40 days, no orgasm…

Once again things didn’t work out quite the way we expected, but despite that today has been a good day. Over the past few days I’ve been having some trouble with my left knee, a burning, tearing kind of pain when I kneel down (it’s surprising how often you kneel down every day). And last night when I went to kneel down to kiss Mistress R’s feet before bed it was really painful. And it wasn’t much better this morning either.
Mistress and I discussed working around the problem, but we both felt that as me kneeling before her is such a big part of a Femdom session, we decided to leave it for another day. Actually, we went for a walk later and it does seem to have helped a bit, so hopefully it will sort itself out before too long.
Nevertheless, Mistress and I went to bed this afternoon and had a lovely time. Mistress had a great orgasm on my tongue before ordering me on to my back and sitting on my face to let me lick all her juices up. Then Mistress started stroking my cock, before straddling me and sinking down on me. As she reached back and slapped my balls repeatedly I begged her to take her bra off and let me see her gorgeous breasts.
Mistress was feeling generous (good tongue-work pays dividends chaps) and pushed her bra straps down to reveal her beautiful breasts and oh-so suckable nipples. Mmmmmm! As Mistress rode me I was allowed to suck and massage her breasts, which of course made it harder to not cum. Mistress eventually moved off me and then stroked me again before having me lick her juices off her hand.
Mistress lay next to me and rubbed my cock against her breasts as she stroked, was she going to let me shoot on her tits? The thought was racing through my mind, but then she pulled back and stood over me, before lowering her ass towards my face. After some begging Mistress allowed me to lick her asshole while she continued stroking me hard.
I loved it, but it was definitely getting harder to stay the right side of the edge. Then she was back on top of me, my aching cock sliding into her amazing, slippery smooth pussy. I really thought this was it, she was going to tell me to shoot inside her, I was certain.
But no, she rode me a while longer while I fought the urge to explode and then she stroked me some more, right to the edge, until I had to warn her. Mistress eased up and made me lick her fingers clean again, and then after I had calmed down a bit she told me that she wasn’t going to let me cum today, but that because she was so pleased with me she was going to let me lick her asshole one more time.
A few seconds later my tongue was flicking away at Mistress’s delicious ass while she stroked me hard and fast. I knew that being allowed to continue licking her ass was dependent on me keeping away from the edge, and I really tried… but it wasn’t too long before I had to warn Mistress that I was getting far too close and much to my disappointment she moved off and lay beside me again.
That was pretty much the end of it, my cock was teetering on the edge and it wouldn’t have taken much at all to tip it over. But perhaps Mistress is more intent on pushing my record than I thought?
I really thought she was going to let me cum today, and maybe if we’d had a proper session she would have, it’s easier to get carried away in that situation after all… I am quite surprised that she didn’t actually, but not disappointed. I loved the ache and throb in my cock as I held her tight after we had finished, when Mistress does finally let me cum I am going to miss that, I just wish it didn’t take five weeks to get back to that state of real aching.
I do find that I can get back to a certain level of ache after a few days now, perhaps as a result of so long doing the chastity thing, but it does seem that once you get to about thirty five days you find a whole new level and it’s hard to give it up once you get there. Just as well it’s not my decision really.

