Femdom Session 28th September 2014

I was hoping that Mistress would want to fuck my ass today, and things looked pretty hopeful when she included the rubber butt plug in my list of things to start the session with. Alongside that particular item I was also expected to wear my ankle and wrist restraints and my Oxballs Cocksling.
Fortunately for me the only thing I had to be punished for this time was a couple of towel infractions, so I got off with a fairly light whipping and no paddling(thankfully!). After this Mistress had me get her glass dildo nice and wet for her and then she stood on the bed and told me to watch as she rubbed the glass dildo against her gorgeous pussy.
Soon I was worshipping Mistress’s lovely feet while she put her glass dildo to good use, of course I was told to keep my eyes down and to concentrate on the job at hand, which I did. By this time the butt plug was very comfortable and it wasn’t too much longer before I’d forgotten about it altogether. Strange since it’s quite not exactly tiny!
When I had worshipped Mistress’s pretty feet to her satisfaction she had me clean off her dildo with my mouth and then ordered me on to the bed. She tied me down and stood over me, exposing her gorgeous pussy to me before sinking down on to my face for the first time.
The next part of the session was wonderful, as Mistress stroked, slapped and whipped my cock and balls, sat on my face several times, teased me with her amazing ass, sticking it right in my face so I could breathe in her scent but not lick it, lubed up my cock and rode me conventionally while allowing me to suck on her awesome breasts (she was wearing the strappy bra top again) and reverse cowgirl style while leaning forward so I could watch my cock disappearing into her pussy while also staring at her tantalizing asshole (to be honest it’s probably not a bad thing that she didn’t do that for too long, because it could well have been my undoing!).
After lots more teasing and stroking, Mistress blindfolded me and clipped a couple of pegs on my nipples before leaving me to stew for a little while. When she came back she removed the blindfold and whipped the pegs off, leaving me to take in the stunning sight of my gorgeous Mistress wearing her RodeOh strap-on pants.
Mistress untied me and told me to remove my cocksling, then she told me to remove my butt plug and turn over. It wasn’t hard to guess what was coming next, especially when Mistress sprayed lube between my cheeks and climbed onto the bed behind me. It felt great to be fucked by my Mistress again, I wanted it badly and even though it was very intense (I was grateful that I had been wearing the butt plug for a good half hour prior) while it was happening, I really loved the submissive feelings it provokes in me and I love the feeling afterwards of having been fucked by my Mistress’s cock.
After whipping off the condom, Mistress had me turn over on my back again and kneeled over my head, before pushing the rubber cock into my mouth and fucking my face for a short while.
Then it was Mistress’s turn and she had me go down on her, which was totally heavenly. Mistress was extremely wet by this time, I just love how wet she gets in our sessions, since it shows me just how much she loves doing these things to me. By the time she had cum hard she was even wetter still and as she stood on the bed in front of me her juices were literally running down her legs to her calves.
Mistress had me lick up every drop of her pussy juice, first from her silky smooth legs and gorgeous ass, then from the PVC sheet, and it was totally delicious (of course!).
Finally Mistress ordered me onto my back once again before straddling me and told me I would be allowed to lick her ass if I begged nice enough. I was permitted to lick her gorgeous ass twice while she stroked my cock hard and fast, before she called a halt to the session.
During the session Mistress had teased me about letting me cum on her feet and having me lick them clean, I so want to do that again, but I never really thought she would let me cum today, since I’ve already cum three times this month. Still I was hopeful and there was always the chance that she might let me ruin on her feet (though I haven’t had a ruined orgasm since May so that seemed unlikely somehow).
Mistress was amazing today, she looked so sexy in her strappy leather bra and I loved the way she smiled at me as she sank down on my cock. Most of all I loved how hard she came and I really loved licking the pussy juice off her wonderful legs (and licking her ass of course, that goes without saying).
Mistress and I will be celebrating our 21st Wedding Anniversary in a few days, so it was especially rewarding that our session went so well. If we have another 21 years of Femdom and chastity to look forward to I think I will be a very happy bunny indeed!

