Back on top, and teetering in the brink…

Tonight was unexpectedly awesome, I have to say! After Mistress cumming on my tongue for the third time in four days, she quickly had me hard as we kissed… but then, just as I thought she was going to move down the bed and start teasing my cock with her mouth, instead she lay down and told me she wanted me inside her.
Oh lord, this was going to be tough. I moved between her legs and Mistress reached down and guided my cock inside her. It felt so good, but after the initial penetration I wanted more freedom of movement, so I lifted Mistress’s legs up and kissed her beautiful feet as I slid my cock in and out. I couldn’t resist the temptation to speed up a bit and to fuck my Mistress deeper, and of course this only made it harder for me, and fairly soon I was starting to have to concentrate on not cumming.
I really didn’t want to tell Mistress that I was close, because I really didn’t want her to tell me to pull out or stop, so I gradually slowed right down and tried to calm myself down. Mistress still seemed to be really enjoying it being fucked really slowly, and I was still enjoying it too, but at the same time I really couldn’t enjoy it too much or it would have been a major problem!
As ever I was fighting off cramp a bit too, which didn’t help (such a pain in the arse whenever I’m on my knees like that now), but nonetheless after a while we moved back to a more conventional ‘missionary’ position and it seemed a lot easier for me to grind my cock into Mistress’s pussy without overstimulating myself. Mistress definitely seemed to like that too.
When you really don’t get to go on top very often you really appreciate it in a way that you simply wouldn’t if you had a ‘normal’ sex life. On the face of it the desire to repeat this very hot, very intense scenario is very strong, but the one of  the reasons it was so hot and intense was at least in part because it’s a rare treat for me to be allowed on top. And I accept that.
It did feel absolutely amazing though, and I cannot believe my level of control… I truly impressed myself! 🙂 Even if it was a bit touch and go at times! Even as I was concentrating on not cumming I was imagining staying very still and effectively ruining my orgasm inside Mistress R, just as Mistress Marie has her slave do quite often (she assures me it’s totally possible!). But that would have required permission from Mistress R in any case (which I didn’t have) and in the heat of the moment I am sure it would have been most likely that Mistress would have either told me to fuck her hard and cum or she would have told me to pull out completely, neither of which I really wanted to do (although the first wouldn’t have been so bad…).
Inevitably of course, since I had got myself under control, it fell to Mistress R to call a halt when she had enjoyed my cock for as long as she wanted it, and as soon as I pulled out of her she ordered me to lie on my back. She grabbed my cock and jerked it for a few seconds, then pushed her fingers in my mouth, telling me to clean the pussy juice off of them. Then she knelt up beside me and had me lick her pussy for a few seconds before she started teasing and slapping my cock again.
As we kissed, I begged her to sit on my face so I could enjoy her pussy properly again, she agreed, but told me that after that the session would be over. My cock was throbbing as I explored her delicious pussy for the last time, and left me wondering (despite what I wrote earlier) when I will get to feel that amazing feeling of being in control again. It’s hard not to want to do that again soon, and harder still knowing it’s not up to me to decide…but still, I’m sure when Mistress does want me inside her again I’m sure it will be worth whatever wait she decides.

And here we go again with the ‘is chastity bad for your health’ debate…

Browsing the comments on Literotica for part one of my ‘Once a Month’ story, I noticed a message warning of the dangers of the chastity lifestyle. It was nothing new, this crops up again and again, but I hadn’t seen it for a while. Then on the radio yesterday I heard a report about some ‘research’ that claimed men who had 20 sex partners were less likely to develop prostate cancer than those with less.