A great evening…

Tonight Mistress and I spent another fun hour in bed, which included another lovely orgasm for her and more delicious frustration for me. As I started kissing my way up Mistress’s beautiful, silky legs she used her foot to rub my cock and by the time I worked my way up to top of her thighs and breathed in the intoxicating aroma of her pussy my cock was absolutely rock hard.
Despite the last two of Mistress’s orgasms being seemingly very successful, I never really felt fully in control of my part in them. It was kind of aimless, and it may have been perfectly effective, but this is one area of my life where I strive for perfection so I really wanted to make it really good for my beautiful Mistress tonight. I think it went well, Mistress certainly had a lovely orgasm and had a big smile on her pretty face when I finally looked up at her. Mistress always looks soooo beautiful when she has just cum. Then, as she lay back and relaxed I kissed her pretty feet for a little while.
After this Mistress started kissing me and stroking my cock until it was rock hard again and then gave it a few hard slaps to give it an extra-bit of firmness. She continued stroking me for a while before straddling me and sliding herself down onto my aching shaft. She was so tight I was struggling not to cum inside her right away, thankfully I manage to hold back and Mistress rode me for a little while and once I had calmed down enough I asked Mistress to remove her bra so that I could see her breasts. Mistress thought for a second and then said that I could see her breasts if I really wanted to, but that I would have to come out of her pussy first. What did I want more? To stay inside her hot, wet pussy… or to see her gorgeous breasts?
I really wanted to see her totally naked, but I really wanted to see her naked while she was riding my cock! I love to look up at Mistress’s sexy breasts when she is on top of me… so mean. Despite really wanting to see them, I just couldn’t give up her pussy. So the bra stayed on while she rode me for a while longer.
Suddenly she lifted off, knelt next to me and asked me if I still wanted to see her breasts? I begged her to let me and she quickly removed her bra and briefly allowed me to suck on both of her nipples before covering herself up once more. She stroked my cock a little more and then had me lick her hand clean before we cuddled, my denied cock still throbbing madly against her stomach.
As we held each other I told Mistress that I wished I could worship her pussy and ass every morning so that I could taste her on my lips all day.
What a great evening!