– – –

In other news, I haven’t mentioned this recently but I have been back on the diet and over the last five weeks I have lost eleven pounds, which is pretty good. I still have another ten pounds to get back to where I was earlier in the year (which is immensely frustrating of course) but hopefully I will get there way before Christmas. I certainly feel like I have clicked into the regime of diet and exercise again (without paying someone else £5 a week for the privilege too!).

Also, I have an idea for a Femdom story, the only trouble is finding the time to write the damn thing!

It’s a cum bonanza!

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been allowed to cum three times in the last couple of weeks, which was unexpected to say the least (given that I haven’t cum three times in a month since Dec 2012, never mind in a fortnight!). I don’t know what brought that about exactly, I guess Mistress decided that after my 48 day record she wanted me to cum a few times…
You would think that would leave me keen to get back on the chastity wagon, but surprisingly I have found lately that I am surprisingly desperate to be allowed to cum. Indeed tonight the last thing I was hoping for was denial, but denied I was. Mistress stroked me hard and fast several times and gave my cock and balls a good slapping into the bargain, and my balls some good tugging too (I love how Mistress has taken to playing with my balls of late, sooooo hot!). When she called a halt my cock felt like it was ready to burst and it took a good couple of minutes for the feeling to genuinely subside.
On Sunday Mistress allowed me to penetrate her and cum inside her while she lay on her side, this is a torturous position for me because while I obviously want to make it last, Mistress ordered me to spread her cheeks and look at her ass while I was fucking her and that is a real cum trigger for me. Actually it was a rather torturous position for another reason, since I got mild cramp almost as soon as I knelt behind her, right through until after I came.
After I came Mistress ordered me onto my back and straddled my face so I could lick her pussy clean. I must have cum pretty deep because there didn’t seem to be that much at all, but I still enjoyed licking her gorgeous pussy all the same.
I have no idea when I will get to cum again, I’m assuming it won’t be this month, but it might still be. Perhaps I’m at the start of another long stretch of denial and don’t even know it yet, if I am then given how extraordinarily desperate I am to cum after three whole days… then it’s going to be an intense and interesting time ahead!

Good to see that Mistress Marie is perking up, having already had her slave David lick her to orgasm. Hopefully she’ll be back to full strength soon and posting to her blog again.

I’ve been looking (again) at alternative hosts for my blog, because Google is annoying me with it’s insistence on syncing everything. When you set up a blog like this you don’t necessarily want people to be able to identify you and so you set up an email address just for that purpose and of course Google wants to link it to your normal Gmail account.
It might just be easier to change my normal Gmail account to Hotmail or something though because every blog host I’ve looked at states that they won’t accept ‘pornographic’ material, and even though WordPress does have some blogs like that, if you go there then you are constantly under threat of being deleted. Plus there’s the whole hassle of moving it and no doubt all the buttons/links will be gone and it would be a nightmare to piece it all back together somewhere else.
Besides, I would lose my 2 million hits, which would be annoying.

Another little step forward…

It may seem a little odd to you dear reader, but last night marked another first in Mistress and I’s growing relationship. It was the first time I asked Mistress if I could touch my cock when we weren’t in the bedroom. I know that doesn’t really sound like that big a deal, and I would understand if you felt that after three years plus in chastity any notions of nervousness or apprehension should be a thing of the past, but truthfully, despite many times when I’ve wanted to ask, somehow I just never have. And once one hesitates and the moment is lost, well…
See I’ve always thought that if I am asking to be allowed to touch my cock, then I should be desperate to do so, and as such I should be hard before even asking. There have been times when I have gone to bed before Mistress and either read something or thought about something which has made me hard and really wanted to go downstairs and ask Mistress for permission, but never quite had the balls (if you’ll excuse the pun). I don’t really know why that is, but I guess it’s just being nervous of putting myself in that position, again I don’t really know why, but anyway…
Last night I was kissing Mistress’s beautiful feet and I felt my cock getting really hard inside my shorts, and I thought this time I’m going to ask. So I did, and Mistress granted me permission. It was extremely brief, as it always seems to be when Mistress allows me to touch my cock, but as I knelt on the floor next to Mistress and kissed her as I stroked my cock Mistress groaned a little into my mouth and made it so memorable.
Hopefully, like most things, once you do them once it becomes easier to do them again, and to move forward. As I keep reminding myself, it’s not really fair to always expect Mistress to push things forward if I’m not prepared to make some effort myself. So hopefully this will be the start of another little piece of the puzzle falling into place, and maybe as this gets more ‘normal’ Mistress will allow me to stroke a little longer and maybe even have me edge myself for her.

