2014 is nearly done…

Mistress and I are having a lovely week this week, today we have watched three episodes of ‘The Great British Bake Off – Series Four’ back to back. But that wasn’t all we did of course, we also went to bed late afternoon and I got to worship her gorgeous pussy again, taking her total for the month into double figures, which is always good!
It’s always a bit strange to be teased the day after I’ve been allowed to cum, because the tension is somewhat gone. Mistress did her best to overcome this though, leaving me absolutely throbbing by the end of my teasing session. She was really whacking me hard today, no doubt about that! But I loved it, of course!
Strangely, the day after I cum I always want to cum again really badly and Mistress said it was a good job that my voucher didn’t become active until January, she’s not wrong, I would totally have used it today. Instead, Mistress worked my cock until I was edging and then kindly allowed me to taste her pussy (briefly) once more.
Hopefully we will manage to get Mistress at least one more orgasm before the end of the year.

Today we also discussed ‘the plan’ for 2015, or as I’ve branded it ‘Project Porkshifter’. Mistress has suggested that in order to avoid a return to the dreaded ‘Slimming World’ (and the shit bread that they make you eat) I need to lose six pounds a month for the first six months of 2015. This would equate (to the mathematicians amongst you) to a total of 36lbs (or 2st 8lbs in English money) which would put me well under what I have achieved any time in the last ten years. I think that is achievable and reasonable, so that is what I am aiming for. To clarify, that means I need to lose 6lbs by the end of January, 12lbs by the end of February and so on. What I lose each month has no bearing, so if I lose 10lbs in January then I need to lose 2lbs (minimum) in February and so on.

BOOK REVIEW: The Apprentice Dominatrix by Stanley Jeffries (+ FREE CAPTIONS!)…

Those of you who have been visiting my blog for a while will I’m sure remember the name Stanley Jeffries from previous reviews. His ‘Journey Into Chastity’ trilogy nearly ruined my eyesight, not quite in the way you might imagine though… I was sent a PDF which I could only read in tiny writing on my Nexus 7 and as much as it hurt my eyes I couldn’t stop reading until I found out what happened.

To me, Stanley’s true talent lies in the characters he creates and his new book ‘The Apprentice Dominatrix’ is no different in this regard. Indeed, as Stanley told me himself he fell in love with the main character (Alina) and you can see why that wouldn’t be hard to do.

I guess I should confess to a slight vested interest before I go any further, since Stanley did send me parts of this novel for my feedback during the creative process. I wouldn’t wish to claim any great input or anything, I think he just wanted to know which bits I thought worked, which was pretty much all of it to be honest, I do remember giving him some thoughts which I hope were helpful, though I can’t honestly remember what they were…

The one thing that I do remember saying to Stanley right off the bat was that I didn’t like the whole ‘Eastern European/Russian’ thing, only because it’s a bit of a cliche to have a Russian Dominatrix (with that accent, you know what I mean)… however, now that I’ve read the whole story, it makes a lot more sense, and on the second time of reading it really didn’t bother me at all. Besides for the story to work it does need this element of the poor girl from a poor background and it works well. Maybe other people won’t think of this as an issue anyway, it just a personal pet hate, but when the story is of this quality then I think it’s perfectly fine.

Anyway, to get to the point…

Alina’s life in Romania isn’t exactly a bed of roses and when a local recruitment drive for models hits her town she goes along to see if she can improve her lot. While she’s waiting to be seen Alina is approached by a couple of slightly shady looking characters who take her aside and offer her a way out of poverty and an opportunity to not only help her family (including her alcoholic mother) but also to attend her dream business school in Oxford and finish her studies while living a life of luxury.

Of course there’s a catch, which comes in the form of one Charles Waddingtron, a sexually submissive inventor who is willing to fund Alina’s studies (and more) while she lives with him as man and wife, while privately being his full time Mistress. Needless to say Alina is less than over the moon when she gets to meet Charles as far as physical attraction goes but shows herself to have a good heart and applies herself to the task she has accepted (with a little help and persuasion from her mentor ‘Zelda’).

As ever Stanley’s book is a joy to read, I must admit I was surprised how excited I was to read it again and once I got started I ripped through it at a fair pace. It strikes a very good balance between being a well told and structured story and hitting the ‘horny’ button. Film critic Mark Kermode says that for a comedy to pass his test it needs to make you laugh out loud at least six times over it’s duration, I can tell you I was throbbing hard at least twice during the first 100 pages, and considering Charles and Alina don’t even meet until page 86, that’s pretty good going if you ask me!