Femdom Session August 3rd 2014…

Last night I tried dictating the details of our Femdom session into my Nexus, but what came out was utter gibberish, so I guess I’m going to have to do it the old fashioned way!
Well things didn’t get off to a great start since I woke up on Sunday morning absolutely freezing, a couple of hours later I was melting, classic signs of flu. I got up about ten but then went back to bed and pretty much thought it was another write off. However, when I got up again about 1pm I felt a little bit better, and I started to think maybe we should just do it and see what happened. It had kind of got to the point where I was starting to think it would be better to do it even if it wasn’t that great rather than putting it off again… not that I really thought it wouldn’t be that great. Besides I know from experience that even if you don’t feel all that great when you start having sex, once you get into it you tend to forget about feeling less than great, at least while you’re doing it. So I chugged a Lemsip and then Mistress and started to prepare for our first Femdom session for nine loooong weeks…!
Once again Mistress left it up to me to decide what accessories to ‘wear’ for the start of the session, and I decided to go for a medium sized rubber buttplug that we’ve had for a number of years and a blindfold (along with the usual wrist and ankle cuffs of course!). Last time I had that buttplug inside me it was rather painful as Mistress pushed it in rather too fast, and I decided to use the glass ring ended ball dildo first and then once that was comfortable I applied some more lube and inserted the rubber plug. By the time Mistress had me take it out (about half way through the session) it was totally comfortable and I could almost have forgotten I was wearing it. Hard to believe consider how full I felt when I first put it in. The main reason I decided to use that rubber plug was that I was hoping that Mistress would use her strap-on on me again and that was obviously a good way to indicate this to her and prepare my ass for her to use at the same time.
Perhaps Mistress was expecting something like that since she didn’t seem that surprised when she had me get on all fours and found the base of the plug between my cheeks. In fact she whacked it a couple of times when she was giving me my punishment for my various infractions over the last nine weeks, including missed foot worship days, days where I neglected my towel folding duties and more recently a few instances of illegal cock touching. Mistress gave me fifteen strokes of the cat for the former infringements and fifteen rather painful (but thoroughly deserved) smacks with the paddle for the latter. It never ceases to amaze me how the paddle can hurt so much at the time, but have no real lasting effect (I’m sure it could have if it was meant to!) But I was certainly wincing my thanks for each stroke (especially the last five which I believe Mistress turned the paddle over onto the leather side), not that it seemed to garner any sympathy from Mistress!
Arse duly punished, Mistress had me turn towards the bed and worship her gorgeous feet while she toyed her pussy with her glass dildo. She stopped me a couple of times to have me suck on her dildo and I was struck by the way she said ‘Clean my cock!’. When Mistress was satisfied with my foot worship, I felt her slide down the bed so that she was sitting on the edge with her legs either side of me. Then she ordered me to kiss her pussy and I eagerly complied.
After this Mistress tied me to the bed on my back and soon began teasing my cock. As she did this she stood above me, describing what I would be able to see if I hadn’t made the mistake of wearing the blindfold. She took this teasing further by lowering her ass right down onto my face as she continued to stroke my aching cock.
This teasing went on for some time, with Mistress switching around several times and eventually letting me very briefly lick her ass. There was something about Mistress today, she seemed really into it and it felt to me like she was letting go a bit further than she ever had before and pushing me too. For instance, at one point she was kneeling by my side stroking my cock with one hand and slapping my balls with the other, quite firmly. It was pretty intense and I was struggling and moaning a bit, but instead of stopping for fear of hurting me as I think she probably would have usually, she simply paused and asked me if I wanted her to stop. And when I said ‘No’ she continued just the same.
I recently told Mistress how much I like it when she strokes my cock and her fist bangs into my balls on the downstroke, and this is even more intense when you have a cock ring on (the kind that goes behind your balls) because it traps them so they can’t move out of the way like the usually can. Mistress was bashing away at my balls quite happily, leaving me groaning somewhat, but again rather than stop, she paused and asked me if I wanted her to stop… which of course I didn’t, despite the discomfort.
Mistress lubed my cock up and stroked ever harder and faster, mixing it up with the cock whip and some very stingy slaps to my cock and some very firm slaps to my balls (again the cock ring traps them and makes this more intense) which were getting fairly close to what I could take without really hurting. It felt amazing to be pushed like that, I mean I never once thought about asking her to stop, so it really wasn’t that bad, but it was certainly more intense than I think it ever has been before, and I loved it.
Mistress started pumping my cock really hard and fast and after a while I felt my orgasm approaching and warned her that I was getting close. At this Mistress slowed down and let go of my cock just enough to let the edge slip away and then she gently stroked my cock as she told me that she certainly wasn’t going to be letting me cum just yet. I really loved that moment, because I think in the past Mistress would have just let go completely, whereas this was sooo much better. It’s surprising how quickly the edge can recede once stimulation is taken away and Mistress seemed to judge it to perfection. Mistress then pegged my nipples and left me alone for a short while, still with the buttplug in my ass of course (I also loved it when she teased me about how much I enjoyed her stroking my cock with my ass full. That was a little humiliating of course, but made my cock harder still…).
When she returned Mistress untied me and took my blindfold off before ordering me to remove my cock ring and the buttplug. She was wearing the RodeoH pants now with the strap-on fitted and she told me to kneel on the bed. Within a few seconds she was standing on the bed in front of me, pushing her ‘cock’ into my mouth and fucking my face. This took me back a little, Mistress was usually a little hesitant about this but this time she was thrusting her cock forward as I gagged on it and tried to keep it straight. I have to admit my cock wasn’t quite as hard as last time, partly because I’d just taken the cock ring off probably, but also because I was a bit surprised by how forceful she was being.
Mistress pulled her strap-on out of my mouth and told me to kiss it, which I did several times. Then Mistress ordered me on to my hands and knees and moved behind me, spraying fresh lube onto my ass and the condom that now covered her cock. She pressed it into me and pushed all the way in one stroke. She started fucking my ass, stopping occasionally to reach under me and stroke my cock. As I’ve said before, sometimes I find anal more comfortable than others, and I don’t really know why. This wasn’t the most comfortable, but it was still good and I loved that she was being so dominant and forceful. Finally she pulled out and again I moved onto my knees while Mistress peeled the condom off and then stood on the bed in front of me again so that I could worship the cock that had just fucked my ass.
Again Mistress wasn’t hesitant and she seemed to be really enjoying herself, little moans of pleasure peppered the whole session actually, which I really enjoyed hearing I can tell you. Soooo HOT!!! I gagged on her ‘cock’ a few more times before she had me kiss it again, which of course made me feel really submissive.
I was really loving this session and any thoughts of illness were long forgotten when Mistress slipped out of the RodeoH pants and told me it was time for me to worship her pussy. She lay back on the black PVC sheet looking totally hot and sexy in just a black bra and I eagerly moved between her legs to kiss and lick her delicious pussy. By this point in the session she had already rode my cock for a brief time and so she tasted ever so slightly of lube, but she still tasted absolutely wonderful.
Mistress’s orgasm was a little bit elusive, but when it hit it was really, really hard and the sheet was absolutely soaked in pussy juice. Mistress stood on the bed and had me lick all the juices off her that I could (they were right down to her calves) before having me turn my attention to the sheet. It took me quite a while to lick every drop up, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much, and it was absolutely delicious!
Once I’d finished, Mistress had me face up on the bed again, but didn’t bother to restrain me. She stood over me one more time and bent forward, giving me a perfect view of her gorgeous pussy and ass as she stroked my cock once again. Once she got me hard again, Mistress stroked me hard as she allowed me to briefly lick her wonderful asshole a second time. This time I had to strain to reach a little as Mistress seemed to be trying to keep herself only just within my reach.
Earlier in the session Mistress had asked me how it felt at eighteen days, whether it was really bad or really not too bad at all? I told Mistress that eighteen days wasn’t too bad at all for me now. At the time I was blindfolded so I couldn’t see the look on Mistress’s face, but she answered ‘So if I said that I had decided to let you cum all over my breasts and lick them clean… you wouldn’t be that bothered?’.
I told Mistress that of course I would be… but that I wanted her to decide if I was allowed to cum. This answer obviously pleased Mistress but just to be sure that Mistress knew my true feelings on the matter I added that ‘I love licking my cum off any part of her body’, which I absolutely do!
So now as she stroked my cock I wondered if she was going to let me cum, and if so would she just jerk me off while I licked her ass before feeding me my cum from her fingers… or would she move one of us into a position where I could cum on some part of her beautiful body. She still had the bra on so that was unlikely, unfortunately… Mistress’s breasts look amazing splashed with cum. But maybe her feet or her gorgeous, silky smooth legs…? And then Mistress let go and turned to face me, the words ‘End of session’ hanging in the air as my cock throbbed and pushed upwards trying to regain her lost touch…