Now obviously that’s utter bollocks (and you might expect better from the BBC). There is no logical explanation why a man having 20 sex partners should make any difference to his prostate. The assumption of course is that a man who has twenty sex partners will be having lots of sex and ejaculate more frequently. Well, not if it’s 20 one night stands he won’t, for a start.
I’m-Hers probably heard something similar as he has written a short piece on his BLOG today too.
But he obviously heard a more in depth analysis as he has written about a further study of gay men which proves exactly the opposite, if gay men have more than 20 partners they have twice the odds of developing prostate cancer… so that’s all very helpful then!
So brushing over that nonsense, lets assume that the ‘science’ behind this is to do with toxins remaining in the body longer than ‘normal’. So why should the number of partners make any difference? Surely someone then who has just one partner but has a very vigorous sex life, or perhaps who just masturbates an awful lot would be in just as beneficial a position?
The truth is statistics can be made to say whatever the person writing them wants them to say. And talk of percentages is pretty meaningless anyway. ‘Doubling your chances of developing cancer’ doesn’t mean anything without perspective. If it’s doubling it from a 1/100,000 to 1/50,000 chance then that’s a whole lot different than doubling it from a 1/1000 to a 1/500 chance, isn’t it? 
The truth is there really hasn’t been any chastity specific studies into prostate health and since it’s hardly the top priority for the majority of the population there’s unlikely to be any anytime soon.
That alongside the extremely inconclusive findings of the studies that have been made mean that it’s really up to us to decide if we want to take the risk or not. After all, what we eat, drink and smoke all affect our health, as do any drugs we might take. It’s probably far more risky to have sex without a condom or to drive a car than it is to refrain from cumming.
We know that the food we eat affects the production of cum, because it tastes different when you eat fruit etc. So maybe there is some food which creates some toxin or other which affects the prostate? It’s probably unlikely, but we don’t actually know that that isn’t the case. Maybe all this oily fish we are supposed to eat indirectly causes prostate cancer and we just haven’t discovered it yet. Who knows.
My view, at least until there’s more conclusive evidence one way or another, is that it’s worth the risk. And of course, if it is proven to be all about clearing out the balls more often, there’s no reason we need to give up chastity, we just need to start having lots more ruined orgasms, and I don’t see that being a problem.
I’m still kind of confused about why gay men having more partners makes them more likely to develop prostate cancer though…? And who knows what other common threads there may be amongst people who have large numbers of sexual partners, maybe they socialize more and all drink a lot? Maybe that’s a good thing after all?
I realise this isn’t a subject for flippancy, believe me, but until there’s some actual proof one way or another I really don’t think it’s worth worrying too much about it.

Once a Month – Part Two (written October 2014)

As requested by an anonymous commenter, the sequel to Once a Month written in 2011. I hope you all enjoy this and I hope it lives up to the anonymous commenter’s expectations!


