Being Pegged is the Ultimate Submission, Isn’t it?

Sub Mikey said: “Robert, could you please explain your comment that you feel more submissive sucking Mistress Rs strap-on than when she is fucking your ass, surely being pegged is the ultimate submission isn’t it?”

Well Mikey, I could think of a few things that I would consider a lot more submissive than either of those things… but as I’m unlikely to experience any of them I will try to answer your question as best I can.
It could be partly that I have experienced pegging over quite a long period of time now, over fifteen years I think, so maybe it’s lost a little bit of it’s effect as far as the embarrassment or humiliation side of it goes. I mean it’s still kind of strange, feeling your Mistress move behind you and the tip of her cock pushing into your ass, and truth be told I still do wonder what Mistress thinks of me as she’s fucking me, I mean who wouldn’t? 
I’m certainly not blase about it, nowhere near, because although we’ve done it for a long time it has never been very regular, I bet I haven’t been pegged more than thirty times in all that time (one very good reason for this is that until we discovered the Rode-oH pants, Mistress has never found a strap-on she really felt comfortable with). By comparison, sucking Mistress’s ‘cock’ has been an even rarer occurrence, and one which has had a very strong effect on me in the past. 
I can understand your point of view Mikey, but for whatever reason I feel way more self-conscious about sucking Mistress’s ‘cock’ than I do about her fucking me, and that makes my submissive feelings so much more intense. Again I don’t really understand why, but being on my knees in front of her when I do it seems to make a huge difference as well, but then I guess that’s a classic position of deference and submission after all.
Also, being ‘forced‘ to suck a real cock is something I have used in my stories, and read in other peoples stories and it often has a very strong effect on me. As I have mentioned before on this blog, I really do not believe it is a ‘gay’ fantasy, since without the element of being forced or coerced in some way by a dominant woman I really don’t have any interest. Also, now that I think about it I don’t think I’ve ever written about a male submissive being fucked by another man… although it’s possible that I might have in ‘Owned’, I think there may have been a suggestion of it, I’m not sure, it’s a long time since I wrote it (or read it).
One other thing that occurs to me is that when being fucked from behind there is a certain element of detachment (which is why some women do not like that position as they like to feel more ‘connected’ to their partner), which for a male sub being used by his Mistress provides a certain level of comfort. By contrast, kneeling right in front of your Mistress and being all too aware that she is looking down at you and watching as you take her ‘cock’ between your lips, and that she can see clearly just how much you are enjoying it (and in my particular case on Sunday, just how ridiculously hard my cock was) is quite a mind fuck.

I hope that answers your question Mikey and thanks for taking the time to read my blog and to leave a comment. Comments are always very welcome, even ones that just say ‘Like your blog’ or whatever.

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