40 days, no orgasm…

Once again things didn’t work out quite the way we expected, but despite that today has been a good day. Over the past few days I’ve been having some trouble with my left knee, a burning, tearing kind of pain when I kneel down (it’s surprising how often you kneel down every day). And last night when I went to kneel down to kiss Mistress R’s feet before bed it was really painful. And it wasn’t much better this morning either.
Mistress and I discussed working around the problem, but we both felt that as me kneeling before her is such a big part of a Femdom session, we decided to leave it for another day. Actually, we went for a walk later and it does seem to have helped a bit, so hopefully it will sort itself out before too long.
Nevertheless, Mistress and I went to bed this afternoon and had a lovely time. Mistress had a great orgasm on my tongue before ordering me on to my back and sitting on my face to let me lick all her juices up. Then Mistress started stroking my cock, before straddling me and sinking down on me. As she reached back and slapped my balls repeatedly I begged her to take her bra off and let me see her gorgeous breasts.
Mistress was feeling generous (good tongue-work pays dividends chaps) and pushed her bra straps down to reveal her beautiful breasts and oh-so suckable nipples. Mmmmmm! As Mistress rode me I was allowed to suck and massage her breasts, which of course made it harder to not cum. Mistress eventually moved off me and then stroked me again before having me lick her juices off her hand.
Mistress lay next to me and rubbed my cock against her breasts as she stroked, was she going to let me shoot on her tits? The thought was racing through my mind, but then she pulled back and stood over me, before lowering her ass towards my face. After some begging Mistress allowed me to lick her asshole while she continued stroking me hard.
I loved it, but it was definitely getting harder to stay the right side of the edge. Then she was back on top of me, my aching cock sliding into her amazing, slippery smooth pussy. I really thought this was it, she was going to tell me to shoot inside her, I was certain.
But no, she rode me a while longer while I fought the urge to explode and then she stroked me some more, right to the edge, until I had to warn her. Mistress eased up and made me lick her fingers clean again, and then after I had calmed down a bit she told me that she wasn’t going to let me cum today, but that because she was so pleased with me she was going to let me lick her asshole one more time.
A few seconds later my tongue was flicking away at Mistress’s delicious ass while she stroked me hard and fast. I knew that being allowed to continue licking her ass was dependent on me keeping away from the edge, and I really tried… but it wasn’t too long before I had to warn Mistress that I was getting far too close and much to my disappointment she moved off and lay beside me again.
That was pretty much the end of it, my cock was teetering on the edge and it wouldn’t have taken much at all to tip it over. But perhaps Mistress is more intent on pushing my record than I thought?
I really thought she was going to let me cum today, and maybe if we’d had a proper session she would have, it’s easier to get carried away in that situation after all… I am quite surprised that she didn’t actually, but not disappointed. I loved the ache and throb in my cock as I held her tight after we had finished, when Mistress does finally let me cum I am going to miss that, I just wish it didn’t take five weeks to get back to that state of real aching.
I do find that I can get back to a certain level of ache after a few days now, perhaps as a result of so long doing the chastity thing, but it does seem that once you get to about thirty five days you find a whole new level and it’s hard to give it up once you get there. Just as well it’s not my decision really.

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