August 3rd 2011

James lay on his back, his wrists secured firmly to the headboard of the bed, watching as his previously timid wife knelt between his legs working his cock closer and closer to the orgasm that he knew was coming today. Unfortunately he was distracted somewhat by the knowledge that this was to be his last orgasm until the 31st of December, way longer than he had ever gone before.
Janie’s head sank down and he felt the heat of her mouth smother his throbbing cock, seeing as this was going to be his last orgasm for some time shouldn’t it be memorable in some way? Maybe she would allow him to unload his balls right down her throat, he couldn’t even remember the last time she’d let him do that. The thought of his cock pulsing ribbons of sticky white cum into his lovely wife’s hot, wet, slippery mouth pushed him closer to the edge, but inevitably as he got closer Janie removed him from her mouth and slowed her stroking to keep him where she wanted him. Exactly where she wanted him.
Janie had really come into her own this past few months, gradually she had come to accept her role as James’s dominant and become comfortable with the power he had offered her. She still disliked being called ‘Mistress’, but she now had no qualms whatsoever about calling upon James’s tongue whenever she felt like it. She had also become very adept at controlling James’s cock and seemed to have developed a sixth sense regarding his exact state of arousal, he hardly ever had to warn her of his impending orgasm any more and she seemed to be able to keep him close to the edge for as long as it pleased her.
Janie’s hand moved slowly and carefully over James’s aching stalk, he held his breath as he watched her rub the head of his cock against her soft, luscious tits.
“I bet you’d like to shoot all over my beautiful breasts wouldn’t you James?”
Janie smiled and raised her eyebrows a little…
“Well, maybe…but not yet.”
Her mouth closed around his meat again and her fingers slipped down between his legs, circling his balls and pulling them away from his body. James’s cock grew another half inch and visibly bulged as he fought off the need to relieve the growing pressure in his balls, if this was going to be his last orgasm until December he wanted it to last as long as possible.
Janie deliberately slavered over James’s cock, leaving it wet with saliva so that her hand would move easily over the sensitive head. She placed her left hand at the bottom of his shaft, circling it with her finger and thumb to keep it steady and then closed her right fist around his cockhead. She moved her hand only an inch or so in either direction, but the rapid movement left James gasping as her fingers over stimulated the nerve endings and threatened to tip him over the edge.
Sensing James’s predicament, Janie abruptly let go and watched as his cock twitched anxiously. She loved to see him struggle for her and she was somewhat sorry that today she was supposed to let him cum. But still, that was the arrangement they had come to at the start of the year, and it had been she who had written the dates on the calendar and she had every intention of sticking to her side of their agreement, no matter what.
“You know…” Janie said, pausing for dramatic effect. “I’m supposed to let you cum today, don’t you?”
“Yes baby…” James whispered.
“And you know that this is going to be the last time for a very long time don’t you?”
James nodded, remembering his last period of denial between the end of March and the end of June and nervous about how he would cope with going through that again and more.
“I was thinking, five months is a long, long time. I know you can do it, but I thought maybe I could  make it just a little bit easier for you.”
James wondered if this was the moment that Janie would buckle, at times during his three month stint she had shown genuine concern for him and had at times struggled to stay strong enough to keep him denied.
“How could you make it easier for me?” He asked eagerly.
“Well…it was just an idea, but what if I said I might let you cum three times before December, wouldn’t that make it easier for you?”
“Yeah… that would be great baby, but… what’s the catch?”
Janie smiled sweetly at him.
“Well, I’m just thinking about how swollen your poor balls are going to get and how sensitive you are going to be… and, well, wouldn’t it be easier for you if I traded you today’s orgasm for three ruined ones?”
James watched as his lovely wife circled the tip of his cock with her fingertip.
“Only if you want to, I mean I promised to let you cum today, and I wouldn’t want to cheat you out of that. I’m just offering you the choice,  you know…. if you thought it would be easier for you.”
James closed his eyes, his last orgasm had been just a few days ago, indeed Janie had scheduled three orgasms for July and as such he was feeling less desperate than he might have been. But still, he was staring down the barrel of a five month stretch, and he knew it was going to be tough going.
But as much as he really wanted to explode today, maybe he should take the offer up? After all, if she spaced them out reasonably well he might only have to go six or seven weeks from his last ruined orgasm until his own personal New Years Eve celebration. But was it worth giving up this, his last orgasm for many months?
“Will you spread them out evenly?” He asked, seeking reassurance.
“I’ll spread them out as evenly as I can, but to some extent it will depend on you.”
Janie curled her fingers around his cock once more and started gently stroking his cock again.
“If you behave yourself and do as I tell you then I will promise to make the gaps between all three very similar”.
James thought it over for a few moments while his wife gently stroked his meat, it was such a difficult decision, but he knew, as much as he wanted one last violent orgasm, the offer on the table was the better option for the long term. Three months had almost driven him insane, the thought of nearly five months without an orgasm was mildly terrifying. At least this way he would get some kind of relief… and he reasoned, if he was super-desperate, surely any attempt to ruin his orgasm would only be partly successful. Wouldn’t it?
Janie’s hand started to move faster on James’s thick cock and he swallowed hard, trying to put the thought of cumming in Janie’s mouth out of his head and concentrate on the matter at hand.
“Okay… I’ll do it,” he blurted out suddenly.
Janie continued to stroke his cock and then once again lowered her mouth over James’s cock, her tongue flicking against the head as his muscles tensed and he clenched his fists. Sensing he was getting closer to the edge Janie sat up and loosened her grip on his prick, but still kept gently stroking up and down, up and down, up and down…
“Are you sure?” She said. “Because I don’t want you whining that I duped you into something…”
James thought for a moment, but ultimately agreed, he had to take the long term view.
“Okay, well let me see,” said Janie. “Wait here.”
Janie smiled at her own joke as she climbed off the bed and disappeared out of the door, returning moments later with her phone. She switched on the camera and pointed it in his direction.
“Okay, tell me exactly what you just agreed to.”
“I agreed to trade my August orgasm for three ruined orgasms.”
Janie turned the phone around to face herself.
“And I promised that those three ruined orgasms would be evenly spaced as requested.”
She turned the camera to face her husband again.
“And are you totally happy with this deal, you don’t want to change your mind?”
“You do want to change your mind?”
“No, no… I’m happy with the deal.”
“Okay… you understand why I’m filming this don’t you, I want you to understand what you’ve agreed to.”
“Yes… I get it.”
“Okay then.”
Janie placed the phone on the bedside table and manoeuvred herself back onto the bed, she was going to enjoy this.
“Such a shame,” she said. “If you had stuck to the plan, I was going to let you cum in my mouth. I know it’s been so long since I let you and I know how much you miss it.”
James groaned in frustration as Janie started to stimulate him once again.
“But never mind, look on the bright side. Instead of one amazing, memorable, blissful orgasm… you’ve got yourself three agonizingly frustrating ones instead. But I tell you one thing James, they’ll still be memorable. I promise you that.”
