nothing Ventured: A Twisted Tale of High Tech and High Heels by Salome Verdad…

I’m really not sure how to review this one, it’s a bit strange… to say the least. When I first started reading it I found it quite enjoyable, funny even in places… the problem is how can I explain my problem with the book without discussing the ending? Well, I’ll try…

I did enjoy the first 3/4 of the book, but I never once found it arousing, which would seem like a failing in a book of this nature. And yet, I wanted to finish the book and I didn’t find it a chore at all. I could pick holes in it, the chastity belt that is just snapped on out of the blue, the drug laced shoes (er, yeah…) and so on, but it was ‘entertaining’.
My problem started when it suddenly turned unexpectedly violent, which totally threw me. Indeed the first mention of a woman being ‘punched hard in the side of the head by a dyke with a gloved fist’ kind of made me think it was a misunderstanding on my part or possibly a badly phrased line.
It wasn’t and from there on it got more and more violent.
Which I have to say, really ruined my enjoyment of the book. I just don’t get why it took that direction at all. After all the trouble Salome went to to furnish me with a Kindle copy of the book I kind of feel a little bad that my review isn’t a little more positive, and indeed up until the last quarter of the book I was all ready to give it a thumbs up, albeit with the caveat that it never once gave me the slightest glimmer of wood. I see there is a four star review on Amazon though so maybe it’s just me?
You can purchase ‘Nothing Ventured’ by visiting Amazon.co.uk (here) or Amazon.com (here).

Katherine’s New Game…

Katherine allowed her fingers to trail along the length of Greg’s thigh, his cock twitched a little and a wicked smile flashed across Katherine’s lips. Poor Greg, since he’d persuaded her to take control of his cock she had made it her mission to drive him crazy with lust and longing for the freedom he once had, but which she had no intention of allowing him ever again.

