Femdom Session 23rd March 2014…

If you would have asked me this morning if I wanted to cum during today’s session, I probably would have said no. One day off four weeks I was really enjoying the ache and the feeling I was going to explode when I cuddled up to Mistress R in bed last night. But as we know, these things are not for me to decide and if I’d known how I was to be allowed to cum, and how spectacular it would be then I would have changed my mind for sure.
But first, of course, I had to admit to some lack of self-control during the last seven weeks (seven weeks!) and take my punishment for the same. Mistress gave me twelve very stingy lashes with the cat and then, stupidly, when she asked me if I still thought it was worth it… I said ‘yes’. I mean I was already feeling submissive but that was just plain dumb! So then I had to endure a further (brief but incredibly stingy) paddling.
After this Mistress had me suck her glass dildo (although I couldn’t see her because I was blindfolded) so that it was nice and wet for her pussy, and then she set me to work worshipping her beautiful feet while she teased herself with the dildo. It had been so long since I had been given the opportunity to worship her perfect feet that I was loving every second of it, and as I concentrated on that I could still hear Mistress concentrating on the feeling of her favourite glass cock stretching her pussy.
Mistress told me that she hopes our soon to come into force ‘contract’ will re-focus my mind on my responsibilities as per ‘not touching her cock’, and twice during the session commented that if it doesn’t she will have to increase the severity of my punishment. I’m not quite sure I believe that she would ‘whip my balls’, but I loved to hear her say it whether or not there was any substance behind the threat.
With our new glass butt plug to try out, Mistress had me on the bed and pushed a small dildo into my ass to help prepare me, before having me turn over onto my back. Once restrained she mounted my face and had me lick her pussy, which was lovely of course. And then she started teasing me about how if I hadn’t broken her rules I wouldn’t be wearing a blindfold and would be able to see her ass that was right above my face…
This was the first time in ages that Mistress hadn’t told me to wear some kind of cock ring during a session, and it seemed a bit weird to start with… not least because I am often quite nervous at the start of these sessions. Well nervous is probably not the correct word, apprehensive perhaps… and so despite the ball aching hard-ons I’ve been ‘suffering’ over the past week or so, my cock was a little bit more docile than it usually would be when assisted by the Oxballs or even a simple cock ring.
Mistress managed to get me hard though, and continued stroking, slapping and generally abusing my cock while she continued taunting me by pressing her ass into my face. Not that I’m complaining you understand!
Then she had me turn over and she removed the dildo and lubed up the new glass buttplug. I was quite shocked to notice this morning that it was actually bigger than it looked and was actually the same diameter as the black rubber one we’ve had for ages and hardly ever use cos it’s a bit big! Indeed, I made sure to warn Mistress before the session that she needed to be careful, not least because glass may be nice and slippery but it also has no ‘give’.
Mistress eased it in to start with and then pushed it in (perhaps still a bit fast if I’m honest) and it was a little painful for about a minute and then I got used to it. She had me turn back onto my back and soon had my cock nice and hard again. Then she finally removed my blindfold and continued to stand over me teasing me by pulling her ass cheeks apart and making me beg to worship her asshole. Then she pegged my nipples and left me along with the taste of her pussy fresh in my mouth (when I asked her to let me taste her before she left me alone she said no initially and then decided that I could, but only from her glass dildo).
When she came back she removed the butt plug, which was really comfortable by then actually, I would have been quite happy to leave it in a lot longer. Well I say she removed it, in fact I had to do it myself because when Mistress tried to do it her fingernails dug into me and just about caused me to jump off the bed. It fucking HURT! The thing with this new butt plug is that it has quite a small base and perhaps a narrower neck than the old rubber one, so it pulls up really tight between your cheeks. I must admit I found it a bit of a job to get hold of it myself, but with Mistress’s 1/2″ long fingernails it would have been pretty impossible. Still, that aside the butt-plug was a sterling success, albeit in future it’s definitely going to have to be me that removes it (my arse is still a bit sore seven hours later!) and after that I knew that any chance of Mistress using the strap-on on me was a lost cause.
(It occurred to me later that, what if Mistress was single and had bought the butt plug for herself? How would she have ever have got it out? She’d probably have had to find some suitable gloves or ultimately I guess she would have had to cut her nails off to get hold of the thing.)
Thankfully, after this stressful moment I got to go down on Mistress’s delicious pussy and brought her to another lovely orgasm, after which she stood on the bed in front of me and had me lick her clean of her juices, before turning my attention to the soaked PVC sheet.
Once again she secured me to the bed on my back and began stroking me once more. She seemed to be stroking me quite hard and after a bit of grovelling she allowed me to lick her ass and my cock grew really hard now. It seemed to me that she was trying to get me to the edge… perhaps she was intending to ruin my orgasm? But then she straddled me and rubbed my cock against her slit before sliding onto it and riding me for a few moments. Then it was back to hard stroking and when I told her I was getting close, she let go… only to start teasing my cock with gentle strokes which made me thing she was definitely trying to ruin me.
Then once I was away from the edge again she started stroking me fast and hard again and she told me to tell her when I was getting close. Ah-ha, I thought, so this is definitely leading to a ruined orgasm then! But no, as soon as I told her I was getting close she straddled me again and told me to cum inside her. I thrust up as hard as I could, pumping my cum into her soaking wet pussy and with perfect timing after maybe four or five huge spurts of cum had erupted from my cock she lifted off me and straddled my face. So even as my orgasm was trailing off I was swallowing a massive load of my cum from her dripping wet pussy, it was simply amazing!
As I said, if you’d asked me this morning if I wanted to cum, I would have said no. But if I’d known how incredibly hot and amazing it would prove to be, then it would have been a different story, because that really was an incredible orgasm and a perfect, horny as fuck cream pie to boot!
Looking back through my records, I can’t find a single instance in the last three years where I’ve been allowed to cum inside my Mistress during a Femdom session, so this was indeed a very special treat for me.
After the session Mistress said she hadn’t intended to let me cum, but she changed her mind. She said she felt she’d been a bit too mean to me in the session… (I can feel a comment from Mistress Marie coming here!) …and perhaps the buttplug incident played a part too. I guess I should be disappointed, but when you have an orgasm like that (that you didn’t even really want) it’s kind of difficult to be disappointed.
I don’t suppose I shall have another orgasm until April now, so it looks like my orgasm tally for this year will be 20 in total, which is two less than last year (although I have had six ruined ones this year on top of that). Despite today’s mind-blowing orgasm and perfect cream pie, I can’t help hoping that next year it’s six real orgasms and at least twenty ruined ones, that would be awesome!