And here we go again with the ‘is chastity bad for your health’ debate…

Browsing the comments on Literotica for part one of my ‘Once a Month’ story, I noticed a message warning of the dangers of the chastity lifestyle. It was nothing new, this crops up again and again, but I hadn’t seen it for a while. Then on the radio yesterday I heard a report about some ‘research’ that claimed men who had 20 sex partners were less likely to develop prostate cancer than those with less.

Now obviously that’s utter bollocks (and you might expect better from the BBC). There is no logical explanation why a man having 20 sex partners should make any difference to his prostate. The assumption of course is that a man who has twenty sex partners will be having lots of sex and ejaculate more frequently. Well, not if it’s 20 one night stands he won’t, for a start.
I’m-Hers probably heard something similar as he has written a short piece on his BLOG today too.
But he obviously heard a more in depth analysis as he has written about a further study of gay men which proves exactly the opposite, if gay men have more than 20 partners they have twice the odds of developing prostate cancer… so that’s all very helpful then!
So brushing over that nonsense, lets assume that the ‘science’ behind this is to do with toxins remaining in the body longer than ‘normal’. So why should the number of partners make any difference? Surely someone then who has just one partner but has a very vigorous sex life, or perhaps who just masturbates an awful lot would be in just as beneficial a position?
The truth is statistics can be made to say whatever the person writing them wants them to say. And talk of percentages is pretty meaningless anyway. ‘Doubling your chances of developing cancer’ doesn’t mean anything without perspective. If it’s doubling it from a 1/100,000 to 1/50,000 chance then that’s a whole lot different than doubling it from a 1/1000 to a 1/500 chance, isn’t it? 
The truth is there really hasn’t been any chastity specific studies into prostate health and since it’s hardly the top priority for the majority of the population there’s unlikely to be any anytime soon.
That alongside the extremely inconclusive findings of the studies that have been made mean that it’s really up to us to decide if we want to take the risk or not. After all, what we eat, drink and smoke all affect our health, as do any drugs we might take. It’s probably far more risky to have sex without a condom or to drive a car than it is to refrain from cumming.
We know that the food we eat affects the production of cum, because it tastes different when you eat fruit etc. So maybe there is some food which creates some toxin or other which affects the prostate? It’s probably unlikely, but we don’t actually know that that isn’t the case. Maybe all this oily fish we are supposed to eat indirectly causes prostate cancer and we just haven’t discovered it yet. Who knows.
My view, at least until there’s more conclusive evidence one way or another, is that it’s worth the risk. And of course, if it is proven to be all about clearing out the balls more often, there’s no reason we need to give up chastity, we just need to start having lots more ruined orgasms, and I don’t see that being a problem.
I’m still kind of confused about why gay men having more partners makes them more likely to develop prostate cancer though…? And who knows what other common threads there may be amongst people who have large numbers of sexual partners, maybe they socialize more and all drink a lot? Maybe that’s a good thing after all?
I realise this isn’t a subject for flippancy, believe me, but until there’s some actual proof one way or another I really don’t think it’s worth worrying too much about it.

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