So it was quite a turnaround from the session that almost never happened to one that was so good. I absolutely loved Mistress’s forceful attitude, the way she slapped my balls and asked me if I wanted her to stop, the way she sat on my face (but then that’s always been wonderful), the way she made me kiss her ‘cock’ and the way she fucked my mouth with it too. The way she fucked my ass and then made me worship her ‘cock’ all over again… and the way she softly moaned throughout the session, obviously enjoying herself even (or perhaps especially?) when pushing me harder than normal.
I’ve been hoping Mistress would ‘blossom’ a bit more for quite a while, and this really seemed to me like she took a really good step forward to being more dominant and confident. I loved this session, but that was the best thing of all for me, seeing my beautiful Mistress becoming a little bit ‘more’. It was awesome.

After the session, Mistress and I lay together on the bed and she told me about someone she worked with and how they were packing in their job and were moving abroad together with their partner to live out their ‘dream’ of travelling together. Mistress said that was all very nice, but she felt that she already had her dream, that just being with me was her dream, being happy and (reasonably) healthy and devoted to each other. I have to say I totally feel the same way, I have no particular desire to travel or live abroad, no great desire to climb mountains or any of that nonsense. If funds allowed I would love for Mistress and I to be able to live in a more isolated spot, but that’s probably not going to happen and we do have a very nice house to live in.
I can’t imagine being without my beautiful Mistress, I think if something happened to her I would probably feel absolutely lost, and unable to cope with life without her. I love her more than anything in the world.

Oh, just one more thing before I go. Mistress R belongs to a certain organisation (the name of which I won’t mention as it’s far too small and could lead to some possible embarrassment, unlikely but you never know – and it probably wouldn’t mean anything to anyone here anyway so…), and today she received the latest newsletter through the post. Well, unknown to me Mistress had submitted a piece of creative writing and they published it. It was very good as well, much better than my writing, with a much more diverse vocabulary I thought, and more descriptive. Perhaps I should leave the writing to her in future!

Addendum: Actually there was a couple of things I forgot to mention (hard to believe I know, this post was huge!). First off was the way Mistress was pinching my nipples during the session, much harder than she ever had before. And secondly, I think it was just after when she was slapping my balls and stroking my cock, she was saying something like “I own your cock don’t I” and she just said in a really firm (and hot as hell) voice ‘Say it!’. It’s hard to get over how cool it was in words, but believe me I loved it.