Holiday weekend…

Mistress and I have just got back home after a night away in a lovely hotel in Guilford, near London. We’d never been to Guildford before and it was a very nice place, with lots of little shops and alleyways to explore, but it was really just too damned hot to do anything much and we dived into an almost empty, air-con equipped (and very nice actually) pub next to the river. After we had a little lunch we walked back through the town, sweating and moaning about the heat and then dived into another pub for an afternoon cocktail. Mistress had ‘Sex on the Beach’ and I had something similarly fruity but alcohol free. I don’t really drink much and I had to drive later anyway.
Then we went back to our hotel and fired up the air-con in the room, chilling out before showering and getting ready to go out for diner. After Mistress had her shower she had me rub minty body lotion into her feet, and then she had me kiss them for a little while. Actually we probably should have done that the other way around because my lips were tingling all night… but still, it was really nice to do it anyway. I asked Mistress if she needed me to rub body lotion into any other parts of her body, but she said she’d already done it and that she would probably find that annoying anyway…. which is a bit of a shame.
We had a top notch dinner in a nearby Gastro-Pub (although it was rather too hot having to wear jeans and a proper shirt) and then returned to our hotel. We headed for the (air conditioned) bar and Mistress had a large glass of wine while I had a couple of alcohol free cocktails, the first one was strawberry and the second one was made of raspberries, blackberries and pomegranate juice with added mint leaves. Actually the second one tasted a lot like nettles to start with, but once you got used to it it was not too bad.
We retired to our room and as we got into bed Mistress decided to start teasing my cock. She stroked it as she watched TV and then allowed me very briefly to lick her ass while she stroked my cock hard and fast, eventually leaving me with a rock hard cock and no relief whatsoever. Mistress isn’t a big fan of pussy worship in hotel rooms because she finds it difficult to relax and enjoy it, which again is a shame, hopefully tomorrow night when are feeling a bit more lively I can give her a satisfying orgasm.

Follow that…

I’ll admit I was a little worried that after last night, tonight might be a little tiny bit of a let down, but it really wasn’t at all. While kissing my way up the insides of Mistress’s beautiful legs, I happened to glance upwards to see Mistress gently rubbing her pussy with her fingertips. I love to see Mistress touching her pussy, I would love to see her bring herself to orgasm, especially if I was tied up, locked up, with a dildo in my ass… maybe one day!
So this led to a super-hard orgasm for Mistress R, after which she reached into the bedside cabinet for some lube and her cock whip. Interesting! And so it proved to be. We don’t use lube that much out of session, but it felt absolutely fucking great, so I definitely think we should use it a lot more. Mistress was pumping about as hard as she could at times, but every time I got close to the edge she stopped and suddenly started stroking really slow. Then she pushed my cock forward and stroked me ‘overhand’ and that felt really good, I especially liked it when her fist slammed into my balls each stroke. That was fucking sweet!
Mistress whipped my cock a few times, sometimes hard(ish), sometimes soft, and she whipped and slapped my balls a few times as well before she straddled me and fed my rock solid cock inside her. I can’t even remember if I’ve been inside her since the last time I came inside her which was exactly 32 days ago, but it felt wonderful and she looked so gorgeous as she rode my cock. First she reached back behind to slap my balls and then she started scratching my nipples with her nails, I encouraged her to pinch them which she did a little bit, but not very hard really… hopefully this is an area we can work on 😉
Then she lifted herself off and laid down beside me, stroking my cock again before having me lick her fingers clean. Then she started pumping me really hard again almost like she was thinking about making me cum again. She finished off by wrapping both hands around my cock and squeezing really hard for the last slow stroke, I was amazed that she didn’t squeeze a drop of pre-cum out, maybe that’s what she was trying to do?
I begged her for more and she allowed me ten more strokes before leaving me throbbing as I pulled her close and held her as my cock pulsed against her stomach. There is no way that this session could be described as any kind of let down, that’s for damn sure. I really wish we could do this again tomorrow but we have a family dinner to attend.

Go on you know you want to…

SUB HUB IN PHX WROTE: I have become more and more intrigued with having to ingest my own cum. Let me start off by saying that Mistress K. finds it gross so i don’t think i’ll ever have to face the prospect. I don’t know why she finds it gross, but mine is to not question why. I too find it gross, but with that said, the idea of being required to ingest whatever cum a slave produces is very appealing to me. The symbolism alone is very intesly erotic. i have about FLM couples that never have the sub eat his cum, sometimes have the sub eat his and some that always have him eat his cum. One couple i follow requires that the sub eat his cum for all unauthorized ejaculations. Those include “accidents” of course but also include ALL ruined orgasms. for the first time ever, i’ll admit that the notion of being allowed to orgasm comes with the price of having to ingest it, excites me.

