Saturday Afternoon Cream Pie Delight…

Following yesterday’s events, I wasn’t expecting this afternoon to be even better, but it was! Once again I started out worshipping Mistress R’s gorgeous feet and slowly moved up her legs, kissing every silken inch of skin until I reached the top of her thighs. I moved up to kiss Mistress on the lips and then she gently pushed me back down between her legs. When Mistress came it was even more intense than yesterday and I felt extremely satisfied and happy inside.
But this was only the beginning, after a few seconds had passed Mistress had me lick her pussy clean and then turned over and knelt next to me so that I could continue and lick her juices from around her ass. Then she lay back down and had me kneel between her legs where she stroked my rapidly hardening cock. She rubbed the tip against her slippery pussy and then pulled me inside her.
I started to stroke in and out of her, enjoying the warm sensation of her pussy enveloping my cock,and after a while she told me to just leave it inside her. I pressed it home as deep as I could and Mistress groaned with pleasure, but I couldn’t stand it and soon resumed sliding in and out. Mistress smiled as I lifted her legs over my shoulders and started to fuck her harder.
Then she had me pull out and she turned onto her side. I fed my cock back into her pussy and used my hands to spread her ass cheeks so that I could gaze at her inviting asshole as I stroked in and out. Mistress teased me about how much I love being able to look at her ass while I am inside her and I in turn started to speed up, fucking her harder and faster, trying to slow myself down, but fighting a losing battle.
In the end I told Mistress that I was getting close, I must admit I kind of expected her to tell me to keep going until I came, but instead she told me to stop. She pushed me back and then turned back over so that she was sitting on the bed with her beautiful feet right under my cock. Maybe she was going to let me cum on her feet, or maybe ruin me on her feet, or tell me to ruin it myself on her feet? She stroked me idly, keeping me closer than she probably realised and then asked me if I wanted to be allowed to cum. As ever I told her that I only wanted it if she wanted me to cum, but she didn’t want to hear that, she asked me again, did I want to be allowed to cum.
If a hot, sexy, beautiful woman asks you that question, when you’re throbbing hard and desperate to cum, and you haven’t cum for nearly two weeks, it’s kind of hard to say no. Mistress R pulled me back inside her and allowed me to gently thrust in her for a short while longer, before turning over once again and giving me a wonderful view of her legs and ass as she instructed me to fuck her hard. I was able to last longer than I thought, and I started fucking her hard and fast, just starting to get to the point where I was having to think about warning her again, because she hadn’t actually told me she was letting me cum, she just asked if I wanted to, which is not the same thing.
But then she told me to fuck her harder and to cum inside her, and that’s exactly what I did. It felt fantastic to pump thirteen days of cum into her velvety pussy and I was really happy that once I had finished she ordered me onto my back and straddled my face, allowing me to lick and suck a huge load of cum out of her delicious, used pussy. This holiday week may be drawing to a close, but it’s certainly going out in style, I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!

Wonderful afternoon…

After the longest four days in history (seriously I went to see Godzilla on Monday and it seems like weeks ago!) this afternoon I finally got to make Mistress R cum, and it was totally worth the wait. Well, I hate waiting to worship Mistress’s pussy, hate it, hate it, hate it! But if you have to wait then hopefully it should be a really god one when it finally comes, and it certainly was. Mistress looked gorgeous as ever wearing just her black bra (hiding her beautiful breasts from me as usual, sigh…) and wishing to make it last as long as humanly possible, I started by worshipping her feet as I knelt at the foot of the bed. I gradually worked up her silky smooth legs and finally came upon (Freudian slip – if only!) her delicious, neatly trimmed pussy. She tasted so damned good and after a while she bucked hard several times as I licked her through her climax. Being home was one thing, making my beautiful Mistress cum like was quite another and made me feel truly relaxed again!
Afterwards Mistress teased my cock, sucking and slapping it (and my balls too, several times) and stroking it hard and fast, but never quite long enough to get me to edge, as I gently stroked her asshole with my fingers (I’d prefer to tongue it of course, but just the warmth of her asshole on my fingertips is heaven to me…). Needless to say, by the time she told me I had got all I was getting for today, my cock was rock hard and throbbing, and it stayed that way for quite a while as I held her close, kissing her cleavage as I rubbed my cock against her stomach in desperation.
After we had laid there for a while Mistress decided it was time for us to get up, and I begged her to let me taste her hot, slippery pussy again before we did. She knelt up and pulled me towards her (I was hoping she was going to straddle my face, but I’m not complaining!) and allowed me to lick her pussy for a short time and then told me to kiss it goodbye before she got off the bed. I thought that was a really nice touch actually.

