BOOK REVIEW: The Chastity Game by Stanley Jeffries…

Following my recent interview with Stanley for this blog, Pink Flamingo kindly sent me review copies of the two books I haven’t yet read of Stanley’s, this one and ‘Karl’s Year in Chastity’. I believe ‘The Chastity Game’ is Stanley’s first book (though that could be wrong) but it’s quite evident that his style was very much fully formed from the start. Like his other books this one occasionally teeters on the brink of ‘nastiness’, although in this case it’s more of a one-off headfuck than anything. Stanley seems able to trick you into suspending your logical thoughts as you get sucked into the story, so that when a helpless Gemma thinks she is about to brutally tortured, you kind of buy it…well I did anyway.

At the heart of the story is a three way relationship, Greg and Gemma are deeply in love but Gemma is more interested in sex with women than men. She likes having sex with Greg because she likes making him happy, but she gets off on having sex with women. Enter Tori, an older woman with an interesting past, who starts out straight but eventually succumbs to Gemma’s charms. But Tori also rather fancies Greg which leads to a complicated relationship in which Greg submits to both women in one way or another. Tori is shocked that Gemma keeps Greg under lock and key, but she soon finds her own ways to torment him, including a game of blindfolded chess where every lost piece results in a punishing shock to his balls.
On top of all this there are also further complications in the forms of Zoe and Angela, a reformed Goth and a wealthy rich-bitch. Zoe allows herself to be dominated by Angela for money, which repulses Gemma, especially when she falls into a trap laid by the devious and quick witted Angela, to which Zoe is a willing accomplice.
As ever Stanley’s books are immensely readable, his relentless detail eventually winning you over into suspending disbelief where some authors might fare less well. But as I have said before, and Stanley knows my views on this, the first third of the book is rather light on sex. It’s a good story, a very enjoyable read, but no one is going to be masturbating until well into this book. But then it’s always a challenge to write a story about chastity and get a lot of sex into it.

You can buy Stanley’s books from Amazon UK, Amazon.US and Pink Flamingo. Sadly The Chastity Game is only available as an e-book, not a proper book.

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