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Unlike some people, for example my beloved Mistress R, reading to me is not a compulsion. I basically read while I eat and before I go to sleep (if Mistress isn’t in bed with me). So it impresses me yet again that another of Stanley Jeffries’ books has had me flicking my Nexus on to read a page or two during a slow period at work. I don’t know what it is about this guy’s writing, but it’s incredibly readable. Not only that but I’d have to say that I enjoyed it even more than the book I reviewed a few weeks back (The Chastity Game) which I believe Stanley claimed to be his best work!
Karl’s Year in Chastity centres largely around three characters, Karl (obviously), his ex-wife Freya and of course the jewel in the crown, the beautiful Asha. I like how Stanley creates characters from different backgrounds, in this case Asha has Indian heritage while Karl and Freya are Danish. It adds a subtle exotic flavour without being over the top. It also means that Karl and Freya can converse in Danish without Asha being able to understand them of course.
I don’t really want to say too much about the plot, because half the fun is finding out where the story goes. There’s plenty of twists but the story is presented in a traditional linear format which makes it very easy to follow, especially if you read it piecemeal. It’s never really occurred to me before but books which jump around the timeline are probably fine if you read them in great chunks, but for people like me, I much prefer the linear format.
One of my usual (but few) negative comments about Stanley’s work is the lack of actual sex scenes in the book, there’s usually plenty of friction and build up, but little in the way of action (so to speak). Well that’s one thing I can’t level at this book as it is brimming with ‘action’, and Stanley does a very good job of instigating action especially considering his lead man’s cock is pretty much locked up for the duration.
There’s plenty of electro play, whipping and lesbian sex though (hopefully that’s not too big a spoiler) and Stanley keeps the book on the right side of nasty (unlike some of his books), here everything is above board and with emphasis on the consensual nature of all concerned.
If you haven’t read any of Stanley’s books I would definitely recommend starting with this one.
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