Saturday Afternoon Cream Pie Delight…

Following yesterday’s events, I wasn’t expecting this afternoon to be even better, but it was! Once again I started out worshipping Mistress R’s gorgeous feet and slowly moved up her legs, kissing every silken inch of skin until I reached the top of her thighs. I moved up to kiss Mistress on the lips and then she gently pushed me back down between her legs. When Mistress came it was even more intense than yesterday and I felt extremely satisfied and happy inside.
But this was only the beginning, after a few seconds had passed Mistress had me lick her pussy clean and then turned over and knelt next to me so that I could continue and lick her juices from around her ass. Then she lay back down and had me kneel between her legs where she stroked my rapidly hardening cock. She rubbed the tip against her slippery pussy and then pulled me inside her.
I started to stroke in and out of her, enjoying the warm sensation of her pussy enveloping my cock,and after a while she told me to just leave it inside her. I pressed it home as deep as I could and Mistress groaned with pleasure, but I couldn’t stand it and soon resumed sliding in and out. Mistress smiled as I lifted her legs over my shoulders and started to fuck her harder.
Then she had me pull out and she turned onto her side. I fed my cock back into her pussy and used my hands to spread her ass cheeks so that I could gaze at her inviting asshole as I stroked in and out. Mistress teased me about how much I love being able to look at her ass while I am inside her and I in turn started to speed up, fucking her harder and faster, trying to slow myself down, but fighting a losing battle.
In the end I told Mistress that I was getting close, I must admit I kind of expected her to tell me to keep going until I came, but instead she told me to stop. She pushed me back and then turned back over so that she was sitting on the bed with her beautiful feet right under my cock. Maybe she was going to let me cum on her feet, or maybe ruin me on her feet, or tell me to ruin it myself on her feet? She stroked me idly, keeping me closer than she probably realised and then asked me if I wanted to be allowed to cum. As ever I told her that I only wanted it if she wanted me to cum, but she didn’t want to hear that, she asked me again, did I want to be allowed to cum.
If a hot, sexy, beautiful woman asks you that question, when you’re throbbing hard and desperate to cum, and you haven’t cum for nearly two weeks, it’s kind of hard to say no. Mistress R pulled me back inside her and allowed me to gently thrust in her for a short while longer, before turning over once again and giving me a wonderful view of her legs and ass as she instructed me to fuck her hard. I was able to last longer than I thought, and I started fucking her hard and fast, just starting to get to the point where I was having to think about warning her again, because she hadn’t actually told me she was letting me cum, she just asked if I wanted to, which is not the same thing.
But then she told me to fuck her harder and to cum inside her, and that’s exactly what I did. It felt fantastic to pump thirteen days of cum into her velvety pussy and I was really happy that once I had finished she ordered me onto my back and straddled my face, allowing me to lick and suck a huge load of cum out of her delicious, used pussy. This holiday week may be drawing to a close, but it’s certainly going out in style, I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!

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