Strap-on Submission (written June 2014)

Okay so here it is, Mistress hasn’t read it but when I told her I had written something that was just dialogue she didn’t seem to think it was a very good idea. Maybe she’s right, for me it was an experiment to see if I could do it and also to improve my dialogue writing skills. I almost certainly will re-write it in a traditional style, but any comments are more than welcome.

Strap-On Submission

“I’m waiting…”

“Please Mistress… please don’t make me say it.”

“Please don’t make you say what?”

“Please Mistress, its so… humiliating.”

“Of course it is, otherwise I wouldn’t ask you to say it. I don’t know why you find it so hard, after all, we both know you want to do it, don’t we?”

“Y…yes Mistress.”

“Don’t mumble slave, your responses should always be clear and positive when addressing your Mistress.”

“Yes Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress.”

“Better. And…”

“…Please may I… please my I suck your cock Mistress.”

“Ah good, now we’re getting somewhere. That wasn’t so hard was it slave?”

“No Mistress.”

“I won’t warn you about mumbling again.”

“No Mistress. I’m sorry Mistress.”

“Ask me again… and don’t look at me like that, if you don’t bench your attitude you’ll be begging me to let you suck cock all afternoon.”

“Yes Mistress… Please may I suck your cock Mistress?”

“That’s better, now just once more and say it like you really mean it this time.”

“Please may I suck your beautiful, hard cock Mistress?”

“Much better. But first you need to show me how much you want it. Lick it all over and get it good and wet for me. That’s it, get it good and wet, just imagine your lubing it up for your tight little arsehole, just think how much spit you’d want on it if that was the only lubricant you were getting….”

“That’s good, now lick the underside of my cock, really tease it, make it throb just like your cock is now. Yes, I can see it, don’t think I haven’t noticed. You really are quite the cock sucking whore aren’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Show me then, show me how well you suck cock.”

“That’s good, but I know you can do much better. You need to take it deeper if you want to get your reward…and I know you want your reward, don’t you?

“Yes Mistress, please…”

“Relax then, take my cock as deep as you can, I want to hear you gag on it, understand?”

“Yeshh Mishhtressh.”

“That’s it, we’ll make a proper cock sucker out of you yet.”

“Now, take a minute and catch your breath. Look at your cock, its practically on the edge isn’t it, without you even touching it… unbelievable. Does it turn you on to kneel before your Mistress and suck her fat cock?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“There’s no hiding it is there slave, not when your cock is throbbing like that… I wonder how much harder it would be if it was a real cock I was having you suck for me. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a real cock slave, I mean I’d much rather have my beautiful, wet pussy… but all the same it would be fun for a while. Can you imagine what that would be like slave, if I had a real cock. I’d have you sucking it morning, noon and night wouldn’t I, not that you’d complain… a true cock whore like you, you’d be only too willing to suck it wouldn’t you, you’d beg me to let you suck it, you’d beg me to fuck your face and cum down your throat would’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Get your mouth back on that dick, right now.”

“Which do you crave more right now slave, the taste of my beautiful pussy, or the taste of your hot, sticky cum? You know if I let you cum today you’re going to have to lick it off my feet don’t you, but you don’t mind that at all do you… I wonder if I made you choose, right now, with my cock stuffed in your mouth, which you would choose? I bet you’d choose the cum every time, wouldn’t you?”

“Stop sucking and answer me.”

“No Mistress.”

“No? Even though you’re on your knees sucking cock like a little whore you’d still rather get to taste my delicious pussy than lick your cum off my beautiful feet slave?”

