BOOK REVIEW: Karl’s Year in Chastity…

Unlike some people, for example my beloved Mistress R, reading to me is not a compulsion. I basically read while I eat and before I go to sleep (if Mistress isn’t in bed with me). So it impresses me yet again that another of Stanley Jeffries’ books has had me flicking my Nexus on to read a page or two during a slow period at work. I don’t know what it is about this guy’s writing, but it’s incredibly readable. Not only that but I’d have to say that I enjoyed it even more than the book I reviewed a few weeks back (The Chastity Game) which I believe Stanley claimed to be his best work!
Karl’s Year in Chastity centres largely around three characters, Karl (obviously), his ex-wife Freya and of course the jewel in the crown, the beautiful Asha. I like how Stanley creates characters from different backgrounds, in this case Asha has Indian heritage while Karl and Freya are Danish. It adds a subtle exotic flavour without being over the top. It also means that Karl and Freya can converse in Danish without Asha being able to understand them of course.
I don’t really want to say too much about the plot, because half the fun is finding out where the story goes. There’s plenty of twists but the story is presented in a traditional linear format which makes it very easy to follow, especially if you read it piecemeal. It’s never really occurred to me before but books which jump around the timeline are probably fine if you read them in great chunks, but for people like me, I much prefer the linear format.
One of my usual (but few) negative comments about Stanley’s work is the lack of actual sex scenes in the book, there’s usually plenty of friction and build up, but little in the way of action (so to speak). Well that’s one thing I can’t level at this book as it is brimming with ‘action’, and Stanley does a very good job of instigating action especially considering his lead man’s cock is pretty much locked up for the duration.
There’s plenty of electro play, whipping and lesbian sex though (hopefully that’s not too big a spoiler) and Stanley keeps the book on the right side of nasty (unlike some of his books), here everything is above board and with emphasis on the consensual nature of all concerned.
If you haven’t read any of Stanley’s books I would definitely recommend starting with this one.
You can buy Karl’s Year in Chastity from AMAZON.COM, AMAZON.UK, PINK FLAMINGO


Femdom Session – 2nd February 2014…

Today’s session got off to a slightly uncomfortable start as I had to confess to a couple of instances of illegal touching/, which I had indulged in earlier this week after Mistress had gotten up (she gets up about an hour before I do, but gets home 1.1/2-2 hours before I do too). As you can imagine, having gone four weeks without a truly satisfying orgasm (my last one was very much borderline ruined) in recent days my cock has been rock hard in the morning, leaking pre-cum and desperate for attention. Having not been sleeping well lately hasn’t helped since when Mistress gets up I can’t seem to get back to sleep and so of course I am ill prepared to fight the temptation to touch my cock.

Mistress decided to give me fifteen strokes of the cat, straight off the bat. That isn’t too many more than normal, but for some reason they stung a lot more. Number five in particular stung as the whip found it’s way between my legs and caught my balls a treat. I winced my way through my punishment (Mistress later asked if I was hamming it up, seriously!) and was rather relieved when it was over, though Mistress didn’t seem to think she’d hit me any harder than usual… hmm.
Soon I had forgotten about the pain as the Oxballs Cocksling tightened around my swelling cock. Mistress had me worshipping her feet while she lay on the bed, clad in a PVC top and skirt with only straps around her gorgeous breasts (I love that top). I could hear her dildo inside her pussy making a gorgeous noise but concentrated on worshipping her beautiful feet until I was ordered to lick her glass dildo clean for her.
After I had worshipped her other foot equally well, she had me lick and suck her dildo a second time before ordering me on to the bed on my back. She tied me to the bed and quickly sank down onto my face. She tasted wonderful, but after a few seconds she stood up and started fucking herself again. Then she was back on my face again, ordering me to push my tongue inside her, which I tried to do but she kept grinding her clit against my tongue instead.
By now my cock was rock hard and I was hoping she would slid down onto it, but sadly not. Instead she grabbed my cock and started pumping it hard, her nails digging in as she explained that she thought my cock needed to be properly punished for my misdemeanours, little did I know how true that would be by the end of the session!
Mistress abused my cock for some time, digging her nails into it and also scraping them across my tightly constricted balls. The thing is the Oxballs holds you very tight so there is very little movement in the skin, I imagine it’s a bit like being circumcised, I believe circumcised men need to use lube to masturbate. Well there wasn’t any lube, and there was plenty of Mistress’s very long nails. On the upside I think it’s the lube that reacts with the Oxballs and causes the stinging, of which there was none this time, so…. swings and roundabouts.
Mistress now decided to blindfold me and then she told me it was time for me to have something up my ass. I was expecting the new butt plug, but when I felt the cold tip of the lube coated glass dildo I was quite happy, because it feels great. It feels even better when Mistress fucks me with it while stroking my cock and that’s exactly what she did next.
I was really enjoying that part of the session and wished it could have continued on longer, but alas no. Soon I felt the new vibrating butt plug being pushed into my asshole, and after deciding on a setting and attaching a couple of clothes pegs to my nipples (stronger ones than last time, because they were pointless) she left me to stew for a while.
The right clothes peg hurt more than the left one, maybe it wasn’t pushed on as far, but I could definitely feel them this time. The butt plug wasn’t as strong as I expected, but the thing is the vibrations acted as a reminder that it was there. Often when Mistress leaves me tied up with a butt plug inside me I almost forget about it until she takes it out, no chance of that here. At least I didn’t have to worry about it causing an unauthorised eruption!
When Mistress returned she removed the pegs without a second’s warning (ouch!) and then the blindfold and then untied me and told me to remove the Oxballs. I moved out of the way and she lay down on the bed and spread her legs, exposing her delicious pussy to me as she stroked my cock with her toenails. Her skirt was gone but she was still wearing the PVC top, she always looks so gorgeous like that.
I bent and laid down between her silky smooth thighs and began eating her pussy, she tasted so good and after a while her muscles tightened and tightened until she finally bucked and came hard under my tongue. I love nothing more than feeling that and it was so hot to watch as she stood up on the bed with her juices literally running down the backs of her legs as she snapped her fingers and pointed to the beads that were down by her calves already.
I greedily lapped them up before turning my attention to the soaking wet PVC sheet. There was so much pussy juice, it was wonderful. As I lapped at the sheet Mistress reached under me and started pumping my cock again. Then she ordered me onto my back and tied me down once more before standing over me, teasing me with her pussy and ass. She lowered herself down onto me and stroked me cock as I begged to lick her asshole. She gave permission and she continued pumping my cock as I tongued her tight hole. She gave me a second chance to tongue her ass before telling me that she was going to allow me to cum today, providing I could cum before she counted to ten.
Strangely, although my cock was really hard I felt a long way from the edge, a really long way…. and frankly I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it. Mistress was pumping my cock really hard and counting very slowly it seemed to me, she obviously wanted me to cum because each number came slower than the last one. Around about five I felt something click into place, but it wasn’t until nine that I got to the edge and then erupted violently.
It was brutal, it just seemed to keep coming, like as if I’d cum once and then another one followed straight on, and all the while Mistress was pumping me so hard… it was as near as I’ve cum to post-orgasm torment, and being tied down all I could do was buck beneath her as she pumped out an unfeasibly large amount of cum which she then fed to me and I swallowed down. Afterwards my poor cock looked as if it had been thoroughly ‘tenderized’, with little nail marks all down the left side and the skin swollen and red. Not that I’m complaining you understand!