Femdom session 27th May 2013…

Sometimes before a Femdom session I get a bit nervous, I know Mistress R does too. Today I was definitely a bit nervous. For one thing I cut it a bit fine getting ready, and was literally lowering my blindfold as Mistress was opening the bedroom door, for another, well…
Mistress has always enjoyed having me write notes for her which she reads before a session. We have found these to be invaluable as a way of communicating about stuff that isn’t always the easiest to discuss and mostly for me to let Mistress know what I really liked about our last session and to pass on ideas I’ve had and… well for me to let her know how amazing she is really!
So anyway, there was a bit I had written after last month’s session about how I love licking her juices off her dildo, especially when she teases me about making me suck them off another man’s cock. In the next sentence I said about how much I love it when she goes down on me and then kisses me so that I can taste my cock on her breath. Both of these things are true and Mistress knows both of them well by now… and yet seeing them written down next to each like that made me feel strangely anxious. I don’t know why…
Anyway, Mistress had instructed me to wear the leather ball splitter toy that I wore a couple of months ago, which is okay, except that if you don’t stay hard the whole time it has a tendency to fall off. I can only speculate that my aforementioned nerves were getting the best of me because my cock was very reluctant to get hard even when Mistress had me on my knees worshipping her beautiful feet (something I’d been waiting all flipping month for!). In hindsight I really wish I had been wearing the stupendously brilliant Oxballs Cocksling… but alas I wasn’t.
The only time I got properly hard was when she had me suck and clean her dildo after she had been using it on herself and teased me about it. As I said in my notes, this never seems to fail to get a reaction, and today was no excpeption. Unfortunately, if the ball splitter thing isn’t on properly it kind of acts a bit like a chastity belt and you tend to swell up behind it and push it forward. The problem is, when your cock deflates it then simply drops off the end. This is not nearly as cool as wearing a rubber cock ring and having it split open because you are so hard that it can’t take the strain (which has happened a few times in our sessions).
(Oh yes, before I forget, Mistress didn’t forget about the towel incident, she dished out eleven smacks with the paddle at the start of the session… Ouch!)
Mistress had me remove the rest of the cock ring and secured me to the bed on my back. She stroked and slapped my cock but it still wasn’t anywhere near as hard as either of us would have liked it. She mounted my face and had me lick her pussy (which helped quite a bit) and told me she needed my cock much harder so she could use it properly. She turned around and started teasing me with her ass (which always gets results) and then she whipped my cock with her little cock whip. Mmm, I must admit I do like having my cock whipped…
Then Mistress decided to push a small dildo into my ass, which was nice. But then she decided that since it had gone in so easy she needed to replace it with my (rarely used) buttplug. Unfortunately, experience tells me that it is almost impossible to insert when I’m lying on my back with my legs tied at the foot of the bed and I told her it would be better if I was on all fours. Mistress didn’t want to untie me though and after some more unsuccessful pushing decided instead to insert my glass butt plug, which is like four balls with a ring on the top.
This felt really nice, much better than the normal dildo and Mistress made it even better by teasing me about having a real cock up my ass as she stroked the dildo in and out, allowing the ridges to really stimulate my ass. Then she stood over me and removed her PVC skirt before attaching clothes pegs to my nipples and leaving me alone for a while.
When she returned she removed the pegs, a little smile playing around her lips as I winced with the brief flash of pain when each was released. Then she sank down onto my face and I licked her pussy greedily, she was so ready and within seconds she had released me from the bed and had me down between her spread legs.
Mistress looked incredible with her leather corset top on and nothing else except her key pendant that she wears for every session these days. I was sooooooooooo happy to be going down on her and really, finally starting to relax into the session, which I had rather struggled to do so far. The real turning point was the huge orgasm that Mistress enjoyed a little while later, it was just wonderful to witness her cumming so hard. I would trade ten of my orgasms to make her cum like that every time. She looked so beautiful in the afterglow and after a few moments allowed me to gently lick her pussy clean.
Now Mistress stood up and bent over in front of me, before telling me to lick all the pussy juices off her skin. I gladly licked them all up before licking first my fingers and then the PVC sheet clean and then Mistress tied me down on my back again. Now she started teasing me about how much I love her ass and how much I would love to get my cock inside her ass. She wondered aloud what I would be willing to trade for the chance to fuck her there while she stroked my cock. Thankfully my cock had finally decided that it was ready to join in properly and was rock hard. Mistress allowed me four or five brief periods of ass worship as she stroked me hard. Mistress knows how much I love tonguing her gorgeous asshole and this really was absolutely delicious!
I never really thought that she was going to let me cum today, and indeed Mistress told me that she thinks she has been far too generous of late. I agree, it’s been a year since I went 42 days and I haven’t been anywhere near that in the meantime, so I’m hoping that this will signal a long period of denial for me in the near future.
Mistress knelt beside me and stroked my cock a few times more before giving my balls a nice slap to signal the end of the session. I couldn’t believe it was over, it seemed like five minutes not an hour. Thankfully Mistress agreed and suggested that we might have a mini-session between now and our next scheduled session. I’m looking forward to that already! And to hopefully breaking Mistress R’s record before the end of the week. 🙂