“Yes Mistress, I adore your pussy…”

“I know you do slave, but I wonder… if I had a real cock, if I had a real flesh and blood cock that could fill your mouth with hot cum as you sucked it, I bet you’d choose that wouldn’t you slave? I bet you’d do just about anything to feel my cock explode in your mouth and fill your throat with hot, sticky cum, wouldn’t you?”


“Please Mistress…please don’t make me say it.”

“I’m not making you say anything, I’m just asking you a question and I want you to answer it truthfully. If you can honestly say that you would choose the sweet taste of my hot, slippery pussy then I will be more than satisfied with your answer. But the truth is, we both know what you’d really pick don’t we?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“So tell me, tell me what you’d really choose in that situation.”

“I’d choose for you to cum in my mouth Mistress, cum in my mouth and fill my throat with your cum…”

“If only I could slave… if only I could.”

“Maybe I should buy one of those squirting dildo’s I’ve seen for sale slave. I could drain your balls a few times and freeze your cum until I had enough and then warm it up and load it into the dildo, that would be a mindfuck wouldn’t it slave, sucking your Mistress’s cock and then getting a mouthful of your own creamy jizz? Or maybe, in the long run I should just find myself another little slave, then I could make you suck each other’s cocks…”

“Is your cock twitching at the thought of that? God, you are such a slut aren’t you… deeper, take that cock deeper slave, I want to feel your nose pressing against me and I want to hear you gagging.”

“Enough. Take a breather slave… and show me how bad you want to cum. That’s it slave, stroke your cock for me, get it sooooo close to the edge… I want to see you trembling with need slave, I want you desperate to be allowed to stop stroking. I want you quivering, teetering on the edge of cumming without permission, I want to hear you beg for relief slave…”

“Please Mistress…. please let me cum for you.”

“Get closer slave, I don’t think you’re nearly close enough yet.”

“Stroke it harder, make it really throb for me slave…”

“Please Mistress, I can’t hold it much longer…”

“Can’t or won’t slave? You know what happens if you cum without permission slave don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress…”

“Tell me, tell me what happens if you spill your hot sticky cum without permission slave.”

“You’ll put the spikes back in my cage Mistress.”

“Damn right I will slave, cumming without permission is not acceptable, no matter how bad you need it.”

“Please Mistress… I really can’t hold it much longer.”

“Let go slave, let go of your poor cock and calm down.”


“Yes, thank you Mistress…”

“Now get your mouth back around my cock and don’t stop until I say you can.”

“My pussy is so wet right now, watching you suck my cock… I think I’m going to let you lick my pussy later, once you’ve finished sucking my fat cock, once you’ve licked all your cum off my beautiful feet. Would you like that slave, just nod your head… don’t stop sucking my cock.”

“Okay you can start stroking your cock again now. Mmmm, that feels so good doesn’t it, a cock in your mouth and a plug in your ass… you’d almost forgotten about that hadn’t you, it felt so big when I put it in but now you’re used to it. You probably want something bigger in your ass don’t you? Well maybe you’d like me to turn you round and shove this fat cock up your tight little asshole huh?”

“No? Really… you can’t stay on that starter dildo forever slave, sooner or later you have to move up to a real sized cock, and I think today is the perfect opportunity. Just think how good it’s going to feel stretching your asshole slave, it might hurt at first, but you’ll get used to it. I bet within a couple of weeks of being regularly fucked you’ll be begging me to do it again.”

“That’s it, good… get it deeper, suck it like you mean it, and don’t stop stroking that cock. Get it really close and think how much you are going to enjoy licking that spunk off of my gorgeous, elegant feet.”

“Getting tough to hold on isn’t it slave… yeah, you like it when I fuck your face don’t you… you stay still and let me fuck your whore mouth, that’s it, take it for me slave, swallow my thick, hard cock… you wanna cum on my feet slave? Yeah, I know you do… you love my beautiful feet don’t you, and you love licking your creamy cum off them don’t you, just like a true cock whore slut.”

