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I’ll admit I was a little worried that after last night, tonight might be a little tiny bit of a let down, but it really wasn’t at all. While kissing my way up the insides of Mistress’s beautiful legs, I happened to glance upwards to see Mistress gently rubbing her pussy with her fingertips. I love to see Mistress touching her pussy, I would love to see her bring herself to orgasm, especially if I was tied up, locked up, with a dildo in my ass… maybe one day!
So this led to a super-hard orgasm for Mistress R, after which she reached into the bedside cabinet for some lube and her cock whip. Interesting! And so it proved to be. We don’t use lube that much out of session, but it felt absolutely fucking great, so I definitely think we should use it a lot more. Mistress was pumping about as hard as she could at times, but every time I got close to the edge she stopped and suddenly started stroking really slow. Then she pushed my cock forward and stroked me ‘overhand’ and that felt really good, I especially liked it when her fist slammed into my balls each stroke. That was fucking sweet!
Mistress whipped my cock a few times, sometimes hard(ish), sometimes soft, and she whipped and slapped my balls a few times as well before she straddled me and fed my rock solid cock inside her. I can’t even remember if I’ve been inside her since the last time I came inside her which was exactly 32 days ago, but it felt wonderful and she looked so gorgeous as she rode my cock. First she reached back behind to slap my balls and then she started scratching my nipples with her nails, I encouraged her to pinch them which she did a little bit, but not very hard really… hopefully this is an area we can work on 😉
Then she lifted herself off and laid down beside me, stroking my cock again before having me lick her fingers clean. Then she started pumping me really hard again almost like she was thinking about making me cum again. She finished off by wrapping both hands around my cock and squeezing really hard for the last slow stroke, I was amazed that she didn’t squeeze a drop of pre-cum out, maybe that’s what she was trying to do?
I begged her for more and she allowed me ten more strokes before leaving me throbbing as I pulled her close and held her as my cock pulsed against her stomach. There is no way that this session could be described as any kind of let down, that’s for damn sure. I really wish we could do this again tomorrow but we have a family dinner to attend.

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