BOOK REVIEW: Journey Into Chastity (by Stanley Jeffries)…

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Straight off the bat, I have to say that this is one of the best Femdom novels I have read so far. Yes, as always there is the occasional pinch of salt required… and as ever the chastity device element is typically unbelievable. But Stanley does try to minimise these issues, and truth be told the book, while at times a bit OTT, is very engaging and very readable. 
The main character (John) finds himself in a relationship with a girl way out of his league (Laura) and as their relationship becomes long distance he discovers that she has found herself a lesbian lover (Christina) who introduces her to BDSM. Rather than lose Laura altogether John agrees to be first her, and then their slave. Add in a few additional characters who help propel the story along and you a very good read indeed.
I have to say the book is exceptionally well written, and the interaction between the characters really brings the book to life. There’s more than a few twists along the way, but nothing that makes you throw the book down in disbelief. The scene with the ‘grunge’ is pretty grim though, personally I could have done without that.
There are three books in the series, this is the first and I am just about to start reading the second. Hopefully the high standard of writing will continue throughout. Highly recommended. 

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