“Open your eyes slave, I want to see it when you cum for me. Yes, cum… cum all over my beautiful feet slave, pump it, pump it all out for me, drain your poor denied balls of every drop. Make it count slave, it’s going to be a long time until you get to cum properly again. You know how much I love to ruin your orgasms, and even when I do let you cum properly it’s so much better to watch you cum while you’re getting your throat fucked and you’re worrying about taking that big, fat cock in your tight little ass…”

“Is that all of it?”

“Yes Mistress… thank you Mistress.”

“Good, get down there and clean my beautiful feet slave, and don’t you dare miss a drop or I will use your spit for lube!”

A small but important milestone…

This last week has been a bit tiring, to say the least… long days at work etc etc, so I haven’t really had time to post on my blog. To get you up to speed, within hours of our Femdom session finishing Mistress started her period, so we were out of action until Thursday. Thursday was great though, Mistress came and then teased me until I was a throbbing quivering wreck, which is weird considering I only came last Sunday!

More interestingly, last night was unexpectedly exciting as well. Mistress and I stayed up very late celebrating the fact that we are both on holiday for the next week (hence the constant rain…). Mistress and I were both on the sofa and I had been kissing and rubbing her feet for quite some time, while we watched TV. At some point we both changed into dressing gowns and then the foot rubbing continued, while my cock got harder.
Mistress decided to tease my cock and so she changed position on the sofa and started to suck and stroke me. Eventually she started slapping my cock and balls too (I’ve noticed Mistress is definitely starting to slap my balls harder… not that I’m complaining) before kissing me as she stroked my cock.
I love kissing her any time, but I especially love it when her mouth tastes of cock, and my cock throbbed harder still as I told her how much I wanted to taste her beautiful pussy. She told me I would have to wait until tomorrow, so I begged to just be allowed to kiss it. Mistress agreed and I got down on my knees on the floor between her legs and Mistress pulled her underwear down just enough that I could kiss the mound above her pussy. She looked so fucking sexy doing that, it was awesome. Mistress allowed me to kiss her pussy for about 20 seconds or so I guess before she pushed me away, needless to say I was still achingly hard…
It may not sound like a massive deal, but I feel like this is quite a little milestone. I’ve long wanted Mistress to have me worship her pussy like this, the same way that I worship her feet. But I can’t recall her ever having let me just kiss her pussy before, unless she wanted me to go down on her or unless I already had. And certainly not outside the bedroom! I would love it if Mistress added ‘Daily pussy kissing’ to our contract, so that even on the days when she doesn’t require me to make her cum I would still get to show my devotion to her. 
In the same way I have made it clear to Mistress that I would love it if she would have me worship her ass at random times, especially outside the bedroom. I would really love for her to feel so supremely sexy and confident that she could ask me to do these things at any time and know that I wouldn’t hesitate, which I wouldn’t!!!
When I woke up this morning Mistress was half out of the bedcovers and she looked amazing. I can’t believe how slender she is, she does a lot of exercise these days and she looks better than she’s ever looked. I am so lucky to have someone so hot and sexy and hopefully in a short while we will be taking some more photos of her, some of which will be added to the blog in the near future!
After this holiday I really do need to get back on track with my diet and exercise, in fact I might even start back on the treadmill today. I’ve still kept off about two stone, but there’s still a long way to go and I’ve been up and down for months now. While I adore how trim Mistress is it does make me feel a little ashamed, and makes me want to improve myself so that she is proud of my appearance as well as loving me (which I know she does).

Being Pegged is the Ultimate Submission, Isn’t it?

Sub Mikey said: “Robert, could you please explain your comment that you feel more submissive sucking Mistress Rs strap-on than when she is fucking your ass, surely being pegged is the ultimate submission isn’t it?”

