Back on top, and teetering in the brink…

Tonight was unexpectedly awesome, I have to say! After Mistress cumming on my tongue for the third time in four days, she quickly had me hard as we kissed… but then, just as I thought she was going to move down the bed and start teasing my cock with her mouth, instead she lay down and told me she wanted me inside her.
Oh lord, this was going to be tough. I moved between her legs and Mistress reached down and guided my cock inside her. It felt so good, but after the initial penetration I wanted more freedom of movement, so I lifted Mistress’s legs up and kissed her beautiful feet as I slid my cock in and out. I couldn’t resist the temptation to speed up a bit and to fuck my Mistress deeper, and of course this only made it harder for me, and fairly soon I was starting to have to concentrate on not cumming.
I really didn’t want to tell Mistress that I was close, because I really didn’t want her to tell me to pull out or stop, so I gradually slowed right down and tried to calm myself down. Mistress still seemed to be really enjoying it being fucked really slowly, and I was still enjoying it too, but at the same time I really couldn’t enjoy it too much or it would have been a major problem!
As ever I was fighting off cramp a bit too, which didn’t help (such a pain in the arse whenever I’m on my knees like that now), but nonetheless after a while we moved back to a more conventional ‘missionary’ position and it seemed a lot easier for me to grind my cock into Mistress’s pussy without overstimulating myself. Mistress definitely seemed to like that too.
When you really don’t get to go on top very often you really appreciate it in a way that you simply wouldn’t if you had a ‘normal’ sex life. On the face of it the desire to repeat this very hot, very intense scenario is very strong, but the one of  the reasons it was so hot and intense was at least in part because it’s a rare treat for me to be allowed on top. And I accept that.
It did feel absolutely amazing though, and I cannot believe my level of control… I truly impressed myself! 🙂 Even if it was a bit touch and go at times! Even as I was concentrating on not cumming I was imagining staying very still and effectively ruining my orgasm inside Mistress R, just as Mistress Marie has her slave do quite often (she assures me it’s totally possible!). But that would have required permission from Mistress R in any case (which I didn’t have) and in the heat of the moment I am sure it would have been most likely that Mistress would have either told me to fuck her hard and cum or she would have told me to pull out completely, neither of which I really wanted to do (although the first wouldn’t have been so bad…).
Inevitably of course, since I had got myself under control, it fell to Mistress R to call a halt when she had enjoyed my cock for as long as she wanted it, and as soon as I pulled out of her she ordered me to lie on my back. She grabbed my cock and jerked it for a few seconds, then pushed her fingers in my mouth, telling me to clean the pussy juice off of them. Then she knelt up beside me and had me lick her pussy for a few seconds before she started teasing and slapping my cock again.
As we kissed, I begged her to sit on my face so I could enjoy her pussy properly again, she agreed, but told me that after that the session would be over. My cock was throbbing as I explored her delicious pussy for the last time, and left me wondering (despite what I wrote earlier) when I will get to feel that amazing feeling of being in control again. It’s hard not to want to do that again soon, and harder still knowing it’s not up to me to decide…but still, I’m sure when Mistress does want me inside her again I’m sure it will be worth whatever wait she decides.

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