James moaned as Janie pulled on his balls once more.
“I think we’ve wasted enough time tonight, and I’m sure you knew when you agreed to my proposal that your first ruined orgasm would be tonight, didn’t you?”
James had hoped that perhaps that wouldn’t be the case, but was resigned to the fact nonetheless.
“Are you ready to ruin your first orgasm for me James?”
“Please Janie, couldn’t you just give me a little longer?”
Janie smiled sweetly,
“Of course I can sweetie.”
Within a few seconds Janie had slid off the bed, kissed him on the lips and walked out of the door, leaving James still tied to the bed with his cock straining ever upwards.
“Janie…” he called after her, but she ignored his calls and left him to stew for a good half an hour before she returned.
The minutes passed slowly for James, as he lay there waiting his mind was drawn inexorably to the thought of pumping his thick, creamy spunk into Janie’s soft, willing mouth. How could he have given that possibility up so easily? Of course in reality there was no cast iron guarantee that Janie would have allowed him to cum that way, and he clung to that thought as his only solace, but still…when might he get that chance again?
Eventually Janie returned, still naked and glowing like a woman who had just enjoyed a mind-blowing orgasm.
She walked up the side of the bed and gently slid her fingers across James’s lips, the scent and taste of her pussy had an immediate effect on James’s cock and within seconds his cock was fully hard again.
“Perhaps you’re ready for me now,” she said playfully. “But if not, I can come back later?”
“No, no… I’m ready!” Begged James. “Please ruin me Janie, please!”
Janie smiled and squeezed her cute breasts as she slid back onto the bed.
“You really want me to?” She teased.
“Yes, yes… please Janie, don’t make me wait anymore, please.”
Janie slid up the bed, her legs straddling James’s body. She allowed the tip of James’ cock to gently brush between her legs and then moved a little higher so that he could suck on her nipples. James closed his lips around her bullet hard nipples and thrust upwards, trying desperately to create some sort of friction between his aching length and whatever part of Janie’s body he could reach, but to no avail.
“Oh you’re really getting desperate now aren’t you?” Janie whispered.
“Yes,” he begged. “Please let me cum Janie, please ruin my orgasm.”
“You really want me to do that to you James? You don’t want to change your mind and blow your load on my gorgeous tits?”
James was struggling to think straight now.
“Five months is a long time James, can you take it for one spectacular orgasm?”
James was torn, if she’d have offered to let him cum in her mouth he would have jumped at it, but now that had been taken off the table he was in two minds. Of course he wanted to pump his load out over her beautiful breasts, but five months was so fucking long with no hope of relief. Finally he decided to stick to his guns.
“No Janie, please I want you to ruin my orgasm, please.”
Janie shivered with delight as he begged her yet again to ruin his orgasm.
“I’m not going to ask you again James, that was your last chance to change your mind.”
Janie sank slowly backwards until she was sitting upright just behind James’s cock. She reached down between her legs and slid two fingers into her sopping wet pussy.
“I’m still soaking wet James, you should have seen me downstairs. I came like a train thinking about you up here waiting for me… waiting for me to come back up here so that you could beg me to ruin your orgasm.”
Janie slid forward until James’s cock was nestled against her sodden pussy lips which she slowly started to ease up and down against his throbbing flesh.
“Mmmmmm,” moaned Janie. “That feels so fucking good right now.”
James could only moan in response as Janie’s pussy lips curled smoothly around his pulsing shaft, he knew this wasn’t going to last much longer, but he still tried to fight it for as long as he could.
“Cum on baby, I want to see your cum dribble out onto your stomach for me… I want to see it ooze out of you so slowly, I want to see your frustration baby, cum on, show me… let me see it in your face!”
As James’ muscles drew tauter and tauter so Janie’s stimulation became lighter and lighter until eventually she was just barely touching him. James felt the build up peak, but he just couldn’t get over that ledge, it was maddening. And of course Janie kept him right there, right on the very edge until his face was screwed up tight as he tried so very hard to push himself over. Suddenly Janie grasped his cock and pumped it hard twice, just twice, that was all it took and James felt himself edge a tiny bit closer and then…
James opened his eyes and looked down at his throbbing, pulsing cock. Janie had moved away from it, granting him not one tiny bit of friction lest it brought him one iota of satisfaction. Then it started, a single drop of cum appeared from the slit at the head of his cock followed by a thick, treacle-slow stream of cum which crawled like white lava down the length of his cock and pooled at the base.
James looked up to see Janie watching him, enjoying his suffering, his frustration, his ruination. Her fingers were back between her legs as she played with her clit and before long she was coming hard, but this time James could see and hear her as she writhed on the bed next to him. He’d never seen her cum so hard or so easily and he wondered just exactly what kind of animal he’d unleashed from the shell of his previously quiet wife.
Janie rolled over to see that James’s cock was still hard, she reached out and curled her fingers around it, using his ruined spunk as lube as she stroked him firmly. She scrambled on top of him and pressed her pussy down onto his face.
“Lick me!” She ordered as she started to stroke James’ cock harder.
With his tongue pressed against Janie’s delicious pussy and his nose wedged between her cheeks James knew it wouldn’t take long to reach the edge again, and more than that he knew that Janie knew it too. He started to writhe beneath her as he felt it approaching and tried to gasp a warning to Janie, but she kept her pussy pressed firmly over his face and ground down against him as she too got close to another mindblowing orgasm.
James’ mind was racing and then he felt her grip loosening as his muscles pulled his stomach and groin tight and then as he felt the warm trickle of cum oozing out of his cock she came hard right on his face. Despite his distress, James continued to lick Janie’s clit as she writhed on his face, greedily lapping at her delicious juices and breathing in her amazing scent… until finally she was spent and she slumped forward.
After a few moments he could feel her tongue gently lapping the cum from his still hard cock and he finally realised that this wasn’t over, and then it really hit him…
Three ruined orgasms… evenly spaced. 
But all in one night. This night…
Just as he asked for and exactly as she promised.
He had truly created a monster and now he had to live with the consequences.
Janie’s mouth sucked him inside once again and he tried not to think about the coming months of denial as he watched her reach back between her legs and force her fingers into her dripping wet cunt. He knew he should be angry that she had fooled him into giving up his orgasm and he would be, save for one thing. Never in his life had he seen his wife so horny and turned on and he realised that she was truly becoming what he had always wanted. The thought of her getting off so hard on his suffering hit him hard and within less than a minute he felt himself nearing the edge for a third time.
It was going to be a difficult time ahead but at least he knew he would be starting his journey fully drained… moreover he couldn’t wait to see what new levels of cruelty and deviousness his suffering might inspire in his gorgeous wife. He felt his climax edging nearer and nearer and, then he felt her responding, the cold air hit his cock as she pulled her mouth away leaving just one finger gently stimulating the underside of his cockhead until the flow began and then even that was finally withdrawn.