Well Mikey, I could think of a few things that I would consider a lot more submissive than either of those things… but as I’m unlikely to experience any of them I will try to answer your question as best I can.
It could be partly that I have experienced pegging over quite a long period of time now, over fifteen years I think, so maybe it’s lost a little bit of it’s effect as far as the embarrassment or humiliation side of it goes. I mean it’s still kind of strange, feeling your Mistress move behind you and the tip of her cock pushing into your ass, and truth be told I still do wonder what Mistress thinks of me as she’s fucking me, I mean who wouldn’t? 
I’m certainly not blase about it, nowhere near, because although we’ve done it for a long time it has never been very regular, I bet I haven’t been pegged more than thirty times in all that time (one very good reason for this is that until we discovered the Rode-oH pants, Mistress has never found a strap-on she really felt comfortable with). By comparison, sucking Mistress’s ‘cock’ has been an even rarer occurrence, and one which has had a very strong effect on me in the past. 
I can understand your point of view Mikey, but for whatever reason I feel way more self-conscious about sucking Mistress’s ‘cock’ than I do about her fucking me, and that makes my submissive feelings so much more intense. Again I don’t really understand why, but being on my knees in front of her when I do it seems to make a huge difference as well, but then I guess that’s a classic position of deference and submission after all.
Also, being ‘forced‘ to suck a real cock is something I have used in my stories, and read in other peoples stories and it often has a very strong effect on me. As I have mentioned before on this blog, I really do not believe it is a ‘gay’ fantasy, since without the element of being forced or coerced in some way by a dominant woman I really don’t have any interest. Also, now that I think about it I don’t think I’ve ever written about a male submissive being fucked by another man… although it’s possible that I might have in ‘Owned’, I think there may have been a suggestion of it, I’m not sure, it’s a long time since I wrote it (or read it).
One other thing that occurs to me is that when being fucked from behind there is a certain element of detachment (which is why some women do not like that position as they like to feel more ‘connected’ to their partner), which for a male sub being used by his Mistress provides a certain level of comfort. By contrast, kneeling right in front of your Mistress and being all too aware that she is looking down at you and watching as you take her ‘cock’ between your lips, and that she can see clearly just how much you are enjoying it (and in my particular case on Sunday, just how ridiculously hard my cock was) is quite a mind fuck.

I hope that answers your question Mikey and thanks for taking the time to read my blog and to leave a comment. Comments are always very welcome, even ones that just say ‘Like your blog’ or whatever.