If I do have a complaint, it’s that Stanley sometimes comes up with a great idea but then skims over it without really exploiting it fully, in particular the scene where Charles is sodomized. Perhaps Stanley was concerned about some of his readers being put off by this particular element and decided to play safe by keeping the description to a minimum, but knowing the conversations I’ve had with Stanley about needing to put a bit more actual ‘sex’ into his sex books I’m not 100% convinced.

Stanley does seem to write lesbian scenes and female-female interaction in general very well, I wouldn’t mind betting that lesbians are his ‘thing’, and there’s plenty of girl on girl in this book. Stanley’s depiction of Charles’ ex-wife Linda and her descent into submission read very well, although it’s a shame a certain alluded-to scene never actually comes to fruition. Actually I found the book finished well, but lacked a certain ‘crescendo’ moment, as again there’s a lack of actual ‘sex’ in the last few chapters.

As ever with Stanley Jeffries, there is an undercurrent of nastiness which occasionally colours the mood, it’s not as prevalent here as in the Journey Into Chastity trilogy and I’m not sure if I’m imagining it or if there has been some mild winding back done since the original drafts I was shown, but it doesn’t seem quite as bad as I remember. That said, I’m sure a lot of people who read these kind of books would think I’m making a fuss about nothing, and it certainly isn’t as nasty as the Salome Verdad book I reviewed last year, I guess I’m really not used to reading sex stories that encompass violence (or even threats of violence) and the like, to be honest I don’t even read fiction and from what I’ve been told something like ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ is probably much worse than this in that regard.

For me ‘Journey Into Chastity’ remains as Stanley’s masterpiece, but this book was still very, very enjoyable and as ever I was rather disappointed that it eventually had to come to an end. Incidentally, Stanley offers a epilogue and invites you to continue reading on his website, which I haven’t actually done yet myself, so that could be interesting…

I’m already looking forward to Stanley’s next novel, I’m sure it will maintain the very high standards and huge readability of his superb back catalogue, if I can just persuade him to ‘up’ the amount of sex in there then we could be onto a real winner!

Stanley Jeffries website is HERE

And finally as a present from Stanley, he has sent me 28 of his captions to pass on to you, which you can view by clicking HERE

That was a HUGE mouthful of cum…

Today, rather unexpectedly, my latest chastity period came to an end. It was thirty six days since my last orgasm and as I said yesterday I was interested to see if Mistress would let me cum again before the new year started.
With the Christmas shenanigans it had been five days since Mistress’s last orgasm, and it was lovely to reacquaint myself with Mistress’s gorgeous pussy. After she came she set about teasing my cock for a while, before straddling me and riding my aching cock. Feeling surprisingly in control, I decided that I could handle seeing her beautiful breasts and begged Mistress to take her bra off for me.
Mistress looked so amazing riding my cock and she bent forward so that I could suck on her hard nipples. Then she moved up and straddled my face (oh I love that), before sinking down on my cock once again. She rode me for a little while longer and then lifted off and reached back to stroke my cock hard and fast. It was clear she was trying to force me to the edge, and when I warned her that I was getting close she turned around and offered her ass to my tongue.
Mistress continued to stroke me hard and after asking permission to tongue her lovely ass and also being told that I was allowed to cum, I was pumped hard to an intense orgasm as I tongued Mistress’s gorgeous asshole.
It was an incredibly long orgasm, and I became super-sensitive really quickly, which again resulted in some (presumably???) unintentional post orgasm torture… then Mistress had me lick her fingers clean and I swallowed what seriously felt like a tablespoon of cum! Still I guess thirty six days is quite a while.
Now of course I have something of a dilemma. I have a voucher where I can ask to cum any time in January, but of course that means that even if I use it at the last possible moment I can only get a maximum of thirty five days, so would the smart thing to do be to use the voucher on the 1st?
Hmm, tricky…

Harry will like this post…

It’s been a busy weekend, yesterday a friend and I drove 135 miles each way to see Combichrist in Bristol and today Mistress and I had a family dinner to attend. Knowing what a great mood that always puts us in… we decided to make the most of Saturday morning.