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Mistress Severity by Alex Jordaine…

I have reviewed Alex Jordaine’s books on my blog before, I very much enjoyed the first two but struggled with the third and never got too far into it. This is the fourth one (though I do have the fifth one on my shelf already) and I must say it has been a thoroughly enjoyable read.

I like the simplicity of the story, featuring just five characters and set entirely in a dungeon the book plays out almost like one long scene, even though it’s set over several days/weeks. As you might expect, this scenario is facilitated by the usual ‘inheritance’ back story which is brushed over very quickly and not over analyzed and allowed to fester into an irritating cliche. Which it could, but that’s probably just me…
On occasion the descriptions of the sex and beatings are a little… one dimensional, but you could probably say the same about my writing. There’s only so many ways you can describe someone being flogged after all, and I’d rather that than the author getting terribly flowery about it, nothing turns me off quicker than an author eulogising like the very Bard himself. After all, nobody jerks off to poetry – do they?
Rather than give you the lowdown on the plot, it would probably be easier to post a photo of the back cover…

That tells you pretty much what you need to know to be honest, suffice it to say that I’ve enjoyed reading it and it makes me wonder whether I should now progress to book five or revisit book three and see if I get on with it better this time?
It seems I have got it wrong, having looked at my shelf, it seems Alex has in fact written six novels, not five. which are
Mistress of Torment 2009
Naked for the Mistress 2010
Mistress Extreme 2011
Mistress Divine 2012
Surrender to the Mistress 2012
Mistress Severity 2013
I think there’s one on Amazon from 2014 called Bound to the Mistress too, but I don’t have that one.


