Go on you know you want to…

SUB HUB IN PHX WROTE: I have become more and more intrigued with having to ingest my own cum. Let me start off by saying that Mistress K. finds it gross so i don’t think i’ll ever have to face the prospect. I don’t know why she finds it gross, but mine is to not question why. I too find it gross, but with that said, the idea of being required to ingest whatever cum a slave produces is very appealing to me. The symbolism alone is very intesly erotic. i have about FLM couples that never have the sub eat his cum, sometimes have the sub eat his and some that always have him eat his cum. One couple i follow requires that the sub eat his cum for all unauthorized ejaculations. Those include “accidents” of course but also include ALL ruined orgasms. for the first time ever, i’ll admit that the notion of being allowed to orgasm comes with the price of having to ingest it, excites me.

I am so used to it now that it usually doesn’t phase me anymore, I find that if I haven’t cum for a long time my orgasm is either too intense to be truly pleasurable or kind of misaligned… so that I feel like the orgasm hits before the cum starts to leave my cock, so it ends up being somewhat ruined. I’m not unhappy about this since it makes the climb back to frustration easier, plus it helps with the ‘post orgasmic depression’ and it means (however this works) that my cum tastes just fine too. Mind you I was so wrapped up in the act of licking my Mistress’s asshole clean last night that I really wasn’t too bothered about the taste of cum on my tongue. I loved the way she did it, I was so surprised and content.
In the beginning it will take willpower to overcome the change in attitude you feel once you have cum, this is a well documented problem. But after you have done it a few times it will get easier and it cannot but make you feel very submissive to your Mistress. There is no way to be dominant when you have your own cum in your mouth, it’s really that simple. I would suggest that the best way to start would be to eat your cum from your Mistress’s pussy (if she will allow it), since the taste is less when it is mixed with her juices and once you have got used to that move on to licking it from other parts of her body.
I find the sight of my cum on Mistress’s feet (for instance) very erotic and I love to lick them clean, but I would lick my cum from anywhere Mistress ordered me to now without hesitation, even my own hand, a PVC sheet or even a plate if that what she wanted me to do.
I remember reading (I think it was in ‘She Comes First, but I could be wrong about that), one of the recommendations was ‘get used to the taste of your own cum’. She Comes First is not about Femdom or Chastity it is a book for normal men who want to please their women orally, the point being that many women will greatly appreciate it if you go down on them after you have had sex and a lot of men obviously don’t want to do that if think she will taste unpleasant (being full of cum).
I have done this a few times in the past (before my orgasms were quite as restricted as they are nowadays) and I found it very horny to lick Mistress’s cum filled pussy to orgasm. Very horny indeed!

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