Mistress had trimmed her pussy lovely and short for me and she said afterwards that it sometimes makes her more sensitive, even a bit over sensitive. Everything was going as normal until she started to cum and after an initial spasm she seemed to fall away from the edge and as I continued to lick her she seemed to have almost three or four mini orgasms one after another, she said it was still lovely but just felt a bit odd…
Afterwards Mistress started teasing my cock as I played with her ass, for once she had come to bed without her bra so I was treated to the sight of her gorgeous naked breasts. After a while, sucking and slapping my cock, Mistress straddled me and rode my cock for sometime while I took in the sight of her nakedness. She looked so hot riding my cock, and then she sat on my face and let me lick her pussy some more. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Then Mistress stood over me and made me beg her to let me lick her asshole. Mistress allowed me to let me tongue her hole three times, and for a little while each time (probably the most prolonged ass worship in a long time), though of course it’s never long enough for me. All the time Mistress was stroking my cock and I really had to disengage myself mentally from what she was doing to my cock otherwise I would have had to have warned her that I was close and I’m sure that was what she was aiming for and I’m equally sure that would have been the end of the ass worship too!
Considering how long it is now since I’ve cum I thought I did pretty damn well to hold back, it’s fucking difficult when your tongue is pressed right into your Mistress’s tight ass to not just explode everywhere as I’m sure some of you will attest.
It looks like we’ve timed things fairly well as it seems that Mistress is probably going to start her period tomorrow, which hopefully means that we will be able to have our next Femdom session next Saturday morning. 

FEMDOM SESSION: 7th December 2014…

Mistress and I were really rather shocked to realize that our last Femdom session took place in September. There have been numerous reasons for this, tiredness, illness, unexpected periods, but also the longer it is since the last session the more it feels like it needs to be perfect, and so the slightest thing makes it feel like – oh it will be better if we wait until next week.
This is largely my fault and so from now on we have decided that in future Mistress R will decide on a date and unless there is a very good reason to postpone, then that is when our sessions will happen. It seems fitting that Mistress should be the one to decide… and even as I’m typing this I can imagine some of you being appalled that this was ever even an issue. I agree, at least in hindsight, it does seem rather a no-brainer that Mistress should decide this.
I have also discussed this point further with Mistress and in future she will be ‘informing’ me (as opposed to ‘asking’ me) when she wants me to worship her pussy and tease my cock. I think this is a positive step forward and an entirely logical extension of the rules we already have in place.
But anyway, back to today… it’s 9:10am and Mistress is still in bed. We had a late night last night, well I was in bed by 12:30am and when Mistress came to bed at 1:45am my cock was fucking throbbing. I did finish reading ‘Discovering My Nasty Wife’ (as discussed the other week) before I went to sleep, which probably didn’t help, but still…
I cuddled up to her and Mistress felt my cock pressing into her ass…
“Have you been thinking about tomorrow?” She asked.
Too bloody right I had been! I begged her to touch my cock, I was so fucking horny and ready to explode, I felt like I would have done anything for her right then. She reached back and curled her fingers around it and just held it. Talk about frustrating! Then she let go and said ‘You’ll have to wait for tomorrow’.
I cuddled her a while longer, kissing her shoulders and breathing heavily as my cock pulsed in absolute frustration, until she told me to go to sleep. I turned over and my cock continued to ache and was still throbbing this morning when I woke up… Thankfully that level of desperation had rather diminished overnight, but I was still eager for our session to start…

