Totally intense and just fantastic…

Tonight the unexpected happened, and it was incredible! Since Mistress and I are determined to make up for lost time this week, once again we headed for the bedroom around 8pm. I lay next to my beautiful Mistress and we started to kiss and I gently stroked her thighs and around her pussy. My cock was soon rock hard and Mistress reached down to grab it and stroke it. I licked my fingers and gently began teasing her slit and it wasn’t long before she indicated that she wanted me down between her legs and licking her pussy.
I moved down the bed and once again tried to get comfortable laying on my throbbing cock. She tasted wonderful as always and I gently kissed and licked her pussy before adding my index finger and eventually bringing her to a lovely climax. As she recovered I gently kissed her inner thighs and breathed in her scent, but was unprepared for what happened next.
She reached down, pulled me up the bed and started stroking my cock as I leant over her to kiss her again. Was she going to let me slide into her slippery, wet pussy right now? I hadn’t cum for twenty one days and the thought of being allowed inside her, maybe even to cum inside her made my cock really throb and ache.
After a short while she pulled me nearer and fed my cock into her hot, slippery hole. It felt absolutely amazing, the way that it only can when you are only allowed something sporadically, and perhaps crucially, at another’s whim. I started to slide my cock in and out of Mistress, enjoying each and every stroke as if it was the last, but then as I started to stroke deeper and deeper I almost fell out. She told me to just hold it inside her for a minute, which I did… and then she started to push against me, indicating that she wanted me to thrust inside her again.
After a couple of minutes I was starting to get close and I told Mistress I couldn’t take much more, she asked me if I wanted to cum inside her. Usually my answer would be ‘if it pleases you Mistress’, but in this instance I didn’t want to give her that answer and I told her I did want to be allowed to cum inside her. She asked me how bad I wanted it, but before I could really follow through I felt myself getting really close and had to warn her again because if she had any intention of brinksmanship* then I was about to fail – big time!
She told me she was allowing me to cum and as I felt the edge building and growing ever closer she repeated her demand that I should tell her how bad I wanted it, more urgently this time. I felt my cock starting to strain and I have no idea what I actually said in that moment, I just remember my cock pumping over and over as I filled my gorgeous Mistress’s pussy full of cum. It seemed to go on and on like it was never going to stop, truly one of the best orgasms I’ve had since we started this blog I’m sure.
After a short period of recovery and kissing Mistress intensely, and with no sign of her ordering me to clean her, I decided to move back down the bed and lick her pussy. I figured, Mistress Marie said I needed to take the incentive to worship her feet until it became normal for her to ‘order’ me to do it, so why should this be any different. It was lovely to lick her pussy of course, but surprisingly there wasn’t a single drop of cum there for me to clean up. Once again I seem to have pumped it too damned deep, I really need to try and rectify this, but it’s kind of difficult to think about that in the heat of the moment. Of course Mistress laying on her back wasn’t prompting any cum to appear and she didn’t seem inclined to sit on my face either. Even when she got up it was somewhat reluctant…
After a short while she moved my mouth away from her pussy and we lay together on the bed, holding each other as she told me about her day. I must admit it is a tiny bit disappointing that the last two times I’ve got to cum has been inside my gorgeous Mistress and neither has resulted in a proper cream pie, but really… the sex this evening was so fucking good, I really can’t bring myself to be unhappy about that. Besides, hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I get to spray my cum all over her wonderful ass and lick it clean.
In the meantime, it’s amazing to realize just how amazing basic, vanilla, missionary position, PIV sex can be… at least when it’s set against a backdrop of three weeks of chastity and teasing, and several orgasms for my beautiful Mistress. It seems obvious to me that you can have too much of a good thing, and this lifestyle has a wonderful way of charging even the most basic of lovemaking with some serious intensity. I am so glad my Mistress is totally on board with this now, I realy can’t imagine ever going back to being a ‘free’ man again.

*Mistress hasn’t done this in quite a while actually, when she first let me go on top she would stop me when I got close… I’m not sure if this is simply because she gets to a point where she wants me to cum inside her or what, but it’s her decision so if she lets me edge inside her and then tells me to stop I will, just as I will gladly finish inside her if that’s what she decides.

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