So fucking good!

There are times when I question my choices, times when things aren’t gelling well, and then there are times when I know taking our marriage down this path was the best move I ever made. Tonight was very much in the latter category, much like last night actually.
I started out kissing Mistress’s beautiful feet before slowly working my way up her grapefruit scented legs to her delicious, inviting pussy. Mistress smelled and tasted wonderful as always and by the time I settled between her thighs my cock was throbbing hard (Mistress had been teasing it with her foot previously).
I was a little nervous that tonight might not quite live up to last night, as Mistress had a very hard orgasm last night, not unusual after a few days without. But I needn’t have worried, she seemed very satisfied indeed, which made me very happy.
Like last night, Mistress wasted little time in getting me hard, and so the teasing, slapping, sucking, biting started again. Several times I got close to the edge, but every time I was about to warn her, Mistress seemed to instinctively know when to slow down, it was uncanny…
Like last night Mistress seemed to be enjoying herself a lot teasing me, and the more she got into it the rougher she was with my cock and balls, and I absolutely fucking loved it! I was so hard by the end it was crazy, and as we kissed and she squeezed my cock and balls for what seemed like the last few times I begged to be allowed to worship her gorgeous asshole.
Mistress straddled my head, facing away and lowered her ass onto my face, giving me a perfect view of where I was so desperate to push my tongue. She grabbed my cock again and I sank my tongue into her delicious, sexy ass, it was absolute bliss! Mistress lifted off and I thanked her thinking that was my lot, but Mistress sank down one more time and I pushed my tongue even deeper into her ass as she jerked my cock again. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!
Neeedless to say, Mistress didn’t let me cum, and we finished the session holding each other tightly, my cock rubbing and throbbing against her thigh while I kissed her lovely breasts. It was fantastic, to say the very least and I really, really loved how much she was into teasing me, and how rough she was getting with my balls. I wouldn’t want that from the start, but the more turned on you are the better it is…. so fucking good!!!

Amazing teasing and a lovely orgasm for Mistress R…

Mistress and I have had a busy weekend (as I think I mentioned) and so we’d rather fallen behind with our quest for more orgasms for Mistress R, before tonight Mistress had only had three so far this month and that really isn’t cutting the mustard!
But we made up for it tonight, Mistress had a wonderful orgasm on my tongue round about 8:30, after which she started teasing me something rotten. Right at the start Mistress asked me how many days it had been since I’d been allowed to cum and she was rather surprised when I said it had been thirty days.
It does seem to have come around quite quick, and I can tell you when I woke up this morning I could tell that it was getting up there, but I was good and I didn’t touch my cock. Mistress did more than touch it, she stroked it, bit it, sucked it, slapped it… at one point she was slapping me quickly, giving me three or four slaps to the cock and then one to the balls, several times (I really liked that) then she just slapped my balls four or five times in a row (I really liked that too!), I’d love her to get me really close and then do that over and over until I came (one way or another, ruined or not). That would be so awesome!
But no, instead, just when I was getting close-ish, Mistress decided she wanted to ride my cock! It wasn’t easy, but I managed to hold back… even as I reached up and squeezed Mistress’s gorgeous breasts through her sexy black bra. That’s control, I can tell you! But as much as I wanted to beg Mistress to take her bra off and let me see her riding me totally naked, I knew it would push me over the edge, so I bit my lip and closed my eyes instead.
Mistress was really enjoying herself riding me, and it was so hot when she bent down and kissed me as she slid up and down my aching cock. Oh it’s a tough life being a sub! 🙂 I really didn’t know how much more I was going to be able to take and I kind of thought Mistress might be thinking about letting me cum inside her, but then she lifted off and straddled my face, allowing me to lick her delicious pussy again, while my cock throbbed in mid-air.
Instead of sliding back down onto my cock, Mistress then knelt beside me and started really pumping my cock, actually this might have been when all the really good ball slapping started (it’s a little hazy), and I really thought Mistress was going to either let me cum or ruin another orgasm. But as soon as I said that I was getting close, Mistress slowed right down and just teased me with her fingertips, telling me ‘We don’t want that do we’.
Mistress allowed me a few seconds to ease back from the edge, then gave my cock and balls some very firm tugs and squeezes, I love how much more confident she is getting about slapping and squeezing my balls, it’s so fucking hot! Eventually Mistress called time and we held each other tight, kissing passionately as my poor cock throbbed against Mistress’s stomach. Then I begged to be allowed to lick Mistress’s pussy again and she lay on her back and opened her silky thighs as I slid down the bed to taste her again. Mistress was still really, really wet and she tasted absolutely gorgeous. I would have loved to have licked her to orgasm all over again…sigh. Maybe tomorrow.

