An unexpected ending…

Last night my latest period of chastity came to an unexpected ending. Mistress and I went to bed quite late and once there we cuddled as we often do, and as usual my cock responded to being close to Mistress’s sexy body (as you would expect, especially having not been allowed to come for 34 days). Mistress wrapped her hand around my cock and started stroking me and we kissed, something about this felt different… indeed, since we’ve started on this path, this kind of late night, spontaneous ‘sex’ (for want of a better word) has been the one thing that has all but gone by the wayside, which I must admit, I rather miss.
I gently started teasing Mistress’s freshly trimmed pussy and she responded by opening her legs wider, allowing me to gradually slip my finger inbetween her lips. Mistress told me she wanted me inside her, and I moved down the bed and positioned myself between her legs. Mistress wasn’t really as wet as she might have been, but after a couple of strokes I was fully inside her and really, we just made love like normal vanilla people do, and it was total wonderful. After a while I could feel myself getting close and I paused for a second to try and keep it together a while longer, but Mistress told me she wanted me to cum inside her, so instead I thrust into her a few more times until I could feel my long awaited orgasm approaching.
As seems customary nowadays on the rare occasions I am allowed to cum inside Mistress when on top, my left leg started to cramp just enough to distract me from fully enjoying my release. It’s like a 75% ruined orgasm… it’s not like full-scale ‘jump of the bed’ and hop around the bedroom cramp, it’s just mild, but enough to be a real pain in the arse when you’re trying to enjoy your first orgasm in nearly five weeks!
It was a very ‘vanilla’ experience and for reasons I won’t go into here something we both really needed, to make us feel close. Mistress didn’t tell me to lick her pussy afterwards, and I decided not to either. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, just that it was a particular situation, a very vanilla situation and it didn’t seem appropriate somehow. If Mistress wants to punish me for failing to carry out my duties properly then I will accept that, our contract is a bit vague on cum eating I think, I need to look it up, I’m not sure who exactly is responsible. I know it says that I should eat my cum every time, but as far as I know it doesn’t specify whether I should take the initiative or wait to be told. Perhaps that’s the sort of thing we need to clarify.
Afterwards we both commented how strange it was to have sex in the dark, since it’s been so long since we have done so… I would have happily have gone down on Mistress, but we were both tired and Mistress elected to wait until this afternoon. On the plus side, this meant that after licking Mistress to a lovely orgasm, I got to enjoy another bout of teasing, so a bit of a win/win for me!
By the end of the teasing I wanted to cum really badly, it seems that every time I cum lately it makes me want to cum again straight away, it’s only after a few days that I settle into being denied again. You’d think it would be the other way around really, but that’s the way it seems to be at the moment anyway.

Beg me again…

Last night, after giving Mistress a really nice orgasm with my tongue, she gave me a good teasing and left me hard and throbbing. She even let me lick her ass for a little while, but still I was lying there next to her, still rock hard and with aching balls (Mistress is definitely getting more used to pulling my balls about, which is good!) and I wanted more, something, anything!
So I said “Please stroke me just a little more.” There was a little pause and then Mistress said, “Beg me again.”
So I did, and then Mistress told me that she would give me ten more strokes (she told me to count them too). They were kind of upwards strokes too, kind of frustrating if you know what I mean, finishing at the top rather than the bottom, but still, extra strokes are extra strokes, either way up!
I really loved that she told me to ‘beg her again’, and the way she said it too. Not in a fake ‘domme’ voice or anything, more a calm, controlled voice. Like, if that’s what you want then you need to beg me, but don’t expect more just because I allowed you to beg. As if the begging itself was more interesting or entertaining than the strokes…
Afterwards I said to Mistress R, “You like hearing me beg don’t you?”… She smirked a little and just said ” Maybe.”

Writing believable stories…

Someone asked me a question the other day, I won’t type it out word for word because it was quite long, but the gist of it was:

“I want to write a cuckold story, how do I make it convincing. How do I start with a ‘normal’ possibly even slightly prudish wife, and end up with a ‘hotwife’ who’s willing to take black lovers and let them use her in ways she wouldn’t let her husband (anal, swallowing etc).”

There was a lot more to it than that, but that’s the main thrust of it anyway.

I’m flattered to be asked, of course, but whether I’m the right person to ask I don’t know. I haven’t actually written a huge amount of cuckold stories, but I do enjoy reading them sometimes. My problem is, I’m a stickler for realism. To my mind, the scenario above isn’t the basis for a story, it’s the outline for a novel (or at least a novella).
For reasons I won’t go into, the question was asked from the viewpoint that the husband wants his ‘prudish’ wife to cuckold him. So in the first instance you have to plant the seed, and this obviously needs to be done very gradually and delicately, seeing as if she really is as repressed as suggested she will just shut down the idea straight away. I guess there’s a number of ways this can be done, the husband could start off telling her he loves watching his cock disappear inside her, then subtly shift this to he loves watching her pussy being filled with ‘cock’ (leaving out ‘my’) and eventually start working in the idea of telling her how much he’d loved to see her filled with another man’s cock.
So then the choices are to condense this into a couple of paragraphs and hope the readers make the jump, which they probably will, most people seem to be quite willing to accept massive changes in character overnight as long as it advances the story to the ‘good bits’.
Of course, not everyone wants to write 50,000 or 100,000 words, not everyone has the time or inclination and so compromises have to be made. One of the best cuckolding stories I have ever read is posted on Literotica by the author Tony88888, it’s called ‘Discovering My Nasty Wife’ and it cleverly negotiates difficult jumps in the story through various devices, for instance the ‘wife’ attends a party with her friends and things happen there which trigger changes in her mindset. Later in the story she presents her husband with an ultimatum, she will fulfil his fantasy but these are the conditions and if he stops her at any point that’s fine but she will never try again.
The story isn’t short, in fact it’s 15,000* words. But the author builds things nicely, first the wife dates another guy, then she gives him a blowjob, and so on… this gives the story a really good foundation and makes it far more believable than if the first night she went out with him she’d come back with her pussy and her ass dripping with cum…
As my e-mailer asked so eloquently put it: In real life, if a woman sleeps with a colleague or a guy she meets on a drunken night out, that’s plain cheating. If the husband finds out, he calls his lawyer or he gets his shotgun lol. He doesn’t say “Oh, no problem honey. Bring him around next weekend, I’ll make you both a nice dinner and then I’ll lick his spunk out of your fanny”.

You can read ‘Discovering my Nasty Wife’ by clicking HERE. I think it’s a terrible shame that Tony88888 hasn’t written many more stories as he is clearly very talented.

*My original guess of 3-4,000 proved to be woefully inaccurate as a commenter pointed out!