Femdom Session – 20th July 2013…

Mistress R and I are going for dinner tonight with a couple of long time friends, this meant that planning a Femdom session for this Sunday morning was a non-starter because there’s no knowing how late we’ll be up and how much alcohol might be consumed. And because experience has taught us not to delay our sessions if at all possible, we decided to move it forward a day and start this morning instead. Thankfully we have a temporary respite from the hot weather, but it was still warm enough in our bedroom this morning.

On Thursday night I finally got to order the RodeoH pants from LoveHoney, but annoyingly, the email informed us that our parcel would be delivered on Saturday morning. The last thing you really want midway through a Femdom session is for the postman to be knocking on the door because your parcel won’t go through the letterbox. Thinking ahead, we put a sign on the door asking the postman to put our parcel in the recycling bin, fortunately it didn’t come to that as I shall explain later.
So at 10:15am I was ready and waiting on my knees on the floor, with my blindfold on, along with my Oxballs Cocksling and my wrist and ankle cuffs. Mistress entered and used her foot to tease my cock and balls a little before reaching down and stroking me until I was fully hard. Then she fetched her whip from the bedside table before having me get down on all fours. She inspected me and ‘found’ a piece of fluff that required punishment… she told me that even though I had been very good and kept my hands off my cock as per her instructions she still thought it best to remind me. Thirteen strokes of the whip followed, the worst of them across the back of my thighs, very stingy indeed. But at least I didn’t have to endure the paddle.
Mistress had me back on my knees and turned me to face the bed, then she grabbed my cock and started stroking me with her nails dug into my cock, it was painful and wonderful all at the same time.
She then had me worship her feet for a while, while she played with her pussy and eventually her glass dildo. As usual she had me get it wet for her and I took it as deep into my mouth as I could for her. After worshipping her feet and cleaning the dildo she tied me down on the bed on my back and straddled my face. She tasted delicious and I was loving having her on top of me like that. She turned around and stroked my cock as she teased me about how her ass was right over my face and if only I didn’t have the blindfold on I would be able to see it. She started lowering her ass onto my face, allowing me to breathe in her scent, my cock was rock hard of course, I cannot resist her ass, even though I had tongued it just a few days before.
She asked me if I would rather she take the blindfold off, or allowed me to lick her asshole. I told her I would rather lick her ass, even if it meant having to keep the blindfold on and after some further teasing she allowed me to do just that for two short periods.  
Then she knelt beside me and started stroking, slapping and teasing my cock. She also gave my balls a hefty wack (much more intense when trapped in the cocksling) before lubing up my cock and stroking it hard. Then she straddled me and let my cock just a couple of inches inside her before moving off again. Then she lubed up a dildo and pushed it into my ass and had me put my legs flat to keep it in. She stroked my cock some more and gave my balls a very unexpected slap which made me jump a little bit. Then she attached the clothes pegs to my nipples and left me alone for about ten minutes.
When she came back my cock was still hard, but she paid it no attention, she pulled the clothes pegs off first and then straddled my face, she was soaking wet and slippery, so delicious! I always wonder what she’s been reading to get her so wet… I always leave her some Femdom books to read so it could be that, it intrigues me to know what triggers her juices to flow so freely and whether those stories might inspire her in some way in the future…
She removed the blindfold and let me gaze up at her, naked except for her bra and key pendant. She looked gorgeous, as always and I could not wait to start licking her beautiful pussy. She untied me then and told me to remove the cocksling, before laying back on the bed and ordering me to go down on her. It was absolute bliss eating her pussy, and she had a huge orgasm which made me so unbelievably happy. If the session would have ended then I would have been more than happy, but Mistress had other ideas. She placed her foot on my shoulder and gently pushed me back (coincidence, or did I mention that before… I think I did, it was in a very hot video I saw – THIS ONE at 1:15)
Luckily, about two minutes before Mistress came we heard our post falling through the letterbox (including the RodeoH pants, yes!) and therefore we were able to continue uninterrupted. If the postman had knocked on the door then that would have been a real pain in the butt, thankfully it was a potential crisis averted!
After she had me lick my fingers, the sheet and her skin clean of all her juices she had me kneel up on the bed and sat cross-legged in front of me. She grabbed my cock and started to stroke me hard, occasionally shifting on the bed and sticking her foot out underneath my cock. I started to hope that she was actually going to let me cum on her beautiful feet for the first time in ages.
She continued stroking hard and fast until I had to warn her that I was getting close, I still wasn’t sure what she was going to do, I actually thought she was going to ruin it, I just really wasn’t sure. She stroked harder and faster and told me to cum on her feet. A few seconds later my cock deposited three large globs of cum on her right foot and then she stroked the head of my cock on her left foot too. Then she lifted her feet to my mouth and I licked both of them clean. Finally she squeezed the last dregs out of my cock and fed it to me from her fingers.
The RodeoH pants look great too, can’t wait to try them out!