Femdom Session – 8th September 2014…

Despite still getting the odd painful twinge in my left knee, it seems I am now able to kneel down perfectly well, which meant that today we could enjoy our (yet again) delayed Femdom Session. And so it came to be that I was kneeling, blindfolded when Mistress came into the bedroom and started teasing my (ringed) cock with her foot. I was soon hard and remained unusually hard throughout my punishment whipping (towel infringements only this time, and no paddle!), indeed I could feel my cock throbbing between strokes, which was something new for me.

Soon Mistress was on the bed, while I continued to kneel on the floor at the end, worshipping Mistress’s beautiful feet as she teased me about what I couldn’t see just a few feet feet away. I do love kissing Mistress’s feet every day, but that in no way diminishes my enjoyment of being allowed to worship her gorgeous feet in our sessions. It’s a whole other ballgame when you know your Mistress is sliding her glass dildo inside herself, and even if you can’t see it you can still hear it, and taste it when she has you suck her glass cock clean. 
Kneeling on the floor for a good ten minutes (I imagine) made me wish more than ever that I was allowed to lick my cum off of Mistress’s beautiful feet, and it was hard not to imagine the taste of cum as I was sucking on her toes and kissing the soles and instep of her silky smooth feet. 
Eventually Mistress had me on the bed, tying me down on my back before straddling my face and giving me my face taste of her gorgeous pussy. Then she applied some lube to my cock and started stroking me hard and fast. I can’t remember exactly the sequence of events, but it didn’t take her too long to get me to the edge the first time (I think it was just about the first time she rubbed her delicious ass in my face) and she had to ease off a little to let me cool down.
Soon I had a glass butt plug in my ass and after more face-sitting, teasing, stroking and breathing in her ass, she had edged me a second time. Mistress then removed my blindfold and as I looked up I was blessed with the sight of her standing over me, facing away and pulling her left ass cheek to one side to give me a perfect view of her asshole. Fortunately I didn’t lose control and shortly afterwards Mistress clipped a couple of pegs to my nipples and left me to cool down for a while.
Given that I was allowed to cum only a few days ago you might be forgiven for thinking that I was probably hoping to be denied in this session, probably wanting to get my denial back into double figures as soon as possible. Well, that thought had crossed my mind, but at the same time I really wanted to cum again, and the thought of cumming again was definitely gaining the upper hand throughout the session.
When Mistress returned, she untied me and had me remove the cock ring, before standing on the bed in front of me and pulling my face into her pussy. Then she lay on the bed and told me to lick her pussy until she came. I manoeuvred myself between her wonderful, sexy thighs (trying not to put too much weight on my aching cock) and began to taste her. I like to think that I performed my duties well and the result was a very hard, prolonged orgasm for Mistress R which seemed to please her no end. 🙂
Mistress was so wet, that when she stood up in front of me on the bed, she was literally dripping onto the PVC sheet. It was soooo HOT, and following Mistress’s instructions I eagerly licked her pussy and ass clean and then the sheet. 
Then it was back on my back and Mistress finally allowed me the pleasure of licking her amazing ass while she stroked my cock again. Then she span around and rode my cock for a while (while I thrust upwards, trying to remember the last time I had Mistress’s legs over my shoulders and was in control), then she lifted off and used her hand to edge me again, while I could just reach one of her beautiful feet (my wrists and ankles were tied again now) and dreamed of being allowed to shoot across them both.
As soon as I told Mistress I was getting close she straddled me again and told me she wanted me to cum inside her. I wasn’t expecting that (it’s been about three months since I’ve cum inside her as I later discovered) but I wasn’t about to argue and it wasn’t long at all before I was exploding inside her. As soon as I finished coming Mistress straddled my face once again and I sucked and licked my cum from her delicious pussy. Then Mistress reached down and squeezed the dregs of cum from my cock before feeding them to me…