Femdom Session 22nd December…

As I said, I’m not going to give a blow by blow of today’s Femdom session, because there’s already twenty or more posts which will give you the gist, and there wasn’t anything dramatically different in today’s session which merits an in depth review.
That said, it was jolly good! Mistress didn’t let me cum, but she did let me lick her ass and my cock was rock hard for a lot of the session. I had the glass butt plug in my ass twice (actually the second time I asked for it…) and I would have loved for Mistress to have fucked me with her RodeoH strap on, I think that will have to be on my reward list for next time I lose some weight… perhaps Mistress can combine it with my last reward which I haven’t had yet.
We both noticed a difference since the last session, in that I felt and looked a fair bit slimmer. I have lost six pounds since the last session after all… I am getting weighed tomorrow night, last week I stayed the same, this week I am hopeful of losing something. My next weigh in will be next Monday… that’s going to be a tough one for sure!
Most importantly, Mistress had a really good orgasm and we are feeling very close and content right now.