It’s now 4:30pm and Mistress and I are chilling out for a bit before getting ready to drive out to a concert in Birmingham later (At the Gates / Triptykon if you’re interested…. Very Metal!). The session was wonderful, but seemed to flash by so quickly. Since the colder weather has descended on us, Mistress has been less eager for extended foot worship (since we aren’t the kind of people who sit in an overheated house in our shorts), so that made worshipping her beautiful feet for a good ten minutes or more a real treat, especially since I could hear Mistress using her glass dildo on her pussy too (unfortunately I couldn’t see because I was blindfolded, although even if I hadn’t been no doubt Mistress would have told me to keep my eyes on her pretty feet).
Prior to that Mistress had quizzed me over my adherence to her rules over the last ten weeks, considering I had to confess to touching my cock and edging myself more times than I could remember (plus there was a few nights when I forgot to kiss her feet and a few days when I neglected to fold her towels before I went to work) I think I got away very lightly. . I was whipped and paddled eleven times each, and Mistress sneakily distracted me by stroking my cock a couple of times and then whacking me when I wasn’t expecting it.
Even though the paddle in particular stung like hell I was half expecting her to warn me to expect more later in the session, but it seems I got away with it. She also asked me if I had ever made myself cum without permission since we had started chastity, and was pleased when I assured her that I hadn’t. Mistress then asked me if I was still happy to be under her control and for her decide when I get to cum, and for her to decide what happens to my cock, balls and ass, and how and when they are used. Hearing her say these things brought it home to me how much I have missed our sessions, and my cock was rock hard inside my Cocksling.
After the foot worship and the first taste of Mistress’s beautiful pussy (she had me clean and lubricate her dildo with my mouth a couple of times between kissing her feet), Mistress tied me down on my back and straddled my face. It felt so good to have her right on top of me again, it seems ages since Mistress had straddled me like that, and I love having her right on top of me and being completely smothered by her gorgeous pussy. Mistress teased me with her ass too, telling me that if I was good and pleased her well, she might allow me to lick it later.
This part of the session seemed to pass by soooo quickly, Mistress stroked my cock and straddled my face a few times, she also sat on my cock briefly and then had me lick her pussy again so that I could taste my cock on her pussy too. Mmmmm… Then Mistress lubed up my ass and stroked my cock as she inserted the glass ring ended dildo. I have really missed that feeling of having my cock stroked while my ass is being fucked, it’s a pity it didn’t last very long…
At some point Mistress had removed my blindfold and I watched as she attached pegs to my nipples (which seemed to hurt more than I remembered) and looked down at my throbbing cock (still in the Oxballs Cocksling, which worked perfectly today – no stinging whatsoever). Then I was left alone for five minutes or so and when Mistress returned she smiled at me as she plucked the pegs from my nipples (ouch!), untied me and told me to kneel up and remove my Cocksling.
She lay on the bed in front of me and told me she wanted me to worship her pussy until she came, using my tongue and fingers. I slid down onto the bed and gently started to lick her pussy, and for a while I was wondering if it was going to work as for some reason it just didn’t seem to be coming together. But after a while Mistress’s muscles started to tense up, but instead of releasing she just seemed to get more and more tense, like she was close but couldn’t quite get there. It would have been awful if having waited for this session for so long we would have had a rare failure, but thankfully I seemed to find the right rhythm at last and Mistress was obviously getting really close. I could tell Mistress was going to cum really hard, just so long as I could get her there… and when she finally came it was pretty spectacular. I really love it when Mistress cums like that, when your own orgasms are as few and far between as mine are, you can’t help but derive satisfaction from feeling your Mistress bucking against you as she enjoys her own freedom to cum as often as she likes. It’s bliss!
After I cleaned up Mistress, licking her juices from where they had dripped down her sexy legs, and licked all her pussy juice from the PVC sheet, I was ordered onto my back again and told me she wouldn’t tie me down again but that I wasn’t allowed to touch her with my hands. And then she stood over me and started to tease me with her gorgeous pussy and ass again. She told me she was pleased with me and that I was to be granted a reward, but that I should think carefully and not ask for too much.
Inevitably I begged to be allowed to worship her ass, at which point Mistress told me to close my eyes and sank down onto my face. As I licked her sexy asshole she stroked my cock hard and fast, before lifting off. As she lifted off I opened my eyes and Mistress looked back between her legs at me and said ‘Who said you could open your eyes?’.
I shut them again immediately, but Mistress slapped my cock anyway, before allowing me to lick her ass a second time. This time she was pushing back against the tip of tongue, literally fucking her ass with it. It was so hot, and again she stroked my cock… the third time she allowed me to open my eyes and I was struggling a little to keep control, then Mistress told me I had ten more seconds left and that I better make the most of it.
She counted down and then lifted off me and released my cock at the same time, which in one way was a relief, but obviously a disappointment too…since I never get enough of licking her gorgeous ass. Finally Mistress R stood over me and teased me with her gorgeous pussy one more time before calling the session to a halt.
I never really expected to be allowed to cum today, it’s only been sixteen days so far after all, besides today was more importantly about getting back into the swing and realising how much we missed doing this. I’m really looking forward to doing this again (hopefully before Christmas) and I think making it Mistress’s decision alone is definitely a step in the right direction.
I must say I’m looking forward to getting emails (at work) from Mistress in future telling me that I will be worshipping her pussy later… well it’s not like I’m going to object is it!
All in all it’s been a very positive day, I just wish the session had been a bit longer and that Mistress had slipped her RodeoH pants on and given my ass a good fucking. Maybe next time…
I’m still none the wiser about the fact that I didn’t lick Mistress’s pussy clean after she allowed me to cum inside her a couple of weeks ago, she didn’t mention it in the session or punish me for it, perhaps when we redraft our contract to take account of the changes we’ve made she will clarify the situation for me.