Femdom Session – 31st August 2013

Postponed from last weekend, we finally got our Femdom session in before the end of the month and it was totally fantastic! Given the amount of things that have gone wrong this month I’m amazed that Mistress has had eleven orgasms, but also very happy about it at the same time. Hopefully next month things will run a lot more smoothly…
As usual Mistress started the session with a little whipping to remind me of my position, no paddle though I presume since I had no illegal touching to confess to. After that I was permitted to worship Mistress’s beautiful feet (though I couldn’t see them as I was blindfolded), which I did very enthusiastically, while she toyed with her favourite glass dildo. I continued worshipping her feet for some time, occasionally being allowed to suck and lick her dildo clean, which made my cock swell in the Oxballs Cocksling.
Eventually Mistress had me on the bed, tied down as usual and then the teasing really started. She sat on my face and I licked her gorgeous pussy, then she stroked my cock while pressing her ass against my face, taunting me with her delicious ass, which she knows I long to lick.
For once Mistress didn’t tease me too long before she allowed me to lick her asshole, which was wonderful… and then she was sitting on my face again and removing my blindfold, allowing me to see my beautiful Mistress for the first time. She was wearing a leather skirt and a black bra, and her key pendant of course, and she looked wonderful.
She teased, slapped and sucked my cock for a while, allowing me to lick her ass and pussy a little more before announcing that I needed to have something up my ass. She pushed a small dildo up my ass and left it there while she continued teasing me a little more. Then she put clothes pegs on my nipples and left me tied to the bed for about ten minutes.
When she returned she was wearing the RodeoH pants with the dildo attached and she jumped straight onto the bed, pushed the dildo into my mouth and told me to suck it. Then she pulled the clothes pegs off, untied me and told me to turn over. She reached down and pulled the small dildo out of my ass and the next thing I knew I was on my hands and knees, waiting for Mistress to guide her strap-on into my ass.
Mistress told me after the session that the RodeoH pants are brilliant, so simple, with no stupid belts and buckles and messing about, just slide them on and go! I have to say Mistress looked so fucking sexy wearing them too. They seem very solid, especially since I had to modify a silicon cock to fit and I made sure it was a very tight fit. She certainly seemed able to fuck me a lot better than she ever did with our old strap-on harness. I would say that was £30 well spent.
It was pretty intense, being butt-fucked… I always find it’s one of those things which I crave, but which I find a little hard to take, but yet I’m always reluctant for it to end. Mistress didn’t fuck me for too long, actually I was concerned that it might push me close to the edge like it did last time, especially since it’s now four weeks since I expelled any cum – even though I had a (dry) orgasm last weekend, but it didn’t.
After this Mistress pulled out and discarded the condom before hopping on the bed in front of me and having me suck her cock while it was still warm. I love sucking her cock after it’s fucked me and greedily tried to swallow as much of it as possible to show my gratitude.
Then Mistress slipped the RodeoH pants and told me to remove the Oxballs, then she lay on her back and spread her legs and told me it was time to worship her beautiful pussy. Needless to say she was really wet and my fingers slipped into her easily as my tongue went to work. She tasted lovely and I was so happy when she came nice and hard, leaving a nice amount of pussy juice on the PVC sheet for me to lick up.
Before I was allowed to lick that up Mistress stood on the bed in front of me and had me lick all the juices of her ass and the backs of her thighs. It wasn’t quite dripping down to her calves like it has some months, but there was still quite a bit and I really enjoyed cleaning her silky smooth skin with my tongue.
After this Mistress had me lay down again and she started stroking me again, leading me to wonder if she was going to drain my balls and feed me my cum. But no, after getting me nice and hard she gave me just a few strokes and told me the session was over. I wasn’t disappointed, I love that Mistress has gotten to the point where she doesn’t feel like she needs to allow me to cum if she doesn’t want to, and besides, making her cum was more than enough satisfaction for me.
Afterwards we lay on the bed together totally satisfied and feeling really good and really close, and both really happy that we had gone through with the session despite all my aches and pains and everything. It was well worth the wait and I am so glad the RodeoH’s were a success.

Mistress Severity by Alex Jordaine…

Renowned author of BDSM/Femdom novels, Alex Jordaine has a new book coming out called ‘Mistress Severity’. I haven’t read it yet, though I do have a copy on my bookshelf for when I have the time (thanks Alex).
Alex was recently interviewed by the website ‘Cara Sutra’ which until recently I had never heard of, but which was apparently the winner of the ETO Best Sex Blog Award for 2013. I have no idea what ‘ETO’ is either to be honest…still, it’s worth a look, so why not head over there and read for yourself what Alex has to say. Obviously I’m bound to wonder why I haven’t actually taken it upon myself to interview people for my blog. Maybe I should… anyway, click HERE to visit ‘Cara Sutra’ and read about Alex and his new book!