Her fingers moved higher and gently caressed his swollen balls. Greg groaned, he hadn’t been allowed to cum for over a month and he desperately wanted to feel the release of a full satisfying orgasm, but he knew that even if Katherine granted him permission to cum there was no guarantee that she would allow him to fully enjoy it. But still, this was what he’d asked for… begged for even, and though he didn’t fully understand exactly why it turned him on so much for her to control his cock, he never wanted it to end. Indeed, if anything, Greg wanted his wife of five years to be ever more merciless with her tease and denial.
Katherine’s fingers closed around his semi-hard shaft and slowly worked his meat back and forth, watching eagerly as his cock slowly engorged and grew to its full height. The very second Greg’s stalk achieved maximum hardness Katherine took her hand away and Greg moaned in absolute frustration.
“Please…” He begged. “…not again.”
She smiled innocently at him, this was Katherine’s frustrating new game, touching him just enough until he was swollen and hard and then ignoring his cock until it softened, only to start the maddening procedure again and again and again. He’d told her he wanted her to be evil and she had every intention of making him regret it.
“Oh, would you like to play a different game today then?”
Greg was wary but knew that it wasn’t his choice to make.
“If it pleases you Mistress.” He said, wondering what the hell she was going to put him through now.
“How would you like a ‘chance’ to cum?” She asked, mischief flickering in her eyes.
“Oh God yes please Mistress…” Greg groaned in anticipation of his long awaited release.
Katherine’s hand slid across his stomach and then she straddled his trunk, bending forward to give him a long, slow, deep kiss. As she did so she felt his cock stiffen until the tip brushed against her freshly shaved pussy lips.
“So close…” She whispered in his ear.
Greg groaned and tried to push his cock up against her pussy, but Katherine was too quick and lifted herself a couple of inches so that he just couldn’t reach.
“You know the rules Greg…!”
“I’m sorry Mistress, I just want to feel your beautiful pussy.”
“You really want to feel it?”
“Mmmm, yes Mistress, please let me feel it.”
“Well… maybe, but first I think you need to be tied down.”
Katherine reached out to the corners of the bed and pulled down the restraints that were permanently attached there for moments just like this one. She slipped the velco cuffs around his wrists and in seconds Greg was rendered helpless.
“And today I think we are going to need to do your legs too…”
Katherine turned around and gave Greg a perfect view of her ass as she secured his ankles in the same way that she had done his wrists, leaving his legs spread just enough for what she had in mind. Mindful that Greg was no doubt enjoying the sight of her ass Katherine reached back and slowly pulled her cheeks apart giving Greg a glimpse of her tight, pink hole.
Greg’s cock twitched and he groaned as he spied the place he wanted to lick so badly, but all too soon Katherine released her grip and turned around once more.
“You enjoyed that didn’t you?”
“Yes Mistress, it was beautiful…”
Katherine giggled. “You really do adore my ass don’t you, it’s so sweet….”
She leaned forward over him so that her breasts were hanging over his face and watched as he stared at them, licking his lips as he waited for permission to suck on her gorgeous, hard nipples.
Katherine slid back a little until the underside of Greg’s aching cock was resting against her soft, wet pussy lips. She allowed herself to drop down onto Greg a little, trapping his cock between her pussy and his stomach. She started to rock back and forth, enjoying the sensation of his cock sliding backwards and forwards between her slippery lips.
Greg moaned in frustration, he wanted to feel her pussy, but not like this, he wanted to be inside her.
But Katherine was loving it, since it allowed her to ensure maximum stimulation to her clit, she might even be able to cum like this, given enough time, but for now she was too eager to begin her new game. She eased herself up the bed and straddled Greg’s face, he was an expert pussy licker and she knew that he would get her off in no time.
“Lick me, make me cum…” She said as she sank down onto his face.
Greg went to work, he adored eating her pussy and his cock continued to throb even when it remained untouched for the few minutes it took to bring his wife to orgasm.
“I love tormenting your cock,” Katherine whispered. “I love finding new ways to make you ache for me.”
Greg groaned into her sopping wet pussy as he moved his hips to try and get some friction against his poor aching prick. If Katherine could have seen what he was doing she would have loved it, she thrived on watching him struggle and suffer for her, but she was too wrapped up in what his tongue was doing to her.
“Oh God,” she moaned. “That’s it… you are so fucking good at this….”
Greg felt the muscles in her thighs start to quiver and he knew she was right on the verge of coming, he hardened the tip of his tongue and concentrated his efforts where he knew it was needed the most.
“Oh fu…..”
Katherine bucked wildly against his mouth, grinding her pussy against his chin and nose until she couldn’t take any more stimulation. Immediately she sank down onto him, her pussy brushing lightly against his chest and stomach until she was lying on top of him, her breasts squashed against him as she kissed him deeply, savouring the taste of her beautiful pussy on his mouth and tongue.
“That was amazing,” she whispered, as Greg’s cock brushed lightly against her ass.
Katherine reached between her legs and grabbed his meat, holding it bolt upright so that she could sink down onto it. Greg started to push up but was instantly warned to ‘keep still!’
Katherine sank all the way down onto Greg’s straining shaft, but almost as soon as she got to the bottom she lifted herself off again, leaving Greg’s cock coated in her juices and desperate for more attention.
“Now…” said Katherine as she moved down the bed and sat cross-legged between his widely spread thighs. “…let me tell you what we are going to do.”
Greg listened intently, wondering what new twisted ideas his wife had thought of to torment his poor cock with, she never seemed to run out of new ways to fuck with his head and make his balls ache, and though he sometimes complained, deep down they both knew he loved it.
“I’m going to stroke your cock until you are close, okay… and you are going to tell me when you are as near as you can get without cumming… and then I’m going to count to ten, and after that I’m going to push you over the edge… but if you start cumming before I finish counting, well, then I’m going to have to punish you. Understand?”
“Yes Mistress.”
“So you make sure you pick the exact right moment to tell me okay, because if you don’t you’re going to wish you had .”
“I will Mistress.”
“Good slave.”
Katherine slid her fingers around her husband’s throbbing stalk, it looked ready to blow as it was and she actually wondered if she could force an error out of him just by giving it a few hard, fast tugs. Part of her wanted to him to cum without permission just so she could punish him, but maybe she would keep that up her sleeve for another time… yes, this time she would play fair.
Katherine’s hand slid up and down her husband’s throbbing cock, loose enough that she could feel the veins beneath her fingertips, slowly she increased the pressure and speed as Greg’s eyes closed as he concentrated on choosing the exact right moment just as she’d instructed. His lips parted as if he was about to speak, but Greg waited a few seconds longer before signalling his imminent orgasm.
 Katherine instantly released his cock and started to count slowly… “10 – 9 – 8 – 7… ” She knew what she had in store for him would make him shoot, but she wanted it to last a little longer than it otherwise would have.
Greg’s cock was pulsing as he struggled to hold back his impending eruption, and Katherine broke off from her count to warn him not to disappoint her.
“Don’t you dare cum slave, or your balls are gonna ache for a week…”
Katherine’s words only made it harder for Greg to hold back, she knew that as well as he did… maybe she did want to force an error out of him after all.
The counting resumed, “…6 – 5 – 4…”
As the numbers slowly passed Greg felt some semblance of control returning and he wondered just how Katherine was going to push him over the edge.
“3 – 2 – 1… good slave, I am pleased with you.”
Greg smiled to himself for a second, and relaxed just long enough that Katherine’s next move caught him completely off guard. She shifted between his legs and the next thing he felt was her palm smacking into his balls. It wasn’t too hard, but Greg wasn’t expecting it and certainly wasn’t expecting his cock to react the way it did. She continued to slap his balls, each time a little faster and a little harder.
“You should be happy slave… if you had cum without permission you would have been pleading with me to stop, but as it is all you have to do to make me stop is cum.”
Greg’s head was swimming, he was teetering on the edge of orgasm and each swat of his wife’s hand was bringing it closer and closer, he needed to cum so badly but this was not the way he wanted to cum, he wanted to be on top, fucking her hard with his cock until he exploded inside her, but he’d long since voluntarily given up control and now all he could do was wait for the inevitable to happen.
Katherine’s slaps were getting harder and faster and Greg’s balls were bouncing with each swat, his cockhead was crimson red and he knew it would all be over in just a few more seconds. If only she would just stroke his cock, that’s all he needed, just one beautiful stroke…
“Come on Greg, cum for me… you know you want to taste it.”
Greg groaned as she rhythmically battered his balls, she knew how to push his buttons alright and it was working. He felt that indescribable feeling that told him that no matter what happened now, his balls were about to empty themselves. His muscles tensed and a stream of cum pushed it’s way out of the hole in the head of his cock. For her part, Katherine gave his balls one last slap before settling back to watch her husband’s completely ruined orgasm unfold to it’s conclusion.
Greg’s pulled at his bonds as his cum trickled down the top-side of his shaft and pooled at the base, it seemed to go on and on, neither of them could quite believe how much cum had been expelled. When the stream finally stopped, Katherine bent down and began licking the underside of Greg’s still hard cock, but stopping just short of the head, his balls were red and as her tongue flicked over them Katherine felt the heat produced by her barrage of slapping, and couldn’t help but be just a little bit disappointed that she hadn’t been able to really punish them. Still, there was always next time.
She sat up again and looked at Greg, he was slumped back on the bed with his eyes closed, quietly  groaning in frustration and desperation. He looked so delightful like that, that she couldn’t help but push her fingers between her legs and gently stroke her clit.
“Very good slave, I’m very happy with you, now ask me nicely if you may clean up your cum…”