Holiday weekend…

Mistress and I have just got back home after a night away in a lovely hotel in Guilford, near London. We’d never been to Guildford before and it was a very nice place, with lots of little shops and alleyways to explore, but it was really just too damned hot to do anything much and we dived into an almost empty, air-con equipped (and very nice actually) pub next to the river. After we had a little lunch we walked back through the town, sweating and moaning about the heat and then dived into another pub for an afternoon cocktail. Mistress had ‘Sex on the Beach’ and I had something similarly fruity but alcohol free. I don’t really drink much and I had to drive later anyway.
Then we went back to our hotel and fired up the air-con in the room, chilling out before showering and getting ready to go out for diner. After Mistress had her shower she had me rub minty body lotion into her feet, and then she had me kiss them for a little while. Actually we probably should have done that the other way around because my lips were tingling all night… but still, it was really nice to do it anyway. I asked Mistress if she needed me to rub body lotion into any other parts of her body, but she said she’d already done it and that she would probably find that annoying anyway…. which is a bit of a shame.
We had a top notch dinner in a nearby Gastro-Pub (although it was rather too hot having to wear jeans and a proper shirt) and then returned to our hotel. We headed for the (air conditioned) bar and Mistress had a large glass of wine while I had a couple of alcohol free cocktails, the first one was strawberry and the second one was made of raspberries, blackberries and pomegranate juice with added mint leaves. Actually the second one tasted a lot like nettles to start with, but once you got used to it it was not too bad.
We retired to our room and as we got into bed Mistress decided to start teasing my cock. She stroked it as she watched TV and then allowed me very briefly to lick her ass while she stroked my cock hard and fast, eventually leaving me with a rock hard cock and no relief whatsoever. Mistress isn’t a big fan of pussy worship in hotel rooms because she finds it difficult to relax and enjoy it, which again is a shame, hopefully tomorrow night when are feeling a bit more lively I can give her a satisfying orgasm.

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