Commenting on the comments…

A couple of comments left on my blog in the last 24hrs (thank you) which I thought I would highlight and comment on myself. The first was this…

I can relate to a great female orgasm from my tongue. Last session before her period, I gave her a great orgasm and she has bragged about it a couple of times since then. Makes me feel so powerful when this happens! My only complaint is that she will not kiss me afterwards! I would love to rim her, but she doesn’t seem keen on that… yet.

I’m intrigued to know whether she bragged about it to you or to someone else, but either way… nice job! One great thing about chastity is that it doesn’t take long for it to click that only one of you is having orgasms and so you are both working towards a common goal…her pleasure! For the guy, at least for me and lovetosubmit, it is so spectacularly rewarding to feel your Mistress cum really hard. It is a truly wonderful feeling, better than any orgasm for me. Incidentally, Mistress has just gone upstairs to bed and when she kissed me goodnight she told me that her orgasm earlier was spectacular. That makes me feel pretty flipping great I can tell you!!! 

I just love it, but it can be difficult for a new Mistress not to feel guilty at first, because she has to get used to having sex in a whole different way than she probably has her whole life, so for those of you who persuade your wife to take the first steps you really need to keep up the reassurances while she adjusts. Make no mistake it can be a long process. 

It’s a shame she doesn’t like to kiss you after you’ve licked her pussy, I love kissing Mistress deeply as she teases my cock after making her cum, I don’t get to kiss her after rimming though…

Rimming can be tricky, I remember the first time I brought it up with Mistress R, as clear as day I remember it and the look of distaste on her face. Strangely, it was one thing that I had done with my previous (sexually ambivalent) girlfriend, so maybe the fact that I was able to tell Mistress that I already knew what it was like and that I liked doing it helped to lay the foundations….I don’t really know. 

Maybe the fact that I had done it with my previous girlfriend acted as a kind of catalyst too, after all new girlfriends/wives maybe don’t like to think that their predecessors did something ‘better’ or maybe Mistress just thought that the fact that I brought it up made her think that I must have enjoyed it and that there was no harm in trying.

To this day I don’t really know how Mistress R feels about me licking her ass, I think she kind of likes it now, but I’m not 100% sure. I hope she does. Out of session I usually have to prompt it, but I don’t know whether that’s because she’s not that bothered or whether she still can’t quite understand why I love it so much, or maybe she just likes to make me beg for it?s 

The point is lovetosubmit, don’t give up, but don’t pester. Tell her how much you would love to be allowed to lick her gorgeous ass every so often and maybe you will persuade her to try it eventually, and maybe when she does she will love it. 

As much as I love licking Mistress R’s beautiful pussy (and I really, really love it) there is something really special about being allowed to tongue her ass. It’s totally submissive, incredibly erotic, kind of naughty, and just… you can’t get any closer to someone than licking their ass can you? It’s totally awesome.

Incidentally, Mistress allowed me to briefly lick her ass tonight, but only for about 10-15 seconds. My cock was rock hard by the time she finished teasing me tonight, I can tell you!

The other comment was this one…

Twenty four days teasing and denial.I can’t imagine this. 7 days without sex is TOO long for me. Although, we are not in flr, and 7 days it’s a lot. I have a qestion: when i don’t cum for 3-5 days, i can’t last long. And i think nobody can. If your mistress want long sex, how you resolve the problem?

