A small but important milestone…

This last week has been a bit tiring, to say the least… long days at work etc etc, so I haven’t really had time to post on my blog. To get you up to speed, within hours of our Femdom session finishing Mistress started her period, so we were out of action until Thursday. Thursday was great though, Mistress came and then teased me until I was a throbbing quivering wreck, which is weird considering I only came last Sunday!

More interestingly, last night was unexpectedly exciting as well. Mistress and I stayed up very late celebrating the fact that we are both on holiday for the next week (hence the constant rain…). Mistress and I were both on the sofa and I had been kissing and rubbing her feet for quite some time, while we watched TV. At some point we both changed into dressing gowns and then the foot rubbing continued, while my cock got harder.
Mistress decided to tease my cock and so she changed position on the sofa and started to suck and stroke me. Eventually she started slapping my cock and balls too (I’ve noticed Mistress is definitely starting to slap my balls harder… not that I’m complaining) before kissing me as she stroked my cock.
I love kissing her any time, but I especially love it when her mouth tastes of cock, and my cock throbbed harder still as I told her how much I wanted to taste her beautiful pussy. She told me I would have to wait until tomorrow, so I begged to just be allowed to kiss it. Mistress agreed and I got down on my knees on the floor between her legs and Mistress pulled her underwear down just enough that I could kiss the mound above her pussy. She looked so fucking sexy doing that, it was awesome. Mistress allowed me to kiss her pussy for about 20 seconds or so I guess before she pushed me away, needless to say I was still achingly hard…
It may not sound like a massive deal, but I feel like this is quite a little milestone. I’ve long wanted Mistress to have me worship her pussy like this, the same way that I worship her feet. But I can’t recall her ever having let me just kiss her pussy before, unless she wanted me to go down on her or unless I already had. And certainly not outside the bedroom! I would love it if Mistress added ‘Daily pussy kissing’ to our contract, so that even on the days when she doesn’t require me to make her cum I would still get to show my devotion to her. 
In the same way I have made it clear to Mistress that I would love it if she would have me worship her ass at random times, especially outside the bedroom. I would really love for her to feel so supremely sexy and confident that she could ask me to do these things at any time and know that I wouldn’t hesitate, which I wouldn’t!!!
When I woke up this morning Mistress was half out of the bedcovers and she looked amazing. I can’t believe how slender she is, she does a lot of exercise these days and she looks better than she’s ever looked. I am so lucky to have someone so hot and sexy and hopefully in a short while we will be taking some more photos of her, some of which will be added to the blog in the near future!
After this holiday I really do need to get back on track with my diet and exercise, in fact I might even start back on the treadmill today. I’ve still kept off about two stone, but there’s still a long way to go and I’ve been up and down for months now. While I adore how trim Mistress is it does make me feel a little ashamed, and makes me want to improve myself so that she is proud of my appearance as well as loving me (which I know she does).

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