More on the ‘Journey Into Chastity’ trilogy…

I’m now reading part three of Stanley Jeffries’ Journey Into Chastity trilogy and I must say it is absolutely outstanding. I really do take my hat off to the author, he has a knack of fooling the reader into believing everything he writes and every reveal comes as a total shock. Usually when I read erotic fiction, it’s pretty clear what’s going to happen and most plot twists are practically signposted in neon, but this one… I have no idea how it’s going to end, beyond pure speculation.

The characters and scenes are so well written and the twists and turns are truly epic, I wonder if the author isn’t actually a dominant himself, he certainly has the imagination for it. 
Truth be told I am not one for reading much, at least not fiction, and most erotic fiction is read in small chunks before I go to sleep. This I have been glued to for the last few days, I am so impressed. If you only buy one book of this kind then I have to say get this one (or these three rather!). Outstanding.

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