Femdom Session 1st June 2014…

For just over three years now I’ve been forbidden to cum without permission, and until last week it had never actually happened. As you may remember, last week Mistress stroked my cock and teased me very hard to the edge and despite my warnings stroked me a little too far which resulted in a ruined orgasm. It didn’t really strike me at the time since I always thought of the rule principally as applying to me not masturbating, but I guess the truth is Mistress R didn’t give me permission to cum, and I came… well technically I had a ruined orgasm so that’s debatable… and Mistress essentially pushed me too far, despite me warning her that I was getting too close, so it wasn’t really my fault, but still… it seems now that as far as Mistress is concerned I failed and broke her rule. I guess these details don’t necessarily get hammered out until the situation arises, at least now I know for sure that I am expected to fight it a lot harder and that in future Mistress can easily ‘force’ me into failing and punish me if it pleases her to do so.
So that was the first thing I got whipped for and then there was one time during the last couple of weeks where I forgot to put Mistress’s towels out for her, so that was the next thing I got whipped for. Perversely, it pleases me that Mistress remembered these things and took them seriously enough to punish me for them both.
So there I was down on all fours, with a stinging arse wondering whether I should volunteer a confession for two instances of illicit stroking, but as is the way, I’m kind of thinking maybe since she’s already punished me she won’t ask, maybe I’ll get away with it… so of course I have the devil on one shoulder telling me to keep my mouth shut and the angel on my other shoulder telling me I have to confess and take my punishment. I have to say, the angel was winning and I was about to confess anyway when Mistress saved me the trouble. That got me paddled on top of the whipping.
But as ever the pain was short lived and we moved on, after some lovely foot worship I was ordered on to the bed and was soon plugged and on my back. Mistress then teased, slapped, stroked, rode me and teased me with her glorious breasts and ass before pegging my nipples and leaving me to stew. On her return she had me back on all fours before retying my wrists, leaving me with my head down and my ass high in the air. Mistress removed the butt plug (actually it fell out just before she was going to) and sprayed a generous amount of lube on my asshole before plunging her strap-on into my ass.
I really love getting fucked by my Mistress, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to admit, but I genuinely love it. Now that we have learned to make sure I am plugged for a good while first it is so much more pleasurable, while also being quite humiliating and making me feel very submissive. As she was fucking me Mistress reached down, stroked my cock and balls and asked me, “Does this make you feel completely submissive to me slave?”. I told her it did, although it was not long before I felt even more submissive.
Several times Mistress paused and asked me if I could take any more and I said ‘yes’ every time, truth be told I was loving every second of it, though at first I was slightly concerned that my twenty seven day load was in danger of spilling over onto the sheet… fortunately that didn’t happen and as time went on I became more and more relaxed and pushed back to meet Mistress’s thrusts. It sounded as though Mistress was enjoying herself too, I really wish I could have seen her fucking me from behind, I bet she looked absolutely amazing with her breasts swinging free between the PVC straps of her top.
Finally Mistress called a halt and released my wrists before telling me to kneel up on the bed. She stood in front of me and pulled my head down onto her strap-on. I had been waiting for this for so long, I love it, but it has to be in this position, me on my knees in front of her for it to have the desired effect. Sometimes Mistress has had me suck her strap-on when I am lying on my back but it just isn’t the same, somehow it just doesn’t create the same submissive feeling for me.
After one suck Mistress moved away but after waiting so long I just couldn’t let her move on so quickly, so I did the only possible thing I could do. I begged her to let me suck her ‘cock’. As you can imagine, this isn’t the easiest thing in the world to say, (even more so then asking to be fucked, if I’m honest), but I could not pass up this opportunity and somehow at that moment it came out surprisingly easily. Mistress allowed me to continue and I took it as deep as I could into my mouth several times. It still didn’t last very long at all, not nearly as long as I would have liked, but as Mistress gently thrust her hips forward and fucked my mouth with her strap-on, my cock clearly showed how much I loved it as it went from half-hard to vein-poppingly throbbing in about three seconds flat (seriously, it was fucking impressive!). 
I’m not sure if Mistress noticed the effect it had on me, I hope she did, because that made me feel really, really submissive and I honestly can’t wait to suck her ‘cock’ again. (In fact I am already thinking of writing a story based solely on this act alone).
Fortunately the next thing I got to do was to worship Mistress’s beautiful pussy which went an awful long way to assuaging my disappointment at not being allowed to worship her ‘cock’ for longer. It took a little longer than usual for Mistress to cum but when she did it was quite explosive and the PVC sheet was covered in her juices. After having me lick her skin clean of her pussy juices, Mistress allowed me the pleasure of licking the sheet clean as well, only for the first time ever (I’m pretty sure) she told me that I could stroke my cock while I did it. I certainly wasn’t expecting that!
I noticed that we were already way over the hour but I kind of suspected that Mistress would want me to cum today, and this was even more apparent when she tied me down to the bed again. She soon had her ass positioned right over my face again and after some begging she allowed me to tongue her ass. She stroked my cock hard and fast but I was not really getting close. Mistress had me lick her ass again and continued to stroke me hard until I told her that I was getting close (although obviously I was a little more circumspect than previously since my earlier punishment!).
Mistress asked me if I wanted to be allowed to cum, to which I submissively replied, “Only if it pleases you Mistress.” Mistress continued stroking me while teasing me about how she knows that part of me wants to cum really badly, but part of me dreads having to start over and having to slowly build that feeling of need again. But then Mistress told me that she wanted me to cum and she wanted me to cum before she counted to ten. At first I was almost blocking it, subconsciously trying to hold back, but then Mistress lowered her ass to my tongue a third time and I couldn’t fight it any more. I came pretty violently, indeed I pulled the restraints on my legs right to their limits, before Mistress scooped up my cum in her fingers and fed it to me (and no, sure enough it didn’t taste as good as the other night…).
All in all it was a pretty amazing and intense session and I can’t wait for the next one (especially if it contains lots of strap-on sucking and fucking!!!).
I said to Mistress R after the session, we really need to get a photo of her in the strappy PVC top and with her Rodeo-oH’s on, believe me she looks absolutely incredible. Luckily, she agreed!