This is an issue that has caused me untold (but seemingly unnecessary) worry over the last few years, and is (I suspect) a pitfall that many chastity males fall into. In my particular case this deserves some explanation, so…

One of the things which attracted me to the chastity lifestyle was an article I read in which an older gentleman said that chastity helped him adapt to the rigours of old age, and helped him continue his physical relationship with his wife as his cock got less reliable. 

Now, a few years ago I was having some very stressful ED issues, and once you get into that it’s really hard to get out of. The stress of not knowing if you will be able to get hard or stay hard just defeats you over and over, because you can’t help thinking about it and even though there may not be a physical reason for it, the minute you start worrying about it you are toast. However, since we started full time chastity you could count on the fingers of one, maybe two hands the number of times I’ve been unable to get hard. 

Bearing that in mind, when I brought up the subject of full time chastity (which was not easy in the slightest and Mistress R was initially not a happy bunny I can assure you…) she decided to insist that if I really wanted her to be in control then she was going to make some rules of her own. Now I don’t think for a minute that Mistress thought that we would still be doing this three and half years later, she probably didn’t think I’d stick it for more than a month or two, but she made two rules which are still in force now.

1) I am not allowed to ask to be allowed to cum.
2) I am not allowed to instigate penetrative sex.

I don’t really know why she initiated rule number one, I’m guessing it was to make it easier for her to get used to the idea without having to deal with guilt from me begging to be allowed to cum. But number two, I’m sure, stemmed from the awful times we had when I couldn’t get or stay hard. I think she thought that by taking that on herself she could decide if she thought I was hard enough to have penetrative sex.
Funnily enough since I have been in chastity that hasn’t really been a problem… but what has happened in the past is that I’ve worried myself in circles about why (now that ED is not an issue anymore) Mistress doesn’t seemingly want penetrative sex as often as I thought she would. And that’s a bit of a blow to the ego for a guy… you know! 
I still sometimes worry that in the future this will come back to bite me in the ass and she will say something like ‘I went along with the whole chastity thing because it was what you wanted’ etc etc… But in all honesty, I’ve asked plenty of times if she’s happy with the way things are, whether she wants to go back to a normal vanilla sex life, I really can’t do any more. She is in control of our sex life at the end of the day, if she’s not happy with it she is the one who needs to change it, or needs to tell me that she’s not happy so that we can change it together. With my situation, I have to believe that things are the way she wants them to be and that includes penetrative sex (or the lack thereof).
Mistress does let me inside her sometimes, mostly with her on top, which is great for me because I find it quite easy not to lose control being ridden. Sometimes she does allow me on top, though not that often, and usually because she wants me to cum hard inside her. You are right, when in chastity for any length of time it is not easy to fuck hard and fast for very long, not easy at all, especially if your Mistress’s asshole is in plain view as you are sliding into her….  !
So the truth is I don’t really have an answer as to how we overcome this. Mistress seemingly much prefers oral sex, and this in itself can take between 15-30 minutes for her to cum. Fortunately I love licking her pussy, so we are both very content. I can’t deny that there are times when I really miss being the one on top, slamming my cock into her as hard and fast as I can, but on balance what I have gained far outweighs what I have lost. 
Now that I have accepted that Mistress doesn’t feel like she is missing out (on long lasting penetrative sex) as she has told me many times, it has changed my perspective a bit. Yes there is still the odd time when I wish I could pin Mistress’s legs back to her chest and fuck her hard, until I fill her full of cum… but really when you enter into a situation like this, you come to accept that you have given up that control and ability to lead and make choices. 
It’s kind of hard to explain… but as time goes on you realise how much more rewarding sex is with someone when you know that they are comfortable with everything that is happening and when it is happening. When Mistress allows me inside her then I know she really wants me to be inside her, when she allows me to cum I know she really wants me to cum and so on. 
I know most people who read my blog are already on-board with the whole chastity thing, but I really can’t emphasise enough that our sex life in the past 3.5 years has been better than at any point in our 22 year relationship.  I wouldn’t even swap it for the first flush of all night fucking, cumming three or four times and going to sleep at four in the morning. Yes that was great, but it wasn’t as good as this is now. Not really.