I am so used to it now that it usually doesn’t phase me anymore, I find that if I haven’t cum for a long time my orgasm is either too intense to be truly pleasurable or kind of misaligned… so that I feel like the orgasm hits before the cum starts to leave my cock, so it ends up being somewhat ruined. I’m not unhappy about this since it makes the climb back to frustration easier, plus it helps with the ‘post orgasmic depression’ and it means (however this works) that my cum tastes just fine too. Mind you I was so wrapped up in the act of licking my Mistress’s asshole clean last night that I really wasn’t too bothered about the taste of cum on my tongue. I loved the way she did it, I was so surprised and content.
In the beginning it will take willpower to overcome the change in attitude you feel once you have cum, this is a well documented problem. But after you have done it a few times it will get easier and it cannot but make you feel very submissive to your Mistress. There is no way to be dominant when you have your own cum in your mouth, it’s really that simple. I would suggest that the best way to start would be to eat your cum from your Mistress’s pussy (if she will allow it), since the taste is less when it is mixed with her juices and once you have got used to that move on to licking it from other parts of her body.
I find the sight of my cum on Mistress’s feet (for instance) very erotic and I love to lick them clean, but I would lick my cum from anywhere Mistress ordered me to now without hesitation, even my own hand, a PVC sheet or even a plate if that what she wanted me to do.
I remember reading (I think it was in ‘She Comes First, but I could be wrong about that), one of the recommendations was ‘get used to the taste of your own cum’. She Comes First is not about Femdom or Chastity it is a book for normal men who want to please their women orally, the point being that many women will greatly appreciate it if you go down on them after you have had sex and a lot of men obviously don’t want to do that if think she will taste unpleasant (being full of cum).
I have done this a few times in the past (before my orgasms were quite as restricted as they are nowadays) and I found it very horny to lick Mistress’s cum filled pussy to orgasm. Very horny indeed!

31 Days and out…

Somehow I didn’t really expect tonight to end the way it did, which isn’t to say it was a bad thing… just not what I expected. Mistress and I desperately needed to reconnect sexually after a slightly difficult weekend and another postponed Femdom session. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, but the next two weekends are too busy and the weekend after that Mistress will probably be on her period again, so maybe we are going to have try and find time to do it one weekday, cos the way things are going we are never going to make up these lost sessions otherwise.
Anyway, things started well with Mistress ordering me to kiss her feet for a short while, before motioning for me to move up the bed, past her gorgeous pussy and to kiss her while she gently stroked my cock. She commented about how hard it was, of which I was very aware of course, and then she pushed me down between her spread legs. The first couple of minutes were a little uncomfortable as tasting Mistress’s beautiful pussy only served to make my cock throb even harder as I tried to lay on it!
After a few minutes it started to subside and eventually I could fully concentrate my attention on pleasing Mistress and making her. Mistress had a nice orgasm on my tongue and then she began stroking and sucking my cock while I delicately stroked her asshole. I wanted to lick her ass so bad, but at the same time I didn’t want her to stop what she was doing either.
The sucking and stroking continued, along with some slapping and then suddenly Mistress was straddling my face and I was licking her beautiful, sweet pussy again while my cock throbbed in the air. I actually thought Mistress was going to slide herself down onto my throbbing cock and maybe even tell me to shoot my load inside her, but instead she started teasing me with her delicious ass, making me beg her to allow me to lick it.
Well I begged and Mistress allowed me to lick her ass, indeed I was tongue fucking it nicely when she started pumping my cock hard. I tried to fight it but it was no good and I warned her that I was getting close. She didn’t stop and I warned her a second time, still the stroking continued and Mistress finally gave me permission to cum. I continued tonguing her sweet asshole as she pumped my cock and then she pulled away from my face for a few seconds, only to smear my cum off her fingers between her cheeks. A very unexpected bonus indeed!
Naturally Mistress ordered me to lick her ass clean, before she repeated the process and then fed me the remainder of my cum from her fingertips. I wasn’t really expecting to be allowed to cum, and I definitely wasn’t expecting to be licking my cum off my gorgeous Mistress’s ass tonight. I had wondered if this was going to be the month I set a new record, having gone 31 days and been just twelve days from doing so… but it was not to be, not this time anyway. But who knows, maybe tomorrow will be the first day of my new chastity record? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.