Beg me again…

Last night, after giving Mistress a really nice orgasm with my tongue, she gave me a good teasing and left me hard and throbbing. She even let me lick her ass for a little while, but still I was lying there next to her, still rock hard and with aching balls (Mistress is definitely getting more used to pulling my balls about, which is good!) and I wanted more, something, anything!
So I said “Please stroke me just a little more.” There was a little pause and then Mistress said, “Beg me again.”
So I did, and then Mistress told me that she would give me ten more strokes (she told me to count them too). They were kind of upwards strokes too, kind of frustrating if you know what I mean, finishing at the top rather than the bottom, but still, extra strokes are extra strokes, either way up!
I really loved that she told me to ‘beg her again’, and the way she said it too. Not in a fake ‘domme’ voice or anything, more a calm, controlled voice. Like, if that’s what you want then you need to beg me, but don’t expect more just because I allowed you to beg. As if the begging itself was more interesting or entertaining than the strokes…
Afterwards I said to Mistress R, “You like hearing me beg don’t you?”… She smirked a little and just said ” Maybe.”

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